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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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well. we never got the look says they're keeping safe get ready because the. h.r. been here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. new web site with twenty four seven live streaming news tells us what to do about
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the ongoing financial heart unlimited high quality videos for download. and stories never mainstream news. media so. the political. posts aren't such to stand. by guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show part of our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience just to video response or to twitter for a plot of the questions of please post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is. all right it's time for to. it's tool time award and tonight it goes to
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a man who usually gets a lot of praise around here founder julian assange was awarded a gold medal just the other day from the sydney peace foundation for his exceptional courage and human rights but just as a sign was honored the statement acquired a copy of a document that might surprise a lot of people it looks like the master leaker feels threatened by other leakers according to the british news source assigned to handed out a confidentiality agreement to everyone who works with the whistle blowing web site which basically is a gag order this document explains that anyone who releases any and i mean any type of information acquired by wiki leaks will face a fine of twelve million pounds that translates to almost twenty million dollars now another thing that we should note if you continue reading the document it states that releasing this classified information would damage the whistle blowing web site saying a loss of opportunity to sell the information to other news broadcasters and publishers after reading that line we can't really help but wonder is this really
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about the money after all right think about it and decide is really worried we can't sell the information how is he any different from any other commercial company your business out there now the statement goes on to explain this a ludicrous find is based off of what is highly would is highly sought after and often classified material and how much it might be worth in the typical open market so i'm sensing a little bit of hypocrisy here but if scientists says that he's dedicated to work to keeping the world transparent is that only on the condition that he's going to be rewarded handsomely or that people don't make this organization transparent i mean look i get it assad has created the now famous website with information the most other media outlets outlets out there would have guided to get their hands on it and i do think that they've done it well by the fight for transparency around the world but that's going to be your principle and you're going to call out governments and news organizations then don't be a hypocrite so for going against his own ammo for the sake of maybe making some
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money doing the son is tonight's full time winner. now there's big big jobs news tonight for meredith at well you might be asking who is that well meredith baker is currently one of five members who make up the federal communications commission that's the federal government board that regulates radio and television broadcasting and other telecommunications systems now it was announced today that she's leaving the f.c.c. in june or term expires and she's already lined up a brand new shiny job here to take a guess where we have contacts that's really interesting timing considering that meredith voted to approve the very controversial contracts takeover of and b.c. universal just four months ago and the timing was a little too convenient for me to approve a giant corporate merger they get a job i mean welcome to d.c. right where corruption is just a part of everyday life now of course that technically there's nothing illegal and her taking this job she supposedly will be able to lobby for the f.c.c.
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directly for two years but i think that we all know she's going to be using her influence that she amassed while being a member of the f.c.c. to do her new corporate overlords bidding and the most effective way possible now this is the exact type of obvious corruption in terms of revolving doors believe everyday americans who believe that their government's rotten and in this case i think they'd be right hell this is so normal in d.c. politics of the commissioner of the f.c.c. actually issued his sincerest congratulations and best wishes to baker on her job from governments to the private sector even that night everybody is just in bed together now in the comcast n.b.c. universal deal was first proposed in december of two thousand and nine long timers of congress called on the d.o.j. and the f.c.c. to reject that takeover. but i know my previous career has given me reason to be concerned let me phrase they're very concerned about the actual merger
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of comcast and n.b.c. universal and b.c. universal one of the largest media conglomerates of the country and called the largest cable television provider with america want to join forces to control an even greater portion of the media industry in order to smooth the waters carcass has doubled the amount of money they make in campaign contributions and opt out contributed from three quarters of the members of the house and the senate. now despite those protests from congress merritt along with three other members of the f.c.c. voted to approve the contrast n.b.c. universal deal so after taking heat for the planned merger comcast and n.b.c. decided it was time that they fell the public tell them the best deal is really great for everybody so they launched a massive media blitz. bringing comcast and n.b.c. universal together really mean for his. actions and. he's on to make of the same
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name become an easy sell it if you feel like. you least interact with your t.v. consumer devices. so i guess by means of their p.r. efforts were it merited well baker voted to approve the merger and then got a new job out of it now comcast swears that they never discussed the job with meredith until after the f.c.c. approved the merger and you know what maybe that's the case but after incident after incident of people using government jobs to make money in the corporate sector i'm just not willing to give baker the benefit of the doubt so meredith out will baker pretended to be an independent member of the f.c.c. i ended up just being a corporate shill. well today five major oil company c.e.o.'s were called the capitol hill to testify before congress to defend their need for tax breaks all the fight record profits it's no doubt a show trial a sure way to make the government look as if they're working in the best interest
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of the american people but is there any chance it can really lead to real reform are to scale and ford has more on the tough talks with america's big five. i think you're out of touch deeply profoundly. and really committed to sharing nothing you'd have an easier time convincing the american people that a unicorn just flew into this hearing room and that these big oil companies need taxpayer subsidies or we have to pay you i mean carrying will roll in cost is not a subsidy it's a legitimate tax deduction the c.e.o.'s of america's big five oil companies were in congress today you know the champion of free market we love to compete i mean that is what we thrive on is competition they were on the hill to defend something very different tax incentives credits and subsidies for billion dollars worth of but if you see big oil companies who rate their collective thirty five billion in the first quarter of two thousand one loan as the most vulnerable americans make
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a lot of money that's why it's american way. but it also seems that the subsidies are not really that necessary anymore but can go phillips slammed those who want to end the subsidies as an american did you really mean to question my patriotism and the patriotism of the twenty eight other united states senators who are co-sponsors do you believe that president obama is un-american because he has proposed cutting oil subsidies do you believe that former president bush speaker boehner congressman ryan are un-american because they have expressed quoting oil subsidies the plan which america's one point three trillion dollar deficit by twenty one billion over ten years and with gas hovering around four dollars a gallon and everything on the chopping block it was an opportunity for senators to show they feel americans pain do you think that you are subsidy is more important
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than the financial aid we give to students to go to college could you answer that yes or no but it's very difficult question for the late big tobacco and goldman sachs before them. that temper wolf was one shitty deal how much of that should you deal did you sell your clients after june twenty to two thousand and seven parading c.e.o.'s before congress so representatives can grill them generates press that leads to little reform the same oil companies testified in two thousand and eight and two thousand and five when gas prices spiked all those c.e.o.'s then said they did it new tax incentives you all have done as major oil companies a dramatic about face this morning in two thousand and five all of you were there mr moore but all of you said you did not need tax incentives to drill for oil and today you've come to say you've got to have them when oil is that one hundred
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dollars a barrel i just think that position to five common sense and big. response to the extent that taxes or higher in the united states will look elsewhere to the extent that foreign tax credits are even more difficult for us to compete overseas as well so with all the provisions that have been considered it will make it more difficult for us to do business raise across doing business ultimately produce less in revenue for the u.s. government fewer jobs and. move against the president's agenda of reducing imported oil congress is expected to go on a close big oil tax loopholes act next week but with twelve point nine million lobbying dollars flowing from chevron twelve point four million coming from exxon nineteen point six million coming from phillips and seven point three million i mean from b.p. america it's unlikely the public interest will be able to speak louder than black coal he leaned forward artsy washington d.c. . so while lawmakers put on a tough face today with the big five oil companies are we really going to see them
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take away those tax breaks or the threats of moving offshore and all those big bucks spent on lobbying for big oil trying to keep the status quo here to discuss this with me is a reporter and blogger for think progress dot org and a progress report so thanks so much for joining us tonight i guess i mean the congress congress the lawmakers that were there in this hearing it really did try to act and act like they were calling out these oil company executives but do you think that we're actually going to see them take away the tax breaks or really you know transfer any of that into legislation how many times have we seen this dog and pony show over and over again i think that's what americans are thinking when they watch this i mean this is going to become a perennial they were trying to get rid of these wasteful subsidies and tax breaks for oil companies and we basically have what happened a few years ago was that was the last attempt and we actually couldn't break a filibuster of the senate it was fifty nine to forty million injuries from louisiana a huge oil producing state. the end of the subsidies last time and i'm hoping we
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have is this time is that you know what oil prices spiking in a way we were. ever seen before and with companies like exxon actually being made the most profitable company last year by fortune magazine at c.n.n. i'm hoping that i mean start putting pressure and it's going to come intolerable that it's any of this behavior where you would think yeah maybe it would become intolerable to continue this behavior but you know if we use the example wall street c.e.o.'s from goldman sachs and j.p. morgan they all came on the hill and were all but rated by members of congress we still haven't even seen a single one of them being prosecuted for the financial crash of two thousand and eight those people drive down the entire world economy i mean compared to that rising oil prices that's chump change. the one thing i think that we can count on is actually the oil companies i feel like right now they're on the run i mean they're desperate they don't have anywhere near the amount of clout that wall street does i mean we had the c.e.o. of conoco phillips saying that it was un-american to criticize their subsidies and obviously when you when you behave like that you're going to face public anger you're going to and you're going to actually see people start to change their
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opinions we saw a number of republicans during the town hall sessions held during this break very easter and actually take very fiery questions at town halls and a lot of the reverse their position they all voted in march to keep the oil subsidies unanimously republicans voted that way but a bunch of them told people they don't know how they'd actually change their votes because people really angry about it and so now i think if we're seeing some of those obstinate conservative lawmakers reminds me we maybe we can be making progress here why is that always the go to is that it's un-american and i mean i understand sure americans don't like taxes right but why is it on americans to put a little pressure on these companies that are actually shipping jobs overseas that are keeping their money in bank accounts overseas and they aren't paying their fair share period now i mean i think that's exactly the point we did a study of a center for american progress and we actually found that exxon's effective tax rate over the past three years is actually lower than the average american so you know if you're an average american out there working hard you're paying a much higher tax rate actually an exxon mobil which is the world's most profitable corporation right now so i think when we talk about what's american what's what's
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american soccer pricing for right here making sure your countrymen aren't paying certainly. prices and also just giving back you know making sure that you live in a great country not just be considered totally with your profit so instead what they're doing is we heard more threats today saying you know if you want to come out as they know we will just move elsewhere will go overseas that means they were jobs created here at home and that means that you know the entire idea of trying to be less dependent on foreign oil you can kiss that goodbye but you know let's talk about the amount of money going on here each one of these big five oil companies spent at least you know nine to ten to twelve million dollars a lobbying congress so do you think that that's a there's no way we can win you know i mean it's not only the lobby those are important but it's also important that they employ a lot of people these days i mean the two democratic senators who have seen being sort of opposite on this issue are mark begich. also mary landrieu both encumber major oil producing states alaska and louisiana and i think there's a lot of legitimate fears among these companies was take off and jobs but i think the way that we kind of that is this you know we can't be held hostage to
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appropriations if you want to be american you know stay here and pay your fair share if you want to leave here will someone else will step in the market's a big market well i hope the pres or at least work for them that thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you. now so to come on tonight's show we have a show and tell and then if you want senator compares health care to slavery and a mom is under fire for giving her eight year old post talks sit around for happy hour in just a few minutes. we've been apart. i think. either one well. we haven't got the says he heard him say so get ready because you can freedom.
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i guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show part of our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear the audience has gotten you feel to video response or the twitter for part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show is long the sponsor is certainly local it's a. full. sixty. six ft.
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you know sometimes you see a story. you think you understand it and then you did something else here's the part of it and realize that everything is. going to try our. hardest time for show and tell on tonight's program last time we told you about the mass protests in mexico where thousands are tired of the drug violence in their country and president calderon's policies when many argue that the u.s. drug policies are in fact fueling the cartels we want to know if you thought american policies are helping or hurting the drug war in mexico so let's go to producer patrice in a fenty to find out what you can say. president obama said on tuesday that we now
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have twenty thousand boots on the ground and you are poor as always they just last month more than one thousand four hundred were killed in firefights murdered or discovered a mass graves so billions are demonstrating in the streets it sounds like a hot spot in the middle east but no this is the latest situation surrounding the us mexico border the vast majority of you that responded told us you are struck policies aren't doing any good what's needed is not anti drug legislation but rather some form of legislation to make drugs illegal on twitter miles told us both mexico and the u.s. need to legalize drugs because of prohibition for both nations has been too high chris said the minute the u.s. government and prohibition in the twenty's they gangsters lost their black market profits the shooting stopped and peace returned tiger both added if we legalize it would grow it ourselves and it would be a non-issue but is it really that simple tim said it would make perfect sense and
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all drug prohibition today but they still property seizure laws. and local law enforcement agencies were receiving more federal funding based on how many drug arrests they make paid out it will ever happen my take and his speech on the border this week the president focused on gaining latino votes by talking about immigration reform the way to allow good hardworking people to cross into the u.s. what he did not address is how will keep the drug dealers and gang members from sneaking across with the u.s. drug policy has been a failure just like immigration and if the u.s. and republicans continue to argue if these are two separate issues then they will never come to a compromise and ineffective legislation and all we may end up with is more boots on the ground. now is that ways we appreciate your responses and now it's time for our next question earlier in the show we discussed of thousands of people in solitary confinement in u.s. prisons in america likes to pride itself on its human rights record and many would argue that solitary confinement is anything but humane so we want to know what you
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think do you think of solitary confinement is torture you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make it on air . time for happy hour tonight and joining me for this evening's happy hour is politico's dave knees and our chief correspondent lauren lyster thank you so much for joining me for having us on and ok so we know we've talked about toddlers and tiaras and just messed up things that moms few to make their little girls like and natural but this one i think a really crosses the line this mom not only gives her eight year old we're not only does she wax or i don't even know that eight year olds have body hair but she also gives her botox and this is how she defended herself take a look. and they were just telling me about the lines on her face and how you know
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a lot of the moms there they're giving their kids botox and it's pretty much like the thing i'm not the only one that does it a lot of moms do it and i think a lot of the kids. making the big impression on the lines on her face and stuff like made her probably influence her to want to do it a little bit more. i don't know who these moms are but i hate to get everybody's doing it so i can do it too are you seriously botox for an eight year old people this is insane it is completely insane and i think what's interesting is like the amount of attention and the amount that they paid to you know their little girl wanted it's like are you kidding it's a little girl who cares if you want that she's eight she should be getting botox i think the mother should have her taken away from apparently i mean this is a big deal and even listening the interview with little girl she didn't really have a rationale for it she said of her you know they were going by what we're hearing the sound the rationale going to. even. be different if she were saying i really want this is. what she was even saying she
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wanted and why did the mother even decide to go on television to tell it's this is going to tell her side of the story that's not paying attention i mean they're obviously she's a beauty pageants they want media they want all kinds of attention but i agree with you i think by child services should be called i think that child abuse that is just the most i don't even like i have no words honestly speechless and that doesn't happen all that often but i don't even know what to say about it let's move on to the next one rand paul. had a little something to say about health care and whether it should be your right or not take a listen but regardless of whether or not you have a right to health care you can realize what that implies it's not an abstraction position that means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me means you believe in slavery it means you're going to enslave not only me but the janitor. the person who cleans those be
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assistants who work with the nurses. i just don't understand how many times they can we use slavery as a metaphor to something now it's slavery if you think that you have the right to health care before i think of republicans and you slavery saying that but was it like abortion is slavery i mean it's never ending the problem is i mean. rand paul is a strict constitutionalist but the time he's politicians compare anything to slavery or the holocaust it's like there should be a rule book never go there with a comparison or you know we do we don't owe anybody to do right but he also this is another attention getting remark i mean it's getting played on your show is going to get played on cable news outlets and so i was known for the sake of it was in a ridiculous if you thievin the girl behind him what i like is the girl that's the aide behind him was kind of like. growing more and more gay community and i wanted an advocate for you all in later and deal with it was long and even. here and so i got interested i was really. i decided to understand how many times the. slavery is
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a metaphor and if you're not to mention the logic is so that it's like ok so then our public teacher is you know slaves because they're slaves to public education which is a right or people you know oh they're either educated you know it's a big to be on whether the government should have to provide health care there was a candidate but is that logically follow that any doctors are going to be going to every single doctor is a slave to you just because the guard a car driver or interval am happy no you are sorry but i think there is a bigger debate over whether the government should have to provide insurance by law not a big league make that a view that can be done with it so that maybe can only very hard to make it we have one really good really good clip to play this is dan adler who is a congressional candidate in southern california take a look asians are fifty percent of voters. all titians don't speak tory issues that's why i'm here i have to be sure tell me medicare you're not alone so many
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people in this district court again if you know actually my wife is korean to you my family is jewish we might you know to the jews they can get that i will represent everyone in the thirty six districts my name is dan our and i definitely approve this message. right. i think you care i spend a good message there in saying that my dorothy's they all look out for you but that is that just went wrong in so many ways first of all every talking about medicare it's not like you get discriminated against when it comes to medicare based on whether your career heard you were black i mean that's like i think of the wrong issue to bring up not to mention you know make that excuse oh my wife is korea like that but enough of a justification for him to run an ad that i think really really really says so you go i really am saying that it's sometimes how people real people say funny things even if they're joking and it isn't the bigger picture is it tries to be inclusive
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and caters to minorities but only to find a lazy exist who can see there are more than everyone but minorities should stick together somehow that doesn't add up to the thing that the majority elect me i'll go blind together with minorities to support their if that's the point and it's meant to go viral this is a political campaign that has a lot of candidates in it it's under the radar it's a special election that's going to happen next week the other candidates have a lot more money they're backed by the establishment how does this guy getting attention he's getting it right now and he hopes to go far wrong he's getting it right you guys are the best way to do it stand borderline like a good guy and start early on to get right not to mention i like this is like i feel like a liberal version of those deal peterson or republican got ads where you know republicans toting i got it i want to fire all of this is the liberal ok i got a ride but i was right it's big for much for joining me tonight that's a good night so thanks for tuning in come back tomorrow we'll have the next one test author of the book locked down high in the schoolhouse becomes a jailhouse on the program to discuss the really scary trying to companies trying
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to profit off of tracking your kids in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night if you know it's cash you tube dot com a slash the lower show and coming up next is adam vs the man. a cluster mission. and inside the container you have a small bomb and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of them there's a huge market right now for cattle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. and so you've got these companies then n.g.o.s that have basically shrunk that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons what they do is they go to these places they
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will hire local train the locals how do the clerics let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their home and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of these weapons. and then. wealthy british soil. sometimes guys. market finite. numbers.


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