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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a sudden unity of palestine's and rival factions may shake israel's hold on the region reconciliation with threatened by opposing barack egypt leaving to do more than ever. former nazi death camp guard accused of assisting in the murder of thousands of jews will soon hear his fate retrace the final part of his alleged victims and the relatives of the survivors. monitored by surveillance cameras on every corner of the america's most watched city of make it into doubt the true purpose of such strict security measures. under the lineup of legendary football
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players whose no match for the head of russia's gentian the public in his squad and fashion opening of a brand new stadium. it's twelve noon here in the russian capital you're watching r.t.m. characters to an end to the four year rift between the two palestinian political parties has created an air of fear and uncertainty for israel post mubarak egypt hosted the reconciliation between fatah and hamas on a recent poll suggests the majority of egyptians are turning their backs on the jewish nation. honestly reports the u.s. back to evolution in egypt is any further isolated washington's main on oil in the region. most of ody is happier than he's been in a long time the political activist used to be a member of fatah but switched to harm us because he feels betrayed by fatah
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dealings with israel and while hamas might be considered a terrorist organization by israel and the united states only says the movement shares his goals goals that are now being furthered by a new friend cairo. it's not only me who's happy to egypt's president hosni mubarak has gone all the arab world is never found a connection with any muslim organization he had the same hate is israel israelis should be worried and israelis on the reconciliation deal between but her rivals hamas and fatah signed recently in cairo took them by surprise and could never have happened if mubarak was still in power i think that there was a lot of mistrust between the hamas and the mubarak and his regime. and not as a whole honest broker because of. the deal in his four years of division between hamas and fatah and baser prepares them for a plan to take a ration of palestinian statehood in september are you most afraid that hamas
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runs they get to the west bank in a kind of free legal way by the palestinian authority. sooner rather than later or they will. take the west bank and this night then a problem not only for the palestinians it will be a problem for all is well this is one of the many checkpoints between israel and the palestinian territories as cairo extends a hand to the palestinians security here is unlikely to be beefed up in the three months since mubarak was ousted no one's replaced him some believe the americans gave up the old friend too early and too easily miscalculated his replacement with a democratic challenger. interests instead it's the generals who continue to call the shots and they playing this man. egypt want to maintain.
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the way that it has been run on the one hand but on the other hand we want to establish a new relationship with hamas we are not sure about the way that the new egyptian government will act so ironically washington thought it was creating a safer middle east its closest ally israel is suffering a recent poll found that fifty four percent of egyptians want to see the egyptian israeli peace treaty cancelled a statistic that has his ratings terrified and missing the old wooden more new policy our teeth in the palestinian authority where else where the middle east tensions are peaking in mounting victims from the syrian crackdown and further nato bombings in libya. mr pearl asked writes how it's essential to clear the night latest string of attacks since a coalition of them states military campaign almost two months ago bombings came just hours after the battle for the building model at a t.v.
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appearance it was his first public speech since and later attack killed his youngest son and three grandchildren well to syria mr nineteen people have died in a government crackdown position protests as tanks regime shelling that residential areas across the country syria is unlikely to the eastern libyan scenario unless anti regime activists take up arms sources and so analysts as a meanie. then syria it is still different from the needy and scenario it is of course possible that we'll get there sometime but so long as the zero points of the regime are not lured into using force into use into carrying arms then hopefully we will not end up with another the leader because in libya it started becoming catastrophic when the revolution turned into an armed conflict we've seen the model in libya foreign intervention has only complicated things their
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intervention has not held settle the problem in libya and i don't think it will help settle the problem in syria and we've seen sanctions there's a history of adopting sanctions in various places including iraq for many many years and only the ordinary people suffered throughout the time and sanctions will improve. both the onset of a popular uprising in libya it was speculation that some nations were going on their way to get involved in some twenty minutes time r.t. discusses the issue of the middle east experts believes cut off these financial independence was the attraction for nato intervention. you know let's just also recognize one remarkable piece of coincidence all of the countries there are tagged by the mainstream media on behalf of the political elite all of the countries tags such as venezuela cuba libya iraq iran north korea all have one
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thing in common we had one thing in common and that is they are free of debt from the world bank but they are not locked into the world bank and the i.m.f. they have their own banks they issue their own currency and we also have to recognize the remarkable coincidence between gadhafi statement that he was going to start issuing gold and demanding that he was purchased in gold and then the next thing we know of course then we have a popular uprising. the former death camp guard accused of aiding the murder of thousands of jews during world war two is about to learn his fate nick quarter set on the case of ninety one year old john demjanjuk thursday. met some of the relatives of those who perished under the nazi regime you know you want through the gates of sobibor once
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there was no return and like in other concentration camps. there was no slave labor people were sent immediately to their dad. deal suspecting jews were welcomed by a violent and fiery speeches from the nazi commander sometimes the rapture and even one applause then came an invitation to shower after the long journey but it was all a deadly deception a quarter of a million jews receded along this corridor called him and parched that was straight to have an s.s. man escorted the victims down the track to the gas chambers only the ukrainian s.s. guards and the german s.s. officers were allowed to take up the task they were considered the most well trained and the most reliable among those standing guard was john demjanjuk accused of being complicit in nearly twenty eight thousand counts of murder many of those
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he allegedly schools had to the gas chambers with children a lot of my friends and of course everything we were seventy reduces older i know and before. i had my vice marshal. and i could build a primer if you have someone who saved us that should be taken as a good showing her guests in the group before being sent to work at sobibor all guards underwent intense training gym a new branch of the trauma beaky camp where the s.s. carries out weapons drills and combat training and even taking german language classes it is difficult to say very had. training here on the investigations against them author of war nobody from them told and all of that from. training training. soldiers army training carrying the can they were surprised that there's a risk kind of a duty which we had to put down. in the death camps. but victims'
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relatives believe all those who signed up as a sas man were well aware of the duties they'd be carrying out mariam whose mother was one of the lucky few who survived so people pushed for the prosecution ought to mean you should maybe in her eighty's but she made it to every court session she doesn't want him to be in prison for the rest of fish short life. he can call norco where. he wants to orbit she wants him to admit that he was here and what sobibor is it's not a war it's not soldiers against each other it's killing people in a factory every war criminal they served it's really think. he'll never live never see how many years she's very sure this is. going to have to be rushed. the dimity trial is
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a sign that the twenty first century is still prepared to deal with the evils of the twenty a warning that there is no expire or a date for crimes against humanity it's really great our t. sity board poland. as a former nazi guard awaits his verdict a wave of near nationalism regrets with unprecedented force and western ukraine. website with a discover why veterans of world war victims of new cultures violence on the cheek a city. if. if if if . you know the all star football team led by diego maradona lost five two in a friendly match against a team representing the russian north caucasus republic of chechnya the home side
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include the republic's nadir and striker runs of former superstars of soccer came up to the grand opening of a new thirty thousand seat stadium forty's when the question of what's the action of. the winners of the celebrity match is the russian team that won five two and despite the rain hundreds of people stayed here at the suppose that he owned and waited for almost four hours and days it received quite a spectacular show with the floyd work so with musical performances and with good stuff they were waiting for so long with the sound was afoot the superstar said taking for the savant during the first half of the game of the leader's thinking was the international scene was absent by the i don't know we was doing in your second top of the game with leaders over the football match was the russian team among the players so for the russian to move was that he now does not have
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a famous a russian goalkeeper of the team was a captain to the body a presidential envoy to the north caucuses alexander for poignant and he tried to leave the rounds on capitol first ban hazards of the dutch among the big superstars who are leading figures in the the you know world the football such as ireland book i stand louis fico steve mcmanaman and many others and indeed there is a feeling have this place here in the capital city of grozny was allowed this place in the full region over the north caucasus as thousands of people have gathered here for the advance and many things not only from the capital city grossly but also from neighboring villages and neighboring republics were standing at the moment of such insolvency the study of and it is being one of the biggest audience in the whole region of russia's north caucasus and will definitely remain one of the biggest sports landmarks that this region was. going away just
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a few minutes. board two hundred security cameras located throughout the city are said to be powerful enough to be doing to what's next in the mob or even insects and that's. the story here from the americans angry that their private lives could become public property. common threats are about to get a joint response with a study president says. it's just the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking with the russian president dmitri medvedev. or it's kind of has more of a plot to study this four day trip. a lot of issues are on the table including fighting terror especially in light of the elimination. by your forces in pakistan on the second to me that it was highly praised by moscow dmitry medvedev saying that bin laden's death should have a positive effect on russia's security as well russian authorities have also been
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able to hold some successful anti terror operations recently just two days after going to be killed al qaeda the top militants in the caucasus if you talk about drug trafficking and be important issue pakistan is a big where in a very troubled region right there next to afghanistan russia really suffering from the flow of drugs from of ghana's then they specially opiates poured from all that if we talk about business who are expecting several deals to be signed in the spheres of energy agriculture and every ship all in all the or last time the two presidents met during a summit in sochi a last august leaders off in afghanistan supporting the summit as well and back all four countries such course towards building up more cooperation in the speers including the military so now it's a good time for russia and pakistan to meet sure they're still on the scene.
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for the international space station has begun a two day pre mission examine russia's historic space capital star city and russian commander japanese astronaut into simulated crisis situations on board a scale mock up of. them according to their performance and if everything goes to plan something for the mission after that they'll head to the. final preflight preparations because they think you know he's spending six months ingolf. for a brief look at some other sad life uclear fuel rods that are first reactor the damaged fukushima power plant in japan have all gone into complete meltdown the operators of the crippled stations say that the fused fuel is probably laying at the bottom of the unit and may be cooling down discovery was made after filters clear the air
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of radioactive substances along specialists to enter the reactor tokyo that your company has been trying for nearly two months now to store cooling systems badly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. at least ten people have been killed and dozens injured after two earthquakes hit southeast spraying. the parts of by point to the shops caused major damage to turn up the quakes tangle two hours of each other the worst the country has experienced for fifty years hundreds of people spent the night on the streets after fleeing their homes during the troubles . australian police arrested two men for whom last apparent seizure in sydney forty two kilograms of the drug were hidden furniture driving's going to see from the injured district value to see substances estimated at fifty two million dollars the suspects both malaysian nationals or due to appear before court
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on thursday for duty place defines what imprisonment. over the last decade the us government has expanded its domestic surveillance networks on president levels for burns of street cameras to invasive airport pat downs when they say that civil liberties and privacy have been cast aside as an essential as the story from america's most modern city. welcome to chicago the most watched city in the u.s. from all schools blue light cameras to cameras with state of the art technical capabilities watchful lenses fill the streets in what has been dubbed operation virtual shield thousands of public and privately owned security cameras have been put in place and linked together creating a capsule of surveillance over the entire city more extensive than anywhere else in the united states the number is estimated at up to ten thousand the networks cost
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around sixty million dollars officials say it's worth the price of privacy concerns are at a peak over twelve hundred security cameras located throughout the city are said to be powerful enough to be able to zoom into the text of a book or even a text message this is the age of thirty seven page report from a renowned civil rights group the a.c.l.u. calls the network pervasive and unregulated things on cameras have shown up on the internet you know the cameras have been pointed in a particular way. or to engage in some other sort of intrusive. pat roberts to many today's watch over chicago is reminiscent of a very dark chapter in its history on the red squad special police units spied on citizens. files hundreds of. person a member of the united states constitution from the one nine hundred twenty s. to the one nine hundred seventy s.
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communists civil rights groups anti-war movements and many more were tracked i believe the whole framework to journalists even what killed the concept of privacy in the u.s. is long gone it's become inured to this sort of surveillance attitude. has taken so many says chicago increasingly resembles the chilling and tell you to be a described in george orwell's legendary novel nineteen eighty-four. where every word action. and even thought was monitored by big brother. and. the only thing is missing. at. laval while the stretch of surveillance grows so do the fears of americans it creeps me out i don't like it when you fully appreciate the scale of what is being put in place in chicago and then imagine a. more repressive city government or more repressive regime
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it could be incredibly interesting if christian was an artist arrested for selling one dollar prints on the streets he films has a rest and as a result class one felony one step below attempted murder and that's fifteen years that's up to fifteen years in the state prison this is totally crazy as officials power to record people's movements expands the power of the people to do the scene is being squashed when they hook all these things up and are able to follow people all around the city and at the same time they're calling us that we can't even gather the information we need to go to court well that represents a thorough and complete police state another worry it's how but one question surveillance methods post nine eleven. orientation. and a terrorist concerns trump any other value so there's not even a discussion leaving many wondering if that means designed to fight external
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terrorism could end up terrorizing the people at home of the notion that you are by police presence is flawed as it is globally with a military presence it's not a problem and it doesn't address the problem it doesn't make us safer caught in the cameras i really consider beginning to question its real focus and to wonder how to shutter their privacy if there's a church in r.t.c. chicago illinois. with all the business news now with you that will. that's right time to bring you the latest from the business does russia will not so foreign born and will cut its domestic boring this year higher than expected world prices this year have been pumping extra cash into the state budget energy exports will add an extra forty billion dollars this year and cut the deficit to one percent of g.d.p. the state will also axe domestic borne by twenty percent to just thirty billion dollars some economists claim russia should take advantage of the low cost of
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boring abroad and store out the extra already knew how whether others point out that after a nine hundred ninety eight default the state will still worries about unnecessary foreign debt. take a close look at the markets current prices have raised against major late in the session as the market attempted to bounce back from wednesday's habits sell off w t i is trading at ninety eight dollars a barrel moving on precious metals are losing ground so what is continue the trajectory of the previous session when it lost eight percent gold is down half a cent. and an age of the sell off in commodities losses and european debt more is have caught investor appetite for risk resource and financial stocks are among the top was its. and here in russia falling oil prices off the few in the bearish sentiment your chances of more than two percent while the miser's is faring slightly better down one point three percent not surprisingly energy and metals
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majors are having a bad day from is down nearly one percent over stalin one in the health isn't lower well drew had more news on the company in a few minutes or nicolas weaving at the cent a south. but the world's top only really producer who saw has tripled profits almost seven hundred fifty million dollars in the first quarter the peak of the full cost by sixty percent and is largely attributed to strong demand from china. back to sever star the company's diversifying into the mining business the country's largest still maker is buying an iron ore company in brazil the company's processing a twenty five percent stake in brazil lng mining pro car for forty nine million dollars with an option to buy the fifty percent and move the seen as a bit to secure sources of premature else as the prices hit record highs.
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russia's internet marketers one of the pulse is developing in the world and is expected to reach ninety million users by twenty thirty and drove a forbes middes list venture capitalist is jumping on the bandwagon to create an online travel agency online for almost thirty to fifty percent of e-commerce in a developed e-commerce market and in emerging market it grows really fast so i think the potential here is is quite sizable i'm really interested in the consumer internet and that includes everything mobile at the same time so what's considered a more and i think i that's the case because these businesses are not terribly expensive to build there's an awful lot of people here who know the technology very well and they scale quickly people tell other people when you build a great product that's really your best marketing so people tell other people in the best sense of or ality. does it for now you're up to date if you want to get more news right now you can log on to our website our chief out com slash business
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. yes my name is daniel schmidt this is julian assange the founder we're here to make
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a short presentation about the we can fix project. the first step in the for the day is to get information out about the real world playing to him more on the fear among. the. bigger issues because i'm going to be a good marketer you know. if i've ever heard and saw as the second danger he would hunt me down and kill me. this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the project because it has become more about this all james bond with than up all the actual information. but thank you. the whole the people around the wold. like me.
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eat eat eat eat eat. eat eat. eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat. a cluster mission. and inside the container you have. all gone and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of there's a huge market right now for cattle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. which you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that are basically strung up that have an expertise to get rid of these. what they do is they go to these places they will
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hire local train the locals how to do the clearance they'll let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas and. it. will be a. little bit of a hole and then.


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