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ambassador toity who told before and would print certainly the splined the entire truth wins if you tell me touch your group the future a good how would international houses flood the cheese every green lol he told in talk of. europe follows the u.s. in slapping sanctions on syria over the crackdown on anti-government protesters critics accuse the west of seeking regime change to control the region. european union based sooner than the seat or the un security council while giving it more power as a single block we could damage the strength of some of them the states and dependence. also georgians have to turn to the international human rights to get justice for murder convictions by high ranking officials exposing their inherent flaw in the country's most trumpeted legal system.
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are you watching r t live from moscow welcome to the program international pressure is mounting on syria with the government's intensified crackdowns against any opposition coming under further scrutiny for living in america's footsteps in europe it's not sanctions on the country's top officials including an arms embargo travel ban. reports there are concerns it has very little to do with the promotion of peace. rebels clash with security forces hundreds die and the west calls for the bloodshed to stop sanctions slapped down and arms sales in. but this isn't libya's spring it's syria and it's pulling a roadmap that led to just one place for its african arab neighbor nato
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intervention who watches it's a regime dissent tantalizing western leaders there's great excitement in washington . over trailing the syrian government that's been on the front burner in washington or to. the e.u. has put the freeze on assets of thirteen top government military and intelligence leaders topping the list is this man the syrian president's younger brother he's described as the principal overseer of violence against protesters but no sanctions are being applied to the man calling the shots president assad himself to some acid is a convenient ally for the west although that's what was being said about gadhafi in recent years before the sanctions kicked in. but still possible to do business with prashar. western educated. in
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educated wife as well so they say perhaps he might be the force of opera. in the country the e.u. says could be censored if he fails to stop the brutal crushing of opposition but he needn't worry the arab lawyers association says no one who savvy would keep assets in their own names so sanctions toothless the u.s. and international community has been reduced from an international organization. police authorities well by you begin to freeze assets of individuals sometimes the individuals go. anywhere. but it's a it's a gimmick which is used in most of the instances and this gimmick is counterproductive because it just make noises. and i think it is. effective or not europeans have great camillia with imposing sanctions but that was relatively easy to apply to libya which is suffering isolation even among arab
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states but syria has framed the west might be reluctant to provoke not only syria you know very sensitive environment there is of course the difficult situation situation. in israel you also have all these connections that syria has moved around. as well. as we just with me very dangerous for a full national community because we are military intervention in syria we know. president bashar assad's regime the u.k. led the charge in pushing for a quicker response to the syrian crackdown and secretary william hague said he welcomes the sanctions but to bucklebury this looks all too familiar it's more than six weeks since sanctions on libya were judged to failure and the public role of
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the diplomatic syria can only prompt just similar fates and see the mediterranean gunships sail east. the sanctions against syria we're joined now by james denzil nothing based writer at least politics and security issues but he did joining us here on our team know what most of us syria's military equipment is from known e.u. countries like russia former c.i.s. countries and china will an arms embargo in your opinion have any real and pacts on the situation in syria. no not at all i believe that the arms embargo is more of a symbolic sanction rather than a really effective one i remember when i lived in syria back in two thousand and five the syrians were prevented from acquiring night vision equipment from the ukrainian which was supposed to be used to help protect the iraq border against terrorists going into attack american forces so even then u.s. wouldn't allow women in that would essentially help themselves so i think the
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weapons impact will have zero actual reality change on the ground you lived in syria as you say our sanctions were imposed on thirteen top syrian officials but not on the country's leader and what's not about why is that. but i think the paines the americans are offering president assad one last chance to see if the dictator can dictate and i sense they're trying to influence his behavior trying to persuade him to clamp down on the clampdowns and to prevent what has been an increase in crescendo of violence against his own people i mean we really don't know how many people have died due to mainly libya and n.g.o.s frictions to the rest of cities so i believe that they're offering him another go at proving that he is the reformer that many people in washington in the european capitals still believe in the hope that he is but unfortunately it would appear that there are other factors in his regime closer to him including his younger brother who was one
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of the people mentioned in both the u.s. and e.u. sanctions that wield inordinate amounts of power so it remains to be seen whether he is the man that they can that can change things on the ground for us on the subject of sanctions and a u.s. . set of bans on syria just over a week since the u.s. imposed sanctions now similar actions taken against libya some time ago are we about to see a libyan scenario being repeated in syria. well if you're referring to actual intervention in the installing of a no fly zone i don't believe we're anywhere near that yet i believe that this is essentially the best that even the us can do at present i really can do a lot more it does have a lot more leverage than the americans in the sense that it is syria's largest trade partner responsible for some twenty percent of syria's trade worth over five billion euros before this current crisis so there is more that europeans can do whereas the americans of course that have sanctions on syria at varying levels for decades in the country's proven rather sanctioned group so i think at the moment
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we're far away from a libya scenario and instead we'll see whether the sanctions that the americans and the e.u. have imposed will have any leverage after all i only want a sense do you think a foreign interference in the rest should be viewed nation by nation or collectively as some kind of hidden agenda afoot. i didn't see any hidden agenda to say i think there is common characteristics that can be seen in every single country that's affected by what's known as the arab revolution bat's they have structural issues and very undemocratic states and essentially this is an uprising against that the west involvement has been largely irrelevant at the start i would say more restrictive role on the egyptian military in that case in libya of course it has intervened and essentially chosen sides of what has really become a civil war and notions of a quick conflict that could be resolved by gadhafi being ejected from power and now settling down into a much more. intractable issues well yes you mention libya now and the european
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union foreign policy chief catherine ashton said the e.u. is going to open up an office in benghazi how do you interpret that move. well increasingly libya two thousand and eleven is beginning to resemble iraq in one thousand nine hundred one where you had still westen forces essentially creating an protected enclave in the kurdish north we might be seeing in libya a western enclave in the protected east and perhaps in misrata too so i worry that libya is perhaps the future of libya for the near east is a divided country with western military defending parts of it and the gadhafi regime entrenched in the other one so clearly this is not a situation anyone would climb for but it might be that this reality is better than what would happen if garcia fall in and subsequent. i mean we've been witnessing some religious clashes in egypt muslims against christians and cetera and and wave
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a new wave of antigovernment protests in tunisia and have these so-called democratic revolutions made life in these countries any better. well it's really important question i think that the revolutions in the democracy or the half baked democracy that's emerging countries like egypt and tunisia is not not a magic wand wish away all the structural issues these countries face whether it's huge youth unemployment rising food prices general poor say the economy what have you a this takes time and democracy government doesn't have to these things that come out of nowhere they are simply providing more accountable and more legitimate ways by which people can select their leaders and the rules so unfortunately there is a kind of teething process here and people are going to have to be very patient with what is a very fluid process of democracy certainly in egypt where missing sectarian riots in cairo something that predated the revolution but not necessarily the scale is a deeply worrying trend and i think that it has to be all partners in this whether
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it's the egyptian the new egyptian democracy or western powers themselves have to all work together to ensure that the transition to a better not to see is a smooth as it can be and briefly just returning to syria i mean you've lived there in your experience how do you see it playing out. well i feel deeply worried for the various protest groups in syria i mean they're not at the same scale as egypt and libya we should be clear about that but it's very difficult to tell what's happening there right now and therefore these people are very alone the very isolated and european and the u.s. sanctions of course aren't really going to remedy that any time soon so i believe that the syrian regime really has to have more of a sign of who from within from whether you call them reformers or what else to try and prevent essentially create a bloodbath happening in cities that are arrested because it seems that that some cells are creating the momentum is that momentum that the regime is found impossible to store is often a variety of carrots including most famously getting rid of the emergency law but
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it appears now simply only have sticks left in its cupboard so that is a deeply worrying trend as far as the syrian people are concerned. ok middle east expert james dines there thank you for your analysis here on r.t. today. the european m e he's will vote on wednesday over whether they want their own parent representative at the u.n. security council result sees it daniel bushell reports that the move has been met with condemnation from some members who believe that allowing the union in is a step too far. there's been a horrified response around the world and here in brussels the idea of giving the european union a permanent seat on the un security council would allow the e.u. to look at the world security decisions both britain and france have this is the first step to was stripped of their permanent place on the council one british m.p. here says this with britain sovereignty and they will move many other countries for
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example are india's. less worthy of a voice than it used five hundred million giving the e.u. a seat as well as france and britain also. from many parts of the world notably africa and latin america in the security council's composition is already voiced and with this move was proposed by a member of the european parliament from spain one of the biggest. difficulties. in foreign policy. there's no use in the european union in the politics or finance we've seen just recently over the invasion of libya and the same. holds for the un general assembly has just voted to give the european union as a single block much greater powers but this move to get
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a permanent place on the un security council is expected to receive much more a position. or even once more authority for itself on an international level but opposition voices think the powers of the unions ruling bodies are already too great an expense as. this isn't an m.e.p. . we have to look at the expense. and there is a very good very simple example of why the european parliament should have two seats one in brussels and the other one it costs them. almost three hundred million of year olds per year if you have to move once in a six week from brussels to strasburg so let's have only one seat and we can give and we can show by perfect example to the people of europe that we are able to save the taxpayers money.
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recent controversial court decisions in georgia brought the country's legal system under the spotlight with the acquittal rates have less than one percent accuse the government of tightening its grip over judges but as attacking the rich over reports social status in georgia is sometimes enough to avoid punishment. a high profile murder and a low profile investigation the case of sandra give leon he became a byword for both in two thousand and six the twenty eight year old banker attended a furtive party of one of georgia's top police officials where he fell into argument with one of the guests the next morning his body with multiple injuries was found on the outskirts of the release see four police officers were eventually sentence topped eighty years sandra's murder irresistible as well sarah dr. doctor poor dr sorry our starters the whole sentence of the court the president issued decree and they're released from. prison so it shows it's also one more
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readers that this is a window to just ordinary citizens is that where are the protection of the top officials of georgia dollars. an investigation wasn't even launched until hundreds of protesters went onto the streets of d.c. but it seems family looked for how from strasse book and the cause of human rights in april european judges ruled the investigation was bungled that high ranking officials are escaping justice and that police clues sensitive convicts were getting unfair leniency from the president it also ruled that judges government should pay two thousand euros to the murdered man's ability to move to the general public and julia had long ago given its verdict on the case but it's a big victory to the european court of knowledge is it now on a political level it means the attitude in georgia is changing and europe is not
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ready to forgive such abuses by saakashvili is regime. but lawyers have been following the case since the start that out any compensation will be paid under the current leadership regime saakashvili saakashvili regime is based on illegal biased court which he himself great as a lawyer i can tell you that every acquittal has to be agree with the prosecutor personally all the burst was already behind bars in seventy years of the soviet union seventy laws were jail and seven years of second street is regime hundred lawyers are in prison according to figures published by georgia's supreme court a staggering ninety nine point six percent of cases resulted in guilty verdicts and twenty term almost none so defendants walk free sundress family's lawyer says no other country in europe has a conviction rate like this and that is a dangerous sign of the country becoming a police state europe's courts have long been concerned about georgia's failure to
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make corrupt high ranking officials justice and using the police as pawns and millions of fans to create the image of a georgian policeman living up to the social ideals of serving and protecting its citizens and it's likely you'll struggle to bribe a policeman here and most certainly you could count on him to protect you from pretty straight crime but one of the true criminals are actually in a higher office than the police who can the general public ever truly chaffed. daily commercials show police work as among the most prestigious sanctions parent police posts made of glass so everyone can see what this is do and anticorruption it or say eighty percent of people here trast their families if the government they believe works in the dark but if the death of sandra good really any underlines anything if the judas much trumpeted morden legal system dishes out
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a very different justice when it's president sarkozy. his inner circle that's in the frame if it is a branch of our team the d.c. ga well we have an abundance of other stories waiting for you on our website just a click away at r.t. dot com as for it being a high altitude trip is high jinks which the logs dripped into sun on blunted in-flight entertainment. and illegal new zealand lands in washington pigs into some cheap find out how the country welcome the flightless wonder of the sinatra r t the. us political parties are once again locked in a battle over whether to increase the country's debt ceiling which already stands
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at fourteen trillion dollars and no amount of extra loans or stimulus packages will help america get rid of its financial pains that's according to investment broker and wealth that it instead. us politicians are going to have to be honest with their own lector it and say we can't keep these promises we can't make this job security payments we can't make the medicare payments we don't have the money we're broke and we can't extract it from the younger generations because they all leave the country so they're going to have to have an honest discussion and there is going to be a big you know economic decline associated with correct use imbalances and unfortunately all they're concerned about is getting reelected that is what problem that's not a country problem and so we never get to solutions get platitudes we get fixes we get stimulus kick the can down the road sweeping to problem little rug that's all they care about they want to get through the next election cycle without it blowing up one of these days it's going to blow up and it won't be in their elections and i think that's coming up i think within the next several years we're going to have
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a real economic crisis that we didn't have a two thousand and eight that we didn't have a two thousand and two but the problem is every time the government stimulates the economy to create an artificial boom to postpone the pain they make the inevitable bust that much worse so i think we've got to the point now where there is no more stimulus to work there's just overdose i think that some of the headlines around the world japan has released with each side what they react is that the trouble for human parts containing highly radioactive spent fuel if you appears to show the fuel rods. damaged lying on the bridge. trying to minimize. people to take the capital the far right activists have planted some of the protest demonstration which involves several hundred needs to forty four year old man was
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reportedly broken stabbed to death by the. police intervened of the protesters chased foreigners through the streets local buildings. spitefulness forces maintaining their presence in afghanistan taliban attacks continue across the country police reports say one civilian and seventeen but incidents were killed on tuesday of the dozens of time about fighters on. northern afghanistan. cross-talk debate show. today we discuss american strategy in a war torn country is a pretty. as long as al qaeda is operating in that region as long as the taliban is operating in that region i think the united states has an interest in preventing for a future harm to america and our friends and allies ok to go back to you buy into that. we were told by you perception is that for a long drive you know. relates to this part of the world.
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the way it goes. it made in the pentagon and langley. business news now with you there. but only very well welcome to the business program continues to lose ground because of investor concern over debt problems in europe the currency lost on the ports in one week and is currently at a low fortune that's the lowest level since march and getting a divorce in from a case of stella believes the eurosport fortunes will not last long. well the greek fact is the main true holy consoles are home. prices on so can so for the potential once over so quickly government and the potential again potential
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restructuring of the debt these are the issues which can pressure on you right now and though there had to buy the fact that so want to pick reason to do retreat even being conducted by federal reserve schools into an end but i don't think he says or see the impression factor actually this will last for a few days all or no a few weeks no longer history shows that you would be goldman so usually hard to solve these issues and be usually try to solve to find solutions as quickly as possible i have already how the whole room to read a lot of news saying that goes into a solution to not to restructure the debt which actually is the problem for many many investor private investors but to give an additional moment amount of value was so from this the realization found in order to support a weak economy that's actually maybe a way out ok temporary solution you know for the greek economy and this may calm down the markets as a kind of word you have been doing two thousand down a few times. tend to spend more and save less they also prefer to keep any savings
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in foreign currencies despite the strengthening ruble a new study by the center of macroeconomic analysis as personal deposits are just two percent and that's twenty eleven that's compared to over four percent in the same period last year as say the slowdown in the growth of the poles this is driven by positive economic expectations and rising consumption another factor is relatively low deposit interest rates whether foreign chorus or deposits are still gaining pace they've grown seven percent in russia since the beginning with the year. the global i t giant cisco is spreading its wings in russia as the first electric components of a newly built russian production line they had all the firm's russian unit outlines its investment blueprint for the country. well know should we be investing your theory in the next ten years at least a billion dollars into the strategic development of russia skateboard being
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a part of that overall picture and at least one hundred million of them billions will probably go most likely go into the venture financing like mission just we just started licensing manufacturing process where we're producing the first product in russia completely. the product itself and in the software that you know it's working on top of the water which is certified by the appropriate agencies in the russian federation. let's have a look at how the market software in that sol european stocks are largely unchanged in trading as china's inflation signals the nation may take up the steps to cool growth whilst european stocks are staring me in the black and they heels of gains for wall street overnight how whether taxes are possible signs some call for updates triggering action and if your shares h.s.b.c. holdings the down point seven percent after revealing cost cutting targets. be
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losing just under three percent after a trading update if it so it is splashed the south. and here in moscow both the r.g.s. and the mice it's a mixed the solid gains for wall street and asia os supporting the markets while the current price is also gathering pace among the big movers on the mindsets the country's largest comic after the us is gaining one of the half a cent that's ahead of prime minister visiting of funds in southern russia to just drive a new model after of us are afloat stocks take off over the news encourage with boeing two point eight brand new passenger jets full hoth the customer crys but it's less promising for the mobo afraid to m.t.s. which is shedding a forty percent of the salary. noori markets and transatlantic capitals. and tray volumes on russian strong changes to record highs. he has received
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a doubling of trading volumes in the first four months of this year compared to last that a monstrous sixteen trillion gravels around five hundred seventy of billion dollars industry analysts explained the boost by speculators and trading robots taking a gamble on the market jitters but despite all the turnover on russia's r.t.s. it remains wrong i thought trading are the nasdaq. that's the latest you're up to date now join me in less than last time for more business news here on our.
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the. russians would be so much brighter if you knew about some from first impressions some of. these for instance on t.v. don't come. wealthy british style but it's a must but i'd be surprised if my. heart of the capital. markets why not. find out what's really happening to them.


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