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stories from world meet. nineteen forty five dog r.t. dot com. in the. movie. europe follows the u.s. in slapping sanctions on syria over the crackdown on anti-government protesters some analysts believe there after a regime change to get more of a grip on the region's. european union may soon lend a seat at the u.n. security council while giving it more power as a single block some member states feared a move would raise their independence. or so georgians have to turn to the international human rights court to get justice for the murder committed by high ranking officials exposing an inherent flaw in the country's much trumpeted legal system. the global i.t.
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giants just how it's spreading its wings and russia well in business in twenty minutes. hello you're watching live from moscow welcome to the program international pressure is mounting on syria but the government's intensified crackdowns against any opposition coming under further scrutiny following in america's footsteps europe has slapped a fresh sanctions on the country's top officials including an arms embargo and travel bag but he's on the war and that's reports there are concerns it has very little to do with the promotion piece. rebels clash with security forces hundreds die and the west calls for the bloodshed to stop sanctions slapped down and arms sales in ball games but this isn't libya's spring it's syria and it's
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following a road map that lead to just one place for its african arab neighbor nato intervention who watches it's a regime dissent tantalizing western leaders there's greater washington. trailing the syrian government that's been on the front burner in washington are just straight the e.u. has put the freeze on assets of thirteen top government military and intelligence leaders topping the list is this man the syrian president's younger brother he's described as the principal overseer of violence against protesters but no sanctions are being applied to the man calling the shots president assad himself to some assets is a convenient ally for the west although that's what was being said about this actually in recent years before the sanctions kicked in some member states
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including germany. but still a possibility of. western educated. and wife as well so they say perhaps he might be the force of all. the country the e.u. says could be censored if he fails to stop the brutal crushing of opposition but he needn't worry the arab lawyers association says no one his staff which key assets in their own names so sanctions are toothless the u.s. and international community has been reduced from an international organization into a. police authority whereby you begin to freeze assets of individuals sometimes the individuals. anywhere. but it's a it's a gimmick which is being used in most of the instances and this gimmick in part is counterproductive because it just make noises. any effect and i think it is.
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effective or not europeans have great camillia with imposing sanctions but that was relatively easy to apply to libya which had long been suffering isolation even among arab states but syria has the west might be reluctant to provoke not only syria you know very sensitive environments as there is of course the prevailing if you consideration situation situation with israel you also have all these connections that syria has with iran has got a lot as well as we have mass media he makes a very dangerous for people actual community to come with a military intervention in syria we know. the u.k. led the charge in pushing for a quicker response to the syrian crackdown and british foreign secretary william hague says he welcomes the sanctions but it's
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a battle weary. all too familiar it's more than six weeks since sanctions on libya which adds to failure and the public face the role of the diplomatic dice against syria could only prompt just similar fate and see the mediterranean gunships sail east lower and it's down to. where you sanctions are more about the struggle for world dominance and the protection of civilians according to. something called the billions for peace in libya. the west would like the syrian regime like the libyan regime like with hizbollah and the palestinian resistance to disappear yesterday now achieving math is a whole different kettle of fish i think where the west is at now in this historical moment everyone knows that the uni polar world has finished entering into a multi pull our world and the west is panicking about that they can't sit back and
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i now break nations of the global south just to rise up or for them to just go without go without a fight so now is really the historic opportunity for western germany to try to pull back a little bit off their domination that they've lost in the last decade but frankly even if they did go into syria which i don't think they will i think the syrian regime or what will hold tight but even if they did i mean what's happened the last decade iraq and afghanistan yes they got rid of saddam hussein yes they got rid of the taliban but what is the net result the net result was they were bogged down morally politically economically diplomatically they were completely completely outmaneuvered by the global south and rise of the global south and the bric nations in particular and this what happened in the next several years are coming as well. still to come of the recession the roles over the middle classes. i don't i want to go out there and still for food but if they stay in the shadow like they are right where else might both of. us those perceived to be immune to crisis are haunted by
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escalating poverty unemployment or even homelessness. european any peace or vote on wednesday over whether they want to have it representative at the u.n. security council. reports the move has been met with condemnation from some members who believe that a lot of mean it's a step too far. there's been a horrified response around the world and here in brussels the idea of giving the european union a permanent seat on the un security council would allow the e.u. to unlock the world security decisions both britain and france have this is the first step to were stripped of their permanent place on the council one british m.p. here says this will raise britain's sovereignty and they will fight the move many other countries are the one for example or india's billion plus people less worthy of a voice and five hundred million people in the e.u.
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seats as well as france and britain also. from many parts of the world notably africa and latin america who are on the security council composition is already poised to move in with this move was proposed by a member of the european parliament from spain one of the biggest your if they with the permanent seats will remain. difficult he's a corporation in foreign policy the snag is there's no union in the european union or in politics or finance just recently over the invasion of libya and the same with the rest of the economy the un general assembly has just voted to give the european union as a single block much greater powers but this move to get a permanent place on the u.n. security council is expected to receive much more a position. for the e.u. once more authority for itself on an international level and opposition voices think the powers of
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a union's these are already too great expenses to launch. your skepticism and any. we have to look at the expenses of the european parliament itself and there is one very good example a very simple example why the european parliament should have two seats one in brussels and the other one in strasbourg it costs additional almost three hundred million of euros per year if you have to move once in a six week from brussels to strasburg so let's have only one seat and we can give and we can show you a perfect example for the people of europe that we are able to save the taxpayers money. this is a controversial court decisions in georgia brought the country's legal system under the spotlight quickly rate less than one percent and he accused the government of tightening its grip of the judges. from whichever reports social status in georgia
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is sometimes enough to avoid punishment. a high profile murder and a low profile investigation the case of sounded good leon he became a byword for both in two thousand and six the twenty eight year old banker attended a furtive party for one of georgia's top police officials where he fell into an argument with one of the guests the next morning his booty with multiple injuries was found on the outskirts of the really see four police officers were eventually sentenced to up to eighty years to sandra's murder he was easter was not survive. after two or just three hours after the full sentence of the court the president issued decree and there really is from. brazil so it shows it's also one more readers this is a we're not just ordinary citizens is that we are the protection of the top
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official so for georgia. an investigation wasn't even launched until hundreds of protesters went into the streets of d.c. the victim's family looked for help from strasse bullock and the cause of human rights in april european judges ruled the investigation was bungled that high ranking officials are escaping justice and that politically sensitive convicts will getting unfair leniency from the president it also ruled that judges government should pay to keep thousand euros to the murdered man's reality. the general public in georgia had long ago given its verdict on the case but it's a big victory to the european court of knowledge is it now on a political level it means the attitude in georgia is changing and europe is not ready to forgive such abuses by selfish religious regime. but lawyers have been following the case since the start that any compensation will be paid under the
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current leadership regime saakashvili saakashvili regime is based on illegal biased courts. we should himself great that as a lawyer i can tell you that every acquittal has to be agree with the prosecutor personally all the best was already behind bars and seventy years of the soviet union seventy laws with jail and seven years of second street is regime over the hundred lawyers are in prison according to figures published by georgia's supreme court a staggering ninety nine point six percent of cases resulted in guilty verdicts and twenty ten almost none so defendants walk free sundress families lawyer says no other country in europe has a conviction rate like this and that is a dangerous sign of the country becoming a police state europe's courts have long been concerned about georgia's spader to make corrupt high ranking officials face justice and using the police as pawns and
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millions of fans to create the image of a georgian policeman living up to the social ideals of serving and protecting its citizens and it's likely you'll struggle to bribe a policeman here and most certainly you could count on him to protect you from but a street crime but one of the true criminals are actually in a higher office than the police who can the general public have truly chaffed. daily commercials show police work as among the most prestigious sanctions parent police posts made of glass so everyone can see what this is do and anticorruption money tourists see eighty percent of people here traffic their families if the government they believe works in the dark but if the death of somebody give me any underlines anything if the judge is much trumpeted more than legal system dishes out a very different justice when its president saakashvili his inner circle that's in the frame if it is a question of r.t. the d.c.
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ga. stories waiting for you on our website. this for a close shave. one side period quiet rooms feel this russian face is. also a stripping at high altitude triggers high jinks which airline was subjected to an unwanted in for its entertainment this and much more it's not you don't come. to. the us government has gone out of its way to prove its funny about to stabilize the unemployment rate is little to celebrate old son region still suffering brass numbers of people out of work and there's all teams or more than there were explains with bank foreclosures stood record highs the middle class is finding
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itself squeezed out. sunny southern california no longer a favorite destination for those pursuing stardom and well throughout the years families have libbie american dream of comfort and increasing prosperity but these days many of those very families are caught up in a manner of escalating poverty get konami crisis as tested before untouchable middle class taisha maybury is trying to raise her daughters but she struggles to keep a place to live the mayberry's are typical of the growing trend of families that's life from middle class to poverty and homelessness as i had the best of everything that's why my stop either he was participating he was working and i was working so we didn't have the can i count many cattle and you know here. we had the best we were working that was then and this is now made very receives food stamps and
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relies on the nonprofit program beyond shelter so that she and her children have a bed to sleep in job security is gone the unemployment rate is stuck in the double digits around the los angeles area with few opportunities for well paying jobs more americans are seeing their wealth disappear this is the middle class neighborhood where taisha mayberry and her two daughters used to live before she lost her job it's only a few blocks away from the ocean and in the shadows of the scenic downtown long beach skyline it took only a few months to go from a life of relative comfort for a life of insecurity where she had no idea where her family would sleep that night los angeles is the top region in america for homelessness where more than forty thousand people have no place to sleep on a nightly basis i'm out of work so on balance and i'm here this friend's house with our friends house you know what i mean different cities just to try to find work
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doing the calls live. probably for years working as a floor installer now he's been employed he cannot pay rent nickles relies on the kindness of loved ones and food stamps social programs to help stressed families hang on are about to be lost to political games as lawmakers in washington wrestle with future budget cuts while battling to save tax cuts for the richest this because fears could push many already desperate families over the edge i think. honestly i think that the jails would cry foul not because people were very good in this they don't want to swarm us we don't want to steal you know i don't i want to go out there and still for food but push came the sherman i couldn't write what else am i supposed to do where am i going to do is a question made very ask yourself daily ever since she joined the army of the newly poor and struggling to raise her children hoping for
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a hollywood ending to her story i'm like a friend every day and i am. in los angeles coming bellino party. china and the u.s. have concluded high profile talks tend to smooth out the often terrible internation between the two states results with. both sides trading political lens avoiding any firm commitments and according to author and investor jim rogers talks alone won't pull us out of its economic slump. we are the largest debtor nation in the world is getting higher and higher and the rest of the world is starting to say wait a minute guys we're not going to continue to finance is we're not going to continue to play ball other countries are now looking for replacements for the u.s. dollar there's a lot of movement not just in china but all over the world because everybody knows that the u.s. dollars now a terribly flawed currency the united states is trying to drive down the value of its currency no country in history does have
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a policy of good basing its own currency has done very well in the long term or even the medium term it sometimes works in the short term it's you can revive your economy by devaluing your own money but that's not a good policy so i would expect to see more crises in the in the currency market maybe it's soon as this fall or certainly by the fall of two thousand and twelve two thousand and thirteen and you're going to see serious turmoil in the currency markets which is going to force the world bank and forced america to do something about it it's not going to be a lot of fun it's going to be terrible for all of us when you have this turmoil but that's the way it's going to wind up because nobody's doing taking any serious action except talking about it or. not it's take a look at some other top stories from around the world the south. has released footage from inside one of the reactors at the troubled from pushing the nuclear plants containing honey radioactive stench fuel thank you it appears to show a few roads and it's. just dying on me
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a country has been trying to minimize radiation leaks since the complex was struck and it's simply a concern me. pretty far people have been detained in the capital of the far right activists over violence and on to protest demonstration which involves several hundred minutes of it after forty four year old greek man was reportedly go been stabbed to death like i'm going to some tuesday police intervened out the protesters chased owners through the streets and bundle and buildings. fresh clashes have taken place between muslims and christians in egypt second largest city sondra before those moderates in the book hire them to death twelve people dead all sorts of hundred ninety minutes to the rest came often due to conservative muslims torched churches schools. ready to islam was being held there. are often killing some of the hardened the us shouldn't rush to exit
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afghanistan just a few senate foreign relations committee chairman john kerry you know if he's crosstalk to make show there today we discussed america's strategy in water gushing from his pretty. as long as al qaeda is operating in that region as long as the taliban is operating in that region i think the united states has an interest in preventing future harm to america and our friends and allies talking about going back to you buy into that. you know what. my perception is that for a long time well. that relates to this part of the world is. made on. it in fact in the pentagon and langley.
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and out of the business desk and so on your book. that's right time to get the latest from the world of business and russians discovering that hosting formula one comes at a premium price lane country first which will be in the southern city of sochi well it's a right around one hundred eighty million dollars the state will food not to the bill but private investors may also get a chance to cartoon as dennis below ski explains. i mean so she's a wimp right behind me you can see a road which after the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics will be turned into a formula one track the russian government is planning to spend over one hundred eighty million dollars on it and what will become the country's first one circuit that's a half the song but it still comes in cheaper than the two hundred forty million dollars invested by china on a separate one track the most expensive in the world which was completed in two
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thousand and four it's still not clear how much of the money will be provided by private investors russian companies such as lukoil megaphone and russian technologies earlier said they are ready to help with financing the project is part of the government's attempts to embrace the legacy of the two thousand and fourteen fulci winter olympics and make use of much of the infrastructure already here analysts say the f one circuit is the start on that ambition but on its own it's still not enough the contract between formula one owner bernie ecclestone and omega the russian company which is also in charge of the building of olympic infrastructure was signed last year it's a seven year deal with the possibility of prolonging the contract after twenty twenty bringing formula one to sochi seems to be a timely project amid the growing popularity of f one in the country especially with the rise of russian f one driver of the top. many fans from sochi travelled to watch him race around the world including the recent race in istanbul so people
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here like thousands of others will definitely want to see the race at home right here in sochi in just three years time. forging from sochi and the global i.t. giant cisco is spreading its wings in russia as the fast and china components roll off a newly built russian production line the head of the firm's russian unit outlines its investment blueprint for the country. well now it certainly would be investing very different next ten years at least a billion dollars into the strategic development of russia school toward being a part of that picture and at least one hundred million of them really and will probably go most likely go into the venture financing mission trips we just started licensed to make a veteran process for producing the first product in russia completely. the product itself and in the software that is working on top of that certified
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by the appropriate agencies the russian federation. does not take a look at how the stock markets are performing best our asia shares are trading in the blood of japan's nikkei is edging a courtroom percent although the games on the wall street that we feel is supporting exporters can and is gaining around a quarter of this and while honda is up more than two percent in hong kong resource stocks are on the rise following only a slight gains in wealth parts. and here in russia the markets closed slightly in the red on tuesday afternoon gaining from only losses on the back of oil prices just beginning to rise again. all russian market so getting back into gear after the public holidays and michael stipe from krycek explains why all eyes are on china and the e.u. . so the markets will very much be droom by external factors with a lot of investors paying attention to c.p.i. p.p.i.
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retail sales and also industrial production data coming out of china i to say to what extent recent monetary tightening has slowed down the growth in addition we'll see a c.p.i. due to coming out of the euro zone on the domestic front here in russia first quarter results from a meet with investors focused very much on margins and trying to understand the extent to which the higher payroll taxes are higher transportation expenses have impact margins we also look at whether or not the company has been successful in passing along to presentation to its customer base. michael stein from a creative and russians tends to spend more save less and prefer to open deposits in foreign currencies despite the strength of the ruble a new study by the center of macroeconomic analysis says personal deposits just two percent in the state of twenty eleven compared to over four percent in the same period last year and lists
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a slowdown in the growth of deposit is driven by positive economic it's the patients advising consumption under another reason is relatively low deposit interest rates oh what a foreign currency deposits are still gaining face they cost seven percent and since the beginning of the here. it's all for me for knowledge or in less than one us type for more business news here on our team.
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a question. inside because you have. all. you can have anywhere from dozens up to. hundreds of there's a huge market right now for battle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. and so you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that have basically shrunk that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons what they do is they go to these places they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance they'll let the locals
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basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of. a. big. lead. then.


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