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lines cause a report on. the southern unity of palestine as a rival factions may shake israel's hold on the region reconciliation was brokered by post with barack egypt even television more isolated than ever. former nazi death camp guard accused of assisting in the murder of thousands of jews and see his fate we trace the final part of his alleged victims and talk to relatives of the survivors. and the lineup of the legendary football players cruz no match for the head of the russian suggestion if you can score a flashy opening for granny stadium. the internet market in russia is one of the
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past is developing in the world has gone from reaching a saturation point that is expected to reach ninety million new fans by making that scene more in business twenty minutes. there it's one pm here in the russian capital that this is r.t. to happiness today also a story about an end to the four year rift between the two palestinian political parties has created an air of fear and uncertainty for israel post mubarak egypt close to the reconciliation between fatah and hamas a recent poll suggests the majority of egyptians are turning their backs on the jewish nation with their reports the u.s. backed revolution in egypt has only further isolated washington's main ally in the region. most of the o.t. is happier than he's been in a long time the political activist used to be
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a member of fatah but switched to harm us because he feels betrayed by for tough dealings with israel and while hamas might be considered a terrorist organization by israel and the united states only says the movement shares his goals goals that are now being furthered by a new friend cairo. it's not only me who's happy to gyptian president hosni mubarak has gone all the arab world is mubarak never had a connection with any muslim organization he had the same hate israel israelis should be worried and israelis are the reconciliation deal between but her rivals hamas and fatah signed recently in cairo took them by surprise and could never have happened if he was still in power i think there was a lot of mistrust between the hamas and the mubarak and his regime have nuked of barak not broken because of his. ties with israel a deal in his four years of division between hamas and fatah and basic prepares
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them for the planned decoration of palestinian statehood in september are you most afraid that hamas wrongs get to the west bank in a kind of free legal way by the palestinian authority. sooner rather than later or they will overtake the west bank and this might be a problem not only for the palestinians if you'll be a problem for israel and this is one of the many checkpoints between israel and the palestinian territories as cairo extends a hand to the palestinians security here is likely to be beefed up in the three months since mubarak was ousted and no one's replaced him some believed the americans gave up the old friend truly and she easily miscalculated that his replacement will be a democratic going to be. interests instead it's the generals who continue to call the shots and they are playing this man. egypt want to train.
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the way that it has been run on the one hand but on the other hand they want to establish a new relationship with hamas we are not sure about the way that the new egyptian government will act so ironically thought it was creating a safer middle east its closest ally israel is suffering a recent poll found that fifty four percent of egyptians want to see the egyptian israeli peace treaty cancelled a statistic that has his ratings terrified and missing the old order more and more police the art team and the palestinian authority. or elsewhere in the middle east tensions are picking and the mounting victims from the syrian crackdown and further nato bombings in libya. was at least airstrikes hit central tripoli the latest string of attacks since a coalition of the instance military campaign almost two months ago the bombings
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came just hours after an battle of libyan leader moammar gadhafi made it to the affair was his first public speech since a beta attack killed his youngest son three grandchildren. and strikes mean more people have died in the government crackdown on opposition protests as types resumed shelling residential areas across the country syria is blocking to repeats the previous and i am unless i see regime activists taking almost so says this well just as i am to me. in syria it is different from the needy and scenario it is of course possible that we'll get there sometime but so long as the opponents of the regime are not lured into using force into use into carrying arms then hopefully we will not end up with another leader because in libya it started becoming catastrophic when the revolution turned into an armed conflict we've seen
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the model in libya foreign intervention has only complicated things. intervention has not held to settle the problem in libya and i don't think it will help settle the problem in syria and we've seen sanctions there's a history of adopting sanctions in various places including iraq for many many years and only the ordinary people suffered throughout the time when sanctions were imposed well from the onset of the popular uprising in libya and the speculation that some nations were going on their way to get involved in some twenty minutes time out to discuss this issue with the middle east expert but he was called on independence was the traction for nato intervention. you know let's just also recognize one remarkable piece of coincidence all of the countries that are tagged by the mainstream media on behalf of the political elite all of the countries tags
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such as venezuela cuba libya iraq iran north korea all have one thing in common or had one thing in common and that is they are free of debt from the world bank that they are not locked into the world bank and the i.m.f. they have their own banks they issue their own currency and we also have to recognize the remarkable coincidence between get at the statement that he was going to start issuing. and demanding that he is or was purchased in gold and then the next thing we know of course then we have a popular uprising. a former death camp guard accused of aiding the murder of thousands of jews during world war two it's not to learn his fate munich or to set to deliver its verdict on the case of ninety one year old john from the new york state parties which are over that some of the relatives of those who perished under the nazi regime.
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you only want through the gates of sobibor once there was no return and like in other concentration camps. there was no slave labor people were sent immediately to their dad. deal suspecting jews were welcomed by a band and fiery speeches from the nazi commander sometimes the rapture even won applause then came an invitation to shower after the long journey but it was all that sadly deception a quarter of a million jews preceded along this chorus called him and parched straight to have an s.s. man a school said the victims down the track to the gas chambers only the ukrainian s.s. guards and the government s.s. officers were allowed to take up the task they were considered the most well trained and the most reliable among those standing guard was john demjanjuk accused of being complicit in nearly twenty eight thousand counts of murder many of those
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he allegedly schools had to the gas chambers were children and not my friend of course he was seventeen recusals older i know and before. i had a vice marshal. and i could build one and i repeat i was going to save the ship you would think a good showing her engraved before being sent to work at sobibor all guards on the lance intense training gym a new plan to the trial he could count where the s.s. carried out rap and drills and combat training and even taking german language classes it is difficult to say very had. training here during investigations against them author of war nobody from them told about us from. training or as a medic training great told me about the soldiers army training hearing the counter they were surprised that there's a kind of
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a we had to down. had to do in the death camps. but wheaton's relatives believe all those who signed up as a sas man or well aware of the duties they'd be carrying out mariam whose mother was one of the lucky few who survived so people pushed for the prosecution of demjanjuk she may be in her eighty's but she made it to every court session she doesn't want him to be in prison for the rest of fish short life. he can call morkel where. he wants to have it she wants him to admit that he was here and what sobibor is it's not a war it's not soldiers against each it's killing people in a factory every war criminal they served three of them never have never how many years should face with this in rhetoric or to have to be crushed. the demand of trial is assigned of the twenty first century is
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still prepared to deal with the evils of the try and here's a warning that there is no expire a date for crimes against humanity exiting the direction of our t. sity board poland. and while we wait for the results of that when i joined by alexander sort of on off and international affairs expert to talk about the rise of neo fascist movements in europe and around the world thank you very much indeed for joining us here in the studio we're seeing in parts of your nationalists and even fascist movements rising what's going on i think pulpwood because the european project is being you know is collapsing and the after the announcement all the they are the fall of multiculturalism in europe france germany and britain and the young people around europe the stops you believe in the ideas of the common europe well you obviously can extort the globalization forces the migration that's it's coming
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and all the artificial measures that the governments are trying to do is to cheat they're not working and the fashion is fascism is popular among the youth because it's cost cully ideology it's called clear ideological message or is the political agenda lacks these kind of ideology and actually what is fear that by by the management of the countries i mean given the history of europe are we saying that these young people just don't know about the history of europe or it's partly true . you can hear lots of things the whole cost but this is only part of the problem. lots of young people they have no idea what fascism was all about the see the romantic parts of it they see the a mystical part of it they think some of the think it's cool they see the symbols but they don't see the a horribly old and i think that's more of the documentaries more of the racial programs should be in place maybe taking it taking the young young students young
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people true example to russia and showing them all the horrors of it all atrocities of those years taking them to actually watch the scenes from documentaries and they you they are really they are really horrible and that there was work everything was done by the fashion. and i think there is the lack of this. i'm proud of. the inclusion of the content in the program in education and i think it should be in place and there is no single vision of history in europe i mean you can you can access our schools everyone teaches what they want actually but there is no you don't stream one thing there is no way universal you a bit more about factors like the economic crisis in europe and immigration and the lack of. another lots of young people unemployed to feed into that right so they are dissatisfied the young people feel they are threatens by the influx of migrants
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into their countries and they are looking for the justification of this dissent dissatisfaction i am now you store it believe that that was provided by the by the fascist ideology and salt and it's you know it's it's it's on the surface i mean it's easy to reach it's a graphic and it's easily installed into the minds of young people so they have to be a man so that they have to be instructed that this is actually dangerous once you touch it i mean you're you're you're in fact i mean it's very contagious and you know that in lots of parliaments of europe they nationally say or be able to control a lot of secrets and is an attempt an attempt to rewrite history that we're seeing today some exalts of the talents you know given the recent horrible acts in the vault in the ukraine and when people you know shall stay longer shots for the trees the kind of the state that should be based on the heroic figure of them there are which in no way was the leader of the organization of ukrainian nationalists and
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that he was telling lots of jews the poles and what fascist actually and their organization was founded in nineteen twenty twenty nine a long before war started and so you have you have to know all the roots you have to know where it was. stocks are difficult to tell but very briefly is the long term problem or that will eventually go away summer i think given the fact the poland's you know the parliaments are the european countries such as sweden denmark and finland and lots of all that's the we see lots of nationalists and the parties nationalist parties there with pocket with fascist views in the politics i think are really much scare are i'm afraid that it's going to be instituted i mean it is going to be a long term problem because it is already being installed into the political systems are trying to examine some thank you for that analysis here if you are not . more news and feature stories you can check out our web site r.t.
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dot com here's a quick look at a house lined up fewer rights now birthday parties in russian offices cimatron history trees will make us consider turning instantly this recent issue of days off . on ground her russian children's magazine banished to hate reference. to r.t. dot com. one star football team led by diego maradona lost forty two in a friendly match against a team representing the russian north caucasus republic of chechnya and i'm signing clear the republican leader and striker amazon for the year of former superstars of soccer came at the ground opening of a new thirty thousand seater stadium and here
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a culture never watched the action of. the winners of the celebrity match is the russian team that won five two and just point the rain hundreds of people stayed here at this stereo and waited for almost four hours and they did receive quite a spectacular show with the foyer work so with musical performances and with a football match that they were waiting for so long with the soundness of football superstar city taking for it at this event during the first half of the game of the year leaders something was said international teams have sent by to get the word on that meanwhile doing the second half of the game the leaders of the football match was the russian team among the players so for the russian team i was there he not just tired for a famous a russian goalkeeper of the team was a captain to buy a presidential envoy to the north caucuses alexander for poignant and the change to
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be the rounds on capitol first band hazards of the match among these superstars were leading figures and of the world the football such as ali and good guys john lewis fico steve mcmanaman and many others and indeed there is a feeling here that this place here in the the capital city of grozny was a loudest place in the pool region over the north caucasus as thousands of people have gathered here for the bands and many came not only from the capital city grozny but also from neighboring villages and neighboring republics where standing at the moment of the thirty thousand seaters study on analysts the one of the biggest audience in the whole region of russia's north caucasus and will definitely remain a one of the biggest sports landmarks that this region house. common threats are about to get a joint response pakistani president asif ali zardari is meeting russian president
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dmitry medvedev the discuss the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking are two zero places on earth has more on the pakistani leaders four day trip. a lot of issues are on the table including fighting especially in light of the elimination of. your forces in pakistan on the second army that it was highly praised by moscow need to give said that. you have a positive effect on the russian security as well russian authorities have also been able to hold some successful anti terror operations recently just two days after. he killed the top militants in the caucasus if we talk about drop trafficking and be important issue pakistan is a big where troubled region like there are next to afghanistan russia suffering from the flow of drugs. especially opiates apart from all that if you talk about business who are expecting several deals to be signs in the spheres of energy
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agriculture and aviation all in all the last time the president met was during a summit in sochi a last august leaders in afghanistan to some as well and back all four countries such as towards building up more cooperation in the speers including the military so now it's a good time for russia and pakistan to make sure they're still on the same page. now the next crew for the international space station has become a two day premiss an exam russian space city three men a russian an american and japanese astronauts movement which interests me they want to situations. instruct them greatly for once everything goes to plan something fighting for their mission and that had . to start
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a flight. takeoff. in germany and spending six months you know it. reflect now at some other international stories very. few rods first reactor at the damaged fukushima power plant in japan they have gone into complete meltdown the operators of a crippled station say that the fused fuel is probably laying at the bottom leave it may be cooling down the discovery was made after filters clear the air of radioactive substances that are specialised into the reactor for which companies are trying every two months to restore cooling systems early damaged by their great concern me. at least ten people have been killed and dozens injured after two worth quakes it ses rain magnitudes up to five point two shocks caused major damage the town of. quakes came within two hours of each other the worst the country has experienced fifty years hundreds of people spent the night on
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the streets after fleeing their homes during the tremors. and australian police have arrested three men for running a massive terrorist siege in sydney forty two kilograms of the drug were hidden burnisher some coffee from the village of st but the smiths substance of the story through really one of the suspects both malaysian nationals are going to appear before court on thursday. guilty and face the problems life imprisonment. over the last decade the us government has expanded its domestic surveillance networks to president levels of rows of streets cameras to a base of what pat downs only say that civil liberties and privacy are being cast aside jeez that's essential going to have a story from america's most monitored city. welcome to chicago the most watched
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city in the u.s. from all school blue light cameras to cameras with state of the art technical capabilities watchful lenses fill the streets in what has been dubbed operation virtual shield thousands of public and privately owned security cameras have been put in place and linked together creating a capsule of surveillance over the entire city more extensive than anywhere else in the united states the number is estimated at up to ten thousand and it works cost around sixty million dollars officials say it's worth the price of privacy concerns are at a peak for twelve hundred security cameras located throughout the city are said to be powerful enough to be able to zoom into what's next a book or even a text message this is the of age a thirty seven page report from a renowned civil rights group the a.c.l.u. calls the network pervasive and unregulated things like cameras have shown up on the internet you know the cameras have been pointed particular way. to you know
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engage in some other sort of intrusive activity. to many today's watch over chicago is reminiscent of a very dark chapter in its history when the red squad special police units spied on citizens. hundreds of. thousands of. person amendment to the united states constitution from the one nine hundred twenty s. to the one nine hundred seventy s. communists civil rights groups anti-war movements and many more were tracked i believe the whole framework of two journalists killed the concept of privacy in the us is long gone and. the surveillance attitude. that has taken so many says chicago increasingly resembles the chilling and tell you to be i described in george orwell's legendary novel nineteen eighty-four where every word action. and even thought was monitored by big brother disobey own state
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. and the only thing is missing the microphone advise us on how to live our lives while the structure of surveillance grows so do the fears of americans it creeps me out i don't like it when you fully appreciate the scale of what is being put in place in chicago and then imagine a. more repressive city government a more repressive regime it could be incredibly interesting if christian was an artist arrested for selling one dollar prints on the streets he films his arrest and as a result class one family one step below a come to murder and that's fifteen years that's up to fifteen years in the state prison this is totally crazy as officials power to report people's movements expands the power of the people to do the same is being squashed when they hook all these things up and are able to follow people all around the city and at the same
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calendar killing us that we can't even gather the information we need to go to court with that represents a thorough and complete police state another worry it's how but one question surveillance methods post nine eleven. orientation. and a terrorist concerns trumps any other value so there's not even a discussion leaving many wondering if the means designed to fight external terrors could end up terrorizing the people at home of the notion that you were at capacity by police presence is flawed as it is globally with a military presence it's not a problem and it doesn't address the problem it doesn't make us safer caught in the cameras i ricans are beginning to question its real focus and to wonder how shutter their privacy and says you sure can r.t. chicago illinois. business news is next.
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hello the very welcome to the business update russia will not sell for. its domestic boring this year high than expected world prices this year bumping extra cash into the state budget and she exports will add an extra forty billion dollars this year and cut the deficit to one percent of g.d.p. of a staple also acts domestic boring by twenty percent to just thirty billion dollars some economists claim russia should take advantage of the low cost of boring brought up the extra revenue however all of us point out that after annoying to mind a default state still worries about unnecessary for internet. time not to have a look at the markets prices have raised against made in the session as the market attempted to bounce back from wednesday's had his sell off w. tonight is trading at ninety six dollars
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a barrel. precious metals are losing ground silver is continue the trajectory of the previous session when it lost eighty percent gold is down more than cent. and asia the selloff in commodity is wall street losses and european debt worries have caught investor appetite for risk resource and financial stocks are among the top loses big on truth europe here the markets are down this solve the dax is losing about one point four percent on the fourth c. is down just a little bit more than one percent. and here in russia falling oil prices a father fueling the bearish sentiment that the r.t.s. is also more than two point three percent while the mys it's is very slightly battered down one point four percent. not surprisingly energy and metals majors the having a better day from is down nearly one percent superstar is one hundred percent lower i will have more on that in just
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a moment on your nickel is gaining our own one percent. more business news in one else time. if. it is easy.


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