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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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i'm broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is our team was certainly glad to have you with us to take a look at the week's top stories right here are. the deadly repression of demonstrators continues in syria despite government promises to end the violence while the u.s. looks ready to condemn president assad as illegitimate thousands of civilians are fleeing the country fearing more violence as damascus says it's ready to negotiate with the opposition. in washington for libyan rebel on boys as they depart with
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diplomatic recognition and the promised financial aid from copies of frozen assets however the white house did say the opposition the national transitional council is now the true voice of the libyan people. the head of the international monetary fund is charged with sexual assault in new york after allegedly attacking a hotel maid stross maintains his innocence what is his chances at next year's presidential elections and where he was a favor taken to. russia a nationwide military displays march sixth scuse me nationwide military displays mark sixty six years since the defeat of nazi germany but similar commemorations of ukraine were marred by nationalists attacking veterans of violence erupted in the west of a country where many collaborated with of the nazis against the soviet union during the war and are seen as a freedom fighters rather than oppressors. russia's new education system will help
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youngsters adapt to changes in the country we discuss this with education and science minister andre. and they did also go minister of education it's great to have you with us we used to be very proud of the soviet educational system we inherited there with say that our sixth great school student studies things that american students on study until four years into the university of sydney got about sums it out of what is going to change not only in the system but more importantly in the mentality. first of all we indeed used to have a good educational system of law it was very adapted to the country we lived in at
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the time and it had its flaws and one such issue was that when the country changed completely here those who had previously received a good education fails to adopt the lesson learned here is that as we reform the educational system to teaching students to adapt to change our world and its value succeeded must be at the heart of what you do why are we doing it today our country changed back in the ninety's. because the money because at any given time people pay either more or less attention to education the educational system underwent considerable reforms during the soviet era as well it is worth noting go over that in the 1980's when the need for reforms was already there because experience dramatically or profound change the definition was put on the back burner sort of speech in the one nine hundred ninety s. when the need for change was acute the state lacks the necessary funds or resources to help lamented not why by introducing a new law and education and giving educational institutions more freedom it is the
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state itself withdrew from education both in terms of support and in terms of setting requirements and goals medications has just pulled up with the economic model as a story for educational reforms are being criticised by many. cloying state officials teachers students parents experts and their main point being that they were forms half ailed what's your response to the. thing is is that we'll only get a proper impression of the reforms impact if they fail or not in about ten years time for me my priority is different it's important that officials teachers and students parents are saying that today's educational system is not good enough it means it needs to be changed as for how exactly it needs to be changed here opinions vary with and we encourage and welcome all stakeholders participation in discussions we are completely open and all issues are being discussed in detail and gradually step by step we are making progress you remember how much discussion
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there was around the united states exams today public old suggest that the majority of teachers are in favor of us are the majority of students together with their parents who already took it those opposing it have typically never had anything to do with the exam at all they've just read the press and have an impression something is wrong. he was like a little more specifically they were afraid of heights that the only compulsory subjects on the curriculum in oppression is safety and security physical education mathematics and russia in the global world although no one really understands what that is about it's assumed to be a subject with an ideological slant when she agreed that at her first glance it looks like a very odd list of subjects quite logically one wants to ask why not a russian language or not history even our prime minister said in his speech section the physical training maybe it's worthwhile to revise this list a matter of such as what criteria did you use in defining them. because it's. the i'd like to say is that as of today this is nowhere near an accepted standard it is
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a suggestion made by one expert group we simply offered it up for public discussion just this ingestion proposes at least ten compulsory subjects on the curriculum which should also be noted that there are subjects which are not so much compulsory standardized across various curriculum systems what will the student can choose arts or they can choose to work in the the street or to follow a career in the performing arts as it would have gardasil the student should be fit and healthy and therefore no matter what subjects they choose and considerable importance for themselves physical education and sports are of fundamental employed similarly in a complicated and dangerous world we live in people must be able to deal with emergency situation such as major first aid or know what to do with god forbid a terrorist attack occurs on it is the subject probably does not have an extensive program it is essential for everyone with every educational curriculum of course there's no doubt literature mathematics natural sciences should be compulsory
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depending on how a student learns their futures they have an opportunity to select from a subject list two different modules so many see problems are in a school based education but with a higher education they say that our higher educational institutions have fallen way behind those in the developed world do you agree with. that's. the problem i believe it's a global problem to me is that globally education changes more slowly than the incredibly fast developments we see in economics and the social sphere often problems of human innovation changes a rapid manyfold eli and others grow disenchanted that's why as you social incidents are on the rise it may explain growth in vogue addiction because some try to deny the facts of rapid change to avoid a life bringing new challenges demands and solutions we must prepare our children for that as perhaps we should start with preschool institutions and primary schools our higher education may not meet the challenges of the present but we are trying to find a solution by supporting the best institutes in the country by bringing up leaders
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who will reform the whole education system the way with at this level we give our students more freedom to choose what to study with us but along with we've got to create opportunities for them once they've made their choice if a student chooses natural sciences we have a responsibility to provide top quality education in this subject and we would like it to be the best in the world with today in some universities we provide this level of education but in others not yet but then changes and reforms are needed throughout the system. rather than so many wealthy parents send their children to study growers the same thing with citizens from the rest of them incessantly as they receive a grant they leave the country to study abroad but i think that is. not everyone in a situation is changing the situation is different from how it was ten or fifteen years ago moreover many young people are returning to russia because today there
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are job opportunities and interesting places to live for the past several years the average age of people working in science has been slowly growing tired of the a number of people involved in scientific research who are younger than forty is rising this is what we dreamt of just a few years ago young scientists who received. the additional education and experience of rules are starting to kind of. we have to create conditions where they're working to make education science and economics more attractive for our young people so that they will stay in the country. how can that be done i remember last year young scientists say to the pressure received the nobel peace prize in physics but they all live abroad how can we stop the brain drain where we are making a great effort we're building laboratories raising salaries for young scientists we're inviting renowned scientists from around the world to create you know barger reason the country this process will take a long time we've lost a lot and now we're restoring it step by step from that is we can't expect good results overnight with the grid we are seeing positive changes at every stage but
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there are negatives too and we're working on them we live in a world where we can turn to to speak about both good and i gave you several examples of our work you don't fortunately very few people know about his life but we should to claim our progress as much as we address probably sleep through the issues in dallas personally drives except that from now on pressure will recognize that foreign university promises about russian credentials are not recognized brought to really fair. it's unfair but a retaliation in this respect is not the right option we're interested in bringing the best scientists and shooters to russia to teach our students in russian universities rather than encouraging our young people to study abroad we're negotiating qualification recognition with leading american and european universities to see asians that will in holding these negotiations we hope to create a mutually institutionalized standing of the state level of real into institutional cooperation of the third. with the best foreign universities recognize degrees
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awarded by our best universities and i think that this is a more effective and positive way for us to be able to provide the best film scientists from around the world to russia and abroad best young scientists to work in the leading world setters without any problems with us. according to one rating they are talking of our city and the scope of state universities seventy force in the world to what extent is it objective or accurate the reason. any rating is subjective and any rating is open to manipulation you can use our university heads are offended by the placing but i tell them not to pay much attention to your priorities are different from the police there are many comparative criteria we should choose those most important for us and that's base our reforms on what already is we set ourselves so she can minimum of them for example every rating considers a citation rejects of scientists working in the university and that's in my opinion this is significant where scientists are not always enthusiastic by publishing in
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english their new version when i explain to the simple facts of the country's image when your best scientific work is read and cited around the world. all professors are paid by the state and those peer responsibility to enhance interesting through academic endeavor there is also an index of graduate success we always lose out in this respect because we simply do not know to what extent our graduates are successful yes if we are to prepare highly sought after professionals we should at least know about their career it's a key university responsibility well yeah in the us to have specifically designed system for that then yes it was right it also promotes the university and so would my opinion but if we paid more attention to those indexes we would have a higher position in the ratings. so thank you very much for this interview. thank you. a question in mission. inside the campaign you have. to have anywhere from dozens up to
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hundreds there's a huge market right now for cattle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordnance. and so you got this call. the knees and n.g.o.s have basically shrunk that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons what they do is a code of these places they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance they'll let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of the law. they. can and. then.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science since technology from around the world. we've got the future covered. download the official obligation giong phone called touch from the i choose ops to. life on the go. video on demand keys mine will become. an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the com. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world seen
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from the streets of canada. the challenge of racial to rule the day. led. the week's top stories right here on r.g.p. the deadly repression of demonstrators continues in syria despite government promises to end the violence and while the u.s. looks ready to condemn president assad as illegitimate thousands of civilians are fleeing the country fearing more violence as that damascus says it's ready to negotiate with the opposition. washout in washington or for libyan rebel envoys as they depart with diplomatic recognition and the promised financial aid from forgot these frozen assets however the white house did say the opposition national transitional council is now the true voice of the libyan people. the head of the
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international monetary fund is charged with sexual assaults and me right now for allegedly attacking a hotel maid going to get stronger khan maintains his innocence but his chances in the next year's presidential election in france where he was a favorite have taken him out. and in russia a nationwide military displays a mark sixty six years since the defeat of nazi germany but similar commemorations in ukraine were marred by nationalists attacking veterans and the violence erupted in the west of the country where many collaborated with the nazis against the soviet union during the war and are seen as freedom fighters rather than oppressors . the next union brings you all the latest from the world of sports. good to have you with us this is sports today plenty ahead this hour including.
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titanic's holders and he didn't miss the chance to go to the russian premier league after an end to end battle with title chasing group the. shanghai speedster one hundred on chandler specialist jiang was a local proud to lead his diamond league event by breaking david all of the race winning streak. putting price rushes next generation of gymnastics stars light up the latest world cup leg in. let's get going with football where champions need to have missed the opportunity to finish the weekend top of the russian premier league clash bringing together the only teams to have won the russian championship since two thousand and six and it was the current holder issue got off to the better of stuart's dummy proving his stay can be just as deadly as his left foot one no hard work paid dividends for rubin's equaliser a great through ball locks on to back to nice on a dennis the turkey come this personified as he starts into the corner when one of
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the visitors would surely take the lead unless he made the end of leaping like a summons and. cross slack marking a house that he said though from his innate point of view the men in blue would gather themselves to secure a share of the points a contender for goal of the season this alexander project called letting rip with a scream from outside the area to choose the final score after an absorbing ninety minutes. days first game feel to reach the same height some car and moscow playing out a. little the home side in the opening forty five minutes with the most invites lookee to go in after the break. all captain. doing everything in his power to help them get back on track in the second period. circuit now ruben those with excellent reflexes to deflect tricky ever attempt pushes highest paid for proclaiming karami amongst those stop the nerd trucks by the. moment
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i. elsewhere for tech non-school who have been having so more of a nightmare season to date left a little late but managed to knock all three points away to relegation threatened somebody else off. work to do it for us to chew on when moving your men off to fifth. manchester united maybe the newly reinstalled premier league winners but the hunt for the automatic champions league spots is still very much on chelsea and he's one of them despite drawing at home to newcastle the only other team that could have finished in second place last too long to last in villa. could be overtaken into third place by manchester city who are true points behind with a game and spurs the leapfrog liverpool into the europa league spot for now after to deal with. on the field at west ham are the first team to be relegated from the
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chart division after losing three two against fellow strugglers wigan. last to full on means either they wigan block cool walls on blackburn will take meaning dropzone places. but lawrie days are caught for iraq south a historic sunday in the netherlands the dutch giants securing their first visit crown and seven years after beating the only side who could have stopped in twenty one of the top two teams had never met to decide the title on the last day of the season before all this twenty headed into the clash holding a one point lead meaning they needed just a draw to be crying champions but. thank you all for the home support of iraq troops after twenty three minutes the sides would exchange strikes before the un sealed the deal a dozen minutes from time the feast for the house celebrations and should be full title of thirty five. leaving football behind talking i saw you were russia have
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missed the chance to watch a fifth straight world championship medal to their coffers the red machine going to run against the czech republic in the third place clash in borat's islama goal fest this look at about seven for unfortunately for russia it wasn't to go to ben. franklin getting free goals for the visitors. should responded with a brace for the russians the czech showing just how they won it all last year with a powerful punch or type a true much. less talk tennis from maria sharapova claimed her first title of the year the russian beating some of the stories are in the room master's final brilliant showing from the seven c. truck but never really letting her stream opponents into it keeping the title in straight sets six two six four it's the first the b.c.s. try and it's twelve months she previously saw world number one he's in the
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semifinals retiming ahead of the first grand slam of the year second rest of the year of course next week the french. the second diamond league meets all the athletic season proved a thrilling one for fans in shanghai local favorite lose young looking back to his best after smashing david all of us eighteen wrist long winning streak in the one hundred ten meter hurdles the chinese making sunday's last event worth waiting for junk dominating from the pistol leaving the sport's new figurehead all over in his shadow the two thousand and four olympics all medalist winning in a time of thirty point zero seven seconds after that in the one hundred meters. the men starting last waltz inclined to star studded as usual with the likes of you seen bolton tiger tyson bay opting to take a break in world championship year to meet in a suffolk politicking full advantage cruising to victory head of michael rogers on mario for sign post from pottery run humbled brawn celebrated her twenty ninth
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birthday in style over the women's side of action leaving carmelita jeter and leslie bari in her. on to the greens who are darren clarke as points apart from the adversity to take the win at the iberdrola open the northern irishman holding his nerve on the back nine to title number thirteen to the c.v. the forty two year old i pick ocho overnight leader chris wood this birdie on the third his soul was on the front end of being called again for the turn for the worse when he double bogeyed at the eleventh finding himself four shots behind woods the englishman though dropped by part of his next six shots wildcard group but back to back birdies on the fourteenth and fifteenth holds a putt for par on the day then sealing restrict victory to time masters winner who seemed to be a lot about the grudge living tarkan conquering force of his design the popular
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veteran left to celebrate his first win since two thousand and eight. turning to motor sport where casey stoner is now just twelve points behind new to g.p. leader were gay lorenzo after winning the french grand prix the two thousand and seven champion finally conquering the truck his inaugural victory in any class on the legendary circuit piece trillian started from poland held on to that spot for virtually the entire race record prize of eighty eight thousand people cheering on the twenty five year old has dominated the competition one of his main challengers dummy produced a touch bikes but marco simoncelli and saw his race and eleven laps early stoner checkered flag. mentions her work fourteen second separating him from second base stablemate and three at v.c.u. so going to rossi finding out the podium finish on his copy bike the italian pushing reigning champion lorenzo into fourth place. and finally the latest leg of
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gymnastics world cup us come to a close here in moscow the event also noticeable for the absence of one of russia's private stars who is now in a race to be fit at all for next year's london olympics. well you know most stuff in i was probably the most restricted spectator balian piskies sports complex she had to look on while her colleagues were competing unfortunately for the current all round world champion she's going to be out of seeable future. it's going to take me between six to eight months until i'm back to full fitness but i think probably start very light training in around a month or so to stuff it wasn't russia's only starmer sidelines she was joined by fellow world champion totty on an idea or was also i was injured however the sixteen year old who only returned to fitness in early two thousand and twelve is still confident of making the london olympics. said i don't think i'm a star of russian gymnastics i try not to pay attention to what i have won in the
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past i always put that behind me and look forward to new challenges in the future the field of the law school event was far from strong with all the top names from china the usa and japan missing however there was still some around boosting performances from russia's next generation of stars such as sixteen year old ahmed to maintain for a month to build on her recent success of european championships where she took gold and content inclusion code could be played a compassionate alexander paul bunyan to win the men's rings submersed on the new list but the on one hand i found competing here much easier than at the european championships as i am at home here but i have the support of my home crowd who are all cheery on the russians but it was on the other hand it was quite thought is that injured my shoulders after the year olds and i'm just getting back to full fitness and a spark a strong showing in the russian gymnastics and probably the most healthy state of the mid one nine hundred ninety s. who should have said is based on lots of work that needs to be done every sure it's
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sweet the medals in london. were not the strongest like they used to be with the after the likes of china and japan however the world championships are coming up and there will be a good indicator for plentiful. all students russian gymnasts to take out of this event i would hold onto the school will be praying that their time is money and stock enough to make a speedy recovery a sheet of to continue her quest for limping gold meet stan richard i'm told from a tontine. that wraps up a busy busy day of sporting option i'll see you soon whether it's next. hungry for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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repairing a broken ancient. highway construction and humanitarian aid. such as shady officials will get the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer a job.


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