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this hotel telling us that it's like the. points pushers and i would print certainly. in touch with. each a good girl i would. every green chill in tokyo. scotland that consider a break from the united kingdom towards the after the country's national things the majority of the scottish parliament. the european union's main it lended germany loses patience with member states they received bailouts demanding streets also see measures before they're offered any further raids. on the us introduces new sanctions against syria it sounds in the country's president for the first time it's the latest we can shoot his middle east policy. and are to travel south and
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play and we need the anthology of native population and delve into some of the myths surrounding the cult concept. and in business news following the collapse of the multi-billion dollar deal between ross never be the russian oil company makes through its british partner demanding compensation point out more in twenty minutes time on business of. a very warm welcome to you this is the life from moscow scotland has become the latest country in europe for self and the wave of nationalism so you think across the continent the scottish national party surprised success in recent elections has put them at a position to make a real push for independence and they've wasted little time and promising a vote on breaking from britain will follow but as long as he's already met reports it could be a struggle. the starting pistol sounds in the race for independence for scotland
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the scottish national party now has a surprise majority in parliament and their hell bent on a referendum on breaking away from the u.k. gain control over our own resources responsibility for the problems with fisa. and we'll be able to stand up and speak to the issues that matter to us. charge at home and making sure that we have a voice abroad revenues from oil and gas in the north sea are worth an estimated twenty one billion dollars to the u.k. treasury every year scotland says the reserves are in their waters it's hard to imagine the u.k. would let the oilfields go without a fight particularly as westminster wouldn't be legally obliged to honor a yes vote of the scottish people the union jacks days flying outside the scottish parliament could be numbers scotland's ditching the united kingdom would mean the u.k. treasury lost valuable oil and gas revenues and it could be the inspiration for historically
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less peaceful independence movements in europe like the basques and the northern irish to follow suit and further destabilize an already weak you the s.n.p. would support other european movements in their own struggles for independence including wales and northern ireland if they so choose for the people of those countries to say what we want to do we would never support or condone violence in any shape or form clearly if other countries wish to pursue an agenda then they'll get a great deal of sympathy from others and even those who don't want the u.k. to break up say it's a sense of wanting to reclaim individual nationhood that striving the movement in argument to its local ruby richard it's all about whether you feel that we are scottish and british we want to be and remain part of a union which i think will serve scotland well through for us. years the s.n.p.
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still has work to do if it wants scotland to break away even the most optimistic polls show only around forty percent of scots would vote yes and on the streets of edinburgh people are divided the oil industry and about you know say you'll get. all the oil because they don't want this region got money generally not. to other people well the school itself. is away from scotland as much as close to. the case of either feature or zero if your own short will have actually the venues. will be praying that they're all very run. but really know enough about to get rid of people it could put one way or the other the s.n.p. has time to bring the on shore ground it's putting off a referendum until the second half of its five year government it would be the
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beginning of a new era for scotland which hasn't been independent since seventy seven but it's always retained a strong and distinct national identity something the s.n.p. will be playing on with all its might nor am it. a loss again down exclusive full length interview with a kenny macaskill justice minister from the scottish national party coming away next hour on how scotland could exist as an independent state. one of the reasons that some things people in scotland are skeptical about independence is that. we recognise that these are matters for negotiation where the matters that are fundamentally right country people better scotland and norway discovered oil at the sea by some units of scotland from the desert of society and its economy it has billions in the by because. and you see those weeks the good the
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cells weapons of mass destruction and illegal wars so it's time for us to of ocean your revenues the persuasive market starts to be dissolved and what code but it's over oil and gas and it's over and you. are germany has criticized e.u. countries this perceived bailout thing they haven't done enough to pull themselves out of their dire financial situation chancellor angela merkel rounded on greece demanding out there is reduced work is vacations she also said countries like greece and portugal or even spain and should be next in line for a bailout need to increase their retirement age so massive germany's. main creditor economic analyst and author michael ross says bailing out country shouldn't be done motherhood is a stance. we are living in a so-called capitalism but this is ridiculous because the couple does and doesn't work anymore everything and everyone every country is being bailed out so all we
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have something local banks socialism because they're told us tell us i don't do it and there's no other choice if we lead to call greece bankrupt or portugal bankrupt and in a capitalistic system this is normally a normal procedure there but being small stuff and the banks will go bankrupt and as a matter of fact here in germany you not only in germany specially also in france of banks are full of greece there and some people already you say that maybe the politicians have been let mail by the financial community in order to give the money of the taxpayer to make the banks of our life. well coming up later not kinds that delves into the shortcomings of the capitalist system don't miss the kinds of reports in about twenty minutes time here on the aussie dollar thirty five dollars an ounce reserve or fifteen hundred dollars an ounce for gold they want to pay nothing they want it free they want to have that u.s.
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taxpayer financed the pentagon to go into afghanistan murder a bunch of people destroy the civilization and kill the culture and steal all the resources that was a strategy in iraq with oil that's the strategy of the pentagon j.p. morgan's last goldman sachs around the world these two a fused together now how somebody can argue that this isn't some you know a bastardization of fascism you know explain to me how this isn't fascism when you've got the banks of the pentagon fused together the pentago the bombs the country and the bank steals all the precious metals. do you agree all of the plane which crashed in the russian region while carrying the polish president and ninety five others will be home. by the end of the summer representatives from russia and poland met to discuss how they can work together on the investigation under range from the. contents related to the inquiry will be now
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as part of the house for these house. the interstate aviation committee has completed its report and handed it over to the polish side earlier this year but the investigation isn't actually fully completed we do know according to the russian prosecutor general that forty three case files have been handed over to the polish side eleven just last month but that still isn't the complete case load of course concerning the investigation into the crash of the presidential plane which revealed of course president former president gets a chance to keep his wife and most of poland's political elite we know that the remains of that plane is something hard sell which were also entered into evidence through are also expected to be handed over to the polish side as well as further documents concerning the investigations its various records and transcripts of records poland initially was very much against the findings of the interstate
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aviation committee there was quite a big uproar in the area and i'll let of course by the former president's twin brother actually it was completely refused flat out to accept the findings of the interstate aviation committee which of course included that the crash was due to pilot error in this approach in ski and many of the supporters in poland chose instead to blame russia for the crash especially russian air traffic controllers who according to some in poland should not have allowed that plane to land but as many officials in australia and all over the world they b.h. next. say that they compare traffic controllers simply do not have that kind of authority over the pilots of a presidential plane through both sides working very hard to make sure that everybody is satisfied with the work that is being carried out with the progress that is taking place and with the investigation results. coming up in just
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a few minutes and all the program i'll see is off to the ansal take to meet its black and white population fast times. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers flaws makes it so special and attractive for many the wildlife. and the frontal. expedition to the bottom of the earth. now president obama will use a major speech on thursday to outline america's approach to the middle east hill address of the wave of popular uprisings in complete revolutions in the naysay that bombing campaign always seem to be nearly about ging arab democracies could be rewarded with cash support but as long as he's gonna tell reporters america's
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dealings in the region how how much of stirring up a hornet's nest words could be about democracy actions are about interests as the wild fire of public rage spread throughout the middle east and north africa at the beginning of this year analysts say america's foreign policy in the region has seen a major crisis the u.s. hasn't learned its lesson i think that this is the way the policy has been formally for fifty plus years out of this country that we're trying to look for somebody we would like to see in power act but washington's all policies could now be seen unfolding in libya a large portion of the leading population is opposing any foreign meddling in their affairs and analysts say washington's efforts to propel its man into power in libya could result in infighting that's going to last years puppet governments tend to be corrupt puppet governments tend not to meet the needs of the people. across across
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the region and that's because of government to government that. foreigners see the interests of their own people the inconsistency between what america says and what america does seem to even more obvious when he came to egypt this spy hosni mubarak's all three tarion and undemocratic rule washington had been supporting him for decades and many of those years president mubarak has a leader and a counselor and a friend of the united states when millions of egyptians took to the streets thinking was swiftly shifted its policy as better and washington hawks we've never seen ski explains. if we conclude for example that the street is going to win there's no point of putting our head against the wall in order to say the government is doomed on the other hand if we are convinced that the street is going to fail there's no point massively antagonizing the government with which we have to deal. with ever happens over in yemen where the president is heavily backed by
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the us or in our brain which hosts the major us fleet washington was very careful not to undermine bear leaders although they too have violently cracked down on peaceful protesters meanwhile in iraq people regularly protest against their u.s. backed government it but israel even mentioned here these days in saudi arabia one of the u.s. key allies in the reaching scores of dissidents have been arrested and the u.s. seems to be ok with all of that words have not been the basis of u.s. actions in another longstanding conflict in the middle east despite calling for israel to stop building settlements in the west bank and jerusalem the u.s. veto a u.s. security council resolution that would have condemned israeli settlements owes. but one state that is coming close to being on washington's blacklist is syria
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iran's closest ally in the region there is strong condemnation of the syrian leadership and the white house source said the administration is close to declaring president assad's rule there illegitimate action might follow syria is much more dangerous a situation than libya as far as global issues are concerned it is a crucial player in the balance of power in that region it is a crucial factor in the current. sort of stays in the israeli palestinian situation. with the situation in the middle east as unstable as it is analysts say the u.s. involvement in yet another conflict could further destabilize the region and add more red spots on this map going to check on r.t.e. washington d.c. . now syria is the current focus of us middle east policy washington has introduced
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a new batch of sanctions which for the first time target syrian president bashar assad is accused of human rights abuses following violent crackdowns on anti government protesters well the measures include an asset freeze on the prevention of american dealing with. the european union also agreed to tighten its sanctions against syria beyond the arms embargo which was already in place russia strongly opposes taking any more harsh sanctions against syria which could lead to a situation similar to that in the. by the lead their lives there's a cease fire there is the only condition for peace. i believe that despite the fact we still have problems two ways to resolve existing deadlock i mean the situation in libya which i believe can be settled and we can use for a week through the room so you should have the use of military force by both sides . are you going to check out some of the top stories from around the world and it
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is twenty seven people killed and seventy nine others. twenty. lose my cool it is in a relaxed mood now since you could cook officials say a car bomb was detonated were caught this second exploded as rescue workers gathered at the scene separately just an hour later another board has a police patrol injuring her these days offices the attacks are the deadliest in months. workers have entered reactor number three a japan's earthquake hit for pushing the nuclear plant for the first time after an explosion in march they went inside for ten minutes to measure the level of radioactivity earlier there's not technicians were also able to examine reactors one and see both seriously damaged in the disaster and its aftermath. face a shuttle endeavor has successfully docked with the international space station. an hour ahead of schedule commanded by astronaut mark kelly delivered the most
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expensive freights ever to the station achieved billions on not bad so which is what will help scientists look beyond the visible universe since the last flight from denver and we pronounce it in the history of the american station program now to our special series of reports on asacol our team travels to the. locals and explore their lifestyle claims suggest penguins flipped over to the sound of passing plates told us to separate the truth from the myths. the penguins of antarctica truly found sedating creatures to watch but are they in trouble from a manmade threat. back in one thousand eight hundred two british pilots in the falklands discovered a phenomenon as they flew over penguin colonies he said the birds would topple over as they lifted their heads to watch the planes fly by then penguins by the thousands were left on their backs on able to write themselves but is this story
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true well i think it's something that's why you know much the topic but i think generally regarded it wants anyone that knows anything about it as being pretty to me to be honest and i thought it was me. as for the second part of the tale a special person had to be employed to turn the birds right side up after they fell otherwise they would die one german ornithologist we spoke to clean the place indeed was where job was to look for being loyal and go every day to be. followed by many to get them up again and so sometimes could be quite hard because they don't like which one you can be quite politely thank you very much a further look into credentials left some doubt as well as a check with the chief of russia's billings house and station base located in a unique place between an airstrip. no no we don't have anyone who does not show up here with all of the controversy
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surrounding this rumor we decided to go to the source itself to see what they had to say about the airplane men. unfortunately the penguins were remaining silent on the topic but careful observation revealed that sometimes the penguins appeared to have special dances in a hurry they could be clumsy and often slipped and we even found evidence that they were highly intelligent and divisive creatures. which the preview of the penguins are actually very smart splurges sometimes when they come to the edge of the ice you see them peeking over looking for leopard seals if one gets too close to the edge another penguin will push them in as a sacrifice to test the water. but snopes dot com an internet myth busting site says that a british science team actually did research to see if the claims were true they found that the penguins only scattered from the noise of the airplanes and not one single penguin had toppled backwards but with no real evidence for ourselves we
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decided to do a final test with a little help from the chilean air force our mission to see if we could put this myth to rest once and for all. and it seems for now the penguins are safe and no one should be moving south for jobs that just don't exist in antarctica shantanu us our team. has called into the business that's now and so intimate from . banks and welcome to business r.t. russia state run ross ney seek compensation for the failed share swap deal with b.p. seventy prime minister you can see it in one of the main architects of the deal says the company's lawyers are studying the viability of a claim section does not specify whether it is b.p. or its russian partners a car that might be the target but frost and then they are have previously threatened to seek compensation from the. plot managing partner called pete
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thinks tensional lawsuit has sonograms. slightly as the ross near for sue b.p. because it sounds like b.p. didn't disclose their particular. part was that think it would be venture you should've told the concent before turner and any deals in russia to explore for us as a natural resources i do believe that lawyers knew about that clause and the lors informed b t but unfortunately sometimes in russia the people more rely on the relations with the government or with the other little of officials rather on the lot and the times may cause trouble. so you get the markets now we start with commodities and while it's trading above one hundred dollars per barrel it's gathered pace in the us from putting unchanged crude in the trees contrary to expectations of increased. european stocks are trading in falls of territory helped
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in part by news that dominique strauss kahn has resigned as head of the international monetary fund chairs an air france caroline were up two percent of the airlines one back into profit in the latest financial year i vent see is down three point seven percent though in london after the engineering group or both of them drop in sort of. is the picture in moscow the markets are second session gaining a one percent on. average valley from a five month lows take a look at the movers on the my six dollars you share this on the biggest gainers as well is recovering rosneft is in the leaders of two percent as it searches for options in arctic exploration gas from is also a proctor upping its european demand for. the biggest i.p.o. of the year is underway in london commodity group glencore has prices floated five hundred thirty pence per share and started neven billion dollar issue was four times oversubscribed analysts say the deal was priced to go and they're not
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surprised that the mt was so on russia's biggest airport them of the other well placed twenty percent of its shares and its plans i.p.o. in london that's according to sources close to the deal quoted by in fact news agency moscow's biggest airports reportedly value build up to seven and a half billion dollars its revenue grew around twenty percent to more than one billion dollars compared to the previous year prime minister putin has arrived in belo roost on thursday as the country's economy faces its biggest crisis in decades its national currencies in a freefall having lost over half of its value in less than one month now in part the crisis has been caused by russia's axing trade preferences permits in addition to the poor management of telegraphs economy which is largely a reform since the soviet era minsk has asked russia and the international monetary fund for a bailout moscow said it would be ready to give out one billion dollars not.
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russia is battling to pull its gas pipelines exempted from the e.u.'s third errantly package and argument bans one company for being a gas supply and transporter at the same time russian officials claim legislation will damage investments in oil and gas infrastructure projects rare for be harmful to european energy security well larry are there from the russian gas society explains what changes he'd like to see. them pretty much. we think that certainly should be taken into the third package position is that the energy package should come into legal force or gas pipelines we do understand the difficulty of talks given the legislation has already come into force but we have to keep making steps towards finding a compromise it's all relative from me joy my colleague katrina she'll be here in around fifteen minutes time with an update.
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you didn't start all of a sudden. it's a long story of destroying the living and their habitats. there are constant war spills something leaks out here and when they get done like that it's just something if you took every fisherman out of the water and you gel do something about that water and are living in the habitat protecting the habitat the fisheries
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mean it's going to collapse nature's steps back making way for the consequence or this is a look around museum and see all in all the solar stumps of everybody you must be well lost incomes the road systems great number that's true. and you have billions of dollars oil and gas state. real baby drill. money from there to cause some sun and one of my demonstration will consider potential areas for development mid and south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. the biggest . wealthy british scientists in.
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the book market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization showing thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and attractive for many life. and runs a. expedition to the bottom of the earth. the commission free to critique should free the quds force charges three the
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arrangements three discreet stooge types three. young old free broadcast morning video for your media projects a free media. tom. download the official seattle acacias phone oh i pod touch from the top story. of the jaunty life on the go. see video on demand on t.v.'s minefield comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your own. question.


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