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hi guys welcome to shelley tell me alone a show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience says go on you tube the video response for the twitter are part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on the first day of the show your response is going to leave your voice he. did. you know some closure to a story and it seems so poorly sleep you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and it goes to fox news host bill o'reilly see below sad part is show last night discussing former california governor arnold schwarzenegger the sex scandal and here's how bill began at the segment about arnold's affair. the net and the media are going wild over the fact the former california governor fathered a child with a former member of his household staff that apparently happened more than ten years ago so. all right he gives you
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a few details but then kind of has of the web and the media and the internet are the ones going crazy over the story as if there's nothing actually wrong with the story isn't bill o'reilly usually the first i want to call out a politician first moral it happened to you now it's just everyone else that's doing it but wait there's even more here bill o'reilly then went on to basically blame the media for arnold's baby mama drama and told you to feel sorry for arnold take a listen. out of about our freedom of speech there is no solution to the no it is a free fire zone every single human being cowardly sociopaths hide in the weeds in their basements ready willing and able to say the most vile things even to phone true and there's absolutely nothing nothing a person in the public domain can do about it and something very wrong with that but again there is no solution the social network has changed america forever. so if you buy into bill o'reilly's thinking then the whole arnold story story only blew up because a low lives can sit in their basement or write vile things without being held
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responsible i'm sorry bill but you do understand it was the l.a. times that broke the schwarzenegger sex scandal story not t.m.v. or some liberal blog a quote unquote respected newspaper found out the former governor of california had a secret love child but he hid from his family and from his voters for years but i've betting it bill o'reilly actually has a bit of a bitter relationship with the internet and its coverage of sex scandal stories it was back in two thousand and four when bill was involved in effect scandal a lawsuit of his own with a former producer on his show the media bloggers other sites all had a field day with that story bill sex scandal also involves a phone messages he left on the woman's answering machine that included talk about vibrators threesomes masturbation stewardess trysts and a few other things that i'm just not allowed to say on t.v. obviously this story was discussed all throughout the media and on the internet so i'm guessing that in bill o'reilly's mind the internet really is a vile place because they call them out for preaching family values while leaving
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messages on his producer's answering machine that i really don't think his wife appreciate it so boo yes bill sometimes the false information does get out on the internet but that happens on your show on your network on a daily basis so stop blaming the internet for you and arnold sleazy pasts and that's why bill o'reilly is tonight's bull's-eye winner. oh it's been three weeks and so solid a lot with killed in his compound in abbottabad pakistan and although one of the biggest threats to the u.s. has been removed muslims in america continue to carry a stigma are often looked at a negative light so is there any hope in sight to end this prejudice artes as they say a church you know has the story. doing dong the witch is dead but the spell it cast is still causing chills the fear of islam and muslims and the poster saw my era is alive and kicking there is this the stigma there is this. guy is conscious and
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unconscious about muslims and you know is in a whole year is at its height in the united states and muslims are definitely targeted just because of who they are one of the leaders targets of discrimination this sixty one year old mom i mean up to her chief was recently pulled off an airplane together with his son also one in mom despite having passed through all the security checks the pair were yanked from their flight without explanation i've never speaks through anything like that before that level of. humiliation and dismissed that. as american citizens. the irony the brooklyn mosque leader was headed to a conference on islamophobia the whole idea of the of freedom of religion you know it's what we pride ourselves over cause america prepared us and we can pride no more where you single out a group of people because there are different for you think you know this is this horrible while some see airport authorities can do all it takes in the name of
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security others are done looking for excuses and recognize religious profiling when they see it i mean how do you let chief was one of fourteen moms headed to the anti prejudice conference that day ejected from their flights there was no security issue is no safety issue. case and it was discrimination based upon their. doubts and except. as some americans celebrated the death of. the muslim community in the u.s. hope for an end to the fear and distrust directed at them and the pressure on muslims to prove themselves as loyal and patriotic americans we don't need to prove there are more than a muslim thirty fourth is muslims have been can be will get a large. and this is my country some say until those in power redefine the war on terror a bias against muslims will remain that's not going to stop until we have i think
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some policy shift so that muslims in fact are not targeted in islam is not their bogeyman of the twenty first century and with the war on terror it has no end in sight others blame the right wing media for a few willing the hostilities not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims. in the forefront of. the. clamor for this message reaching the policymakers in war than fifteen states across america where laws governing shari'a the legal code of islam that some observant muslims choose to follow is being pushed through if you're practicing any form of sunni islam and obeying its religious laws and doing it not just alone but with a partner that means that you are forming a sure reorganization and therefore can be prosecuted and pay a fine and spend up to fifteen years in jail all of this many say is based on
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ignorance and a fear of the are no americans a sort of gradually to muslims they need to have some kind of contact with this culture about seven million muslims live in the united states a significant part for a country to. still impacted by the number one terrorist even after his death as the poster boy of evil force nine eleven is gone it's on the fulvia with means and could be well on its way to becoming a permanent stain on the human rights record of the united states if that's the truth in a party. yesterday thirty seven year old afghan detainee at guantanamo bay whom they call an ayatollah was found that the official report that's far has been labeled as an apparent suicide and it said that the guards found an ayatollah unresponsive and not breathing in his cell or early wednesday found makes him the eighth detainee to die on time of day and once again brings up questions of the
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treatment of prisoners there whether official reports ever really tell us the truth the families of two former guantanamo detainees who had died of the dentin center had been fighting a court battle against what they called a pentagon cover up but that was dismissed by federal judge last year so will this story be any different earlier i caught up with scott horton contributing editor on legal and national security matters for harper's magazine he recently won the national magazine award for his piece wanted to most suicides which is an investigation of the suspicious deaths of three inmates at the facility so i first asked him considering the extensive coverage that he's done on suicide the quantum of a in the past what the first starts where that came to mind when he heard this story. well i think you know well one has to. there's a through investigation of it but i have to say based on been able to learn about this case today the suggestion of suicide sounds very implausible that
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i clicked with. one of his prisoners leaders by the way his name is i do not seem is actually a u.s. government documents are constantly be for to him as you know it. is lawyers say no it is ever used that name except in the. no idea where they got it they say it's one of many first statements they made but it goes where is acknowledging even a two prior suicide attempts one came very close to being a successful both of his lawyers say he was suffering from extremely severe depression probably in fact a ride i don't want to know with some form of serious mental illness so i'd say suggestion that this is a suicide strikes me as quite course now what else do you know about this case is this a man that is going to be detained there indefinitely that was considered one of these on trials or is this someone actually had
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a chance legally of being able to get out. he he arrived only in two thousand and seven he's one of the last prisoners because i didn't want on him of these or wanted prisoners are out whom we know the least. very few statements by the u.s. government one must release the time of his detention in two thousand and seven and the announcement today if you will statements were may be it was no combat. status review tribunals for him we do not know this certainly were never any charges brought against and so we and we actually do not know if big i am to bring charges against him if he was someone they intended to continue to detain were he was the one who was said to be released because they don't give you that information until someone has finally separate leads that's only information is provided and they tell us in fact i think everybody agrees that he was
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a cell phone salesman and a tiny town in iran right on the border where artist on afghanistan iran he's an ethnic billowed which is a tribal society but lives astride the pakistani iranian border and watches tend to actually credible back and forth across the border frequently your sentiments says that he was eager for al-qaeda in his town as lawyer sharply disputes that says there's no basis for their claim whatsoever so. i don't know it's hard to see and we also wiki leaks so a lot of these prisoner profiles but it here i had to wait to be included in that review so this case is something of a mystery. now i feel like the reason that all of this of course matter so much is that this is now the eighth death that guantanamo bay five of those have been apparent suicide or alleged suicides but you yourself obviously have reported on
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the scandal surrounding two of the last suicides where the families allege that the pentagon really created an entire cover up can you give a little bit of backstory for our viewers there so they know what that story was about you know the emotions that it brings out and people. yeah i think we should start by noting that you know in any prison situation suicide is a constant concern so one of the principal responsibility of the guardians of the words in the cards is to prevent suicide and in particular supposed to review the cases of the prisoners and decide who is a suicide i'd suspect who deserve for special scrutiny in this regard on the other hand we also have to consider that that when someone is in prison the easiest way to threaten or often to avoid further investigation into possible wrongdoing by the prison guards is simply to say it's suicide so that's used as
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a cover for. and in this case with one try tomorrow we know that conditions there had been severe they've been psychologically taxing so suicide is a serious threat but with in the case of actually three of the prisoners who died in june of two thousand and six it was a detailed investigation done by seton hall university law school and an investigation that i also did it was a subject of a feature article in harper's in which we reviewed the government's official account of how they died and concluded that this account simply wasn't hostile and then some prison guards who were on duty tonight at the back of the net came forward in their own narrative in which they said that they were absolutely convinced the official statement about how they guy could not be true because one of the men of served three prisoners who died been removed from the outer so what
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it wants to know that eating and eating and taking away to an interrogation chamber but we've never been able to establish exactly what it would fact happened so fast i had a laugh a minute just because i'm running out of time i think that's one of the largest problems here is that we never fully will know what happened i think about. a lot again certainty surrounding these cases always is it's hard to get the true story in so considering all the damage that going time of day has already done on the american record and the day does it matter if this if this man's death really was a suicide or not or is it just another drop in that bucket there. i think you know his family is right ones are going to think it will the united states even be so it was a suicide i think they're going to cry and they think they're going to believe that he was driven to it by the harshness of the circumstances in which he was out because there are a lot of medical professionals and health care professionals in the united states who agree with that sort of assessment based say the extreme isolation procedure
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they're reducing severe depression it drives people to suicide and yet of course we have lawmakers here in the u.s. to try to claim that it most is just like club med and of the biggest problem there they have is obesity because they're being fed to i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight. showing sellers just ahead on tonight's program and then stick around for happy hour case you haven't heard the rapture is coming this weekend but some people are cashing in on those who believe the world is ending and a thirteen year old was interrogated because he wore to president obama about the attacks after the death of osama bin laden so we'll cover those stories and more when alex lights off and things progress and our chief producer lisa caputo i meet interesting not. let's not forget that we are in the heart part.
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i think. either one well. we haven't got the says they're going to keep him safe get ready because you're. a charmer over here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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new web site which twenty four seventh's live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial hardship unlimited high quality videos for download. and stories never done. so. it's been. posted on aren't. you guys welcome to shelly tell me alone or shall we part with our guests not to say on the topic now i want to hear. just go on to you tube his video response or the twitter part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is. like your voice. all right it's time for show and tell on tonight's program now recently we've been bringing you all the updates surrounding i.m.f.
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dominique strauss kahn sex scandal but we also shed light more importantly on how the world's biggest lender is wreaking havoc on troubled countries around the world so keeping that in mind is it time for the u.s. to reevaluate their relationship with the international monetary fund let's go to producer patrice in a century to find out what you have to say. let's talk about something everyone likes to hear about money lots and lots of it i'm talking about the kind that can make or break whole nations you know it's your money where you can spend it because the government is giving it away the u.s. is the largest shareholder in the i.m.f. and considering the u.s. is a borrow five billion every day on top of the fourteen trillion dollar debt without a war without anyone's help should our elected officials continue to fund the i.m.f. alex thinks we should he told us on facebook if it wasn't for the i.m.f. some countries would have defaulted and u.s. and european banks would have lost a lot of capital pointed out it's the u.s. treasury that's in default with unstoppable debt and you want to know what how do
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we get from the i.m.f. just told us perhaps we should keep contributing but not if we have to borrow just unless you can write a big check to the united states there is no other way except to borrow michael said the i.m.f. is in fact a bankrupt organization that offers pretty. u.s. federal reserve notes that are backed by nothing might take if we continue to borrow to float the international monetary fund i mean the u.s. needs to keep spending money on chinese imports rather than create those jobs here at home why so the chinese can loan us our money that we have interest and then we take that money and we borrow that we borrow from china and give us the i.m.f. . is that really a good plan. all right thanks everyone for giving us your input and here's our next question for you at home earlier we spoke about obama's speech today discussing the middle east and although it's a contentious subject that's gained a global attention obama's rhetoric seemed pretty vague
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a little broad so without showing any hard stance on those tough issues is there a chance that we'll see any real change so tell us what you think do you think obama's speech signals a change in u.s. policy towards the middle east you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response it just might make it on air. all right it's time for happy hour this thursday and joining me this evening is alex science all reporter and blogger for think progress dot org and a progress report and aren't you pretty certain lucy caffein our thanks for joining me to cheers we better start seriously because you know according to a certain group of people the rapture is coming on saturday the end of the world is ending i'm not exactly sure i think there's a couple different narratives we might start seeing a lot of seismic activity and it could like take seven years or it could that's
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a big long story but there are some people have just think saturday's that that it's done to put so people naturally are cashing in on that because what do you couldn't do with your poor beloved little pets your puppies and your kitties in the world and we have a little clip. you just really tears your heart out. that's kind of messed up you know if god is man's best friend here's going to get your best friend the second but it's there i'm sure and you get to go up to heaven i thought all dogs went to heaven what about that movie that lied to me already with don't ever do this maybe make
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a mess in your you know house or your shoes or something i don't know why why i don't always get to go to heaven as well you know they love me unconditionally and jesus christ doesn't want anything running around there i mean we have enough christians to fill heaven with but no i think the broader point that this whole issue raises is the judgment day and the rapture is profitable and makes lots of money and these people they have like three hundred folks that sign up for the service at one hundred thirty five dollars a pop i mean that's a lot of money that's being mean and mind you if i can add family ministries or family radio worldwide the folks that are helpfully buying all these build work let us know that there will be no world when they're all over there in the subways everywhere and see the new you know one hundred million dollars over the past seven years in donations so they're raking in the cash reserves atheists are doing the thing but i wonder if they're maybe in cahoots with the with the rapture people you know we could just do rapture every year or so yeah i think it really was the card but you are there you're on the pet shop give him some business well i mean you know it's it's really just consider shocking to me if the rapture really was coming
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why would you be donating all your money to organization and tell everybody else the rapture is coming when she want to be the only one that knows who you know everyone had a little i'm like well you know i don't think we really should be talking about is going to happen with the money because there will be no money and the world's going to end on saturday and that's how he ended the interview but you but you're right i mean like when i get to heaven i want to choose the best room the best house you know whatever kind of situation they have going to i want to compete with all these other people keep it small you know and i do see i'm not going there anyway and i don't want to blow all my cash and you know get all my thin than all my vices in the last couple days let's move on to another story. and a little boy decided to go on facebook and tell the president but you know now do you think if you really have to watch out there might be some retaliation. and listen to what happened it happened to him take a look. he was saying how some of them for obama to be careful because there might be suicide bombers a week later well vito was in his fourth period class he got called to the principal's office a man walked in. in
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a suit and glasses. he said that he was part of the. secret service and he told me it was because of a post that i made. with the boy is thirteen and the secret service had to come to his school to interrogate him but i think that's a little weird why did they go to the school when i think it was parents house to interrogate and they then they could really you know i don't excuse to break into these people's house if they're really suspicious talk to the parents i feel like doing it at school given to him getting away he's lucky that he can get rubbed out by seal team six the first thing i'm going to say in the second one is that look i mean in this country i just understand how the intelligence system works because we obviously have dedicated investigators who are trolling through facebook pages for stuff that they can mix misconstrue and exaggerate meanwhile the head of the cia tells congress that he's getting his info about egypt from news media reports i mean where is the balance here i don't really get those my first thought like as a male growing up i was so it's you can serviceably really cool job but apparently you just reading through
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a thirteen year old's facebook feeds coming up incredibly well you're being forced to watch fox news because the other day somebody with secret service decided to tweet about they can't take their blathering anymore and suddenly they realized oh i might get fired for this line and and had to be deleted instantly let's move on to our last story and this one i just particularly think is absurd there's a bill in massachusetts that if it goes through this what are couple a good idea is if parents are getting divorced then. this bill would bar the parents from having sex inside the house so as not to hurt the children and i guess the idea is to then you know you don't just start bringing home one night stand all the time until you are firmly divorced but the language is written so vaguely but it basically means that the mom and dad. for the married couple they can't have sex either and told their function their full and if we wait for it i guess i've got the wrong house and maybe that'll put the spice back into the romance you know so you know maybe maybe it will be the sex it up a little but you know it's a legal you know a lot to do it goes for
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a judge maybe that suddenly makes it more appealing you know and maybe decide hey we're not going to get divorced if i don't like i'm going to be that same legislature the machinations legislature there's another bill that's going through that would potentially ban the lifetime alimony payments and cap alimony payments for certain spouses so if all of these bills go through the kids who are trying to protect here will essentially at the not have enough money to put food on their table and clothes on their backs but the least of very sexually frustrated parents are going to be sneaking out of the house to get their groove on it's just ridiculous you can't ban sex you know even third wars even if you're separated i don't think he won anyway thanks for joining us and i. figured you to get in there for tonight's show and come back tomorrow please it's the sixty day mark in libya i mean the time is out for the president to go out on his own plus it only is going to happen if congress chooses to hold him accountable and hold a vote so look into what's being said and done in the meantime go forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's
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show or any other rights you know it's catch all the you tube dot com slash the launch show repos the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is adam versus the late. a charmer in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we the future of coverage.
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