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find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on our genes. in the. dmitri medvedev says it's not the time to reveal his presidential plans for two thousand and twelve this being said during a marathon news conference he also feel that questions on working with. ruled russia out of backing a u.n. resolution on syria because of the libya campaign. also this hour the end of egypt's dictatorship but the start of sectarian it's a vision of christian muslims a claim opposed revolution leaders for failing to stem a worrying rise in religious violence. and sweden's efforts to keep people's data private takes a hummer and as the e.u.
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comes down hard ordering the country to store personal online information. live from the center of moscow this is a hearty welcome to the program about a new treatment here that says he will announce whether he's going to run again for president but not just yet it was one of his answers to hundreds of journalists at a mammoth media question and answer session that lasted well over two hours he also discussed his working relations with prime minister putin and how russia is disappointed with nato as actions in libya and he said ali has been following the event for r.t. . this letter went on for almost two and a half hours hundreds of journalists were there eight hundred in fact three hundred of them international all packed into a hole in that scope of what that they knew was not chosen by mistake it's somewhat
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of a gem for president medvedev part of his modernization plan and what it is a project to develop as the sort of tech town very similar to that of silicon valley bringing together some of the greatest russian minds in one place to develop new technology and other sorts of developments about was chosen a very special thing for this session lots of different issues were covered of course the biggest anticipated question are i should say answer of the day was whether or not president medvedev would run for a second term in the twenty twelve election but he himself joked that he was surprised that it only came as the fourth question at least the first of several and he expected it to be the very first question that wasn't the case but it became very clear at the beginning of the session that today was not the right time or the right place as he started he said making that kind of announcement today would be playing somewhat of a political game however many questions were asked about the election and about the intrigue surrounding whether he would run whether prime minister vladimir putin
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would run and this is what he had to say about his relationship with the prime minister pointing out that they do think alike on many issues but they also have their differences. russia question yes my name my relationship with my colleague and political partner of the to me approach and he's no it's just something that people call a tandem actually we've been working together for over twenty years and we know each other while we think alike and views on key issues in our country's development a very close but this doesn't mean we always think the same way we have different views on modernization and i think this process could be much faster all eyes now internationally on of course what's happening in libya r t in fact asked whether or . not russia would be in favor of any kind of resolution to interfere in syria of course there we're seeing an uprising in much of my lands lately president is made of mention that russia would be against any kind of intervention in syria because
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of what happened after the resolution on debian is that is if i see the support resolutions on syria frankly speaking they would disregarded by the actions that some states took even though initially russia supported the first resolution and didn't veto the second what happened afterwards demonstrated that these kinds of resolutions can be manipulated this is deplorable because it undermines the all thirteen of the u.n. is another international issue that came out was a russian relationship with the red the west and with nato president medvedev said that he did believe cooperation is going well but that they are still weary about miss out offense both the u.s. and nato and that in the future they would be looking for transparency about was not the case russia would be ready to develop its mis our systems one of the most straightforward questions came from opposition journalist this is what one blogger asked the president about the fate of jailed boiled tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky if . he could of course he's released who he did injury to society that was
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a short question and the old some will be equally short no absolutely not and a lighter note many jokes were made a lot of light hearted questions were asked once again it was put on display how involved the president it is in technology how he keeps up with his social networks and with his blogs in fact a long time it was that his wife had read breaking news about how the speaker of the opportunity were a part of them and had been you know to his mother's out of his position and also he mentioned that it's through these social networks like twitter and his blog that he keeps in touch with what with what's really happening in the world and with the people that he's in fact the first russian president to do that. i mean in our reporting right there he did catch up with president medvedev suppressed secretary straight after the conference she told us that the president's networking doesn't make her job any easier. just. it often happens when i was someone from the press comes to the president to brief him on the latest news he knows this already from
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the internet a nice is more expensive because to hear the news from the president would not be very clear that in this job you have to make sure you knew all the news the president of the. moscow bureau chief of britain's times newspaper told us that made a good if the reaction on a nato as actions in libya show the president was clearly annoyed mr medvedev appeared somewhat to regret russia's support of the resolution on libya was quite strong in saying that the actions are probably going beyond what he thought he was voting for. so i think internationally people take note of that because it will signify russia's increasing unease i think about what's going on in libya and more broadly in the middle east but i didn't detect a sense from mr inventive that the security council wasn't the proper forum in which these things should be discussed and political analyst it to be true about told us here at r.t. that to take on the whole thing is
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a lighter one we want to oppose the decision of the court i don't think it means he's going to be released and after all it's not the president who put him in jail and i don't think it will be politically easy for material to top are also there of course keep although he has proceed really according to war but you know these sort of things happen smeary rarely in any country in korean version so i think basically a ward mediator wanted to say is that he doesn't dispute the decisions of the court but he doesn't consider this person a danger. and if you miss the president's speech you can get it word for word on line just ahead of a two hour to talk. now in the past few hours the u.s. confirmed it is imposing sanctions on syria's president for human rights abuses all of this following a violent crackdown on anti-government protesters the measures are the first to
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target president assad personally be include an asset freeze and a bar americans from dealing with the restrictions also apply to six senior syrian officials that so disgusting development with middle east expert attorney. mr ali the u.s. of val's quote it must begin to introduce change with these sanctions will they were. i don't think sanctions work i think they are essentially symbolic measure usually when same trims are applied against it to create the effect of poor people in that country more than the ruling elites as we saw four years before the united states single created iraq in two thousand and three that had imposed bloody sanctions regime which led to the loss of children's lives with medicines were prescribed now they're saying that these sanctions apply largely to. the baathists functionaries who are these people can still carry on i
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don't think they would be too affected it would be an irritation but nothing more so the sanctions would be ineffective it is interesting how you do a comparison with iraq on the situation now another group is tightening on syria switzerland also imposed sanctions on the countries officials adding to earlier measures how far do you think is the west really ready to go here. i don't think they can go too far i mean till very recently they were negotiating on very friendly terms with bush. trying to get him away to try to trim from iran drag him towards. and possibly even use him about this regime in syria against tehran world that has now fallen by the wayside but in my opinion the intervention of the west in libya has been
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a disaster the bombings the indiscriminate attacks the destruction of buildings in libya the clear siding with one side in this in this conflict has meant there was never happens the libyan people have actually lost because they are now caught between the. the western be real. it's been a disastrous business so it is always better for a country any concrete to develop organically and if the people can government that is how it should happen when ever the west include beans it's usually just there i mean you're saying the interventions been disastrous there are many that are saying that the original un resolution one hundred seventy three has been stretched beyond any limits for what's going on what was supposed to be a humanitarian mission a no fly zone if we can just focus for a moment on the sanctions here obama said that syria's government poses quote and i'm usually an extraordinary threat to national security foreign policy and the
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economy of the united states what kind of extraordinary threat is he talking about here. i think trade some manufactured it will. never be wished to manufacture them i mean governments with whom they have been friendly suddenly become security risk and this is largely designed for consumption . within europe the vassal states. that are being prepared for me i cannot see what's a purity thread these countries pose the united states at all it is true that in egypt we have a situation now where people are demonstrating against the egypt's pact with israel which was a very lopsided back. they're protesting against the best for democracy is all about i don't think anyone poses a security threat. right now just when we were getting used to the idea of
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a. pulling back from sample in iraq and afghanistan now those efforts are being poured into other nations certainly regionally speaking why did not as americans feel the need to interfere do you think. i think there is a great deal of nervousness in the united states because of its own economic insecurity the american economy is in a total mess as everyone knows it's an economy fueled based on credit the rise of other powers in different parts of the world in particular china as creditor nations makes the united states on easy and they feel their strategic thinkers feel good the only way they can pull out of it is by showing that militarily and ideologically the. global hager modern. countries violate sovereignties stargate individuals that will be this
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precise moment i mean the decision taken to execute him love them instead of capturing him alive the decision taken to essentially not do anything on israel palestine the decision to come to carry on backing the so these is part of president obama's election campaign he started this election campaign in a very dramatic way it could be reelected by. taking him out and now they're carrying on i think everything now is going to be determined by the needs of this election campaign over the next few years at least expert tariq ali thank you. now when the people of egypt opposed the president it was to herald a new era of democracy instead it's ushered in a wave of religious violence which both muslim and christian leaders are at pains
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to bring to an end before it gets out of control things maria financial reports. president mubarak's government that there is little satisfaction to take the free egypt was seriously unified on daschle of square through a common enemy barak's resignation so egyptian muslims and christians turn on each other. better we want justice we want equal rights to come in institutions in businesses police and army and politics. for centuries the coptic christian minority has felt discriminated in a country down in ages by eighteen million muslims the revolutionary euphoria as broad a desire for change that all people of this of freedom and the like it now we are kind of fed up of the situation. tensions in the past once have not dozens killed scores injured and several churches burned as
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a muslim woman and her entire family had been welcome in liberation until her twenty four year old son was killed in the street by a brick thrown during sick terror in clashes in baghdad and all the flashpoint as years of simmering religious tension boil over our country we know mubarak was a dictator maybe he was corrupt but at least we've been able to sleep and our children are alive we never saw that before we could have been imagine something like this happening yes from this point of view i miss the old regime and. others glorify the january revolution among them the muslim brotherhood then down the mubarak days the country's only well organized political group with a president gun they moved from jail cells to this luxury building in central cairo the revolution given them a long awaited voice at. the radicals are triggering the tensions at a war they saw how the revolution united people and they want to ruin that they
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don't want to see egypt strongly dependants. but i'm sure they will all disappear after the start of entry election this september. in bad very poorest districts is home to millions of people surviving on just a couple of dollars a day full of in the clear revolution egypt's immune system has been weakened dramatically economies in critical condition younis within the country when this happens the symptoms strike most vulnerable first and the question now is just how far the damage might spread and whether egypt can ever recover and. refresh not see cairo. any time international relations expert mark mellman says that the revolution in egypt has resulted in a radicalism which may seize any new regime in the country. for all the reasons why barak was unpopular not just his own personality even his family through huge economic problems in egypt with a rapidly growing population lots of unemployment and the religious issue. and
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you're going to take away any of those problems of the original government the generals on the point even the schools you know don't really possess a strategic regional for where they want to go and so we're seeing the radical groups of the suggest local disorder taking over if you could have elections in september but the largest first organized group might say we don't accept the results we think we're the real majority and they were actually have the people who will come out on the streets the muslim brotherhood leaders move towards the north people to take it doesn't really were. he would also be live from moscow now online this evening at r.t. dot com these stories are getting a lot of interest an alleged kind of all is arrested here in moscow police say they made a gruesome discovery at his apartment where the suspect admitted he was eating his victim. rather than make too many plans for the weekend these billboards appearing across russia say the end of the world is upon its way in three days' time tell you
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more. sweden has been trying hard to make sure the peoples of private online data stays just that the e.u. is insisting it has to store users confidential information he's either going to went to stockholm to find out why big brother is not welcome there. they recall. every e-mail. even every text will be watched if the e.u. has its way it's forcing members to impose a law to store all telecom traffic data it will know where you are and who you are talking to sweden's refusing and is now being sued by the e.u. or the safe information probably will be in some case misused isn't injuring their
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foundations and other c.s. at the office here are a free society the law was meant to combat terrorism and sweden should have been tracking calls since two thousand and seven but parliament just postponed it for yet another year one of just five members standing up to big brother the has been wrong in many cases before and they're also in this case there of course we're through the chase criminals and the common occurrence them but we should not build up a big brother society going under the radar could land sweden a fine of up to sixty eight million euros a small price to pay for a country that doesn't like being watched it's not something you notice at first glance but c.c.t.v. doesn't actually exist in sweden the only security cameras on the street are cashpoints but there aren't any public places like this one that sound portent and
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well guarded fruitlessly is here. at the moment sweden is free from the watchful gaze but it's not about cameras the data traffic can be stored for up to two years it's already kit for three months by operators for billing reasons they say that's enough for the majority of the requests that are coming from law enforcement authorities actually concerned communications which were made within the first three months so it means that it is really this proposal that the extra storage will cost operators an estimated twenty million euros a. i would say that it is a problem it is a big burden for all operators they cannot give me a hundred percent guarantee that this information will not leak into the hands would it be even the european commission admits changes are needed in its report last month found the right to privacy was being threatened so there is room for improvement in the current data retention directive these roches should come
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resources of considerable concern for citizens and for industry hopefully later this year will present amendments to this text is taken sweden four years just to get that far it is a long way to go before david pietz goliath but he's certainly not giving up yet either been it r.t. stock or. right now it's going to some other world headline service and the al qaeda reportedly chosen a temporary leader to replace osama bin laden saif al adel is a former egyptian special forces car is believed to have masterminded al qaeda types on u.s. embassies in africa in one nine hundred ninety eight eleven of course was killed in a u.s. special operation in pakistan earlier this month. the head of the international monetary fund has been put on suicide watch while being held over sexual assault allegations. starts communism in new york prison and will appear in court on friday
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to reapply for bail he was detained at j.f.k. airport on sunday he was attacked for trying to get something that he continues to deny. the protests are broken out in northern afghanistan over a nato raid in which four people were killed passions during the demonstration left at least eleven people dead doesn't. nato has confirmed that its forces killed two men and two women during a house raid pointed out that they were all armed and they tried to fire at the troops there is widespread anger in afghanistan of a heavy handed house raids and civilian casualties as a result of nato mission. heading over now sees me through the world of business with korea. very welcome to our business bulletin and one go to our top story today russia's state run rosneft may be seeking compensation for a failed share swap the would be pete tipping prime minister decision and one of
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the main architects of the deal says the company's lawyers are studying the viability of a claim system does not specify whether its b.p. or its russian partners are the target of frost if that had previously threatened to seek compensation from b.p. however constantine seem to believe to find fault with. i absolutely sure that the snow will go to the court and there are a lot of arguments show the position of. people's right to make your money because . of the politically motivated behavior of the main aim was to destroy the view. because of the. decision but. really the reasonable so distorted view some small computer room will be a problem for but it would be an argument for my idea that the main motivation was not the calling it was politics. the deal between ross have and what is your major does not seem completely dead ross have says it could resume talks on cooperation
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with b.p. versus all major claims it has received a new offer from b.p. which goes beyond the original agreement during his conference with the news media in skolkovo president david painted the government still saw b.p. as a strong potential partner. in the moist ear so to get him politically those who cleared the deal should have paid more attention to the details of the shareholder agreement the government should have done in journalism much more carefully this was not going cause difficulties among the shareholders and these are troubling to couldn't lead avoided if the parties had come to look remotely with markets and if the deal does go through i will be this would also be quick for russia to the. representatives of the world's biggest investment firms have met with prime minister cotton to discuss the funds russia is setting up to attract investment the ten billion dollars startup will be fully launched at the economic forum in st peters but they still. need three of the newly appointed head of the funds
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management reveals. you know it's one that would have. to track fifty to ninety billion dollars of convalescence from don't even found the next five years i think it's really important for them to get a good rate of return in russia and this will keep investing and to do the confidence that was given to investors by prime minister putin is a catalyst that will help to significantly increase investment inflow into the russian economy but. take a look at the markets and almost four percent of the government supplies report while gas prices still dropping like we're trading at over one hundred dollars a barrel and brant crude is one hundred twelve dollars about now let's cross over to wall street where energy and material companies are crossing the markets higher dell is lifting the master can make some strong earnings results but stay. bulls plunged nineteen percent after the office supply company would hold its sales that
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would weaker than investors expectations chevron and exxon mobil among the top three blue chip advances as crude oil futures top one hundred dollars. and european equity markets finished higher both the footsie other dogs closed in the black in london lancet purities group was the top winner on the food scene gaining over six percent in germany dogshit tell a car was a cult gainer over one and a half percent. and here in russia both reality yes and my eyes it's closed in the black rebounding from a five month flow stocks were boosted by a series of strong earnings reports and high oil and that's prices now looking at some index movers on the my six recent history to make a service dollars. reported a five hundred thirty one million dollars profit for the first quarter above analyst paul cause natural gas producer notes i got a two point nine percent of it almost doubled year on year net profits in first quarter two wrong of a billion dollars and probably michael gained almost six percent supported by
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strong the precious metals prices. as all for me in the business team here on our team but don't forget you can always log onto our website. business and business stories. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean i'd like to see if it really
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created the story of many middle classes in the developed world the middle class has seen its condition and fortunes under stress for decades if it. didn't start all of a sudden. it's a long story of destroying the living and there how much out. there are. something leaks out here when they get done like that it's just if you took every fisherman out of the water and you don't do something about that water and habitat protecting their habitat the fisheries it's going to collapse nature's steps by making way for the talks against are committed to look around museum and say look at all the solar system obviously everybody here must be well off income to speak our road systems to great number that's true. and yet billions of dollars
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oil and gas state. real baby drill. one name study here plus some so someone my blood pressure will consider potential areas for development in south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. and . slimier the latest in science and technology from around russia. the future. if. any is easy peasy.


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