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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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the c.s. lobby and sky insulters historical hotels have been capturing the city. schools malls. media as a good up until the strength for this to to become the photo. this is art international from moscow thanks for choosing this for your news these are our top stories tonight the evolving floated of a bloc should have a permanent seat at the u.n. security council critics though say the union has enough problems to solve without getting more involved in international issues. a crackdown on anti-government protests in syria intensifies and so does international pressure comes to stop the bloodshed but many see sanctions unpredicted calls for regime changes echoes of the intervention of the living conflict. and president. continuing to send
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a steady stream of agents to russia's north caucuses as they're all from the condom on militants killed in ninety ten of the operations the russian leader also stressed that terrorism is a shared problem. is beneficial to russian security. next he talks to a member of the european parliament who says a growing. is leading to an inability to solve pressing problems on the continent itself. yeah m.e.p. heads the. block fighting to take control back from brussels just as often do you believe the e.u. secretly taking new powers without telling people. exactly idea to build our. corporate tax base and all these things of course for the
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first. but if you go behind that it might be a one instrument in the future might lead to a further. tax base which is something we've very hard to oppose i can see. in that particular risk point is that there are some hidden measures that might lead to further. off a fiscal policy and tax policy. to happen that. should be given up or should be lifted up from the national level to the european level i think that national governments definitely should have full control. over their fiscal policy which means social systems pension systems health care systems these things should not be given up in favor of the european authorities or european institutions why does the e.u.
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need urgent reform we have to try to change the paradigm of the e.u. itself because for the last fifty years the e.u. has been driven by integration risk all for the risk for. the idea of present close . by the idea. of shifting of powers carports from national level to the european level is a good thing. some deeper analysis of the time seems to be over. and what we need are some second thoughts what exactly should be executive on the european level and what should be executed on the national level to find out the right balance between the european level and the national level give us an example of how the e.u. is wasting money first of all we have to look because some member of the european parliament we have to look at the expenses of the european parliament itself and
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there is a very good example very simple example why the european parliament should have two seats one in brussels and the other one in strasbourg it costs additional almost three hundred million euros per year if you have to move once in a six week from. work so let's have only one c. and we can give and we can show by perfect example to the people of europe that we are able to save the taxpayers money how is the european union hurting business we can see a lot of legal acts that are being adopted by the european parliament prepared by the european commission that in fact are not helping very much to a business environment in the european union that very business friendly so say we would like to remove at least some of them we would like to have a liberal free market not a market which is bound by
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a never ending number of various regulations second example itself across the common for in the security policy you can see that it's very hard to achieve any common approach whenever it comes to some crucial questions that in fact the e.u. member states much more on their own than on some common basis and i think this is natural and we have to counter with that we've seen protests here in brussels against the e.u. which of their demands do you sympathize with of course it. could be understandable from certain point of view from their point of view from trade unions probably to a few but it doesn't mean after my frankly that they are right i think that they have to understand and trade unions all around europe should understand that we live in times of very uneasy austerity measures that many european governments were spending much more than they should have and now they make they have to make some groups they have to put their own budgets under strict control so i think
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this direction is the right one. really a government should be much more sober much more decent when it comes to public expenditure and unfortunately probably in the foreseeable future it will be provoking some public disagree in some segments of the population you think the euro is a fundamentally weak currency i think the moment. the position of the czech republic is very comfortable it's a position a wait and see and i thing we have plenty of time to wait to see what will happen with europe of course we wish the eurozone to be successful we are very much dependent on our exports to your ozone it doesn't mean that we should be keen to join the euro in some very short or foreseeable future why do you want decision making in the e.u. isn't democratic there's
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a lot of thoughts. lot of debates how to make european union more democratic in my feeling the european parliament itself. body which can represent to some extent and nations and people of europe not the only one and from my own feeling also the european council is the institution which is very representative when it comes to representation of in the woods. member states and nations so i do not like very much a fight or some kind of tension between a european council on one hand and perhaps european commission or european parliament on the other hand it doesn't serve any good and i think that. rather cooperate to compete with each other you believe the e.u. doesn't respect or listen to a smaller states integration is also to some extent very emotional issue and of course dos contrarious who are so-called founding fathers of the european
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integration might be more emotionally with the whole for the religious concept than those who joined later so you can see probably more hesitancy towards the whole integration of concept in those countries who joined the european union later in some of the waves often large meant then. the original ones you're from the czech republic which split fairly amicably from slovakia why do you think here in belgium and across the e.u. ethnic tensions are rising it seems that the federal system the system of the making and budget it's extremely complicated and of course there's also a huge transfer between the flemish part and the lawn in part of the country and some people might like it some of them might not like it and this is by the way this aspect is very similar to what was happening in former czechoslovakia which
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was one reason for the split but divorce you talk about differences between you member states on libyan military intervention which are the key differences for you i think that any international involvement any internal engagement be it united nations be it nato be it european union it's welcomed but what we have seen was that e.u. was not very much able to act on a united basis at least now. so at the moment. i mean if it's able to cover the whole operation it's also done in my feeling it's a good thing to be in the e.u. and russia would you believe it should be more. well i thing. because russia spied before you go because it's not a member of the european union that's very important. and also a big supply of natural resources. to deal member of the european parliament thank
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you for speaking with l.t. . first son this is just a parliament building in france. but sixty six years ago it was the final target. and the last major offensive for the red on. its capture became the symbol of the flow of the fascists into. the victory over nazi germany. the fall of barely on our cheek. yes my name is daniel smith this is julian assange we will make a short presentation about that we can fix project. the first step in the fourth
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estate is to get information out about the real world. war on. secrecy is the biggest. going to be a good marketing. if i ever put in the sauce of the invention he would hunt me down and kill. this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the country because it has become a war of all this all james and. then all the actual information. but thank you. to all the big all around the wold. like me. they faced it this is not a pro magician but warmed up. the forces and you should see
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several but you should support your tree speak so they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one is this is it open to new things or in the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism book to those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. to three thousand nine hundred forty five goals on t.v. talk column. it's.
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top stories tonight the e.u. parliament voted on the block should have a permanent seat at the u.n. security council critics though say the union has enough problems to solve back home without getting more involved in international issues. a crackdown on anti-government protests in syria intensifies and so does international pressure on the country to stop the bloodshed but many see sanctions unpredicted calls for regime change as echoes of the intervention in the libyan conflict. and spread of says al-qaeda is continuing to send the steady stream of agents to russia's north caucasus as they're often found among militants killed in anti terror operate the russian leader also stressed that terrorism is
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a shared problem and bin laden's death is beneficial to russian security i'm kevin one of the back of the main news in full in fifteen minutes right now the sports next including a fresh update on the spectacular football events in russia south. hello welcome to the sports news this wednesday evening and here are the headlines helping out with world cup winners diego maradona joins an all star lineup to mock god the right mix of a new football stadium the chechen capital of grozny. while drilling for knowledge start again in a shape it stalls the winning spot kick to scour reach the russian cup final. penalty shoot out when there are trouble spots like moscow. one game away barcelona how picked up at the bottom say this wednesday evening and when we get them back
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straight get cycle. and so does it all and the capacity crowd at the brand new stadium in the church and capital of grozny have been treated to a nostalgic opening ceremony european pop stars from the 1980's warmed up the fans for an exhibition match featuring argentina legends diego maradona and chechen leader runs on cut it off but get your is the pinnacle of a lavish unveiling ceremony in grozny the city pulls the covers off what is being branded as the biggest and most modern arena in southern russia the stadium can see it up in thirty thousand pounds and it's a full house tonight with the crowd cheering popstars total turn you know and c.c. catch on the likes of new speedo in fabienne volunteers helping bill to join merit on the pitch for the game the all star world series that great team russia with local politicians and former footballers turning in numbers this was the second game in the north republicans three months after a chechen eleven brazil's former world cup heroes six paul in march.
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and meanwhile here in moscow serve in the shade which netted the winning spot kick as taste god went through to the final of the russian car after a five four penalty shootout win over our trouble spots at the national stadium it was a seesaw game with god a lot of time he thought that three or four tastes. with eight minutes to go the two sides couldn't find a winner in the ensuing extra time so it went to penalties equal share a chance to be in the headlines it also went down to the wire in the other semifinal with the second tier allowed we are gaining the upper hand over the last quarter and on the go yet their hero in a penalty shoot out which ensures secure a spot in the europa league. all over spain barcelona can clinch their third consecutive league title this wednesday evening if they win a new table and say their celebrations were put on ice at least for twenty four hours by rail madrid formula i went over on tuesday basel overhauled a five point lead from ray allen to stop with three games left to play and even before ray all kids off against the sapphic ass a coach guardiola said he was just
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concentrating from beating the next opponents. real individual ego first we need to win the league and dissipating the things tells us lessons we can do neither is very let's not concede separate things to we can't control the outcome of madrid versus nothing it is best to concentrate on how we can defeat live on clay. and the score at halftime in the balance there is one also to cater for the champions twenty eight minutes and really probably save netted equines up with four minutes go before the break. meanwhile fee for has officially asked the english football association to produce evidence to support allegations of corruption during last december's world cup those the move comes soon after cats are vehemently denied allegations that they bribe the members and members of british parliament's alleged at a hearing on tuesday that if the higher flow of cameroon and shaq on the march of the ivory coast received one of the half million dollars to help the gulf nation win the bid something council that insists never happened in
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a related scandal english sports minister hugh robertson has hinted his country could break away from fee for he demands the governing body to step up the anti corruption campaign as england carries out upon the mentally investigation into why they received the two votes out of twenty two in their bid for the translating world cup former english football chief lord treason and claims that for other fee for members extorted sweetness and light between cold dry ice hockey now wear a hat trick by jaromir helps put the czech republic into the semifinals of the world championships in slovakia as i hold a steamroller the usa four nil to match the candidates after the fourth goal in this rather one sided affair the checks will continue their defense against either sweden or germany who are based on the other call to final escape it's a new craze of last year's bronze medal match three crooner coming out three one wins back then and the school that is currently to go on to this week's. tennis now and its thirty three wins and counting so far this year for novak djokovic as the
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hottest player on the tour has started his quest for the world number one spot in rome the second seeded serbian harvey broke sweat during his six laps six three win against bush point by new question about look which cruising in for third round popped receiving a bite into the second and he could be throwing two time defending. get rough on the dot at the top of the men's rankings of the tournament book which needs to seal his seventh straight title this year also hoping that our stumbles before the sunday finals. and standing in the way next with stanislav up when clinton squared off like with any of the laundry three sets off a local qualifier provided the scale of a top secret all and also means a three cents to progress next up for him as well as plenty of previously on i love that. man on the ladies' side of the draw teenager anastasio probably trying because i was trying to reassure out of her in round three pulling a close to four straight sets win by the batter it gives us a shot in
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a while it's the end of the right for not a russian hope for a mistake a fan of a bad rash to israel's shahar peer but your line of espionage is true populist precept just not as policy as national advance care so it's not a five seat delay on katich. now golfing great story by us terrorists has been laid to rest in his native village of adrenaline in northern spain and finds time major winner for more world number one died on saturday at the age of fifty four following a long battle with a brain tumor followed golfing stars attended the ceremony at the local church tiger woods wasn't there and paid tribute to the legendary player there just the way it played who says for the watch of the girl he didn't even drive it all that straight but what he did is he was grossly obese little. you've never seen a person compete for more you heat for the places you play for an hour later they begin to describe the enough that i would estimate from the watching them to compete against that i get
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a chance to play with him several practice rounds. where my favorite was at augusta in the knowledge just the two of them and disturbing to hear him explain how to get shots around augusta we we're just used to play. it was. powerful. boxing world champions david haye and latina klitschko continue to taunt each other ahead of their forthcoming heavyweight unification about their will meet on july the second it hand with three belts on the line and after a recent press conference in germany appeared in his hometown of long and took up the fight with the briton claiming predictably that victory will be what is. says his opponents and yes and in the ring. i'm surprised you can't control me and we are two dogs in a fight the toughest one wins the one is tougher mentally physically personally i'm up ryan white machine is manufactured his style does boring job job grab
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a jab jab grab somebody done and then the guys that so far have allowed him to do that he can't control me so my plan hasn't been changed in the last two years i will fight you for twelve long runs for you and in the last twelve rounds i will knock you out and it's actually going to be good for a future life and my brother is a doctor and she will take care of you know port's remote stress and stuff so what i think you're going to do for free just as a favor but i think it's going to be good for you and for a future just learn some things as respect. and finally to football of the indoor variety where an international women's five a side or foot cell tolerance has just been held in moscow spain just russia to the cycle and watching wisconsin put up with. this second edition of planning all international tournament featured four nations russia spain ukraine in hungary and
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after they all played china there were was this side in the closing measure between spain and the host nation to claim the title the russians had to win there with the spaniards needed only a draw the two sides had met several times and know each other well had reached the semifinals of the women's world cup in twenty ten whether or so of spain is a good motivator for us i don't have to focus my players on the match just after the national team had been established went to spain and helped several matches so we knew what to expect. the pressure was high and the game very tight the teams play cautiously concentrating on solid defending there were still lots of good scoring opportunities but they got keepers warning shot form this banished number one saving all it was until it was penalty midway through the first waiting in a half however the spanners finally put panels in front in the middle of the second half after some nice passing moves all the funeral home for a bit to do was there with the ball into an empty net the russian woman didn't give
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up though and did everything to come back and to it and were awarded when i was in sa who went on to receive them maybe award made out for her belting me as to equalize just two minutes before the final whistle the russians went all out in the dying seconds but in vain one of the final score. which of course wanted to be on top of the team leads an important step forward for us as last year we lost the decider levy were not defeated when not weaker than the spaniards in the end we were timed and running on them to. russia has become a tough opponent for us a few years ago we beat them in a friendly but since then they've progressed a lot. so spain were the overall winners of the tournament brewing like a men's football team they are one of the heavyweights in the sport well russia just behind them and enjoyed for them in the world wayne games is a bit out of our team. and that's all sports news for this i think.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on the party. culture is the same of jackie and joe biden is under the model there's the taliban bad guys with the killing of osama bin laden u.s. president barack obama has an historic opportunity on afghanistan will he use it and what is the downside.
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