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into. fort. drum soon to see a sloviansk on. historical. culture in the city. called small. may day as a good up until the strength for this to become the hutto. libyan opposition on boys in paris hope france has more to offer than the us after they left empty headed and without official recognition. while back in washington nato and the us called time on cut off his rule as they pushed forward with the stalled air campaign but could offer himself remains defiant. under starters orders that russia prepares for the biggest sporting event since moscow hosted the summer olympics in one thousand maybe. russians are celebrating the current milestone one thousand eight hundred nine tell the olympic torch time so much that the twenty second winter olympic games begin in such
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a way that she'd find out more. eight o'clock on a saturday night in portland and seven o'clock on a sunday morning in moscow where we're broadcasting live this is archie and you talk news and headlines from around the world. now envoys representing the libya's opposition council are in paris seeking humanitarian and financial aid earlier the u.s. denied them diplomatic status during the first official visit to the white house by the anti kadafi movement rebel representative mahmoud jibril says that they are in desperate need of food and medical supplies in the besieged city of benghazi but they are having trouble getting washington to release colonel gadhafi is frozen assets the u.s. had promised to hand over some of the multibillion dollar funds anti-war activist john reese says that any revolution is on shaky ground when the opposition turns to
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western countries for help. the us are interested in stopping the revolution but not helping the revolution i think the intervention was meant to corrupt and control the revolution for us stands and not to give it any real life of its own or any capacity to actually alter the situation in libya in the way that the community and if you can revolutions did the object of the u.s. is to keep the libyan rebels on a very short lead not to allow them any real independence autonomy and to use them for u.s. foreign policy ends the rebels were naive if they hope of the the west was going to have an open hand towards them there was going to help them freely assist them in completing their revolution as soon as you start appealing to the imperial powers for assistance they are going to command a price for that assistance i was always going to be the case the once the west intervened the logic which was running before that but the people would see western
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intervention as a reason to support who perhaps had absolutely no other reason to do so you can see now the people who even detest the gadhafi regime detest the western intervention even more what is clear is that the west is now engaged on regime change is now in gazed on raids whose aim is to kill gadhafi but revolutions either succeed by mobilizing their own people against the hated her own popular regime or they don't succeed at all there's no easy route to the revolution using the assistance of the western powers. more nato air strikes have hit the libyan capital tripoli following a defiant broadcast from colonel gadhafi saying he is beyond the coalition's reach washington insists the u.s. will continue its campaign in the country as long as the libyan leader and taxes on people because are his loyalists to reports the motivation of the alliance is under scrutiny. several
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decades and tours later it's still the question that's top of mind when it comes to the world's largest military alliance many people i think today wonder after the end of the cold war why nato lo and behold reality is that nato is busier than ever . set up to counter perceived threats from the soviet union the north atlantic treaty organization has plowed ahead without an enemy after the end of the cold war . some felt that the alliance lost its reason to exist instead what happened in fact and in violation of even the accords and the agreements at the time was nato aggressively expanded. and a larger alliance that once promised peace has instead pledged bombs and troops to afghanistan going on a decade and in its latest endeavor lobs air strikes into libya this fight uniting a new strategic goals back in november libya has launched the allies it's
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a discord some countries don't want to actually. shoot ground targets some. air targets which are not. amidst the in-fighting it's unclear what motives are really behind the planes flying in the name of nato over the african country is that the personal aspirations of a leader france was among the first to push for intervention friend who wants to get in on what i call the imperial condominium a really kind of quest of african or is it to showcase in a new arms race military buyers love to have weapons sort of tested in a war if your weapon system does very well in the war you can count on sales going up in fact the only two planes now in contention for a ten billion dollar order of one hundred twenty six planes from india are the euro fighter typhoon and the french are a felt the very ones french and british allies have been flying over libya. is that the opportunity to oust that the regime it is u.s.
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policy that gadhafi needs to go and prop up one more favorable to us foreign policy interests try to. ensure it was of course describe it is a humanitarian. intervention a so-called humanitarian intervention that critics argue was never warranted but which now may be calm. being a humanitarian crisis we didn't stop a bloodbath but we are prolonging and perpetuating the suffering of civilians in libya is suffering that is now washing up on the shores of nato allies by the boatload of refugees though the united states has seemingly stepped back from libya he was the number one contributor to nato and therefore many would see the us really as being nato now this comes at a time when the conflict in libya on the ground more and more people are calling a stalemate and amid the allied infighting as well as rising costs in every sense that fame question people have been asking for decades comes to mind at the end of
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the year yeah nato lauren lyster artsy washington d.c. still ahead for you this hour until the well runs dry. outside the glamour of india's a bollywood capital by thousands are caught in the daily battle for clean drinking water. and we take you to a russian city on the banks of europe's longest river to explore how the waterway runs vitality both to the region's folktales and its economy that's coming up on r.t. . high hopes and a fiercely competitive streak have united millions of russians for the one thousand a countdown to the so she two thousand and fourteen olympic games to impress and shine is everyone's dream in three years time but for now it's a chance to party as. as you can see it's cold air national rainier out here in the russian capital but that is not stopping all of these
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people from gathering in the very heart of moscow to celebrate a very important milestone with the final stretch just one thousand days one thousand days remain until the official start of the twenty second winter olympic games which of course will take place in the russian coastal town of sochi a concert here in the russian capital to celebrate this event and of course moscow isn't the only one in a very festive mood in sochi the host city for this twenty fourteen winter olympic games the official countdown began today with the unavailing of the of the show olympic omega watch that will of course be keeping the clock counting backwards all the way up until the very start of those a little games in twenty fourteen in moscow various other events also took place we had a rollerblade for a lot of students celebrating and also had the little kids taking part in the
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festivities as well they drew olympic mascots in parts of all over the city now of course a lot of work has been john own lot of work on russia's plates ever since it won the right to host the twenty fourteen olympic games sot she has been very busy and my colleague that has been lots checked in on the progress. of miracle with the big constructions of should she stay short spell will suspend drink its final stage to less than two years to make this joint structure like moves to the venue secured sujit it's being built on schedule. all the facilities here except maybe for the main olympic stadium well have to be completed by two thousand and twelve so that they can be used during test competitions. so it will be at most of construction the first was launched in two thousand and seven. she won't be a limp dick bit believe big construction sites know consume more than half the
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region's cement supplies over three hundred fifty thousand plants golden age and a half thousand workers take part in the project three hundred of them are foreigners the good news besides stadiums and ice rinks include routes tunnels bridges together with new schools and hospitals they believe the lasting legacy of this tropical black sea resort so there's great excitement high hopes this of the russian city resting at the big event but you can see the preparations there are being built the streets are cleaner. more tourists will come the olympics will bring festive mood into town. i think the medals rubio was and was this team will be formed better at home. that cooler player pair and snow leopards have been recently picked as the olympic mascots less than three years' time this dream team will greet the athletes and visitors of the two thousand and fourteen sochi winter games a lot of agree this sporting spectacles on the planet is just one thousand days
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away but if the sochi olympics vision is going to be as grand as russia imagines every minute down to earth completing the mammoth construction outward on time and in budget there is more theory to sochi as you can see russia is on track with all the work everything will be ready just one thousand days laugh and tell that olympic torch arrived in russia that's how the second one tellem play games well finally began. and while some are used to clean the water as something quite ordinary for millions just finding it at all is a daily struggle in india as mumbai many local families lack an adequate water supply although they say some have enough to go away are these preassure either found out how difficult the search for water can be even in the country's economic . oh my india the financial center for one of the fastest growing economies in the world. and the heart of india's beloved bollywood film industry but beyond the
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glitz and glam there's another story playing out on the streets of india's most populous city. i.v. cup at six pm and walk to a village that is one and a half hours of re to get to go good soft drink in water. this is shana monica she's twelve years old and her life in mumbai literally revolves around finding water is clean i don't go to school because i have to work at home my mom and dad work as liberals and they have to go out so i have to stay back and work at home from morning to evening in this slum it's actually more common to see a satellite dish bringing these people cable t.v. than it is to see a working tap to bring them water one point two million people in mumbai live in an authorised slums and are entitled to government services like water even after walking hours to get to a tap the water only runs at specific times for sometimes as little as ten minutes
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. well the people in the got community have managed to find a broken pipe in a gutter not far from their homes many indians are spending up to ten percent of their salaries to buy usable water water access isn't just a problem that affects people living in the slums actually thirty five percent of households in mumbai receive less than the desired one hundred liters of water per person per day and many of those people live in middle class communities. sawan is in them by housewife despite living in a more modern apartment so wants to has to schedule her day around when she can get water and not up on if. we get water at four am for one and a half us since we just get it for just one and a ha far we have to wake up early and get all done so wants us to kill the tank on her roof during the time the city gives her access to water and if she needs more than the tank of water she is able to fill she is out of luck water is an issue
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that seems to about everyone here at five there is a one man managed to escape the problem is there is no case somebody is worth twenty seven billion us dollars and house there are hydroponic hanging gardens swimming pool water that he reportedly uses five hundred thousand liters of water every month it's something that angered many here well most are used to seeing the great contrast between rich and poor on a daily basis they believe that it's access and waste that is unfair. we have come to give me a memorandum and want to collect it from. if there is a shortage or for billing to give him more. than this and greatest it and for those who have no choice but to plan their day around water retrieval it's a painful reminder that even when it comes to basic necessities the wealthy elite still has the advantage. i feel bad in a house me get water for only one and a half hours whereas they have enough water the whole day even to waste it. a
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constant battle to meet their needs preassure either r t mumbai india. well if you want to break from the t.v. and there is always more world news and videos on our website here's some of what we've got to control right now with our trio. an april fool's joke sparks web panic over a comment believed to be an alien spaceship and covered up by nasa we've got the entire story for you online plus. god will set you free of jail in south carolina bans all books except for the christian bible all of these stories and much more on our team got. it from a belorussian presidential candidate has been sentenced to five years behind bars for organizing a mass protest in the capital minsk last year that
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a sonic off pled not guilty and said the whole case was highly politicized last december opposition supporters held a thousand strong demonstration to protest against what they called the reelection of president alexander lukashenko of the unrest was violently surprised by what police more than six hundred people were detained at the time and dozens injured by level full of. strongly condemned the violence and imposed sanctions on the president and many of the last dictator of europe. to some other stories from around the globe global for you right now. police in new york have detained the head of the i.m.f. on suspicion of sexual assault dominique strauss kahn was taken off a plane minutes before departure to be questioned about the alleged incident with a hotel maid the thirty two year old alleges that strauss kahn attacked her but she
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managed to escape police were called in but by the two. they arrived at the potential french presidential candidate had already left for the airport. dozens have been injured after a rally by mostly christian protesters but when they came under attack in the egyptian capital cairo a mob of about one hundred muslims threw stones and petrol bombs at a gathering at least fifty were arrested at the scene who demonstrators had been holding a sit in near the state television company to demand drastic measures to ease religious tension recent sectarian violence has left at least fifteen people dead in clashes. a leaked united nations report suggests a north korea and iran have been exchanging the ballistic missile technology in violation of u.n. sanctions it's said the secret transfers happened for a third country presumes to be china beijing has made efforts to suppress the report at the united nations the international community has been deeply concerned about iran's nuclear program something tehran has always maintained has only ever
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been for peaceful purposes. new violence has flared in syria with three people reported killed near the city of holmes comes a day after authorities said they were ready for dialogue with the opposition international pressure is mounting on syria over brutal crackdowns of protests with some eight hundred killed and more than of thousands arrested in two months the u.s. have imposed sanctions on the country as washington is said to be considering declaring president assad's eleven year rule illegitimate now with the u.s. debt ceiling already at a staggering high almost half of america is now refusing to buy into the proposals to raise it still further and while the government struggles for a compromise our new york resident laurie her finessed asked people in the big apple what they themselves would do.
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if the u.s. stops borrowing money it could negatively affect the whole world economy if it continues to borrow money it could accumulate a burden that's too heavy to carry so as the us best approaches the debt ceiling of over fourteen trillion dollars that congress just put into place in two thousand and ten should it can fit or raising that that feeling even more this week let's talk about that do you think they should raise the debt limit again i'm not sure they shoot but they will because they really have to that's how do we get to a place where we have to keep doing it. because. to going to get expenditure if you have to try to national parks if you have to try to saving the turtle or if you have this is a cut out some teachers drops maybe three percent here three percent or three were just a small percentage of everything have to cut everyone has to give up something would you be willing to give up two more percent of your salary no tax no tax raises at all you'd be willing to pay more in taxes yeah
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a little bit i think it's patriotic. i do too what's with the people you know say that they're so patriotic and that they're american and they stand for america but then they're not willing to pay more taxes for the country oh i think the only political system that's kind of relevant to christianity is socialism and i i don't think jesus would be very happy with us not sharing it's a shame with what's happening middle america is disappearing this shouldn't be happening do you think middle america is aware of the corporate america it seems like people don't even realize how they are you know i would agree with you i think little miracles are such good citizens nobody wants to make any they want to be rabble rousers you know they want to be included in the whole process but when you see people from the economic you know anything million dollars or seventy million or whatever or a.b.c. making forty five minute i mean what happens of the me five going to put their money back in the hire people that you people working there with i would think would have much more value for everybody the world economies in the same situation you know you look at what's happening with china. going to be economic situation
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and the time between a pretty bad there so got to regroup the whole system just me and say whether or not you think the u.s. should raise the debt ceiling the bottom line is given the fact that we've done it any time since one thousand nine hundred eighty two i think it's fair to say that it's going to be raised again very soon. now coming up at this hour it's a night to remember. the last time i saw for a cultural outing as the capital's many museums and galleries opened their doors to all offering free entry and then go right to the special. and now it's time for us to invite you on a special trip across russia where you can stay just where you are though as our close up team of brings you the most exciting stories of life in the world's biggest country.
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today we continue to explore the volgograd region in the south of russia it lies along the banks of the volga river the longest in europe which also gave the area its name the river has played an important part in the life of the russian people and in the country's folklore it's known as mother volga artie's a town by explains why the giant waterway is so precious to the russian heart and to the economy as well. as the mighty volga it runs deep to the russian soul it is provided in stray sion for songs and poems and is the country's main north south entourage and decades ago schumann ingenuity connected to the don't revert to the west riffing image of straights the centuries people dreamt of connecting the two rivers now this canal essentially joins distant seas together. the vote the dawn canal is an engineering marvel within a day
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a vessel can pass the canals thirteen blocks ten million tons of shipping does so every year. another concrete giant is this finished fifty years ago it's the biggest hydroelectric plant in europe it cowers the local city of volgograd and sends lots more electricity to moscow hydroelectric plant behind me is a potent example of how much they've all become provides but harnessing the river like this isn't without its cost. fishermen have been watching fish stocks for years they see the slow damage the downing of the river has done especially to russia's prized sturgeon the source of caviar but in the hydroelectric plant has done significant damage because it stopped fish swimming up the river to the spawning grounds they turned back and start swimming downstream and now we don't know where they are. within a year all these houses will go forward into the river. depending on how many of
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the hydroelectric plants turbines are on the water level can change suddenly and dramatically too suddenly for the banks to absorb it plays havoc with the canal to . the city google earth we can only look through ships we have enough water for last year the water level dropped because of this hydroelectric plant and it caused big problems you could only look through smaller ships off half loaded ones. control of the river flow by the plant is made building the focus for plain more attractive serious floods are less likely but the water that is put into the drains is taken away from the fish that need it. when people started building on the floodplain the places where the fish pond don't flood anymore most of the spawning grounds are now gun now at last the voice of the voters of color g. might start being heard after fifty years of damage the plant may change its regime to release water for the rivers benefit not just its own. for the first time in
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fifty years the rules will contain a point on maintaining biodiversity in the river will still have a chance to bring the volga back to life meaning that we might evolve is treated with the respect it deserves its own garden. has one of this year's your vision song contest in germany. it is the first time the country has screwed to beyond doing it for them were. running scared they'd be hot favorites france and ireland and the u.k. who chose a former boy band blue to fly the flag in dusseldorf twenty five countries took part in the final aiming to impress voters at home as well as music industry
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professionals in the fifty sixth year of vision taunters. it was a night of splendor and marvels awaited hundreds of thousands of visitors at moscow's fifth annual night at the museum from renaissance to postmodernism masterpieces awaited their chance to shine in the dark. we. are all of those. people are.
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part of the reputation for being. such a good close it is even more subtle. is it is worse than going to. work. with. my. peeps museums are. going to get sick. don't worry because. several. of the analysts so some. of the field museum in the uk. are. reporting there from moscow now coming up i'll be back with
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a look at your headlines in just a few minutes. to . her son this is just
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a parliament building in britain. but then sixty six years ago it was the final targets. and the last major offensive for the red army. its capture became the symbol of the force of the fascist sitting down. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall of the berlin and r.t. . of the free new the latest in science and technology from the ground floor. we've dumped the future coverage. wealthy british style. sometimes it's classified. hi pat.


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