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such a strong closing on the radio and the junkie who tunes shirts in new delhi who to. babyhood three connections among the close of the film made. believe it was a movie the medicine ship it was on this was a precocious. war crimes prosecutors would to arrest colonel gadhafi being considered a legitimate target in nato airstrikes. meanwhile russia calls for an immediate ceasefire in libya and prepares to host toolbox with representatives open gets out the regime rebel leaders more not so that the later old and. euro currency countries cast a worried i toward spain as its record jobless rate and gloomy prospects push it toward the qualifying for a. blood spills on israel's borders on the anniversary of the state's creation as thousands of probe palestinian activists come under fire from the army
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. eleven pm in moscow good to have you with us here on r t our top story the war crimes court is requesting arrest warrants for colonel gaddafi and two other senior libyan officials for crimes against humanity this comes as the head of britain's armed forces says nato must step up its military campaign in libya with direct direct attacks against the regime or he's there and it has more from london. it seems that this is a u.n. resolution that has been really stretched beyond recognition and that's not according to me that's according to various members of parliament that i've spoken to various groups they say that this is not what the u.n. resolution was intended to do although of course in the defense of this kind of action the people who are proposing us are saying that. he himself is
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a direct threats to his own people so the aim of this escalation which will target infrastructure and we're not clear we're also infrastructure actually means but certainly it could include things like bridges power stations water supplies things that would put the libyan people significantly on the back foot for the next ten years while those kinds of things are we built the the aim of this escalation is to target congress which does smack of regime change of course we've also seen the international criminal court's request for its judges to issue of arrest warrants to three people going of them is of course colonel gadhafi himself the other another one is his second eldest son who of course was educated here in london and have widely been seen as the best chance for a negotiated peace with colonel gadhafi regime and the other man is the new c who is the brother in law and the head of the intelligence services now the chief prosecutor is alleging in
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a statement that he made that these people were directly involved in attacking civilians shooting it demonstrated and shelling various things among them funeral processions and what's going to happen now is that the judge is going to evaluate that evidence that we think that's taken around four weeks and they're going to decide whether to confirm these charges and issued international arrest warrants which would put his son and his brother in law on the international wanted list. russia says it's ready for a dialogue with both sides of the libyan conflict to help resolve the crisis and end the violence foreign minister sergei lavrov says officials from tripoli and rebel representatives from benghazi will come to moscow but he's peter all over as far when developments. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov issued a statement today wherry called for an immediate cease fire in libya and also announced that he would be hosting both representatives from the good stuff the regime rebel leaders here in moscow to try and come up with a peace solution now the first of those meetings will take place on tuesday now
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will be with representatives of the good stuff the regime with the day to be set later on for the rebel leaders to arrive here in the russian capital but this is really russia making good on the the promises they made at the at the outset of this conflict several months ago they said they were willing to act as a mediator to grow. these meetings are the between with between both sides and the first signs that we could see i am russia trying to create a peaceful resolution to the ongoing situation in the north african country. we were asked to have a meeting in moscow by officials in tripoli and by representatives of the rebels in benghazi russia is ready to maintain dialogue with anyone who is very interested in the quickest ends to the bloodshed in libya and switching to political negotiations we support the african union initiatives aimed at a cease fire and beginning dialogue and reaching a national reconciliation in the interests of the entire libyan people in the interest of libya sovereignty and territorial integrity. also reiterated what he
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said in the past regarding the ongoing military action against libya by nato forces saying that that must remain within the parameters that was set out by the u.n. resolution and called for an immediate halt to any operations that went beyond those parameters that was set out. more perspective on this we're joined live by george kenney a former u.s. foreign service joining us from washington nato ready to aerial campaign. coalitions not expecting khadafi to ever be brought to justice. well i don't know. certainly having an the criminal court means that it's more difficult sleep to have negotiations and if gadhafi were ever taken out of the picture it would be more difficult still to have negotiations between people in benghazi and
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people in tripoli so. i suppose as a diplomat i would say that it's not an accident the prosecutor is seeking an indictment because. that would make the path for further military action easier coalitions bombings are becoming more tightly focused on getting rid of gadhafi with speculation that nato would rather see him dead than in court right issuing an arrest warrant for him be seen as a reason to kill rather than capture. of course it could be but the bombing in killing in that way is easier said than done it could happen tomorrow but it might take a very long time and i think that one of the things that. lushington and other nato capitals want to to ensure against is that if after another month or two or six people start taking the authors to negotiate seriously well then if we have an indictment we can say you know we're not going to negotiate we have to keep the war
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going to alicia and was aware of cut off these actions even before the civil war in libya so why be pursued by the war crimes court now when he's linked with crimes and terror for decades already. well it's not about justice it's about the political program that we have and of course indicting the it's not an incentive for him to cooperate at all nor for people under him to cooperate and not just because they might not want to be brought before a court but looking at the examples of people who've been brought to these international tribunal you could be locked up for four or five years or who knows how long without even having a trial so i think that the indictment serves mainly to. make western leaders feel like they have accomplished something that it does to. positively worth for an end to the fighting in libya if the court is determined to
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prosecute it off what about probing nato air strikes for the like we have a civilian casualties as a kind of open a pandora's box for them. well i don't know about pandora's box but we don't seem to be very sensitive to the question of civilian casualties we're not sensitive to civilian casualties in afghanistan or in pakistan or for that matter previously in iraq so as long as. no one in western countries does disturbed by seeing the horrific pictures on their evening news then i think the casualties question really won't really be a factor for western decision makers are watching this by the same version of cut off he himself doesn't seem all that interested or cares all that much about the civilian casualties either. well i it's hard to say what he's concerned about he's certainly been vilified thoroughly vilified in the west and presented as a monster or
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a latter day adolf hitler i'm not sure if that's all true i think the fact is that if he were as bad as we keep saying he is that he wouldn't have the support he has like just yes he would have been removed quite quickly so whatever he's doing there are there are people who who do support him for their own reasons and not just because he's forcing them to do so rather than leave it there george county former u.s. foreign service officer speaking with us from washington thank you. stay with us here on r.g.p. coming your way how a sex scandal could upset europe's first full recovery. studio for allegedly assaulting a hotel maid putting his influence our hero belo talks and his candidacy for the french presidency on line. but first european finance ministers are having to dig deeper into their pockets after finalizing seventy eight billion euros in aid for portugal they're meeting in brussels where greece is also vying for more funds and has already been bailed out by the international monetary fund but needs more
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cash as its failing to grow the economy is expected to announce further austerity cuts if it wants to secure more desperately needed funds meanwhile in spain which is suffering with record high unemployment levels protests against economic cuts turn violent ok sorry with reports from madrid where the country could be next in line for a handout. that's greece. and now portugal as the usa is paid out but numbers there are now serious concerns that spain could be the next to talk will. test this throughout the year at a contrary to the case even though the taxpayers' money being plowed into rescuing the. bad. thing again. that. i don't buy it makes about it.
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forty three hundred twenty five that everyone didn't like the bill late in the program and this will be i think that the going to be. this is only. the women we will win this thing with we will be millions if you raise things copeland's went enough there is now to give greece defaulting on its planes even potentially exiting the year. and portugal's recent bailout is reputed to be worth around. seventy eight billion year spain is the euro zone's fulfill largest economy different challenge altogether if it fails. if the situation happens the markets would not manage it but being out of spin's debt is the most catastrophic scenario for the e.u. what will the e.u. do i think and many experts share my opinion that the e.u. will do the utmost to avoid the scenario that any cost because spain is too big to fail. then you got
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a call looking at it and the question now is just how much longer can the usa continue bankrolling there is going bust as the spiraling debt crisis continues to escalate there is a ministers are struggling to maintain a united front. for financial survival for such countries a spain would seriously injure the euro it could lead to the use of two currency zones in europe a strong group of countries using the euro and the rest not using it or thinking to play down speculation. and see how this problems continue greece ireland and now portugal possibility of spain becoming the next thing country but remains a very real threat and right now the european like and the reality. is that the stakes far apart. the major. euro zone
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recovery talks are taking something of a back seat of trouble of the top of the international monetary fund of course for all the i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn was staying in custody during an investigation over claims he sexually assaulted a hotel maid he denies the allegations sovereign risk around arts as a candidate from an emerging market could take the i.m.f. top job. ever since these two global institutions were set up there was this implicit paul going to treat the americans and the europeans that they would share each other an american the european behaved but these two two groups because typically lived in europe in the american what we see now is growing disquiet amongst the motion market nations who become more influential in the sense that when the i.m.f. needed a lot of money to do a lot of lending at the height of the crisis when g. twenty came together it was the chinese and other emerging market nations the poor
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couple i have met paul just give it up and they may all give an emerging market person in the chair for once the europeans will formally come together and agree on a candidate the americans will fully do so but it may well be that these new big boned told those. bones chinese and others that was so generous and important when they came to the aid of the i.m.f. and the global economy they may say well it's actually time full change this routine and we need an emerging market kind of. commentary from sovereign risk catalyst to ride out on the possible shifting sands if the i.m.f. should its boss be forced to step down. and un representative has denounced israel's use of force against demonstrators calling it disproportionate at least sixteen people were killed as israeli troops shot at protesters marking the day palestinians were displaced when israel was created violence erupted on what's
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known as not day when some seven hundred thousand palestinians were forced out police used tear gas rubber bullets to stop thousands storming the borders from syria lebanon and gaza from getting into the country prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel's attorney to defend its sovereignty. from the most sour sector for arabs in israel says it's time for the international community to step in. but when we talk about the border there's a phrase that i listen i don't have border that was the very reason why it is all compiling all of these areas and people have the right to you know according also to the international agreements is the. responsibility to take care of that if you do use and all of the people don't all reliving your question and i think it's about time that the international community will act on the whole design and sponsor will such reaction to non violent demonstrations that is i think double standards in the international community where in any violation over there are no
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is taking place but the national community is acting immediately and i'm happy that the international community for example is acting against the libyan regime i think in the case of for israel we see all over the history double standards and i think it's very important to hold israel to the international community stand outs on that. you know like we are already over forty years of occupation of of occupied palestinian territories and over sixty three years without a solution for that if you g.'s problems that have been created all of the in for so when you talk about that devotional community the international community have responsibility they can consideration that the creation of the state of israel was done by the u.n. i think it's about time that the u.n. and the international community. there is only public and there is only policy makers who decide what they want they want one state solution or solution but they can't hold three million people and sharon without making decision what actually is
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allowed in war and. palestinians in gaza say they're being forced to spy for israel to get access to medicine and food as are his parsley reports for them they say it's a matter of basic survival. the latest weapon of war targeting the sick and the hopeless and denying them health care and this they become soldiers for the other side. of i needed urgent eye surgery which couldn't be done here in gaza i had to get to jerusalem but when i arrived at the border crossing i was arrested by the israeli security service they brought me into a building for questioning and kept me there from ten in the morning until six in the evening. the payoff a simple become an informant get a permit to leave gaza for medical care in israel jordan or the palestinian with spank or refuse and face the health risks and it's no casual operation but one which is highly planned and targeted involving senior israeli intelligence officers
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according to the man who says he was put under severe pressure to collaborate. during those long hours conal morsi for the law said try to bargain with me he said that if i refused i would go blind i would be sent back to gaza without permission to get to jerusalem for eye surgery. for some stories familiar to when you're born dozens of similar cases cross his disk each month as organization physicians for human rights represents patients from gaza whose permits to leave for medical treatment have been delayed or rejected by israel he says ever since i must took over gaza in two thousand and seven many of the roughly a thousand people who apply each month to leave gaza for health care outside are turned down sun times in between. for medical care is a different life or death. whatever they can in order to exit and. use this very sensitive situation to recruit people but these really government
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denies it's taking advantage of the situation and rubbishes the claims as nonsense people who have been refused entry for security reasons have to explain. and find a reason why they weren't allowed in but let's be clear the numbers speak for themselves eighteen thousand gazans in two thousand and three and it is rather medical treatment is the allegation that all eighteen thousand are working for israeli security it's simply ludicrous palestinian informers potentially provide important information for the israeli army but spying for israel is seen as treason by palestinians and is punishable by death also accuses israel of using social networking sites like facebook to access the private information of gazans harasses the israeli army then blackmails those guardians of innocently published information about their friends and family online as well but some alba hedy he
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refused to be swayed and paid to price. he said we've got to go is it because i'd rather be sick i'm blowing spin cooperate with the israeli unofficial father home or took his idea as gaza moves closer to egypt but for me gyptian president hosni mubarak now out of the picture palestinians believe that a more nervous israel will be seeking new tactics to oppose them that's why they think that recruitment of informers and invisible weapon but often the most damaging of all to minutes and movements is likely to remain a top priority please read intelligence policy on archie israel. for more on what's happening around the world you can always check out our team dot com here's what's on live right now. so very sions over osama bin laden's killing take a turn as wholesome just most americans have had a morality check over cheering someone's death. and a moscow official looks to have propped himself into a corner after suggesting a massive hike in the capital are parking charges as the mayor suggests docking at
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the front of his salary details that are key dot com. russia's reaffirmed it will take steps if the u.s. and nato continue with their european missile defense plans without taking into account last hours of you the foreign ministry says it will be forced into a appropriate response moscow has been concerned over the alliance asperity guarantee of a project threaten the russian security washington's been leading efforts for the missile shield in europe saying it will help protect the continent from countries like iran and north korea russia was an equal stake in the project but says there's been little progress so far reaching compromise russia's envoy to nato says moscow was tired of empty talk. who would like to receive the little girl and she's from the little states because of. some. system that the missile defense program which looks against russia it's ok. to kill confirm it and how it's possible to do it would like to see illegal border and to use through
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the set up in the for the initial musician no more from russian for interview we are doing this in the piece for small to create the system so we need a real business between the united states and the russian federation mean suffered six to be added to this and we do formation the other meaning missile defense creates the planes to will still do so the system won't be the aegis of missile so. it seems to me that you'd like to find the final solution. is going by the list of states with zero interest in the cold for europe in the russian reaction for a key picture of the system so the system. playing out of some other stories making headlines across the globe space shuttle endeavor has blasted off on its twenty fifth and final mission delivering a two billion dollars particle physics lab to the international space station with
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trips expected to last sixteen days during which astronauts will go on for spacewalks it's the penultimate mission in the shuttle program before the three ship is retired. u.s. tycoon donald trump says he writes one of our president he spent months considering whether to go for the republican nomination in two thousand and twelve and that has been out officially campaigning in several states trump says it was a tough decision but that the business world is his biggest passion and he's not ready to quit the private sector. residents from two towns of your pants crippled fukushima nuclear plant have left their homes after the exclusion zone was extended about five thousand people were moved into housing in hotels in nearby cities the latest evacuations started after melting fuel rods created a hole in a reactor chamber japanese engineers are now trying to come up with new ways to stabilize the stricken reactor as radioactive material continues to leak. so i head
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cross dr bates whether the west is today to find less by wealth and opportunity than by war and oppression. thorny issue coming up on cross talk after this hour's business update with koreans stay with us. oh welcome to because he and the staff will keep negotiating their chest wall even though their deadline expires in just a few hours both companies reportedly made a new offer to buy out he's russian partner in tank a d.p. but in fact news agency called sources close to the talks saying they are has rejected the offer i t's niche he made the tin cup has market. full is no information available right now from the parties involved but in effect news agency it's going to a source close to the negotiations has saying that b.p. and rostam also to buy out the russian partners in t and k d p that's al back has been over group they offered cash and shares in b.b. as a premium to the market price but according to the source they all refused this also
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and didn't suggest that imposing certain conditions which would quote be impossible for b.p. n roll snapped to accept so it seems right now because they should all still they have been stalled for quite a while this deal was signed way back in january that it was a lot good knowledge through an injunction with the start call all betray chambord as it violates of the terms of agreement between b.p. and its russian partners because this agreement stipulates t m k t v should be the primary vehicle all be these operations in russia and ukraine so the deadline is midnight but say it's very hard to say how this deal would come through but it's quite unlikely that this deal be abandoned altogether as the government sees it as are most important it's been labeled the deal of the year and we've also had the energy ministers of peace not go saying that it's important the solution should be pounds which will be a big interest of all parties involved. it's taken out of the markets now u.s.
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stocks are trading in the red this hour lows the second largest u.s. home improvement retailer dropped over three percent after cutting its full year earnings forecast for nationals has a higher. j.p. morgan chase raises rating smaller companies citing prospects for lower fuel costs and european stock markets and it's likely lower on monday while growing sovereign debt worries put greek equities other heavy selling pressure financial shares were among the biggest losers with a promise structuring three percent of the dax b.p. shares fell over one percent a head of a midnight deadline for the company to secure a sixteen billion dollars share swack deal with russia's trust. and here in russia or not it's been a slow as well as its last overhaul of the second r.t.s. and it's over eight percent so let's have a look at the individual share moves in energy sector gazprom was up over science lost over a percent on concerns about the growth in internal tariffs so that is down more
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than two percent profit taking after his announced dividend payments in line with expectations and have to also finish slow after a deadline to secure shuswap would be moved now here western at our own capital explains the current volatility of the north. but it looks like we have a continuation already seen over the last couple of weeks which is basically next to green extreme russia but mainly exciting materials and energy names is a continuation and follows on from russia had to be one of the best performing markets of the last six months but also we have this renewed continuation rather of concerns of sovereign trusts and so for europe and then there's also concerns about hiking rates even concerns across a lot of your group so it's really exiting russia given you know essentially profits. in this environment removing interesting for us it's. the russian economy of the first quarter grew four point one percent year on year but that's below the economy ministry and analysts forecasts what's keeping the growth back are low
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investment and advising him. i'm cool futures continue to lose ground light sweet is trading at around ninety dollars a barrel while brant is. trading it out good and twelve point nine dollars about the south and that's all for me in the business to head but let me can always find most always test launch the websites are to dot com plaster it's watched. the.
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culture is the same on the taxpayers' money coming from hundreds of years of a real mystery that is not what you mean we used the word west is a place a state of mind or even a specific time in history also. wealthy british style. sometimes the type of. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheap.


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