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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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if you knew the song from phone stuporous you can see. these stunts on t.v. don't comb. fortunately live from moscow look at the top stories russia steps aim to try and mediate the libyan conflict moscow prepares to host girl doctors and was about rebel representatives cancel their talks with simply technical reasons given as an extra. deadly financial dominoes for the e.u. to spain though looks like the next possible victim of the euro crisis after portugal's massive bailout package is unanimously agreed. and china is ready to spice up the space race with an ambitious timetable for inspiration and fluids
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launching its own space station and setting foot on both the moon and mars all within thirty years what next a special report about a huge amounts of international money pouring into war torn afghanistan and whether it's having the desired effect or falling into the wrong hands. the anti-drug official never attempted to find out how those quick fortunes were made. so who could do it. why not the anti-corruption commission. it was led by a childhood friend of president karzai. a few months ago in september two thousand and eight the commission was dissolved when something went very wrong but this was my. second chance office right here. and take. so these people. if you will give you tips i had some phones heartland cell for
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people to be calling in case it fell or did see something going on the by me asking people for pride and it was the telephone go flying ensued cooldowns me. is a number that there are numbers which we have a matter of mary production fake which the case is to the fabs which is nigeria see them. oddly enough the commission never investigated the sheer poor district. you must miss all those holes is is. your first serious. charge here because the fish which has imposed this was a park and has been built by people who feel majority for all the people they are working in that ministration office and this goes to say that this is that they were the generator was. probably. your body our newt showed
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poor us off to them touching it and just making it like. a skid out of it. lit chief untouchable had to leave his post precipitously. according to the american press was he spent three years in jail in the united states because of some shady business. see the receipt for jury duty. again if i'm stuck up by the. hour at eight and you are about france and where else you sure it's a moment ago drug. that's the one time about this question once upon a time when i was an american and chin up and say eighty four eighty five i don't make asian with some friends and other people but there was not a drug trafficking or drug selling run until those were some friends together and
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some apps are now. in the us vegas of course are about integration due in for some party. but is that the case and. in fact mr was he had the benefit of selling six hundred fifty grams of heroin to an undercover f.b.i. agent. and for you if you want to make your way a good video for you so first to speak as much as you can if this is a case somebody accident happened just let some. air fall but. what is given us that he is going to live in and then he cannot work for his nation. it is estimated that four billion dollars circulating in the country's economy come from heroin trafficking. another four billion comes from international aid. this massive influx of money has triggered the arrival of gold speculators. afghanistan attracts war and you bastards take sound business man that has made
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a fortune in the emirates. they're building these gilded shopping malls hoping to take advantage of the country's simmering opulence. a tell tale sign hundreds of brand new has u.v.'s in the streets. this. could be. the anticorruption deputy this sudden wealth is only the food eligible could prove his point he takes us somewhere to lunch. this is not an s.u.v. dealership it is a banquet organized in the owner of a member of parliament who was assassinated and all those who count incumbent are attending. church going to go. to and it is usually only these people of the richest people believe holding on to pull his have axes about they're not welcome here. just show this is how
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international aid is managed it's catastrophic. settled only when does the money end up. in the pockets of those close to power the deputies the senate is just business is good is doing heads of engineers of united nations department heads still goes chaos wisco waste of food or the cheeriest meal is killed by a french american english taxpayer. who see one who thought he was paying for the construction of roads of electric facilities schools. that the money went into the pockets of the government and the bill sales the luxury hotel to tell you. how it went you can see with your own eyes how your money is wasted on the americans the french people they usually see. what you feel you see because they feel that your money if simple as that was that if to give them
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a list of your country they would take it. you know all fairness internationally has succeeded in many sectors. in health for instance the french alliance for children and the aga khan foundation have financed medical equipment compared to what can be found in europe. even if the price of certain services like scanners are out of reach of many afghans. as for the americans they have built hundreds of kilometers of roads in record time. although it must be said that the first contracts went to american companies and that some funds were misappropriated. for instance u.s.b. on a texas based company that provides security for road construction sites is being sued by the american government for forging invoices. a u.s. p.-i employee because it used to be issuing false invoices for gas employees and
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car and according to an f.b.i. investigation american taxpayers paid three million dollars for two years for services that were never rendered for managers of the company have been detained. we met in film of the hidden camera u.s.b. i'm worse an aries they say that they were trapped by the f.b.i. the world to me is. that it was a. it. investigated crossing the life they. say so crossing the line is these are personal. but. corruption is largely endemic to the reconstruction sector. unscrupulous subcontractors sell contracts to each other. they take a commission for the sale and this leads to the reduction of the original budget. an employee for
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a construction company has accepted to describe the scheme under conditions of anonymity. when foreigners hand out a construction project to an afghan company they become partners and they want their share. they request a commission for each job as they feel nowadays and represent up to thirty percent of the budget if you don't pay you don't get a contract. this year. that's why the quality of materials is so bad here in the aviation all the people who work in this field used poor quality products. in us and they say they're going to use turkish french or german products but they don't you. know the materials come from pakistan everyone knows that look at us that's why you see so many building schools bridges and roads falling apart so that the. woman has noticed the poor quality of buildings on more than one occasion part of.
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his job is to control the quality of construction for the government has seen lots of substandard buildings but when he tried to denounce a shady company he had to walk. through this is. the death of a two they were using low quality sand for the cement to build the walls of and also the walls were crumbling. we requested that they stop using this type of sand but i think didn't take our request into consideration that you're willing they ignore our request of us why it was among them because they have friends in high places. most of them over that allowed it. to pretty i bet as you and i have seen publicly clear that if you show me one building i repeat just one building that was built correctly a clinic. a school. see almost surely one job it was completed all the way it was supposed to be this record is breaking
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international norms look how quickly this. for afghans the best example is they came to come to hospital. the building is located in a working class suburb of companies it serves one point five million people and. you see because i wanted to do private business so you can see everything is destroyed for a six years five years ago thanks to a gift from the international community hospitals renovated and a new we added this building is not working speciated the second story is today it is falling apart. you can see everything is this i thought that. the toilets and bathrooms are closed because of leaks they're currently being used
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to store broken furniture or case specifically because on addition there is no safety in the logic. of this because if they want to tough this the right way to cut off the if the used to tat hair then if they're destroyed the first story the first thing about the roof of god of removing his of the earliest make up of a yes ok there was rebuking this some food is the this is the for a second tour of the body and if we used it out it will leak to the first floor you see that's where it leaks. as you see it's all become militia systems across. this city are leaks the story is that back good. as you see it is the low quality tells that they have the news that if it is it's and distrust of the strike. is. the tiles are
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broken electrical outlets getting from their cases. there you see it is the operation you can see it was a. you can see right through. we have studied the hospitals reconstruction budget. total budget is two point two million dollars million if that will soon not the way. first the united nations agency that hands out the project with draws a two hundred seventy thousand dollar operating expense commission. that leaves one point nine million this money is allocated to an italian n.-g. o. that will supervise the work the ngo keeps one million dollars to buy wash wells electrical wire and washtubs. pays nine hundred thousand dollars to an afghan
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company that will carry out the actual job. two million dollars is a staggering amount for afghanistan. as a point of comparison how much does it cost to build a palace in the ship or district. altogether four hundred thousand dollars. yet two million dollars will be spent to renovate an old building and add a new wing. a lot of money for the afghans especially for a worn down building. who is responsible the italian n.-g. o. the afghan subcontractor. the prosecutor's office in kabul has launched an investigation to answer that question. the italian n.-g. o. initial goodwill accepted to meet with us. interests headquarters are in rome they have not been back to come.
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if their water is leaking in it's we couldn't waterproof it because we didn't have the equipment so we did what we could. toss a broken but that happens but i still can't understand it's. still the fact that it's still running amazes me i was sure that it was closed. she is the head of intersex he did not oversee the hospital building site himself his n.g.o.s specializes in mine clearance. didn't do anything two thousand to have can i stand was a rough place and no companies were capable of rebuilding the hospital so we accepted the job when i saw the report describing the final results oh i could see it was great you did a good job the report was legitimate written by specialists at least from the afghan government little no no no from you know international technicians they
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should. be and that's what i'm saying so if you see this this something that's not right at the top. and this is the field engineer who was in charge of operations he claims a lack of maintenance of the building among other things. like this one that they have to make and if they don't follow to go. nothing nothing but it's not the it's an old arabian out of years old but it's a very no no no that. no no no again we're going back to the reality this is the part that was built by you this is this part here so this part all destroyed this way it was built by your subcontractor four years ago i should have been upset and you can see it's falling down and it's
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very bad. but this is a mess this is for the. that's of the extent of the specialists enough to say. there is no it should fall like this but you have no never seen. it this time you think there's a that's the truth of her story. there was a major earthquake in two thousand and four in afghanistan but it's epicenter was three hundred kilometers away from the conflict and no damages were reported in kabul. for afghan authorities the explanation is far more trivial the hospital is falling apart because of poor quality materials for use. the investigating prosecutor is one of the few fish bowls genuinely fighting against corruption. on the morning we met him he was trying to get back salaries owed to teachers from a distant province side that mother many would yes it's the government he told me
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teachers' salaries. yes six thousand dollars that. is boy at the prosecutor's request the control commission started looking into the n.g.o.s books. i mean. he controlled it's one of those they came across a long time expenses that had nothing to do with the hospitals he's refusing to say that well you know most about everything. the prosecutor keeps invoices of the ngos operating expenses in this plastic bag for him there's simply too high. a fixer to this is the whole communications network. expansion that salaries computers travel furniture television at rugs for their offices in addition we cannot allocate those expenses to be original budget for the reconstruction in these items cannot be considered part of their mission not hold out any of it but for the heads of interest also their normal operating costs for
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a western ngo of course he never be productive if you do do only ensures that there is a complete over that. the so called supporting course those who started their communication courses the pickups for the material there are so few computers and so on that obviously a person teacher of the all supporting c. standard should should and should use it to to the poor. as you can only five percent is a. afghan authorities are also surprised by the high cost of materials imported from italy. the admitting they said they had to buy materials in italy. windows in its lamps in pakistan water closets bathtubs in italy was off i did it in my cellar all this while the markets in afghanistan are filled with the jews are that hard line italy or us that is just a political group who is its own economically too good for me to leave to bring some w.c.
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this is nearly was impossible to find anybody who cares there that is can we have no bank. people come from italy with the money in the pocket to pay the there was no no when back in they needed. and could. finally and that's the main problem the afghan subcontractor that performed on hundred thousand dollars worth of work simply vanished. a little in the ass or that i was the company never existed as well it doesn't have an address well it showed he would recall i said it all when i was. told it that this company which is called children rehabilitation is not likely as an atheist suffrage so how can it make so much money i thought is b.s. just. the currently the subcontractor seems to overbuild some services like the demolition of an old building for eighty thousand dollars. that's three times the regular amount but the italian in geo continues to side with the afghan
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contractor even though it is flag to me don't secure receipt which surprises me. is that you continue to trust the subcontractor matters like a bandit and we realize that all the very for it was abraded straight soon so they really. correct many and they were good because they were concerned of their own is no way they were nuts and they're not capable of giving the name of the guy who built the ospital you work so contracted him i'm not capable of giving me skill for longer for example which if number was provided to the attorney general or was unable to find in the it was a case of those be there is somehow we could truck with a mobile phone and he was a thinking mother this last seen c. and they disappear if they tried his full yet this is worth it only go there if they can only. then
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a few months after this interview tonight it nations launched an investigation against the american official from un o.p.'s who had supervised the hospital budget apparently he had embezzled no less than five hundred thousand dollars. total. so how can you not be disappointed but you know when the world asked us for help against the soviets we were there. and we have made so many sacrifices for us from these countries they came to help afghanistan reconstruct itself so they said unfortunately and stead of that is what we faced with loss but it is almost all. trust towards the reconstruction sector it is currently within the afghan population. expatriates are now synonymous with overblown salaries. and afghan n.g.o.s are suspected of running shady operations. when he was planning minister basho those confirmed that these operations were dishonest
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after investigating these n.g.o.s he requested that eight out of ten be closed. there are two thousand three hundred fifty five engineers you never get i stop people so majority ninety percent a local. needed one thousand nine hundred and thirty five outright thieves which openly waste the phones that they are allocating the public funds that internationally of your people tell us and. us from people seventy percent of their budget is spent on logistics for tuesday cooks busy body guards the cost of a two. we requested was that these students n.g.o.s be clip film with this it was an issue to listen i found only three hundred twenty to be honest see on shas if we kick out the corrupt to the thieves to the core it will give the honest organizations a chance to work through e.g.
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how i feel. special post was never able to carry out his plans. he had to resign from the government after his proposition. among the few n.g.o.s that had the approval of the minister was afghanistan them out of afghanistan tomorrow the school run by a french afghan national. geo budget is ridiculously low but it provides an education to five hundred street kids that never went to school. for these children and afghanistan duma means one meal per day and learning how to read and write. just me is a much bigger on the market which is needed i used to look at other children going to school and i'd be frustrated jealous but right now i'm going myself i feel better. lack. oh in financial year i had to work because my father could not
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provide for the family i didn't have a choice i do it all year i feel much better now that i can do the center right and earning drugs and learning to regional lighter who was a star that was called the other woman he was christie. oh. and corruption of the taliban's best allies. an increasing number of afghans are regretting although not openly islamists iron hand. is a move under the taliban you didn't see such high levels of corruption go well you did come up with what you said in the newly units today it's become a widespread system systems that are loose out of the states true we didn't always argue with their politics but when it came to economics there was less corruption and we had fewer problems. with an incident.
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in two thousand and one it took only a few weeks to oust the taliban from kabul. but already incent more talented and violence still remains. how can one be surprised that eight years later the taliban are coming back.
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