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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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welcome back here with me here is a look at the top stories there is a new glow for the we need a rabble zero finance minister returns empty handed from washington after days of trying to convince the international community to release girl could obvious frozen assets. a meeting between the nato achieve that the american president braun's questions as to what their real motives are behind their so-called humanitarian intervention in conflict hits countries. plus with
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a thousand days left until the twenty fourteen winter olympics officials in russia's resort city of sochi are working around the clock and pull you out all the stops to wow competitors and spectators ally. up next al green off interviews dmitry cerna shankill president of the sochi two thousand and fourteen organizing committee. it won't. bring you the latest in science and technology from the ground floor. we've got the future coverage.
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for you. hello again a welcome to spotlight the interview show on top think find out when aren't they my guest on the show is meet the challenge. only a thousand days left for the moment when the winter olympics start and such but in the mean time the games are already becoming a truly popular event with the whole country getting busy fitting mascots the complicity machine is also in full swing but how is the construction of a focused here's the president of the sochi two thousand and fourteen organizing committee meeting each trip mission. today so she is still very much a building site like the thousand days will be transformed with new stadiums and infrastructure rage welcome millions of guests from around the world and even
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though so much is a way off from laying the welcome mat the organizers are working hard to develop a friendly public image all the games. held nutri welcome to the show once again thank you thank you once again for coming and listen to the. well and sharing your views sharing of east with the your plans with with a television audience because everybody's looking forward to teach you something it's a thousand days and thousand day countdown to that two thousand and fourteen olympics is starting today right almost thousand here years from that and therefore it in some way it's a good opportunity to to some of the first results of your work it's been reported that seventy percent of the infrastructure has already been instructed is it true and there and there are you running. to stick to schedule schedule right
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were well on track with our ambition plan. to deliver infrastructure which will serve for the olympic games at least two seasons prior to the games to be able to run through the full cost of one program let me remind that we're having seven. international and domestic level events and twenty nine of them are world cup and higher which will be hosted by sochi prayer to the game it will be a great opportunity for us to our. purpose built state of the great in years well when are you starting the so-called tough testing of the events is it true that you going to to hold a leg of the alpine skiing world cup and such as it is true or wrongly we have already done first international testament it was european
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cup which will go on this february with a great three zero start companies for beginners i mean the world cup is the real thing you know what this is through is what we call tough testing i mean when the big guys will come. it's impossible to host the world cup without him prior to the european cup which. everybody or. exceed expectations quality of the snow we should we will which was very important we will likely. was another problem exceeded the number of snow with was too much snow it was snow removal challenge it was about three metres of snow but we were all like here and we've managed this. successfully. this this alpine ski club which will be held in sochi is going to become permanent where it's like one of a lifetime event to get ready for the games i wish i could say that it will be
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a permanent. fix that year but it's agreed with the international federation fees to at least the season two thousand and twelve and so it in there will be two world cup two on the meanest and the past are wonderful swarms is it usual practice that they bring that they bring the world cup to the to the whole city of the future limping to the usually especially with the just recently built a new structure well you were building committee for the two thousand and fourteen such an olympics it was stressful of course but it was gratifying now today how is what you suppose it is going to be i mean i mean the preparation how's it different from what you really are doing was it worth it i mean i mean i'm just sick and tired and you want to wait twenty hours
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a day or you know i just simply then calculate to. where i will finish my mission with every night and of the games keep my fingers crossed that you know what is altered like you're going to be fair to hear the older. i will spend ten years for the project because i started to solve and fire and. this is the dissolve our organization committee into cells and the fifteen and ten years of the most active part of my life i did a catered to this project and but it this is my and my own are to be involved but this is one capacity to run successful being because it's more for promotion twenty cation you have to convince him to say this game so much needed and russia deserve to host for the first time ever olympic games but this is another task to deliver the games and this is a unique experience and i'm really proud to say that we're well on track the.
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international olympic committee is to made. good people were deliver in accordance with kids having fun and. well as sochi is a winter olympics are still our way are bad the spirit of the games is already alive in creating athletes running newly built facilities through their paces and sports fans are already funding the event's mascot out so show networks here's spotlights the media with more. in free time these slopes will become the battlefield for olympic glory roza tour the alpine ski resort and the standing on a massive ballroom and will become the two thousand and fourteen winter games biggest day in year it has already had a successful test run when it hosted the european alpine steenkamp earlier this year from safety to just next to making sure there's enough snow no stone was left
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unturned in making sure everything he quality mark and it was just one test the burnt out of seven to take place in sochi before they run takes a third of the venues are still being built but they made him a converse bridge beyond the tracks and stayed. the legacy of the two thousand and fourteen games is meant to deliver a unique you. combine in the potential helplines skill in sunny seaside relaxation but this isn't the ben designed to. russia choosing to mask its was in the nationwide search to date the snow leopard. and. thousands of fans on social networking sites and the organizers also hope this winter olympics logo will have national appeal it's based on the traditional patron wild and is a combination of sixteen designs representing the most famous russian crafts own
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with some of the different cultures traditions and ethnic groups that make up more than russia. three we just saw you holding holding this patchwerk on stage why did you yeah and you have it here with us now sir so why did you choose this passion for the tape three are some college for for a prairie presenting the. what's it supposed to symbolize we aim to organize the most in a way for the winter games which will celebrate the spirit of new modern russia a sustainable positive change world which will inspire the world control but we shouldn't forget about our roots and unique and the nation of a different kind of. russian tradition of handicrafts with unbeatable strategy to demonstrate the beauty is. the difference so
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for all kind of russia and this will be very desirable on the high demand so when they are an artifact. the laziest. recent to force a myth. wonderful yes is that your music is a blanket a blanket you can use it as a towel. as a picnic and you already had it you already had it on your books and everything yes yes there's a brand new different place where you will be so. this thing is part of the olympic. the sochi two thousand and fourteen of the mascots the this persian word will inform you of a lot of those were in a way to follow go always go to our you to illustrate the way in russia and way in the digital environment also can kind of things inside of the letter so we can see
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reflected in you as a light scene on terence and see this song. and people inside any color sort of says return to shrink over the president i'll get such a two thousand and fourteen organizing committee spotlight we'll be back shortly right after the break so stay with us we'll continue this interview in the last. hungry for the flu we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news makers. yes my name is daniel schmidt this is julian assange we're here to make a short presentation about the we can fix project. the first. in the fourth grade
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if to get information out about the real world. join him. on and on after. the secrecy because we are going to be a democracy. if i have a point and you saw as this in danger he would hunt me down and kill him. this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the question because it has become more about this all james bond. than about the actual information. thank you. so all the people around the wold. pay. for sun this is just a parliament building in berlin. but then sixty six years ago
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it was the final target. and the last major offensive for the red on. its capture became the symbol of the fall of the fascist city town. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall of berlin on our cheek. wealthy british style. sometimes of. heights. market trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines cause a report on our key.
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welcome back to spotlight on al gore not in just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is me three shevchenko the president of the saatchi two thousand two thousand and fourteen organizing committee we've talked about talked about this patchwork you chose as one of the symbols of the sochi. games look yeah yeah yeah now let's talk about the mascots you chose finally three mascots this is this is unprecedented taf three master three different animals representing represented games has mascots why. doesn't it possible for you know i mean if we're going to want love i mean i mean who cares about the actual animal i mean the whole thing is how he's drawn you remember the moscow nineteen eighteen s but they're there because their mission came back he was
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a wonderfully joy and everybody still remembers them i mean through it's not. true i was very eager to have one piece of music or some souvenirs when i was young i was in the school. but i can tell the first to fall and we're breaking the olympic records more and more and if this is the first time in the history of the olympic games peroration well official not schooled has been truism by the democratic war and i would democratic conference and this is the first time. or where they may should demonstrate their degree of live off involvement we really engage the nation in the fruits of the select of the most beloved in our school and because of the choice or for majority to all of the boarders we received one point five million
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calls and i someone else and it was natural choice so for all of the why this t.v. channel audience in our country color nine time zones and the most important things in bed time frame when the people could express their wishes for one or another one musket was very narrow it was literally seven minutes for every time zone when the people were able to call so this is really used to ration the majority of the people express the wish and now we have three moscowitz which in total pain sixty five percent of the sheriff was those who was called in or same in the s.m.s. the every present and that is that of the majority of our conference. well after the the mess because the winners were announced there was a lot of criticism even even the president. realized and had and he actually
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spotted the difference between the online voting and the results announced on television how would you comment and can you recall any election campaign when the state leaders were involved in with the process of the first of all have to understand that most courts the major target audience children five plus and if children's lives must go there they call the success of this company and were really happy that i was state leaders also put his foot. because they have children and i demonstrated the patience for that five plus plus i mean they should doesn't . rule the way it's over and. there were no criticism from the president just was wondering why it was a different. result of the voting for the interment. way
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and for those who was calling. for months and sending my summers but it's a normal it's a natural because the audience a little different but it was a coincide the two leaders were evident for snow leopard and. they were unbeatable force a traditional media. and for the internet media the only difference was with the here. that wabbit wabbit wabbit. but i can predict that that might be because of. the performance of this wonderful animal in combination with a well known solution but so there are dimitri beyond the singer who is very famous for the female part of that would lead to the result the women were calling him before the hair. the. turning the images that we saw when
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the voting and then which we see right now here in this big screen they look pretty fresh from the computer will there be any face lift i mean when we see the final version the final look of those masks was bad because i've heard that there will be some changes in the english got true there will be improved and there will be growing and there will be months three of the new it will it perform with a different kind of for the there will be dress so there are no. when it was late and many of my neighbors did now we've got the games luke and this wonderful post forced will so this probably will propose some scar. i don't know killed or whatever it is it's true is it true that you're going to turn the olympic symbols patchwerk the mascots whatever the sites you do for a change not are you going to turn them into major source of income
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money money making and not during the olympics but but straight out right now you know my roots i'm from marketing and recently were doing we're going to be efficient in delivery of four wonderful projects and you know they're. not he was in the public finance going for money we're only tracked in the private money for the project and with by the day already have broken another olympic record in it reckon a record number of money from the commercial partners one billion euros direct and more to come and we also expect about fifty million. dollars from our licensing program which will release i'm sorry what makes your project so attractive to private investors that they be the olympic records point there are
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several secrets your ability your secrets your professional abilities to there's no more there's so no you're really not sure it would be unforgivable to use in the full swing of the miracle or in the power of the most recognised noncommercial brand in the world which olympic games are and we did it in the full swing and we created the very powerful mutual available more the law of cooperation between our partners whenever called them the sponsors they're not to invest in just to be proud or to be a sissy associated with the olympic rings they're. investing in mr because they expect in return on investment into the infrastructure and some projects with very clear. plans how that will be rewarded and what kind of benefits they will have to measure russian companies are russell and gaspar and preferred not to invest the sochi rather to invest in two thousand and eighteen world cup football world cup
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competition in moscow. that make you happy. we're not commenting on that you're not posing but that's making it happen yesterday i've signed the plane this contre with our partners it's impossible to conquer all the world is a tribute to the monarchy and i'm very glad the is a tough. competitive environment now in our continent this is a great affliction that the sports marketing is drawing and we set up the benchmark what they did for a price on the market for the big scale with them to party. ok you mentioned that your parents live in such and i want to ask you how heavy is the construction and all that doing all this on the residence so yes. it will be impossible not to impact on the environment the world you're building the most
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and dish and the biggest concern in the world with more than fifty thousand workers construction workers working days in night over there of course. they're suffering with some. pretty you know it's rather separated it's loud but in the area where people are not leaving mostly maybe disturbing of course. but not as my show is in london for . writing this you can see it in them or of the city because they build. and then you reason of the sort you about so to kilometers away from this which is down. nearly what was the purpose in opening this such a center in the end we called the source who will you know this is a brilliant idea to promote the beauties of sorts and the product of the forthcoming makes olympic games while the majority will forward through the answer
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will be concentrated in the during the summer games in london how it will look like . there will be i would traditional open they are. right in the heart in the center all day long on the marble arch street in front of the high park and this particular corner and perfectly located which will with route from the visitors will be twice a day ron. bale the day program and the evening program before the children and evening for adults beautiful. speech spectacle and performance of our a limp dick cheney ice skating and also there will be is addition privilege him away pickler to some details so far we're olympic project that will be presented to the white would be all for london thank you thank you very much for being with us
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and just a reminder that my guest in the studio today was recently chip the president of the saatchi two thousand and fourteen organizing committee and that's it for now the wall street will be back with more comments on the going on in fact russia until then stay on the party and take care of the sick. download the official location until the phone i pod touch from the i.q. sounds to. me like. video on demand on season one broadcasts and r.s.s. feeds are now in the palm of your. question on the
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