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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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inability and i think that right now it's very difficult to depend on the mainstream media to do that but as long as there are bloggers and as long as there are people that work in the media that are willing to share this story with the people so baby come savvy to what's happening right now i think that there is a way that we can eventually stop the system it's really difficult because like i said everyone's getting bought you know the koch brothers had this retreat in palm springs just last year where they had supreme court justices conservative supreme court justices attend ok those are supposed to be people that work in the government that are not supposed to be influenced by corporations and billionaires in this country so it's really difficult to depend on our political system what we really have to depend on are the people who are willing to speak out against this and you know the fact that you're doing this interview right now on r t i think is extremely valuable you know we talked about this on to whitey university yesterday and i really hope that people are watching and i hope that people are willing to
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stand up and speak out against this and i'm just wondering do you think that this was the final frontier if you know if it's already in the media and the think tanks in the lobbyists. into campaign funding is there anything left they can't be touched by money and somebody who has a lot of it that is willing to you or you know able to wield their influence because of that. you know. and that sounds very defeated that sounds defeatist that sounds very pessimistic but you know the one thing that i really had hope and faith in was our university system and especially our state university systems and i really believe that there was no way that university officials would cave in to corporate interests but it's really difficult to do that because money talks and you know when a certain system is broken and when people are desperate for money to continue doing what they do to continue supporting their livelihood it's really difficult
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not to cave and i think that's what's happening throughout the country right now there and i want to thank you very much for joining us it's definitely something that is a depressing thought especially if you know like we're saying that this could be possibly the final frontier this last bastion of freedom that still remains you know but what it actually took after two years after this deal was made was two professors who were disgruntled who didn't like it to actually come out right in our bed and really tell the story and i just wonder if there was pressure on employees before not to speak out about it and so i'm happy that they did at that point think something that's important to be talked about and criticized heavily thanks so much. thank you. we're taking a break but coming up we'll speak with congressmen a dentist who said it. we
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. will be the. safest ready because freedom. guys welcome michel ancel on the on a ship part of our guests not to sound the topics now i want to hear audio system watching you seem to video response our twitter for part of the question that we've hostile you feel bad for a monday and on thursday the show long response is. fun
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fun fun fun. fun. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't. charge the big picture. well now that osama bin laden is dead congress has to decide whether the war in
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afghanistan is still worth fighting according to a new usa today gallup poll taken over the weekend if the nine percent of americans agree with the statement that the u.s. has accomplished its mission there i should bring its troops home on capitol hill on makers aren't ready to commit during a hearing at the senate foreign relations committee yesterday most senators including john kerry said that although the killing of osama bin laden was a game changing they don't think iraq or troop withdrawals the right way forward even that can't get us out and what will join me from capitol hill is us congressman dennis kucinich congressman thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you now. senator john kerry yesterday said that he believes it's fundamentally unsustainable to cave pumping ten billion dollars a month into a war with no end in sight but he also said that he doesn't know one single serious policy person who thinks that a quick withdrawal is the right thing to do what's your take on that you think that
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we should draw it out over the next couple years or we should move past it with them i mean is that my friend john kerry may need to expand his group of advisors because there is no way the united states can continue to put one hundred to one hundred twenty billion dollars a year into afghanistan and when you look at the rate of with road are talking about now they may withdraw ten thousand troops or within the next year if you use that rate of withdrawal that means we'll be there for at least another ten years we can't afford there we can't afford spending another trillion dollars in afghanistan close the cost we have things to take care of here at home the adventure in afghanistan has long passed the time when it was proven to be a disaster we have to get out we have to get out now we cannot afford it and it's time that more members of congress started to speak up and realize their. now we definitely can't afford it and like you say this is an adventure really it is
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a sad word to use considering it's the longest war in america's history but nobody can really come up with a point anymore now we know that there are less than one hundred al-qaeda members in afghanistan and we didn't even find osama bin laden in afghanistan there's talk of a political solution here karzai is by no means a stable political partner so what is it that makes these congressmen unwilling to . to want to pull out of the war it's a lot to take our troops out you know what kind of forces are telling them to say and we talked about this before any time a nation wage into a war the war has a headlong momentum remember president obama just a couple months ago was saying we'd be in libya for days not weeks now we're there for days and weeks not months you get into a war it has a way of perpetuating itself this is what's happening in iraq this is what's happening in afghanistan there's
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a point at which you have to look at the situation as it is occupations have fueled insurgency there's no victory in sight we have to get out we can't afford our domestic agenda is falling apart you know what part of get out there is not the administration understand but war doesn't perpetuate itself there are people that perpetuate their money that perpetuates it so who is it or supposed to blame are we supposed to blame some of these contractors you know weapons of manufacturers or. how can you you know little name any names here you know i mean you're i would say it is important to look at those people who benefit from wars there are contractors there are arms manufacturers there are war profiteers that's true in any war but i'm also saying i just made a comment that is not just a matter of sociological and. social sites and psychological perspective but it is the fact that the longer in. in a war the harder it is to get out that's why you heard stories in histories of wars
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that have lasted thirty forty fifty years we have to get out and the way we get out is a political decision where the american people have to let their members of congress know and let president obama know they're just not going to stand for spending more of the treasure of this country at a time when we're told we don't even have money for the basic needs now we're making a choice or a budget choice when we say we have money for war but not health care we have money for war but not education we have money war for war but not retirement security we have money for job creation sooner or later the american people will use that as a call for a dramatic change in the political system we're not there yet but let me tell you something this so prolongation of the war in afghanistan and iraq could take us to that place and i think that people are definitely getting frustrated and like i said if you look at a new usa today gallup poll sixty percent of americans now think that we need to bring our troops home from afghanistan still by is it that that congress chooses to listen to war profiteers rather than the american people i don't think it works out
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that way i don't think it's just that congress is listening to war profiteers who's my guess would be that most members of congress have never personally met anyone who's directly making a lot of money out of a war i think but i do believe that we enter into these wars and the public gets into the war by week month by month and at the beginning they tell us support the troops which becomes analogous to supporting the war but now we know the way to support the troops that bring them home so we all of the reasons why we were in afghanistan and or rather have been stripped away one thing after another and now it's all laid bare the thing is a disaster in both countries we need to get out and so this is where the congress has to be held accountable because frankly article one section eight we still have the war power and also. the president has to be held accountable because they were
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the ones making the decisions and people you know that they have to listen to the american people and that's the people want out of afghanistan and they want out of iraq and they don't want to be slow walked for the next decade towards the quote unquote of the war well lastly speaking of holding the president accountable of course president obama got us into a war in libya without ever asking congress but he did have he does have a sixty day period there within nine days those sixty days are up and it's going to be up to congress to question him on it and to have to vote on it so are you going to hold the president accountable are you going to call for congress to take a stand yes when congress returns after the after next week because we won't be in next week i'll be prepared to bring forward the. war powers resolution where the statute effectively is told and the congress can now enter into a vote on the issue of libya look we now have new legislation
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before the congress that could keep us. in war forever you know the militarization of our nation is such a disaster for our democracy and unless we take a stand and challenge these wars at the core at the decision makers and challenge the logic of keeping us in wars unless we take a stand for that we will lose our democracy and so this is not a small matter and this newest legislation. that my friend congressman king is offering i talk about the the authorization of the use of military force least folk about it just earlier on this show it takes away the congress' role totally it's it's it's a matter of declaring you know the united states being able to promote a permanent war this is this is if that legislation passes it's a threat to democracy so we we have to start taking a stand here and what's going on and what's going on is that our ability to be able
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to have a democratic society is being undermined by the militarization of our budget by the militarization of our foreign policy and by the militarization of the thinking that goes into creating that policy congressman well i definitely hope that you will take a stand especially on that last issue that we discovered. al qaeda taliban associated forces that allows the president unilaterally to essentially wage war on anyone he chooses not incredibly dangerous i want to thank you very much for joining us and i thank you. still to come tonight feeling assigned is honored in one country all while the u.s. is trying to recite it to have more on that we come back and it's time for happy hour so two muslims meet for dinner in one southern state and they could be called assuring organization we're going to dive in about a topic that's cavanagh word of reason magazine and r.t. producer lucy capped off in just an hour.
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let's not forget that we sat in a parked car. and . well. we never got the shows they're going to keep you safe get ready because you freed up. a charter here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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for. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and here's some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't. charge is a big. oh
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i could explode powder julian assange is currently fighting extradition from britain to sweden he was presented an award in london from the city of sydney australia if me a piece foundations of gold medal it was presented to us onshore exceptional courage and pursuit of human rights it's my great great pleasure to present you with the sydney peace medal for your conviction that truth matters and that justice depends on it and for your current leadership and tenacity in journalism and publishing we think that you and wiki leaks. thoughts of what we think is a watershed in journalism. if australia views aside his work with wiki leaks as a noble act especially when the whistleblowing site released a treasure trove of data of two hundred fifty thousand diplomatic cables now the sydney peace foundation's director pointed fingers at the us government saying that he is appalled by the violent behavior of major politicians in america and just to
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put it on a perspective for you the gold medals also been awarded to individuals like nelson mandela and the dalai lama in the past so let's just compare that phrase in london and in australia to the reputation that julian assange has on the other side of the ocean here in the us politicians are calling him a terrorist because of massive job of government secrets puts the country at risk in fact many are speculating that assad is extradition to sweden will be followed by a journey to the us and i think we all know that he's going to be greeted with handcuffs before he is with medals we should also remind you about the secret grand jury that's being formed in alexandria virginia although very little is known about this case and many speculate that a court case is being formed around the sun and the wiki leaks site but it's a long going greenwald points out in his research this move to bring wiki leaks to justice definitely serves as proof that the obama administration is waging a massive war on leakers so as this grand jury in virginia attempts to determine if
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there's a criminal case against julian songe or anyone involved with leaking weeks we would like to take a moment to once again call out the obama administration for example legally going back on their word to be more transparent than bush obviously the u.s. government is not ok with being transparent especially when it comes to revealing what actually goes on behind closed doors attending a criminal charges on a sonder anyone linked to weekly leaks just proves the hypocrisy of this entire issue and the bigger picture the global view if you will is that what the u.s. . as an act of international terrorism is also considered worthy of a he surprised in australia so what title really fits join us on ch hero or terrorist i think but the answer is obvious.
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it's time for happy hour on this level evening and join me tonight is the word senior editor of reason magazine and reason dot com and our producer lucy kept up ok i got a really good job for you guys if kareem abdul jabbar and muhammad ali went to dinner together what would they be called in tennessee. i guess and i guess and again not then i'm going to go with. our gaze they said you know we've always talked about this on our show before that tennessee is joining the list of other states out there like oklahoma they want to legislate on non issues which is creeping shari'a law but now it turns out that if you look at some of the deeper language here you basically can be consider the sharia law is a sheen if there are two or more people involved so if you want to start some kind of a supper club or a charity now you're the devil and that's illegal i want to help one and let's keep
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in mind that practicing sharia isn't necessarily some sort of organization or a law that's just being a good muslim that's like saying you know christians i don't know better i'm not religious i don't really know what christians do or whatever it is that they do you know they were not a terrorist organization for believing that i mean this i think a family a group of practicing terrorists the language of the bill also seems a little bit like someone just going to the wikipedia entry for a shari'a and like plucked out some proper nouns and then scattered them through the bill so there's a particular you know version of it but that actually been done before i don't remember what state it was it was in alabama where lawmakers did draft up and treasury a piece of legislation and when people went to go fact check it it turned out to be the exact same line or paragraph that there was in which people are just not even doing their research over there and having freedom of religion the right to gather i mean really if you know somebody actually what's going on here i mean if it's two or more people in a place doing something vaguely muslim which seems to be what the laws trying to
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outlaw then you know not to get all puffy constitution we've yawned anybody here but it is freedom of assembly it's it's one of the most fundamental freedoms in the united states of america and i feel like these are the same types of people that would probably get a pop at constitution waiting on you and then forget about the constitution and talk about the biblical laws that they would probably allow to go back to it looks like the the laws primary sponsor most of. the rest of his energy has been devoted to deregulating alcohol intimacy which you know is a fine and noble mission and certainly appropriate happy hour here but you know it may be that he's. picking around the border is to do some novelty legislation trying to get all the muslims drunk so that they violate their own. and i'm pretty sure but. regardless it's ridiculous and like we said not an issue i just can't wait for this something that's actually spreading across the u.s. let's talk really quickly too about you know there are some new guidelines from
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federal agencies when it comes to marketing food to kids we know for example they did this it's a backhoe companies and they had to get rid of i think what was it joe the camel because he was a cartoon and so that makes kids think that it's cool and so what's going on now with these new guidelines are they saying that you can't have you know tony the tiger original you that frosted flakes are great i know this is your yes so basically what they're doing here is they're trying to equate junk food with alcohol and cigarettes they're just trying to say listen we've already set ourselves up so that we're kind of comfortable as a country with certain people speech when it comes to in just a ball substances that might be bad for kids and then they just want to broaden that out and say ok now a twinkie equals a cigarette equals a bottle of scotch and. mandate here right these are job is guidelines the government would like you to softly follow if you please technically they are currently guidelines and actually many people including most prominently in the new york times has said have said well where's the enforcement here but the enforcement
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is built in there recommended guidelines now and five years from now when they kick in the f.c.c. is going to be checking this out and slapping handcuffs on people you never know where it's going to go do you think that andrea was made with real for you because of you can family really good know because. barbie serial we had just moved from russia and you're like you know what i think i don't know exactly zero was and i love you. i mean i saw back to my original plan we talked about this in the show before that you know the industrial revolution was wonderful but i think we as a world kicked a few really bad habits including putting children to toil on fields where they can grow their healthy food and then consume healthy food and also burn a few carol calories in the process so yeah that's a show about. let's talk about something that i just completely absolutely ridiculous we did a story where the girl with a duke university sensually did a whole list of all the guys that went to school there and you know what their abilities were in the bedroom business that was
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a bit of an outrage but now there's a teenager the did it on facebook i think he's seventeen years old and he actually got arrested by the police i don't understand how you can get arrested for doing that because the girls are minors the charges disorderly conduct which would be pretty ugly conduct on the internet. we want to arrest you and we don't have any good reason to but he pointed out i think less than distributing the lunchroom but still i mean we were all teenagers at one point i mean i remember writing out a little list of boys i thought were cute i mean out of specify their sexual prowess on their own but i know so it's ok and the millions of people watching with them i mean that's limited you as a kid and i think to take that extra step and actually criminalize that is just absurd there's ways to punish that kind of behavior that doesn't get jail and well you know that it was like one angry mom out there and it was really you know you think with an angry dad because if you put it on facebook the big difference is that then adults can't pretend it's not happening this is been happening for ever since the beginning of time but it was happening on a notebook paper passed around in the back of
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a classroom that was then you know even when the teacher demanded to see it pretend it wasn't there on facebook it's in their faces and they feel like they have to do something that's ridiculous item or it's ridiculous i'm getting your play all i know. is that what mark zuckerberg originally did is he started raiding girls online but that's. exactly it's absolutely ludicrous if you. ask me but that's what happens in our internet police age are you going to do any reason i think you think it's a good night's show thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow remember how we told you earlier in the week that activists are being tracked by g.p.s. welcomes that are from the wires going to be on the show to tell us all the details about that in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of below the show on facebook and of follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you know he's got all the you tube clash ilona show to replace the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is adam versus the male.
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in the cluster munitions. and inside the container you have many small bombs and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of them there's a huge market right now for battle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. which you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that have basically shrunk up that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons what they do is they go to these places they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance they'll let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of what. they.
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ate then it will be a whole. lot harder. we will. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've dumped as you jerk coverage.


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