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granted egos are told to come to the mission marco resort hotel we saw the facility on. the trail with results much will never be closer to joe mccarthy revere if it's only trying to try to tell me. the members of both the balonne should have a part in sees it the u.n. security council huge critics say the union have a not problem to solve the bank town without getting more emboldened international relations. growing violence in syria brought the international community to apply pressure on the country the sanctions that would have predicted call for regime change some feel in their lives of libya plots. this new secret that al qaida has been sending terrorists to russia and is continuing to do so at that is those al qaida agents are often among militants killed in our terror operation us
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is normal. and in business is sound the closing bell of the russian market so both e.l.t.'s and the my sex in the red do largely to fall in commodities you want me to put a fumble the seminar on twenty minutes time. i won't well can see this is arsene vine from moscow and european m.p.'s of course for the union to have a permanent seat at the un security council critics on the initiative say that the e.u. rarely speaks with one voice and as enough problems. without the. move from brussels . there's been a furious reaction across the world i'm going brussels itself what rights does the european union have to lecture the world or war issues what it called to come to any agreements back. it's home and it caught sort out its own problems in the e.u.
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say experts there was no unity over the invasion of libya among e.u. member states we're currently seeing roy is in greece over the government's handling of the country there and several states that want to help rescue fellow member state portugal's failed economy there's also the question do you you taxpayers want to bailouts and pay for this extra cost at a time of financial crisis the move would leave the. member states with three out of the six permanent positions on the council now several large parts of the world from asia to africa and latin america have no voice whatsoever and they already accuse the west of being overrepresented on the organization and even e.u. members themselves are up in arms france and britain say it will dilute their
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sovereignty one british m.p. says he will fight the decision here and same session europol you're a parliament agreed to open an office in the libyan rebel stronghold of being goals the which would quote facilitate assistance to the rebels fronting i can. see the european union is going full beyond its powers in interfering in the work of other countries and far beyond its remit according to it by the un. well the e.u. ones to steal a pound on me from foreign countries but from its own members as well according to critics all next hour we speak to a euro skeptic n.e.p. he claims the union is trying to take over control of financial policy from individual. for the first. but if you go deeper than what is behind that you want particular risk the point is that there are some hidden measures that might lead to further. off
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a fiscal policy and tax policy i think national governments definitely should have full control over their tax policy over their fiscal policy which means social systems pension systems health care systems b. things should not be given up in favor of european or through european institutions . of a crackdown on anti-government protests in syria is intensifying with army tanks reportedly shelling residential districts in the third largest city of homs human rights groups believe more than seven hundred fifty people playing since last began almost two months ago and with the crackdown international pressure on the country to stop the violence is also growing following a recently introduced new sanctions the u.s. is reportedly considering calling for regime change how does all these remet
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support parallels with libya and somalia which started with similar initiatives all unnoticed. rebels clashed with security forces hundreds die and the west calls to the bloodshed to stop sanctions slapped down and arms sales in paul case but this isn't libya's spring it's syria and it's calling a road map that led to just one place for its african arab neighbor nato intervention who watches. it's a regime to sense that tantalizing western leaders there's greater washington. anger trailing the syrian government. in washington or. the e.u. has put the freeze on assets of thirteen top government military and intelligence leaders talking the list is this man the syrian president's younger brother he's described as the principal overseer of violence against protesters but no sanctions
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are being applied to the man calling the shots president arafat himself to some acid is a convenient ally for the west although that's what was being said about gadhafi in recent years before the sanctions kicked in. member states including. perhaps think it's still possible to do business pressure are. western educated. coated wife as well so they see perhaps he might be the force of opera moderation in the country the e.u. says that could be censored if he fails to stop the brutal crushing of opposition but he needn't worry the arab lawyers association says no one his staff he would keep assets in their own names. toothless the u.s. and international community is being reduced from an international organization into the mistake police authority whereby you begin to freeze assets of individuals
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sometimes the individuals that. it's anywhere but it's clearly which is being used in most of the instances and this gimmick is counterproductive because it just make noises. and i think it is. effective or not europeans have grown familiar with imposing sanctions but that was relatively easy to apply to libya which had long been suffering isolation even among. arab state but here ia has framed the west might be reluctant to provoke not only syria you know very sensitive environment as there is of course that creating a difficult situation or situation. in israel could also have told us collections that syria iran. as well as with the palestinian house with. every interest for all over the world community because
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we've been military intervention in syria we know. president bashar assad's regime the u.k. led the charge in pushing for a quick response to the syrian crackdown and british foreign secretary william hague said he welcomes the sanctions but to battle weary persons all too familiar it's more than six weeks since sanctions on libya which adds to failure and the public a face that the role of the diplomatic syria can only prop just similar fate and see the mediterranean gunships sail east. imposing sanctions which is proven in officiant in the past and more about grabbing power in the region and protecting civilians says chandan from the civilians for peace in libya. the west would like the syrian regime like the libyan regime
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like with hizbollah and the palestinian resistance to disappear yesterday now achieving that is a whole different kettle of fish i think where the west is now in this historical moment everyone knows that the world has finished entering into a multi-polar world and the west is panicking about that they can't sit back and allow the break nations of the global south just to rise up or for them to just go without go without a fight so now is really the historic opportunity for western hegemony to try to pull back a little bit of world domination that they've lost in the last decade but frankly even if they did go into syria which i don't think they will i think the syrian regime will hold tight but even if they did i mean what's happened the last decade iraq and afghanistan yes they all of saddam hussein yes they got rid of the taliban but what is the net result the net result was they were bogged down morally politically economically diplomatically they were completely completely outmaneuvered by the global south and rises the global south and the bric nations
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in particular and that's what happened in the next several years coming as well. you know when still ahead in the program held junks is the justice in georgia. in seventy years of the soviet union summit you laws were jailed in seven years of sluggish reviews regimes all the hundred lawyers are in prison or a european court of justice rooting against tbilisi draws attention to how the government tightening the noose around judges they're not seen by day plants. outrage in india as the government releases those guilty of a mass gansey capability years ago that killed nearly twenty thousand people all the details the monsoons horse stormed into just the few beds. al qaeda has long sand continues to send his agents into russia well these were the words president dmitry medvedev if you underlined that terrorism is
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a shared international problem. reports from moscow. preserve it explains why russia is so interested in everything that's happening in regions like northern alberta and the middle east at a meeting which was dedicated to matters of national security today and we couldn't operate in is to eliminate terrorists including the recent want to gauge just. a direct link to the security level with little country it's no secret that al qaida has been sending terrorists to russia and is continuing to do such. of course the president was talking about terrorists which are being sent to the publics in northern called says like doug is telling covered in a wild card for russian forces and conducting break it off races already keeping those terrorists and of course you have to remember that with the song is not in been gone the thread about this still looms very large though that the mastermind is gone still terrorists are continuing to great all around the world russia is the
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number one most wanted terrorist the top amount of is actually still a large and he is responsible for two most recent bombings in russia though those of course were the explosions in moscow metro in last year and their recent terror attacks at moscow's on the dead right airport so toll could be head of the biggest international terror going to say she may be gone and the rest of those terrorists with numerous cells all over the world particularly in northern africa are still at large and the threat unfortunately still persists while russians chance republic may have painful history of placing terrorism the war isn't this great and that was the biggest battle another being for the football field coming up in just a few minutes. seven indian officials responsible for the worst a logical disaster in history has been released on bail after a court refused to give them stronger punishments and they were found guilty of a huge gas leak in nine hundred eighty four at
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a us think plug resulted in the death of up to twenty thousand people appreciate it reports from delhi survivors of the disaster feel that justice so. they actually were convicted back in june almost twenty five years later their sentences were only for two years but they were actually released on bail none of them served a day in jail and their fine they were only sentenced to a two thousand dollars fine and today the supreme court said that the central bureau of investigation didn't present them any isolation for why these men should serve longer sentences so far later they felt that this petition was just too too far away from what was the when the event actually happened and i think it's important to remember how big of a deal this is in india this is the worst industrial accident in the entire world three thousand five hundred people the indian government has died as a result of that gas leak and in the years following that accident anywhere from fifteen to twenty five thousand people were died not to mention the hundreds of
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thousands of people who were really injured and caused great sickness by being supposed to these chemicals it's also important to note by the way that the union carbide corporation was an american company a warren anderson the c.e.o. of the company at the time was actually arrested released on bail and went back to the united states he never came back to india to stand trial at all for any of this incident so many people here in india feel that he literally got away with murder he said that his company was not under indian jurisdiction and to this day no american official has ever stood trial for this another important thing to note i should say is that you know we look at the fukushima nuclear accident that happened back in japan not so long ago in that in that incident the nuclear plant was built by general electric another american company general electric has actually built several nuclear plants here in india along the coastline and it's something that doesn't really make the indian people little bit wary that something like bhopal
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could have happened where hundreds of thousands of indian lives were affected yet there are still so many places here in india whether it's nuclear plants that are also still. run by american companies so they feel that an american official was never held accountable for what they believe was their responsibility the gopal das accident back in ninety four something like that could happen again and they don't want another disaster like this to occur well to find out how the elster effects of the tragedy are still killing india today log on the wrong websites. these found very very high levels of toxins i.e. levels of smoke to the high levels of the best besides which the company had manufactured blind student the sludge. correspondents talk to experts and fully visible and would do check it all out.
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of the european court of human rights and justice to the new year for an on further investigation into the murder of a bunker the government is obliged to pay the compensation to the victim's family good money down this will happen in a country that's increasingly branded a police state. i mean they can assure that report. a high profile murder and a low profile investigation the case of sounded good reality became a byword for both in two thousand and six the twenty eight year old banker attended a birthday party for one of georgia's top police officials where he fall into an argument with one of the guests the next morning his body with multiple injuries was found on the outskirts of the police see four police officers were eventually
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sentenced topped eighty years for sandra's murder irresistible but survived. it was in poor out just three hours after the sentence of the court the president issued decree. they released from. prison so you chose it's also one more to reduce that. they were not just ordinary citizens is that where are the protection of the top officials of georgia involving. an investigation wasn't even launched until hundreds of protesters one time to the streets of d.c. but it seems family looked for help from strasbourg and the cause of human rights in april european judges ruled the investigation was bungled the ministry of the interior the prosecutor's office the prisons department the president of georgia and so warm all acted in concert in preventing justice he also ruled that georgia's government should pay two thousand euros to the murdered man's reality. the general
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public in georgia had long ago given its verdict on the case but it's a big victory for the european court of knowledge is it now on a political level it means the attitude to lawlessness in georgia is changing and europe is not ready to forgive such abuses by saakashvili regime. but lawyers have been following the case since the start there was any compensation will be paid under the current leadership there's a saakashvili the saakashvili regime is based on illegal biased courts which he himself grated as a lawyer i can tell you that every acquittal has to be agree with the prosecutor personally all the burst was already behind bars and seventy years of the soviet union seventy laws were jailed and seven years of circus leaders regime would have a hundred lawyers are in prison according to figures published by georgia's supreme court a staggering ninety nine point six percent of cases resulted in guilty verdicts and
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twenty ten almost none so defendants walk free sandra's family's lawyer says no other country in europe has a conviction rate like this and that is a dangerous sign of the country becoming a police state europe's courts have long been concerned about georgia's spader to make corrupt high ranking officials justice and using the police response millions of fans to grade the image of a georgian policeman living up to the social ideals of serving hands protecting its citizens and it's likely you'll struggle to bribe a policeman here and most certainly you could count on him to protect you from pretty street crime. to criminals are actually in a hierarchies that the police who can the general public have truly shaft. daily commercials show police work as among the most prestigious than transparent police posts made of glass so everyone can see what this is do and anticorruption
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money tourists say eighty percent of people here trust their police it's the government they believe works in the dark but if it's out of something or good really any underlines anything if the judge is much trumpeted more than legal system dishes out a very different justice when its president saakashvili his inner circle that's in the frame if it in the church of r.t.e. the b.b.c. george weah. ok it's not the world headlines and in egypt violence is going between christian mystics following a weekend of sick tearing which is witnesses to christians were ties by muslims cheering a rally weekend's deadly rioting person dead and a christian church to the capital clean events of gray's concern a missing presence of ultra conservative islamic groups in the country after president mubarak was deposed in february. in poland five five
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down paying down after an enormous blaze got a textile warehouse just outside was all thirty five shards one hundred firefighters are still at the site it took them all the day to bring the situation under control all toxic smoke coming from the building thaws the evacuation of people living nearby and there were no casualties and of course the blaze is on a. house on likely battle that will pitch football legend diego maradona against the chechen president and i'm going to get off and instead draw thousands to the republic capital grozny with some of the world's top with soccer stars will go head to head with russian politicians and footballers to mark the opening of a new stadium the largest in southern russia well it isn't even a quarter of our reports from. the big talking point of the advance is just quick zach is going to play against the team captains by presidential envoy to the north
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caucasus. now according to the organizers of the use of banned it could include such a football superstar. guy stan franco but they see luis we go steve mcmanaman and many others meanwhile the biggest star. who has also been invited to kick around in the china capital grozny the team to replace the argentinian latch and other stars has not yet been announced but it could include great russian players off years as well as current russian premier league footballers it's not the first time such kind of event is taking place here in christ me and two months ago former brazilian players on the visitors won six or so the russians who will be out to do better this time but whatever the results of the stuff we're building fun is guaranteed. about who the news is do say with also business update now with katrina.
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welcome to our g.'s business bulletin the euro continues to lose ground due to investor concerns of a growing debt issues in europe the currency lost four percent on the forex in one week and it's currently below forty rubles that's the lowest level since march this year though you get a case of stamina believes the euro's poor fortunes will not last too long. over greek that is the main tree all the consoles are on the car but of course it's also been sold for the potential once all the soap agreed government owned the potential again potential restructuring of the dead and these are the issues which some you keep are showing you right now and they're headed by the first one to diffuse into the schools into an end but i don't think this is a simple increase pressure effect on history shows that european governments are usually hard to solve this ensures i would hold that it would be credible to use seem very close into the solution to give an additional model of if you will so
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from the position found to go to the support we could be calling it and this may come down in the markets as it has a really high pull do in two thousand times a few times. now let's have a look at the markets u.s. stocks are continuing their decline there is now putting at risk any chance of keeping up a three day rally the first since i think this year the dow jones is down more than half of the st i mean that's taken down three of a percent among the losers who's the most disney company which announced a one percent fall in profits after the japanese earthquake cantons it does a nice thing about revenue. following the trend of the u.s. markets and you are in the european markets also in the red with the footsie down again almost up over half a percent the dax however has come up point out of the same place back at the moment h.s.p. shares are down after banking giant t.j. can you file some signs investments among the positive market moves are broken up right from marks and spencer up the return of reached the top of the footsie. and
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here in moscow the markets closed down after early gains with the my six down over on the same due to not jus largely supporting commodity prices. now let's have a look at some individual share moves kalimantan off more than three percent amid lower precious metal prices bucking the trend of fertiliser producer rapidly gaining around point seven percent for head of a car coming merger. still in it and after vast also rose by almost three percent the prime minister putin visited plans to test driving you. meanwhile russian car sales saw a sixty four percent increase in the first quarter of the year the overall number of vehicles has topped seven hundred fifty four thousand around a third of that number was made after france. russia is discovering that hosting formula one comes at a premium and it's looking at ways to fund the tracks multi-million dollar price tag the country's first grand prix circuit is to be built in the southern city of sochi while the state will foot most of the bell private investors might also get
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a chance to cast. a lot he explains i'm in so she's a wimp clark and right behind me you can see your road which after the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics will be turned into a formula one track the russian government is planning to spend over one hundred eighty million dollars on it in what will become the country's first one circuit that's a half the sun but it still comes in cheaper than the two hundred forty million dollars invested by china on the thirty one track the most expensive in the world which was completed in two thousand and four the project is part of the government's attempts to embrace the legacy of the two thousand food chain for two winter olympics and make use of much of the infrastructure already here analysts say the f one circuit is the start of that ambition but on its own it's still not enough the contract between formula one older bernie ecclestone and omega the russian company which is also in charge of the building of a wimp infrastructure was signed last year it's
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a seven year deal with the possibility of prolonging the contract after twenty twenty and a global i t giant cisco is spreading its wings in russia as the first electronic components roll off a new lead built russian production line the head of the firm's russian unit outlines its investment blueprint for the country. when i will certainly be investing for the next ten years at least a billion dollars into the strategic development of russia school of being a part of that picture and at least a hundred million of them billions will probably go most likely go into the venture financing mission just we just started the licensed let me section process where we're producing the forest products in russia completely. the product itself. and the software that is working on top of that product the service side by
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appropriations the russian federation and that all the businesses for this hour we'll have more for you in just under announced time stephen. the but. the. culture is the same up charge you go by the congress and the market there's the taliban bad guys with the killing of osama bin laden u.s. president barack obama has an historic opportunity on afghanistan will he use it
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and what is the downside. for the false numbers we've got it from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. more news today violence has once again flared up the families are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are on the day the ball. in indonesia ologies available in the ground your hotel shirts and media hotel the ritz carlton hotel a little hotel motel new millennium hotel in china nothing you can see on t.v. and censored so much comes.


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