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three. three. three. three. three. videos for your media project free media gone to our t.v. dot com. where we welcome back a half past the hour this is all seen and they to use it she says the military operation in libya will continue until colonel gadhafi goes contrary to the original way that the campaign is fueling mores of repeat sonali here in syria as the u.s. builds pressure on president assad with fresh sanctions. walsall step up their cooperation and investigation the act crash which killed president chimpsky
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and ninety five others in the us and russia a year ago moscow has already released over forty don't convince a promise is sound david david rieff in the plane by the end of the summer. scotland will consider whether it's in loosen the leash with a referendum on separation from the united kingdom nationalists a majority in the country's devolved a parliament of the first time i think the scottish can survive on it so you know oil revenue it's now aussies but also what kinds of tea just scotland could have by breaking from britain with a senior member of the ruling scottish nationalists. today i mean as in great talking to kenny macaskill he's the scottish justice minister and he's a member of the scottish national party which of course recently gained enough votes to be able to promise a referendum on scottish independence within the next five years kenny macaskill
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thank you for talking to us now tell me first what would scotland gain from independence well we've guru be in control of her own resources for you keep responsibility for the problems for fiesinger of country and to be able to stand up and speak to the issues that matter to us. taking charge of home and making sure that we have a voice abroad and how would it work economically and socially well scott from some rich country we are the largest oil and gas producer many european union we not only have a boat terms of oil and gas from an overgrown kid in terms of renewables are drug free for the first time you know history is probably to advantage so we've got great potential in the president's crockford's never been heard bad things are it's home much better thing to be and we can translate normally that scuppered oil of the people to transform the economy on their society we should be able to do that resources from oil were used by fracture to smash organized labor and indeed by tony blair to face an illegal war in iraq is there any idea in your mind that this
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might start some kind of snowball effect whereby the welsh and the northern irish then want to secede from the union as well that's a matter for the welsh in the northern irish for you stand for election in scotland be represent the nation of scotland it's for others to decide what the truce to do scotland's in are distinctly unique position we obviously have friendships with other parties elsewhere but we can only comment and speak for the people of scotland do you identify with their independence movements in europe for example the flare and i'm also thinking of less peaceful groups like the basques and the northern irish are you. we worried that independence in scotland could be an inspiration for those more violent groups well the scottish national party in the whole issue of nationalism scotland has always been in support there has no truck with violence or disorder in any shape or form and so we do have. you to equally read a part two of the left of center where we want to make scotland the better of our
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field of police we want to make sure that those who have the most contribute the most so we loot with envy and indeed friendship to scandinavia and to political parties not just national parties but parties of the same to the left of the globe and what about being an inspiration for those left. but again it's for the people of those countries to say what they want to do we would never support a can do in violence in any shape or form clearly if other countries wish to pursue an agenda then they'll get a great deal of sympathy from other suit only violence would not be tolerated in shape or form and we've been elected to mind this one is to pursue clean for independent scotland and the right for the referendum equally we can relate to the government to make scotland the better police and we seek to do that by driving our economy forward to making your country a feeler billion or so before we all three are healthier it's got and it's gained its independence how do you see your relationship with the year in union changing
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do you know think that you are in significant vassal of. will all countries are interdependent nor nishan no matter who is an independent in the world of which we live whether it's dealing with global warming pollution even with the market economies we're all interlinked but what matters is for the you are represented in the institutions of power it's only nation states that are represented in the european union the only nation states that are represented in the united nations countries such as we can see in cyprus and ultra in all small of them scotland they all have representation of the union. you can vote in marcus fundamental to scotland even for example when they don't really have any relevance to them so we have to be a need to be represented so that we can argue and speak for what matters for scotland the european union and so we can also go to the united nations and stand up for what's right and also make clear which wars are more in her name do you think that you would automatically get
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a seat in the un and representation in brussels well all international law assures that we would this is a matter of seeing the up with the thames if you opinion representation for germany once the form of the east generally became part of the generally historical precedent in a variety of ways so we thank you for recognizing that the people of scotland wish to become an independent nation it will be recognised by governments so to the barber and the road in the world court martials importance being unfair so far as political parties in scotland could refusing to give the people of scotland the right to decide put on destiny in a referendum what will be the for the people of scotland to say that there was something mine officially wrong that party spoke appear to have a referendum on the voting system but were not to appear to know the people of scotland to say their constitutional future you mention the referendum on the alternative fate that's now been down into that as a waste of time are you worried that the same might happen to
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a referendum on scottish independence or do you think you'll be seen as the plane i think when the referendum comes it will be seized by the people of scotland we don't take anything for granted but we think can we hope and expect that we will win the right. people throughout my lifetime that it would never be a scottish parliament know that as i was told that there would never be a scottish national party or government yes there is and there's a scottish national party government but somebody has to government in the scottish parliament people said that could never come a vote because it devised a voting system to try and make sure there would never be a majority they said to the government and there's been a poll in the sun news. paper that says that a higher percentage of english people want scotland to have its independence than scottish people want scotland to have its independence what you stated that you are welcome i've been. great it's a production of many family and friends who live in england or english the relationship between scotland england would improve for scotland being in dependant nation of scots would lose perhaps some of the chip in the short of the does
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sometimes come out to me have to address side some of the problems that we face in scots and country in england but our own problems with alcohol abuse appearing as an all these difficulties the only people who can solve are the scots themselves and ireland forward to the scotland england will have a good relationship as frames recognizing the differences but as a see it's the british fleet that's artificial entity not scotland or england it's scotland yes and i should say that that's not it given the polls show a minority want independence in scotland at the moment do you expect any problems from westminster after all they're not legally obliged to let scotland go even if scots do very yet you know i think it's been made clear by every prime minister never a major political figure so for the border it is the people of scotland vote for independence then they will receive it so i don't believe all these are matters of to be put forward that this would happen about what happened a referendum will keep police nobody will stand against me be quite clear by the
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prime minister so to the border people me b.c. and suggest that we would win the referendum we'll see we said we would never win into this parliament to me thought we'd never get a majority government but if you vote yes for the people for independence. that government's not simply so to the border around the world welcome us into the family of nations as happened with other countries with annihilating oil and gas from the north sea it's worth around about twenty one billion dollars a year to the u.k. treasury do you really think that they're going to just let that go without any kind of fight. yes then the d.v.d. can't get pulled or subsidized one of the reasons that some things people in scotland are skeptical about independence is a pool are too poor to we can't manage and yet you just produce the figures showing the value of these sorts of choice on cash reserves to negate the kingdom favoring we recognize that these are matters from the other matters that are fundamentally right to make
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a country and people better scotland in norway discovered oil seed train some areas of scotland come tumblin turn industrial desert has transformed that society and its economy it has billions in the bank because we've seen those we still do and missiles and weapons of mass destruction and the illegal wars so it's time for our stuff of oil revenues the precise amount of stuff to be dissolved and what coat but it's of oil and gas and it's over and you. keep mentioning illegal wars and i'm assuming that you're talking about iraq that has london rush towards war in libya pushed further towards demanding independence no i think north africa is a different situation the water in iraq was illegal it was predicated on a lie told by twenty player i just need the world the less safe place millions die the world institution such a fundamental such as united nations hundred ninety one is a see. the world a less safe place clearly there are significant problems in the north africa has to
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be protected but i think it's important that britain under think other countries should adhere to delay commissions ninety but if you make to the nation to take civilian life there's not a united nations no need for regime change you claim sole responsibility for releasing al mcgraw he was convicted of the lockerbie bombing given what's happened in libya now do you regret that decision and or durant i stand by that decision it was a decision made for when there was a scotsman and healing to the values and beliefs that we have here it wasn't an easy decision but i believe it. was the correct decision as justice minister how do you feel about the apparent impetus for the international community to rush in selebi a what do you think that says about the state of international law or well i think at the end of the day we have to protect life because of people being brutalized by colonel gadhafi or by anybody else it's your brigade from of the battle to meet sure that we're going to los from the sides and other things to come about so
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action has to be taken with these things after we have listened for iraq collectively us our common humanity should do tribute and since we should here to be in monday's so that we are consent and hopefully of martyrs are heading but we really support action in key can preserve life simpy says berg is hosting an international conference on legal issues and president medvedev has put the application of the rule of law at the center of his agenda what do you think they should be concentrating on as justice minister at that conference well i think we have to be used to try and restore some belief and faith scott's i'm still not represented in the international stage and until then you know we are low others to do their part we will speak up for what we believe that important to the interests of scotland the sports writing protocol we don't see it as a see tibet raped to other countries i think that's a matter that hopefully this will produce some good because of our difficulties we do have to meet sure that life is preserved not simply in north africa but in
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africa and indeed elsewhere so we wish. well we hope that martyrs will be what toad i don't think it's for myself or any member of the scottish government. that we should please hope that matters will work coat and we look forward to be when we will be able to be represented as an independent nation and player part this won't be solved by one country or the united states while russia every country has to play its part and we look forward to us play no part we all would be a small nation but we are a nation with a proud history in which to pollute and over opportunity to meet the broader base of police kenny macaskill thank you very much.
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wealthy british soil the sun. sometimes cuts on. the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to congress report on our.
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minds in the motion would be soon which bryson if you move on song from funds to impression made some. news from stocks on t.v. don't come. naysayers she says the minute she on her ration in libya will continue until colonel gadhafi plugs contrary to the original claims that they can't pay his fee and worries over a period sonali here in syria as the u.s. builds pressure on president al assad with fresh sanction. northstowe in wasil step up their cooperation in investigating the aircraft which killed president chose the and ninety five all those requests. the show over a year ago moscow has already released over documents and promises to hyundai the debris from the plane by the end of the summer. on
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a stolen will consider whether it's a recently released with a referendum on separating from the united kingdom national let's have a majority of the countries that didn't poll all of the buzz saw and i think the scottish can survive on its own revenue stream. well that is always news up next to kate's. hello welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and the headline. here is a record breaking strike comes out of the europa league. one the way i was brought up. while in the run the russian calkins elite lose their home going to hear the sounds of trying to. kill a vehicle out boxing legend war against syria shows his luck outside the sufis much
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anticipated bad russian up and coming. but first a football and of course they are the europa league champions after beating brodeur one nil in an all portuguese final in dublin on the nights when records were broken . forty fourth minute goal was his seventeenth in the competition this season making him the tournament's highest ever score of the columbia also picked up the man of the match award and his coach and the last boss became the youngest manages to win the european cup at the age of just thirty three in his first season in charge and it couldn't have gone any better his side are also the portuguese chant is i'll go for the treble in sunday's portuguese cup final and he's enjoying all the success to mark the final. experience group of feelings in the games the way they believe the players and the same feelings as well if it wasn't a good spectacle that's the that's the reality but there's nothing new in european finals and spectacle not being fantastic well meanwhile manchester united
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midfielder nani has stressed the importance of denying barcelona time on the ball ahead of their champions league final at wembley stadium on may the twenty eighth united made history last weekend by winning the english top flight title for a record nineteen is time now united are aiming to secure their fourth european championship title as they face legal winners vassal. over in the final portugal bring in money has been one of the stars of united's squad this season and the swift fancied midfielder is aware of the dangers if you allow barcelona time on the ball this is a real problem because. no one likes to run. the ball and will. try to get the ball all the time in the bird before when that happens but. we have to do to try to get the ball for the mosque with this possible because if we have the board you cannot do the position and we can score a goal if you wish and before we have the war well before that manchester united
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has to relegation threatened blackpool on the last day of the english premier league season this sunday with seasiders manager ian holloway reacting angrily to reports the league champions will be fined if i fail to do we can seem. like an achievement if we did it yet poor and he's still got it i read in the paper that they will be falling leaf if black will win what if they play a weaker team and when there's no matter what point play the weaker team aston villa and actually won with their family we're. so what you're saying they might find you know it. even if we were to every place mean wasn't simply suspected ties to that first time the things that they hear the russian champions lost fourteen two german giants by minutes in a friendly stadium and watching it was constant. despite the friendly status of the match thousands of the fans flocked to pack the trust hysteria and to watch bank
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accounts a games by admitting and there were no doubt hoping for a repeat of the two thousand and eight we fuck up so i mean why no where the same players were hammered the german team for any ill on how good. the beginning of the first half was optimistic for the home side as alexander before out of dribble past the defender and form the core of the man i'd howel by and didn't even think of giving up and a quick response from frank gruber levelled matters as he found himself a mark for him is it finished. early in the second half with recourse to minutes off clause a and the minix i took the lead. and ten minutes later being chris they had won each cause a shot was see but thomas milner was weakest on the rebound to make it three one. zinni try to come back and see but managed to score only from sports the referee gave a dubious penalty and subtle choose to give the home side
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a chance to equalise. it didn't seem like born have just finished an exhausting and disappointing season as they came back for more and when you have players like we're very and not in the open to produce instant chemistry on the pitch the result is clear and you can just sit back and enjoy for to the final score. the mesh was a good chance for the form isn't he kept them on a dolly to mushroom to move to mimic two years ago to return to the stadium and get a warm reception from the home crowd in this really come on the coach said you'll know the tell you they'd hear if they need so let's do something for him let's play for him. and i'm very happy that the team showed up in the good book with me we were today we had more opportunity it was a good one with a two goal difference but these game wardens friendly and need every game and there we can't so the result is not something according to what a good boy in munich didn't forget that he was a friendly match and were enjoying their play and scored four goals well as in need
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it was a good training exercise and this defeat will probably be for the better as in their next question the russian premier league they'll be good to prove that this loss was nothing more than a blip in saying but out of r g same petersburg. now another four new setback to says he's confident of winning the ballot in june to stay as president of governing body fisa despite england's football association of straining from the elections angle a chance to withdraw after the recent allegations of corruption during last year's world cup close blatter has given the office for almost thirteen years now only challenger is the president of the asian football confederation had been a month from qatar while seventy five year old blatter has said before he wants the new forced to be his last on. and elsewhere formula one team ferrari have announced they've extended fernando alonso his contract until the end of twenty sixteen but two time world champion seen here on the right says he'll finish his career with
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the italian team he was runner up last year in the drivers' championship and is currently fifth this year state of. now russia's olympic boss alexander zuckoff says twenty five goals is their plan for the fast approaching london games to corfu is currently overseeing the country's preparations for their own winter olympics in sochi in twenty fourteen watch the summer games in london are only fourteen months away and the head of the russian olympic committee aims for third place overall in the medals table next year he names the familiar rivals of china and the usa as their main contenders and has great britain he thinks are also a force to be reckoned with in the us the biggest medal hopes for russia are in gymnastics weightlifting boxing and wrestling. and finally this fight may not be about a waltz title belt it is the one showdown you don't want to miss as former boxing champion roy jones jr takes on fast rising to his level best to square off on saturday at most as did i was sports center and robert farthing and takes
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a closer look at the money question i was in him books in the ring and now we're seeing him saying there was. an open training session in the russian capital living people nil first down the new address son of roy jones jr i was with him and had an eye for the ladies then picking the car girls for saturday's showdown although there is always serious like that ok i mean come on you wouldn't want me as well before i will say. that was don't you have a show and that's what i that's what actual boxing i can't blame nobody but me and you can beat me. but the message to denise levitt the mentor is no placing the pretty rare experience of being a strong favorite against roy jones one of the best bang for bonfires in that he's three of the sports in moscow this saturday night. live it is russia's biggest
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loser weight hope with experts considering the thirty one year old to be the world's number one in the division. twenty one win speak for themselves with the only loss in his career coming from a very controversial split decision in the butt against winning w.b. . marco hark. you finally got you all told the story. you probably know already i think some guy is going to totally destroy care in this thing called drop. it so you carry tear drop it you gotta know that if you love a cold to see it you probably. would have. peace turn around lived there will white on him soil in ways even more important the russian so of course he's straining under the guidance of the man who's been there and done everything for
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more undisputed world junior welterweight champion because did you go when dennis steps in the ring for this part i want him to be an aggressive hungry i just spiralling fighter thinking i'd rather die than lose that's the feeling i didn't have in my last part i need to destroy it now. plus intelligence that's what dennis is going to have a disparity. he has to be smarter it's possible even against roy jones the point is that he knows dennis and what he's able to do with the rain my task is to change something and make liver to produce a lot of surprises for jones. but that really takes work and hard. cap and who pays for it you know in some respects though he's still the same it's part of his greatness has always been having fun both in and outside the ring very
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hard very very good looking at here but i got the ball field with the four i never knew they had to stick with i guess these fellows know it's not right you know i'll go with that yeah so who's going to win before we left there i just can't he go way l. r t must go. and post these this one isn't.
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in some petersburg oh she's available in hotels for a story and a little ambassador for an ace on schools a kotel tetrapoda soto.


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