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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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call them local time with resources michael beverly closer to home riviera hotel macaws central coach home account. all to see dimitri really says it's not the time to reveal his presidential plans for twenty twelve touring a matter of the news conference he also fielding questions on working with from the opponents in and ruled out for russia from backing the u.n. resolution on syria because of the b account. also this hour the end of egypt's dictatorship at the start of sectarian division christians and muslims plagued post revolution leaders for failing to stem a worrying rise in religious violence. sweden's efforts to keep people data private takes around the ring as the new comes down hard ordering the country to store
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personal online information. and in business this hour russia's state run last night may seek compensation for its failed saswata you with b.p. for not coming up in our business bulletin and that's what. you're watching r t it's seven pm now you're a moscow my name is kevin zero in on the top story dmitri medvedev says he'll announce whether he's going to run again for president but not just yet it was one of his answers to hundreds of journalists at a mammoth media question and answer session that lasted over two hours he also discussed his working relations with prime minister putin and how russia was disappointed with nato as actions in libya and this is now a follow the event for us for r.t. this letter went on for almost two and a half hours hundreds of journalists were there a few. hundred in fact i three hundred of them international all packed into
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a hole in the scope of what that they knew was not chosen by mistake it's somewhat of a gem up for president message of part of his modernization plan and what it is a project to develop was a sort of tax town very similar to that of silicon valley bringing together some of the greatest russian minds and one place to develop new technology and other sorts of developments about was chosen very specially for this session lots of different issues were covered of course the biggest anticipated question are i should say answer of the day was a whether or not president medvedev would run for a second term in the twenty twelve election but he himself joked that he was surprised that it only came as the fourth question at least the first of several but he expects that to be the very first question that wasn't the case but it became very clear at the beginning of the session that today was not the right time or the right place as he started he said making that kind of announcement today
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would be playing somewhat of a political gain however many questions were asked about the election about the intrigue surrounding whether he would run whether prime minister vladimir putin would run and this is what he had to say about his relationship with the prime minister pointing out that they do think alike on many issues but they also have their differences. russia machinist's blame my relationship with my colleague and political partner of the to me approach and he's north's just something that people call a tandem and actually we've been working together for over twenty years and we know each other well we think alike and all views on key issues in our country's development very close but this doesn't mean we always in the same way that we have different views on modernization i think this process much faster all eyes now internationally on of course what's happening in libya are t. in fact asked whether or not the russia would be in favor of any kind of resolution to interfere in syria. of course there we're seeing an uprising and much milder and
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slightly present day did mention that russia would be against any kind of intervention in syria because of what happened after the resolution on the b.s.a. is that is if i see the support resolutions on syria frankly speaking they were disregarded by the actions that some states took the most even though initially russia supported the first resolution and didn't veto the second what happened afterwards demonstrated that these kinds of resolutions can be manipulated this is deplorable because it undermines the all thirty of the u.n. is another international issue that came out was a russian relationship with the red the west and with nato president medvedev said that he did believe the operation was going well but that they are still weary about miss out of france both the u.s. and nato and that in the future they would be looking for transparency about was not the case russia would be ready to develop its mis our systems some of the most straightforward questions came from opposition journalist this is what one blogger
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asked the president about the fate of jailed boiled tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky. he heard of course he is released who he did injure to society that was a short question and the own son will be equally short and no absolutely not and a lighter note many jokes were made a lot of light hearted questions were asked once again it was put on display how involved president medvedev is in technology how he keeps up with his social networks and with his blogs in fact at one time people that his wife had read breaking news about how the speaker of the upper chamber of parliament ted binion out of his position and also he made some edits through these social networks like twitter and his blog that he keeps in touch with what with what's really happening in the world and with the people that he's in fact the first russian president to do that. but he's missing out of the last he caught up with the president's press secretary straight off to the conference ironically she told us that the president is networking doesn't make a job a news. just above where it's thought it was there now is someone from the press
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comes to the president to be on the latest news you know this already and the internet is nice is more expensive here the news from the president will not be very clear that in this job you have to make sure we knew all the news the president. the moscow bureau chief of britain's times newspaper told us that village reaction on nato actions in libya showed the president was clearly annoyed and committed have appeared somewhat regret russia's support of the resolution on libya was quite strong in saying that. the actions are probably going beyond what he thought he was voting for. so i think internationally people take note of that because it will signify russia's increasing unease i think about what's going on in libya and more broadly in the middle east but i didn't detect a sense from mr inventive the security council wasn't the proper forum in which these things should be discussed. political analyst babbage told me that nobody has
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taken quite a costly time as a lighter one but three won't have posed incision of the court i don't think is going to be released and after all it's not the president who put him in jail i don't think it will be politically easy for me to. put all of their course although he has chair possibility according to all but you know these sort of things happen sperry rarely in any country in korean version so i think basically what mediators want to see is there he doesn't dispute the decisions of the court but he doesn't consider this person a danger. to be true babbage there i will of more reaction to what the president said in the coming hours on this channel you can also get it all word for word on line the whole media conference or two hours and seventeen minutes of a distributor website if all of that in the valid r.t. book. next when the people of egypt oppose the president it was to herald
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a new era of democracy instead it's ushered in a wave of religious violence where both muslim and christian leaders a pains to bring to end before it gets out of control that is rare for nationals got the story . present. but there is little satisfaction indicate if egypt. seriously five lives square three become an enemy barracks resignation so egypt in mysterious and christians turn on each other. better we want justice we want equal rights because in institutions in businesses police and army and politics they work for centuries the coptic christian minority has felt discriminated in a country dominated by eighteen million muslims the revolutionary euphoria has brought a desire for change and the ball people have to sit freedom and they like it now we
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are clearly fed up of the situation. tensions in the past month have left dozens killed scores injured and several churches burned this muslim woman and her entire family had been welcome in liberation until her twenty four year old son was killed in the street by a brick thrown during sectarian clashes in baghdad and more than flashpoint as years of syrian religious tension boil over so how can we know mubarak was a dictator and maybe he was corrupt police to have been able to sleep and our children are alive we never saw that before we could have didn't imagine something like this any yes from this point of view an east. the old regime. out is glorified revolution in london the muslim brotherhood then to under mubarak today to the country's only well organized political group with the president can they move from jail cells to this luxury of building in central cairo the revolution given them
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a long awaited voice at the radicals are triggering the tensions or at least saw how the revolution united people and they want to ruin that they don't want to see egypt strong they do dependency but i'm sure they will all disappear after the parliamentary election this september. in batteries pyros poorest district is home to millions of people surviving on just a couple of dollars a day probably in the clear revolution egypt's immune system has been the weekend john mattick weak economy is in a critical condition this ruling the country when this happens the symptoms strike most vulnerable first and the question now is just how far the damage rights and whether egypt can ever recover. refresh our t. cairo. well for more on post revolution in egypt to sort out a professor of market almost isn't a story an expert in international relations at oxford university in the u.k.
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press raman very good evening to you from moscow and he was mubarak gone it would be easy for egyptians to feel kind of rudderless right now i guess it cannot provide a breeding ground for radical movements like for instance the muslim brotherhood which way do you see the power heading. well i think that that is the great danger of all the reasons why barak was unpopular not just his own personality or even his family the huge economic problems in egypt with a rapidly growing population lots of unemployment and the religious issues take away with barak and you don't really take away any of those problems in some ways you also do have a take away a focus of all forty that could say this is what we should do this is what we should do and the current provisional government the generals and the pointedness to you know really because there's a strategic vision of a free for where they want to go and so we're seeing the radical groups of the same just local disorder so is it going to head towards free democracy or a rise of radicalism do you think in egypt. well i think you could get the irony of
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two things you could have elections in september but the largest best organized group might say we don't accept the results we think we're the real majority and they will actually help the people who will come out on the streets think that's the russian revolution and item seventy of all ships have a quarter of the vote but they have for more than a quarter of the boots on the ground and i think this is what we might see through the muslim brotherhood maybe of mobilizing of people to take it wasn't really a similar attention to a libya. has been in moscow maybe positive noises about a ceasefire so long as the rebels the nato do the same do you think nato should now be making the next moves by stopping is there strikes them. well this is the problem later nato is pursuing a policy of regime change under the cover of a un resolution about protecting civilians it's very difficult for the nato leaders to protect. the breathing space for any kind of remaining in office but on the other hand going through with a whole hearted war and the kind of loss of life and might be necessary to dislodge
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him from tripoli is really going to make a mockery of the idea of protecting sort of a life for a million civilians who will be reflected in the west of course is clearly putting its faith in the rebels there to the west be so sure that the opposition won't lurch into radicalism if this goes on. well i think that's it only wanted to the people who used to say that the afghan groups would produce a kind of tolerant form of islam not like iran in the isolationists are still around to tell us that we can be confident that libya will become some kind of multi-party multi-faith democracy and the risk is that people who grow up under a dictatorship actually the politicians the activists really they want to replace a dictator with themselves they may use the slogan to democracy and all of us who once they are in power are also in control of the oil they may just decide they are the people fighting for you because of who they've done the fighting with mater what you think the next step is going to be. i suspect we will see an intensification of the nato campaign in the hope that after you can be toppled
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relatively quickly in the next few weeks but if this approach on for another month then it really does raise serious questions about the viability of the rebels surely if gadhafi was so profoundly unpopular his regime would have been toppled much more quickly as we have seen in other revolutions were a dictator with military force and on the west couldn't to fry the will of ninety percent of the corporation the problem is there was up there are thousands of people backing off even if there are people willing to fight and to some are coming from oxford university thanks your insight on r.t. tonight. now online the cvs going on our home page r.t. dot com the stories going a lot of interest let's tell you about them an alleged ball is arrested here in moscow police say they made a gruesome discovery his apartment but the suspect admitted he was eating his victim if you need to find out more about that you want to know more about the backstory it's at r.t. dot com also for was a bit of a download don't make too many plans for the weekend these billboards appearing
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across russia say the end of the world is nigh when you ask three days' time i tell you what hopefully not anyway but you can find out more about that throughout r.t. dot com i'm sure we'll still be here. sweden's been trying hard to make sure that people's private online data stays just that private but the use insisted none the less it has to store users confidential information i think i have a better way to stockholm to find out why big brother isn't welcome there. recall. every e-mail. even every text will be watched if the e.u. has its way it's forcing members to impose a law to store all telecom traffic data it will know where you are and who you are
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talking to sweden's refusing and is now being sued by the e.u. for the safe information probably will be in some case misused isn't injuring their foundations are other c. s. s. here or a free society the law was meant to combat terrorism and sweden should have been tracking calls since two thousand and seven but parliament just postponed the yet another year one of just five members standing up to big brother the has been wrong in many cases before and also in this case and there of course were through the chase criminals and combat terrorism but we should not build up a big brother society going under the radar could land sweden a fine of up to sixty eight million euros a small price to pay for a country that doesn't like being watched it's not something you notice at first glance but c.c.t.v. doesn't actually exist in sweden the only security cameras on the street are
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cashpoints but there aren't any public places like this one that sound portions and well guarded for missing is here. are the moments we use free from the watchful gaze but it's not about cameras the data traffic can be stored for up to two years it's already kit for three months by operators for billing reasons they say that's enough for the majority of the requests that are coming from law enforcement authorities actually concern communications which were made within the first three months so it means that it is really this proportion that the extra storage will cost operators an estimated twenty million euros a. i would say that it is a problem it is a big burden for all operators they cannot give me a hundred percent guarantee that this information will not it's leak into the hands with which should not be even the european commission admits changes are needed
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each report last month found the right to privacy was being threatened so there is room for improvement in the currently to retention directive these roches shortcomings substances of considerable concern for citizens and industry quarterly later this year will present amendments to this effect it is taken sweden four years just to get that far is a long way to go before the beats goliath police certainly not giving up yet i have been it r t stock. elsewhere around the world this violent protests approach another in northern afghanistan over a nato raid in which four people were killed clashes during the demonstration at least eleven more dead and dozens wounded and it has confirmed that its forces killed two men and two women during a house raid and pointed out that they were all armed and tried to fire troops as widespread anger in afghanistan right now a heavy handed house raids and civilian casualties of nato operations. ahead of
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international monetary fund has been put on suicide watch and was being held as a sexual assault charges dominic's cross comes in a new prisoner who will appear in court on friday to reappear apply for bail he was detained at j.f.k. airport on sunday accused of attacking a hotel maid at something he denies. four workers are gone inside reactor number two of japan's crippled fukushima plant check the radiation levels in the building are equipped with in tents protective gear and they're the first to answer since the earthquake disaster in march data is needed to work out how best to try to cool the reactors efforts using an unmanned probe failed when steam blocked its viewfinder making it impossible to navigate. a barricade maybe a big drag. employment filtering for the economy because one industry was cracking the trend it is a boom time for manufacturers branding themselves the saviors of the job market. for reports next on how americans have little choice but to go for work. it's
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career day and for one industry business is booming business is being very small business a hundred percent pro revenue increases three thousand four we're now going into this year with a significant revenue increase defense contracting. for missile defense maker northrop grumman chemical and biological weapons producer patel. weapons builder pragmatics to work fighters of quarter b. eight all of the big names are here at charlottesville community job fair business is very good for be a systems currently we're the second largest offense contractor in the world we have anything in the department of we do as well to support them so we've been fortunate over the last several years the experience of considerable monetary. growth in iraq and. afghanistan and at the us is more than one thousand military bases worldwide we are located ever sees in iraq afghanistan germany south
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korea and so we have a lot of opportunities in the united states as well as ever sees and with the pentagon budget of over six hundred eighty five billion dollars in two thousand and eleven there are plenty of defense dollars to go around northrop grumman is the second largest defense contractor in the united states with nine point nine billion dollars in contracts in two thousand and nine alone and more and more people here in charlottesville so they don't mind taking a piece of that defense contracting pot i'm a pacifist but you know i'm a realist to me sometimes war is necessary just because we want to be peaceful doesn't mean if you want to use others don't see us presence in iraq and afghanistan as negative at all there to help you know what. a lot of them they don't they don't know they just look at a murder like a you know we are tyrants what we're not with their real estate advisor michael o'brien went to iraq as a defense contractor to do just that help but i realized here for i've been they
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are you know nearly a year i was there fourteen months i was just a warm body to collect fees for my company o'brien became disillusioned with the corruption and mismanagement and they were taking land from iraqis without securing title and when i brought this to their attention i said what would you build a house in the united states not a piece of land that you didn't know the guy can't we have his office still o'brien says americans won't see the end of defense contractors anytime soon without a draft the military depends on hundred thousand contractors to support its two wars abroad and the defense contractors working in the. you know when white eisenhower talked about the military industrial complex in one thousand sixty one. in a say that without the defense industry america's nine percent unemployment rate would soar to eleven point five percent increasing those for many in charlottesville military contracting is the best defense here in florida are
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thieves charlottesville virginia. and had for just a couple of minutes the phone line between prosperity and poverty is explored in the loads edition of people of cross-talk first. where the money in our business of . welcome to our business because of this our russia's state run rosneft may be seeking compensation for the failed share swap deal with b.p. temporary prime minister says and one of the main architects of the deal says the company's lawyers are studying the viability of a claim that it does not specify whether it is b.p. or its russian partners they are that's like the target both ross and have had previously threatened to seek compensation from b p however constantine is seen enough believes rossley have to find fault with a r. you know if you'll go to the court and there are a lot of arguments it will show their position of. not making money because.
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the politically motivated the many most of the story to do it is rare for this to pay the compensation but. if they really the reason was to destroy this deal some small computer will not be a problem for it will be another argument for my idea that the main motivation was not a quote and it was politics. the deal between that and b.p. does not appear to be completely set rosner says it could resume thoughts on cooperation with the potential major the company claims it has received a new offer from b.p. which goes beyond the original agreement during his conference with the news media and. president medvedev hinted the government still saw b.p. as a strong potential partner number which split so to simply think those who cleared the deal should have paid more attention to the details of the shareholder
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agreement the government should have done diligence for more carefully this was not done because difficulties among the shareholders and these troubles could be avoided if the parties had come to an agreement in advance but if the deal goes through i will be this would also be good for russia to the. palace coca heartache how it has been a favorite project of with it if so far little in the way of construction has taken place however it's now possible to see what the future city might look like after a presentation of the design concept of the week right across or has none. congress whole of business center and it's acknowledging part now these are just some of the features that skolkovo will boast according to the designers but that comes with a hefty price tag and that is one hundred and twenty billion rubles which is about four point three billion dollars about half of the funds will come from the state and the other half from private investors the government has already agreed to subsidize the purchase of construction materials as well as the equipment and in
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order to attract foreign investors skolkovo provides tax costumes and visa incentives companies from all around the world have already signed up to take part in this project and some of them include cisco which has allocated one billion dollars over the next decade to transform skolkovo into russia's first smart connected city then we have boeing which is establishing a design center so employ three hundred i.t. specialist to support commercial aircraft construction then we have private equity firm sigil or god and that is investment seal hundred fifty million for digital infrastructure and i.t. services the other big names include ta ta in cell and microsoft dell scoble is expected to be completed bites one to fifteen and the payback period is expected to start in five to seven years during the call serve up business artsy. take a look at the markets oil is climbing two percent off an industry survey shows
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unexpected drop in gasoline supplies also to weaken u.s. currencies and closing investors to vine dollar price colonus these investors are also waiting for the government to release its weekly invent a report and stocks in the u.s. edged higher after results from personal computer make and dell helped boost sentiment and offset a disappointing forecast from retailers staples traders are still concerned that the u.s. economic recovery slowing hewlett packard leaves decliners on the dow its shares are off for one point six percent a day after its reported weak he said. per second quarter there is. this in a story in europe where the footsie in the tax continue to trade in the black the south in london the world up sell is up almost two percent and in germany telecom is gaining over one in the whole the south. and here in russia are both theologists in the eyes it's closed in the black rebounding from a five month low stocks were boosted by a series of strong earnings reports looking at some in the movies on the my six
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steelmaker severstal is after purported a five hundred thirty one million dollars profit for the first quarter and that's above analyst expectations natural gas produce another ten. edged up as well and almost got offered almost doubled year on year net profits in the first quarter to around half a million dollars and polymath goal was around almost six percent higher supported by stronger precious metals parts. that's what we have for you this hour i'll be back with another update in about forty five minutes from now but stay with us for headline news with up next.
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if if. it. if. it was the fourth quarter. of. this street still keeps its secrets of announced time some feel that if the soviet files.


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