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dylan was the one who took the old waverly which are examples written of the mill stone who tells some of the country house holiday is the bull goldman tells the remembrance discriminate the choose to feel the montague the child the world the ribbons herself. four thirty pm wednesday evening here in moscow thanks for being with r.t. international from moscow our top story today president medvedev says the jail. would pose no danger if freed in his biggest news conference since taking office also the russian leader stressed it was not the place to announce his plans for the presidential election but promised that would happen soon and in other issues much better said russia would not support a u.n. resolution on syria after the events of libya. egypt revolution broad an end to
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a dictatorship or as i should in sectarian division with religious clashes already claiming dozens of lives christians and muslims plain post revolution begins for failing to stem the worrying rise in interfaith violence. and big brothers battering sweden as the e.u. uses its legal clout to force the country to store people's online information so it remains one of the few nations trying to protect internet users privacy. programs continue and that not everyone is convinced mankind is boiling our planet into oblivion as r.t. his next. today i'm talking to johnny ball he's most famous for being a children's television presenter in the seventy's and eighty's was also a climate change skeptic joining all thank you so much for talking with c. artie now you are famous for boiling things down there so i wonder if we could just
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start with you explaining the current accepted theory behind climate science and where you think climate scientists are going wrong well it all started at the very beginning and it alarmed me because it didn't seem to tie in with what i already understood about what role the way the world was life on earth works wife on earth is based on three. three items that's oxygen water and c o two and the three intermix when you're good and the thing you're producing you're burning hydrocarbons and you produce c o two and water but you can't do anything without the oxygen and there so if you demonize one and you have to demonize the other every time you produce a molecule of c o two you produce two molecules a water so even today when a c o two and you better believe in ice water as well. then i looked at what they were talking about and they were saying it was c o two and that was very it was
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manmade c o two and that was well in the sea you see you tonight see only there's only about one particle in every two thousand five hundred. but all of the man makes it that's only about four percent of the mo in the u.k. we produce two percent of that at the most and so you know talking about miniscule amounts of c o two they have a c c u two then has a very major function and that is to feed all plants. trees grow to an optimum hiked because of the warmth of the c.e.o. to the height it gets to i think things out when you go skiing you find that there are trees perhaps on the get cracking can really crab and metal and then look sick and matter is there the existing only less c o two and they learnt to do that and survive and like him maybe covered by snow for all bar
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a month but as soon as it's uncovered it grabs the c o two and minimal though it is that's enough to sustain it like through the year and this is the way it works with c o two that you have you know when you get a tropical climates the trees cubbyhole here jungle countries are much quicker because there's more so you so this kind of aspect of this show that c o two is the natural exchange between plants and animals and it's absolutely natural you're essentially saying two things one that theory two is that still for life or death and two that mankind isn't responsible for creating separate them out that they're doing plants on land rotting in fermenting including leaves and being produced about three hundred fifty billion tons of c o two a year mankind is industry produces at most twenty four billion tons. and for that
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matter factor fourteen so nature of producing fourteen times of what all the plants on earth only twenty percent wrong one. percent of all plants on earth are in the oceans and the same all with the scent we have a nice new thing it takes you back they produce the. calcium carbonate you caves are made from so you get out the c o two and. they get shells of of of crabs and things require so you truth of wrong so you see there's this total exchange an exchange can be upset it can be upset to a degree but to me it's so minimal that the whole for henri is crazy so how is it that you think climate scientists have got it so wrong i think there was a lobby that says we've got to stop the world progress we've got to stop technology progress and we've got to stop capitalism like we somehow got
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a hold everything wrapped and that's the idea when you talk to the green and find that they usually want technologies that are less efficient they thought we should we have one of the less efficient would be a greater weight on the one or two of that we're looking for greater efficiency one example of gas five electrical power stations in the last it eighteen years of double their efficiency to feed in the steam back again to make it work on fusing rare earth magnets that are much more powerful so that means any gas fired power station we think twice as much energy from the same fossil fuel as we got eighteen years ago now that is a tremendous success story the greens don't want it or. why and you have to wonder why. isn't it better though to to do something in response to this perceived threat from security rather than just leaving it as it is i mean surely any kind of research and development is progressive absolutely so you got to back the right
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wants gasoline in britain cost about. electricity from gas two point three paying a unit from nuclear two point five from coal can point eight or nine pick from wind nine point eight pence is crazy and not known when generator will be built without subsidy that's frightening because that patch costings are fortunate for something a substandard and when we build all the walls we will plan two new nuclear generators or one new nuclear generator when you get a generator well dismiss them all. nuclear is carbon free it doesn't produce you so why do the media want to go for you. doesn't make sense it doesn't add up it's a political motivation not to get with efficiency now in america they just like to think so fast the senate voted sixty four to have nothing to do with the un's
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international panel on climate change. not a funding not a bucket and not really interested in the reports i think it's one of something else they say they agree they're producing grain to produce ethanol that's been a total and unmitigated disaster in the united states and it's actually. cost a tremendous amount and even increased the carbon footprint but more than that the reduction in their food product grain for food has meant a doubling of wheat prices and other prices. that is affected the very countries who demand would require aid in kind from the usa and those countries ninety percent of the population at least a working class or poor kind of name a few tunisia libya and egypt yemen can order.
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what's happening now the question is is the squeeze on britain. because of the levy and fifty percent of our energy bills on substance for women fifty percent of our airfares on subsidy produce carbon sixty six percent of our taxes all of our of the cost of all petrol and diesel. it is squeezing the working people and every child this is the point which is why i'm thinking of hope propre because i'm interested in kids and the welfare of kids pay every child in great britain these poor piling on his degree because of us putting no that money in into fatuously areas ridiculous errors that don't ever prove their worth the candle and you in fact also jets to the way that climate science is taught in schools so it's not just not just fine actually detrimental to children but also
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psychologically you think what should we tell our kids about the future. tool tracks let's tell our kids the grown ups of messed the world up so much frankly we want you to cure it while you're seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen korea but you stop my lights off switch the lights will save energy do it do an audit and see how much any that's preposterous is preposterous when matthew bolton was selling steam engines long mine owner said oh i've got two hundred men down there but shovels i'm up and he said roddick one thousand men damocles weapons and the wrong way round he said take on the steam engine you know double your profits and double your output. we need children to learn. to want to become scientists technology strengthening its environmental scientists by only. one unit we want them to improve the world we want to pick them but now i'm going to look at my life seven decades every genya you can see them are improvements but mounting
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problems heart transplants somewhere in the middle and all kinds of things really brilliant improvements the clean air act in the one nine hundred fifty s. now all buildings if you but build a stone building it stays the same color i didn't used to be to be black within a year or two all those things the catalytic converter which produces. notches and nitrogen oxygen and said enough is outside and instead of unbent carbons semi burnt cabins and carbon monoxide to produce a carbon dioxide why because it's harmless and it's been great and wonderful and clean up our answer it's cleaner than ever been and it's true and all those things are wonderful and we teach our kids don't you see we've actually not done a bad job but with the technology with the communications technology but the computers will do so much better so you have faith you make a good better by picking at the back what is genius people about and taking it one step for matching how it's climate science become so politicized to think well it
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is. it's nothing else but politicize it is definitely not based on science and see they say it's the consensus we're at eugenics was consensus a lynch mob what the consensus of it would have been accepted by consensus you know the consensus from the religious you need as somebody said lovely a quotation from the scoundrel will always succeed if good men say nothing well thank god for being considered me a good man but somebody said that you know the answer is absolutely right and i've got to stand up and i've got a son that doesn't work in the cage for thirty forty years i believe in him i believe in the next generation i believe we could about what we do think they're going to have to care about and begun to be the next generation with all the jobs so surely if we can get their minds into gear i can help get their minds into the
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right thinking about science and technology then it's a worthwhile title that here i'll sit. down. hungry for the full stop we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. and mission. critical patients free. for charges free. maintenance free. free stereotypes free. and free blog cancelling videos for your media projects and free media don carty dot com. you didn't start all of a sudden it's
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a long story of destroying them. and there how much shocks. there are constantly or something leaks out here when they get done like that it's just that if you took every fisherman out of the water and you don't do something about that water in that attack protecting the habitat the fisheries it's going to collapse nature's steps by making way for the talks of just this you look around museum and see that all the solar system obviously everybody you're most well off in comes the road system speed really none of that's true. and you have billions of dollars oil and gas state. real baby drill. one needs from there two plus two so someone took my blood pressure will consider
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potential areas for development in south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. and. plague just cook. i'll put it in the headlines for you from our team today president a veteran says the jailed oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky would pose no danger if he said that it is biggest news conference since taking office the russian leader also stressed it was not the place to announce his plans for the presidential election promised it would happen soon in other issues medvedev said russia would not support a un resolution on syria after the events in libya. egypt's revolution brought an end to a dictatorship but as i should be sectarian division with religious clashes already claiming dozens of lives of christians and muslims plain post revolution leaders
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for failing to stem the worrying rise in interfaith violence. and big brother's battering sweetness the e.u. uses its legal clout to force the country to stall people's online information so it remains one of the few nations trying to protect internet users prosy. now it sounds like a sports culture with kate. hello welcome to the sports thank you for joining me and i love headlines in your money to also coach bill aims to emulate the special one take on board that wednesday night you write the league final. thoughts of his hate love to see roy jones jr is a trash can if you have it in your state. the president dmitri medvedev pledges all of russia to support their athletes at the london and sochi olympics but first
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a couple and quarter manager and great villas boas hopes to go some way and relating former shows they mean you know as the sides takes on fellow portuguese side braga and wednesday night you read league final in dublin the coach has just thirty three has already steered the club to the domestic title this season and that he hopes to reach bring as you wait for cup triumph from eight years ago last boss with his assistant also are clear favorites to win the game in ireland and have a prolific strikeforce in ramadan and hold if scored thirty nine times were treated this season in the portuguese topflight but alas paris is playing down his role in the team's success saying there are two points reflects the good work being done by everybody at the top. and i think there's a lot of the work of the manager and i don't see that. the work of the manager depends on the work over the structure of the club on the wall or the work that he represents the quality of the players and we were able this year to. all of this
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together with talented players. made as able to go so far in the league with such an incredible record. it will draw people into into this final. well i mean our brother finished fourth in the portuguese league thirty eight points behind porto the same which they haven't beaten for two years but that doesn't bother their coach coming as he believes an upset is possible although he admits it will take a special performance plus i'm exhausted new as a people like to see a small squad. and i think this is what's happening and why many neutrals is a holding burger we're doing ourselves who are the champions in football is like what happens in life. the color point but they still manage to be successful elsewhere russian champions and a tour player friendly was by minikin some petersburg's wednesday night after securing a new sponsorship deal with german car manufacturers also argand so these are
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already russia's richest club and although details of the latest contract haven't been released it's believed to dwarf any other sponsorship deal in russia then council of bahrain is the first of what cynic she is hoped will become an annual event to be called the euro fest it was see this includes as big outfit facing a number of european clubs in the pre-season as russia aligns itself with a conference for what calendar. a little they see playing the game is the best form of practice and a sparring partner such as brian munich will provide us with great training both teams managers will be able to experiment with the lineups and trying new things such a high level of play will definitely do our club a lot of good. meanwhile former sponsor moscow captain alex says he's left the club because of their current title drought as the midfielder completed his move to brazilian side corinthians the twenty nine year old was unveiled by his new team after being sold for six million euros alex adjoint spartak from brazilian side internacional back in two thousand and nine but have missed most of this year's
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pre-season because of injury and the playmaker also said he wanted to return to his homeland for family reasons and to improve his chances of playing for his country. while they were in england manchester city are on the brink of an automatic champions league spot they won three nil at home to stoke on tuesday which are still in the fourth place the match of the league reprise of saturday's f.a. cup final which they managed to slide also won this time round scholar status scored an h.r. for the home side with joleon lescott netting the second early in the second half with ongoing not roberto mancini's side now have a one point advantage over the gunners would have to play a tricky champions league qualifier if they finish fourth. and in the n.b.a. dallas have won the first game of the western conference final against oklahoma don't miss the score and come up to eight points in that one hundred twenty one to one hundred new trial victory in dallas this game that best of seven series. now boxing legend roy jones jr says he has plenty of respect for russians in his
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lebedeff ahead of saturday night's bout in moscow as the pair held an open training session here in the capital the american who is an eight time world champion was locking up the atmosphere at a shopping mall for a light session in the ring and even showed his rapping skills before wrapping up his hands with some glove work forty two year old was named by two of the decade in the ninety's by the boxing writers association but even though he hasn't won a fight for two years he's confident ahead of the non-title cruiserweight fight however as is his opponent there it is eleven years younger and has an impressive record of twenty one wins and one defeat he's trained by boxing lead. just assume he's very much the favorite and have a message for the fans. they're pretty much out of the workbook i'm inviting all of you to go in first or it's your work journal time and all the other things going for sports we're getting fewer numbers we have to be strong thanks to everyone once again we will win because there was nobody there. to be.
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put on the floor. well meanwhile russia's weightlifting chiefs have warns the same not to get carried away after their success at the european championships here in the native country nine goals one in cars and with russians women topping four and seven white categories all the men claim five number one finishes however but one of those victories were in the heavier weight divisions so there's still a lot of work to be gunned down the scale also powerhouses china and south korea were not competing at the event will be at the world championships in paris in november. but none with but the place because our main role is to get ourselves ready for the olympic games in london we haven't just started our preparations today we started them straight after the beijing games where we failed to win the gold medal we still have work to do to catch the likes of china and hopefully we'll put in a good performance of the upcoming world championship with new couple which and in
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the meantime president dmitri medvedev says all the ingredients are in place to help russia's athletes deliver the goods at the next summer and winter olympics the president was speaking at his first question and answer media conference at the country's future silicon valley talk about just outside moscow. the my children of it i think we must all believe in victory that's the only option otherwise our doubts could be transmitted to our athletes but we must support them and believe in them till the very end and even when their chances loop slim we all watch sporting events and it is part of our job to help our athletes to support them as for their preparations i think they've been working the way they should and we do have chances to perform well both of them on the lympics next year and in sochi in two thousand and fourteen funds have been allocated a lot of important decisions have been made so we'll cheer for them and i hope they give us reasons for joy. and finally with less than
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a thousand days to go until the winter games and such change the search is on to find an army of volunteers to help the olympics fans may as they answer months ago school reports oh god the one thousand days the gold market was celebrated all over the country maybe choosing to get the blood pumping with a festive public workout. others chose to mark the spirit of the occasion by play music. but these young men and women were discovering the spirit of the old soviet union tradition of working on a saturday the volunteer centers opening their doors so that olympic gold medalist atlanta sure obama could leave the youngsters about the challenges that lie ahead and just like in sports the googling and drawn out selection process will leave only the best volunteers from all over the country for russia to be a very very huge selection and that's a very not not really easy will be like least five stages to being on tour for the
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games will be one of the top twenty five thousand volunteers. who will be walking for the olympic games it's a juror of a plenty of hard work and skill to earn her five hundred metres gold in turin in tones of world championship accolades but what skill set does the potential olympic volunteer need to possess in order to assist in the constant wide effort of preparing for a global tournament it's english or they know and this is not just in this because . we for this part of languages since the interest have to speak maybe some more language distinguish very good nor russian because it's very important to say for everybody what is the russian and if somebody ask you selections will start an event for this year so there's still time for aspiring volunteers the brush up on goals and other skills. russian olympic committee. had alexandre zuckoff visited one of the capitals boarding schools
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a celebratory and sporting spirit definitely in the air there with mascots and athletes all working up a good sweat zuckoff sees plenty of perspectives for the next generation and obviously has a soft spot for the enthusiasm dick youth willing to make a difference. and it's great to see children who like participating in sports and becoming big fans of our currency libyans i enjoy seeing them get excited about volunteering and helping out our cause but i hope that this movement will eventually lead to more exposure to sports all over the country with every aspiring athlete having facilities available to them. with numerous people showing up to support the olympic push it is clear that it's not only the athletes who are working hard to help russia put its best foot forward on the global sport and stage a bunch of gorski r t. and that's all the postings i think.
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