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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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it's not on. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. two thirty pm in moscow these are your eyes you have why syria gears up for a day of prayers and protest as washington promises to punish the government for human rights abuses fueling fears it's planning a repeat of libya the. elite and france fighting it out over an immigrant influx sparked by the north african arrest with some countries clamping down on free movement. plus enticing the young to the countryside artie's close the team travels to the world side of the polgar grad region where locals are pulling out all the
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stops to get the new generation out of the city and into the fields. up next martin andrews takes you wanted to the headline grabbing contemporary art in the russian capital coming your way. hello and welcome to the program and this week's arts and culture show will be taking a look at russian contemporary art galleries constantly opening up in the capital such modern day creativity has exploded onto the country's art scene and we started here at one of the most famous innovative art spaces in the capital carriage house in a wonderful example of twentieth century russian architecture it's still
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a form of. sound advice there is looking for certainly going to town that presents a prism of exhibitions by international and christian artists and serves as a catalyst a meeting point for moscow's immersion policy one of the current displays is called new york new it's split into three main themes st patrick's configuration and you have strachan so how does god's health concern because in russia there's such a god we have a big program which goes parallel with each exhibition between catalog space in russian and english all we know as much thirty eight occasional classes and special lectures in excavations for children new york minute speeches about fifty artists that watch the caps in the drama day jazz being the off by half in this exhibition also brings the best of the downtown humility a close knit group of artists that for years are collaborated on numerous going to confirm pre-op projects and some images of alternative street signs to drawings of
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things costume challenges the suspicion was designed to grab the public's attention off the roof is in moscow the new. peace mission is at times shocking providing an overview of the most exciting new trends coming out of the city its extended network. it's. general admission here is chinese rubles around seven dollars a gallon is open until nine pm during the week and ten pm weekends there are also hosts special on such events including talks screenings performances and creative activities to children. the next galleries making bold steps in the world of contemporary art the appetite for this kind of art is growing as an expanding class of wealthy russians moved from classic small modern works also it's still very affordable compared with russian classic cars and international consumer hard to springboard by the growing middle class as well as by the wealthy. who knows that cheap piece of pot sitting inside here today could fetch millions in the future.
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all for thought you as one of the leading smaller content we are spaces here in the city center because seeing edge exhibits on this play range from controversial photographs to work with military clothing but they have around seven hundred paintings in their collection and they pride themselves in educating society while at the same time pushing all boundaries controversy is part of this calories life and also this thrive in expressing themselves in the most dramatic sexual political way. each week since the hold up costs for children exploring all areas of art young people are encouraged to create visionary and bold art he says. in spaces where it's very exciting here for both adults and children and i come here every wednesday because there are classes for children of my age and we are tired to see and understand contemporary art and we started traditional art two in
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a country where collecting foreign art ceased in one nine hundred seventeen and take the place again only recently galleries like this are now in the front line of that mix of fashion and creativity it gives the russian market its particular current buzz. and understanding you know it doesn't really seem to matter this is great now contemporary art some of it is wonderful sensational with great hidden meanings that subtext behind each piece but on the flip side of that some of it is simply out there and it's just plain weird. moving on from kitsch. principle give me a whole most muscovites half home a mother is poor for ten rooms one hundred thousand sculptures and paintings one subtle offer some textual meanings well with that forged brings us to this week's
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guests as owner of the our gallery in the capital times and shifrin thrives in extravagant pieces make statements. read see you again so tell me your experience regarding russian contemporary art. we are quickly on company we opened the only year and a half ago on the russian market. and we have two departments are dealing selling promoting arts young artists and there was an exhibition hall in moscow we used to have also doing our all in exhibitions independent. concerts gallery and is there money to be made out of it. and it's always taking such a key industry it. is easy of course to work with a well known names. on the market it's easy to pick someone all for example a. number of awards he sold already on the auction and already has some
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stable price and already has a well known name and some people in the must go into all the box for example it seems that can sever isn't just about the art itself but it's more about having a party you know the social lives it's all more about the image of it. arts becoming fashion it's very very close. very close and very deep into each other for the last let's say five ten years. especially contemporary arts and now it's a special. there are many magazines as you know who are doing arts and together and that's. what they working on there are some people who all come in just to have fun just to tell friends that they saw in the freaky piece to have fun and there are people who appreciate. their lifestyle so there are there are many sides of
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each of them what's the future for her she. will be developing i believe believe. it will be growling it will be developing a lead does and it looks quite promising and there are russian artists more and more each different exhibitions and names on all actions and all the becoming a waltz well known still sell for a globe. it was lovely to meet you and good luck with your work here in the us the capital. somewhere else can you find example yachtie mustard is visible on face one of the first exhibition venues in the capital and she drops the trend of turning cold in just chill buildings as a cultural and entertainment complex is visible occupies a number of buildings constructed at the end of the nineteenth century to serve as
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a factor in producing desert winds and battling spirits in the crimea and caucuses now the film fashion is with the famous bad brick news house galleries and exhibition halls with dozens of contemporary art displays running at the same time . a must to museum of modern art is the first state is a membership totally dedicated to the art of the twentieth and twenty first centuries opens in my chair ninety nine now there are several branches of the museum curators in the historical sense of the capitol collections plant standing brushing having gone artists as well as templates editions of contemporary art pieces from around the world are on display and not to worry tools of english are also available. before you decided to share and tell a wider audience about new forms and contemporary art in an easy to understand way and he is in practical elements to log an item of submission such a way that visitors can not only look at the display and also try to create something themselves so we have several holes somebody exhibits other serve as
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workshops several made you can see how the art of and so often organize in the russian capital the most can be in ali was first held in two thousand and five and since then has become an important international festival of the latest cheap ones on the world. ah seen this year the fifty nollywood run from september to october and it's the repricing worlds as the events aims to show explain how life is seen through the prism of an office mind and creativity. australia is an architectural festival held each year in the kaluga region on the banks of the river the tuna camas is from the russian capital guest architects at events trade objects from natural materials like goods strewn for ice the objects on just one to look good as many can also be tried out by the festival's visitors. of course contemporary art isn't just confined to the capital's museums there are
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numerous places outside here in the city where you can find commissions graffiti sculptures and street art stores here graffiti officials realize that it can be used in constructive way to drive moscow's attorney gray have announced a a number of housing blocks in the center of the capital these bold new rules can create in the city outside outpaces and they seem to be liked by many of those commissions as part of an arts festival the busy images we'll see here a sense of represent what was once in the area. recently the kind of ours we create has started to attract attention and people get stronger stand street art better we started to receive orders to create a range of different cars were and are also being invited to various galleries and museums but this contemporary to me temporary. will still be on these buildings in ten years time and so many new contemporary art galleries muskerry i personally think so alan to throw in the arts festival the local artists the kings he creates
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a sensational world famous out my guess is that the next damien hirst's could possibly come from russia. well there we have it unfortunately that's what's how we have on this week's program. in contemporary art here in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week and tell them for me and the rest of the crew by now. culture is the simulation of an old a huge musician on the market as the arab spring jane used to sweep the arab middle east where does this leave your rounds with a new and democratic regimes in the region now just two seems.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. shank operations are. wealthy british style. has no time to cut. all. markets finance sunday. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my scars are there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on r g. russia
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edge. syria bracing itself for a day of prayer and protest as washington promises to punish the government for human rights abuses fueling fears it's planning a repeat of libya. italy and france fight it out over an immigration influx hard by north african unarrest with some of the country's climbing down on free movement. plus enticing the young to the countryside artie's close of teen travel to the world side of the boulder grad region where locals are pulling out all the stops to get a new generation out of the city and into the fields. and who is up next with sports stay with us here on our team.
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hello there good to have you company and this is what he's coming up. a wind to remember russia stung favorites canada to reach the semifinals of the ice hockey world championships. plus surprise selection rusher a point for both i will find the coach there ladies biathlon take. and federer crashes out in rome is no doubt and joke of age continue to conquer. but first the ice hockey where russia have pulled off a memorable victory over canada at the world championships coming from a goal down to win that quarter final two one in slovakia to set up a semifinal with finland tonight well these are the scenes outside the stadium in bratislava russian fans ecstatic at their teens passage into the last full canada had taken the ring to jason sprays a before i legs the car girl at the door of level. despite russia being
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a man down and just three minutes off the back be a crucial school the winner of those joyce who were paid in russian counterprogram many what's the match on big screens this is the fourth time in a row that russia had an adat in the world championships but some fans predicting russia might just go all the way. it's going to win this championship and become the best again we have never stopped believing in our team spirit and i was indifferent to score two for today i once i got here i saw that this is the coolest thing in the world thanks to the russian team for keeping us up on our toes throughout the match from now on i'm the number one. so russia will play finland in the semi's after they trans norway for one yako imminent from russian side at bars bagging a price at the finns the other semifinal on friday is between the czech republic and sweden i'm just thankful that. that's russia should live with its won the right
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to host the twenty sixth the championships the key to the post the. team are russia's women's biathlon team have appointed one of their biggest critics as their coach pickler has lashed out when the squad is rocked by doping scandals in the past but the former sweden trainer believes the team is now clean and will help them fight for gold at the sochi olympics with more is constantine but top off. after years of success in biafra russia's recent flight in the sports culminated in another disappointing season list year particularly for the women's team and with three years to go before the start of their home olympics in sochi their fish will have decided to make changes as the team's preparation will soon be entering its final stage key to these changes was bringing new coaching staff among them was the german one of the people it was considered to be one of the top coaches in the sport at the fissioning the speed limit is definitely not an experiment we just had
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to bite the best coach thanks to hard work and using new technology as well good people are created a strong swedish team here when you have to broaden our mind to the relations of the sports and use foreign experience business biathlon is one of the most watched sports in russia however the national teams results have deteriorated over the past few years and essential changes had to fall and the new coach will start with changing the training system in the frame of the one b. control the news and you can talk with her friends and they can talk with your mom our with your husband also it's much better and then told me eccentric and super hard training and then recovering declare formally trained swedish six time world champion michael uniforms during and after she retired the fifty six year old german then coached book swedish names in the women's team though in russia he will spearhead only the female squad several big building scandals have rocked russia's biathletes over the past few years and people are a little harsh criticism against defenders everybody can make
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a mistake russian made a lot of mistakes with the thousand and nine but i think now the team is ready. and the board is that's a lot really serious so. on the show now the russian people were without power in the meantime and with the such olympics in mind russia's barely attempted top places in. the world cup advancing big gunsight two time olympic champion all desire who had previously announced her retirement no seam scheme to stay in the national team and would sit on the roster the russian team is optimistic that the victories will follow i hope to make a step forward. but you know supporting and or not a computer. or russian team has a couple to be the most the most difficult because now that we find the best talent so next season rushers and visions in biathlon will be
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a new coaches will be called to the test with the olympics approaching the circle of goal targets are becoming more visible say about half of our team. ok let's turn to tennis roger federer has been dealt a major blow in his preparation for next week's french open the swiss world number three crashing out in the third round of the remasters at the start is seen to be going to plan confederacy killing the eight instead six for against richard gas day he had only beating federer once before on clay six years ago but the frenchman fought back in the second to level the match a neck tie break and the decider was also an epic gask a superior speed around the court helping him see at victory on another tiebreaker federal failing to make a quarter final for the first time in a year. felt it was going to probably win the breaker. not fun to play that way but tried and did it he did well again. top seed
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rafael nadal meanwhile has been grappling with a virus and even considered pulling out of this one against berlusconi for the chynna lopez but once on court he didn't show too many effects winning six four six two to reach the last eight there he needs to be merry in chile to be sure of keeping his number one ranking for another week. manny's because none of the most of the jockeys ages are for the number one status and faster win the tournament to have any chance but he is looking good staying unbeaten this season with a six four six one thrashing of switzerland stanislav by. britain's andy murray is also into the last day with a straightforward dismissal of potato starters for mislead six two six three the score in this one and he will play for miles in the quarter. in the women's game we're interactive i was uneasy when i visit israel she haarp a french open champion francesca schiavone also through to the last day the highly favored toughing out of three set victory against daniela one to cover while it was
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close but not close enough leaning person enough the russian went back to thirty two year old gretta on of hungary and twice for my champions league and if it needed three sets to beat and about me being that gary guess. what another former a champion will be putting tellus to one side for the time being former world number one dinara safina is taking an indefinite break to cure her aching back the twenty five year old russian who missed next week's french open way she twice been a finalist saxena saying she doesn't want to talk to herself any longer as a nagging back playing out and giving her trouble since the end of two thousand and nine. another conspicuous absence even running go off will be serena williams the american former world number one hasn't yet recovered from a long lasting foot injury i did twenty nine year old posts just one paris ran into a medical collection fifteen grand. or most of the rules to be without her sister venus suffering from some of. the talking or be injuries of superstar tiger
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woods has pulled out of the place championship for a second straight year this time with leg problems the former world number one here struggle from the often fail to hit a single grain from his five fairway shots and twice found the water on one hole he says he's having a hard time walking and his knee is playing up and woods reached a turn in for the tee shots ten shots off the lee before deciding to call it a day yeah since the first two shots. me acted up and i chose call it off cash or capital so ever they start again tight so it's a sort of chain reaction anymore that is nick watney he leads the players championship he has a one shot lead after shooting an eight under par sixty four so grass that shot here to san diego wiping out a double bogey he had just been fall. is just behind him on the leaderboard
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a birdie putt on the seventeenth helping him recover from an earlier. i also in the states in the n.b.a. playoffs chicago bulls have set up an eastern conference final with miami after getting past atlanta ninety three seventy three when a bird lands on thursday wrapping up that best of seven series faults they call us clues it was his best his best offensive showing off the postseason with twenty three points of the ball was playing miami in the first game of the eastern conference final in chicago on sunday and know they will be up against it. they're pretty well coached very athletic. they go to great players and you worry them abroad and should be a great series we look for some. little bits of series and reduce the armature was accountable team in boston who are bright great respect for boston so we look forward to the challenge and we will end with kenny dalglish has signed
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a three year contract to stay on as liverpool manager the former scotland striker took over from roy hodgson in january and since they'd been from twelve to fifteen in the lake and the chance to grace the league football next season last season changing they brought in strikers luis suarez and b. carroll following the side of the fan and i torres to chelsea. clinton well that is always sport for the moment eight is here the next couple of hours sleep we'll. if. she is beautiful isn't it if you feel. instantly. it's.
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such a. russia would be so much brighter if you bought some from funniest impressionists. piece from start atif dot com.
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in taiwan ulti is available in this type the whole town in taipei how it feels a hotel to like the shirts inside the hotels hotel world shall his the groom her tone the show with her child some will do misty type the hotel cooper show to her town full of hotel resort evergreen the old hotels like the grand victorian hotel glory of prince hotel hope springs resort and spa typhoon hotel while she plans come closer to the town of her town the west in taipei evergreen close a hotel in thailand thailand is hotel time.


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