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from. the future coverage. you're watching r.t. the headline. about former head of the international monetary fund is granted bail and placed under house arrest on charges of attempted break for their fares the euro won't survive without him. regime replacement obama says he wants an immediate transition of power in syria giving a speech outlining america's policies in the middle east. outraging better
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ruseva the case of an opposition leader for the edge of the inciting under-estimate rection day is supposed to say it was a setup by other countries seem to be in constant. buzzing around truce up next with moscow. well it was the cell in the space program hobby exploring the recent castles something balls on supermarkets that we see consortium graham bell hundred selfies still isn't complete site but here the spaceship project half a mile of the last has to be scouring skyscraper area if someone has something like to say in
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a moment they must start showing the loss of andrews as he finds out the elsa was the most her shopping died today is the triumph of capitalism you can see on this map how many major shocking senses the wrong in city catering full transcript it's just a bicycle shop it's just that for a long time the most anything to buy different century different story plus has misplay machine gallery which stands to state to promise to show business resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of goons of the days today design is such as armani carving klein and their russian counterparts fill the office building sites while shopping mall atmosphere city limits brand new seems to be making a political interest in already. in some of the ninety's shifting sands here along with fans who also does it many animals in the capital so with connections you can pack it specious new and beautiful and there are new crowds here which is nags.
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spawning the most like this. as many cities and such accounts even wants to impose the complex is to be welcomed with open arms limited so taking into consideration most of those extreme temperatures kinds of traffic problems. next location we arrived at the mega and it's easy to see how they came up with the name as one of the largest shopping malls in new york they'll close the maze like entertainment and shopping complexes. get a minute i can't post with a high to market share on stockman's and i keep to the mall the two hundred fifty million dollars we took projects has proved a great commercial success there are now trials to make the most in russia with me being found. this gigantic shopping mall is thirty minutes north by car from the sense of a city that's without any traffic and i've been here in two thousand and four all three hundred sixty one still was
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a literal sense they were other similar complexes on the outskirts a bus very patronizing from moscow to spire middle cost you five just a typical russian old western high street trains and if you're poor or something a lot of trial the eyestrain cinema omegas impressive collection of various restaurants consumables all occasion in the south east of chicago so there is very easy to get to shuttle buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and excellent access to the nature highways. electronic clothing and furniture stores to stay under one roof so when the millions of muscovites misses just come here every year so what makes the show so. may go with bringing new brands into the russian market. for example reason to open up american eagle and mayor jim q this is. about still we're both open up when this may go to stop. media is from the from maybe we always find big playgrounds and
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a wider range of activities in stores for kids and of course ikea which will find the world's. posing to take a look at this week's and stay. one of the city's construction sites has become. one of the world's supermodels naomi campbell. created a contemporary fiction piece from russian designs the payments took place in a neatly finished leaves us residential and business complex feels very much at home that. last. speaks to me. to instruments of the people at the french movie cars the car dreams premium in the russian capital on stranger tides the film stars johnny depp and penalty crews the
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births of moscow creating a real buzz in the council. to few. clues. to carry. the bills in michigan most comes with rationing points and if he says he losing its identity is one such place those questions let's meet this week's guest. the cellular listen to you the specifics of this impressive sounds in here yeah i just saw one of the cars in the wall to relieve it on the roof wow you know. i'll shut this topic here the special favors a special have been of all the russians and the freshman almost the white. house
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that the russians love helping and they spend almost all their money in this shopping for buying things and for buying clothes food and defaming and some other things. many people below save money put the case of their kids right many of them cannot afford to buy a house or apartment that's why they don't have to move the savings a few cents and when young doesn't belong to a save in the future and they just spent all day and all the. positive been spending time in both london and moscow one thing that is a parent's fear of the price is that it is more expensive here and. it is about the safest the problem with our reality and they still live most of the russian but the customs of this thing and it through the crisis are really sometimes quite higher than in europe but still look many people in the family moved away broke for
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example there's a lot you can you put in languages english so france to move to something called paris a long time that's why they stayed in russia and the last shopping and they have no choice but geez think it's losing the russian flavor the russian soul so it's a western you know imports and russia has some own flavor as for example will there have been almost the whites of the one so on so they head to the for example in case it is windy and they have their cars put in restaurants with accommodation for the russian had been with russian food with russian kind of you know fast food even because as a kid differs from europe we don't have such faith in a hamburger for example or french fries the more help like leave the russians tell us they're also possible to put in to us and the same to this ataman. and the same with cinema so we do it just the european finish and into what russians la. thanks very much for your time and thank you for your supper look projects and
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thank you thank him. and should be called sounds but it comes to shopping in most of the subcontinent is the condition in the supermarkets who doesn't see students in the russian capital transit in the. she not you fool no it's one of the leaders in the bush child market providing its customers with a wide range of foods and other goods the supermarkets are right around the clock but if you don't have time for shopping even after midnight to complete also has an online store with a quick to live or service available. to croak you city mall is a large shopping center with dozens of peace seeks of well famous brands including celine and molly let me appreciate the most is a possible knowledge approaches sixty projects founded in two thousand and one more than one hundred thousand people it's a visit to city within a city schools that's a real under six souls that exhibition in concert halls hotels restaurants and even a yacht club. fashion and lifestyle galleries them here go the meeting seasons is
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a lot shocking and steam in center was trendy kocinski prospect spaces of the mall probably price guides in its various betakes keep the venue from looking busy hey you can shop julius international brands such as the russian on contract and relaxed and also free atmosphere. shooting in moscow doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and unique leave mission purchases located next to keys guy station this is where the largest bonus markets in the country it's a wonderful exciting place to visit the colors the noise the characters and also the smells. of moscow's glitz and glam of the welcome to the dugout moleski market it's very old over here in nineteen thirty six and i have been surprised the small
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to this history of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of rights colorful displays of various proces caressa as the former soviet republics says on vimeo is back to saudi arabia and the ukraine it was a one. see the. price is cheaper here than in the cities spikey supermarkets all the good stuff fresh oil but it's not a good news with the devastating fires of last summer the prices of many everyday public goods have considerably increased costs and the market still attracts many businesses if only to look at the various interests of goods on just like. the sellers have the precious little so close to this image of course is very good and friendly but the most important thing is that the fresh and tasty can keep senator . from soviet style kill some farmer's markets too expensive he cheeks i love fish
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you most most are certainly cases for all. stressed foods as a lot of price i love it but unfortunately that's all the time we have on the streets most qualified go on something in the us and i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the stickers i bought for now. you didn't start all of a sudden. it's a long story i'm destroying the living and there how much option. there are. some things out here when they get done like that. if you took every fisherman out of the water and tell you something about that water and the habitat protecting the
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habitat the fisheries it's going to collapse nature steps back making way for the concert guys are using look around museum and say look at all the solar stuff obviously everybody here my. well awesome incomes because the road system has been great number but it's true. and yet billions of dollars oil and gas stay. real baby drill. one needs from there to cross himself and one of my blood pressure will consider potential areas for development in south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. play.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered. issue three critique a should three destroyed three. major least three. three.
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two three. three blown in videos for your media project free media gone to r t dot com. the now former head of the international monetary fund was granted bail and placed under house arrest on charges of attempted rape there are fears the euro don't survive without. regime replacements a bomber says he wants an immediate transition of power in syria giving a keynote speech outlining america's policies in the middle east. outrage and go to resave the case of an opposition leader in jail for allegedly inciting under-estimate election day his supporters say it was a setup for the country's seeing clinton's president. andrew underscore starts now
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with news of this confrontational sudden boxing. hello there you're watching the scores and this is what is coming up. seven time tour de france champion lance armstrong denies the latest claims made by all my teammates. looking good for the french open russia's top see the interview over shines in brussels. the lady killer boxing legend roy jones jr shows his north side ahead of his moscow showdown with tennis led predict. but first brush doping claims have been made against seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong former teammate tyler hamilton has accused him of taking performance enhancing drugs e.p.o.
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during the nine hundred ninety nine talk he made the claims during an interview on the c.b.s. program sixty minutes and said he and armstrong seen here used e.p.o. while they were riding for the u.s. postal team armstrong won seven tour de france titles between nine hundred ninety nine and two thousand and five but has always denied taking performance enhancing drugs and has never failed a drug test unlike thailand once and it was banned for two years in two thousand and five a federal investigation is ongoing though into allegations of doping by the u.s. postal team. now the french open is just a few days away and one of russia's main hopes seems to be peaking at the right time world number three it is only the over reaching the semi's of the brussels open i need to just forty seven minutes to power past the world number twenty eight alexander who've taken the first and the second six one and the last four she will face chinese eight c. playing shall be unseated swede adds unless the other semi will be between top seed
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caroline wozniacki and french open champion francesca schiavone but wozniacki had the easiest quarter final match of all her belgian opponent you know with my retiring with a back injury after being two games to love down in the first set so at least that they should be fresh for her clash and schiavone. was given a great dane in the quarter finals at roland garros last year and shouldn't be feeling think side for their clash this time around three reasons partly because we were duped into sex sixty sixth grade. i mean while world number four andy murray insists he still fits the french open despite pulling out of a warm up event on wednesday he was meant to play at the paris golf and country club felt pain during prime a practice session and decided to rest as a precaution julian granted so was brought in as a late replacement for the statement then the frenchman rose the occasion to the world number eighty three beating his doubles partner michael over six one six two
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. and in the other match drove the songa playing instead novak djokovic placed nicklaus not who is replacing the injured lleyton hewitt they are for united flies at the moment this team event but anyway the show must go on it's a song to wrap up their win six three six four means team who know and team magic or a tie to rub this each. russia striker to make sure blue can continue to press his case for a call up to the national squad despite being sent off the side then hard in the playoffs he still managed to score a goal and get an assist in their four to win i will rhoda before getting his marching orders russian coach the continually overlooked the striker for the national sport but being grateful in the dutch late this goal last night made it very new and hard after just twenty three minutes his twenty first goal of the season and the thirty one year old then got in the system again hugs all as they
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ran out of forty when you like this tie although it's good nice work was tainted by a reckless challenge which got him sent off that said another impressive performance perhaps more food for thought for africa is preparing his ward for the euro qualifier against armenia next month. meanwhile future president sepp blatter says the sport's governing body will speak to the wolf whistle blower who claimed qatar bribed to officials to win last year's world cup however england football association will still abstain from the presidential elections in june england had questioned the conduct of another four feet of members after the country lost the train c.a.t. the world cup with russia and won't support either blatter or the president of the asian football confederation mohammed bin hammam from catarrh seventy five year old blatter has been in office for almost thirteen years and had said before he wanted any new forth to be his last right. now the battle for golf's world number one
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sport has heated up in spain as the two top ranked englishman lee westwood and luke donald got off the winning starts of the volvo world match play championship germany's martin karma is also in contention to unseat westwood and he also enjoyed a trouble free to the round robin stage remark of the p.g.a. champion beat south korea's young in two and one westwood bogeyed on the opening hole and then carded sixth grade but i told him to overcome them and his hands and six and five while his ryder cup team mate donald defeated american ryan moore four and three in all twenty four plays make up the field they are divided into eight groups we could talk to any they can even if the knockout phase. now russia's olympic boss alexander as you call of says twenty five goals is their plan for the fast approaching twenty twelve games in london she is currently overseeing the
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country's preparations for their own winter olympics in sochi in twenty fourteen but the summer games in london thoughts mean months away and the head of the russian olympic committee aims for third place overall in the medals table next here he named the familiar rivals the china and the usa as their main contenders host great britain also a force to be reckoned with you call pins the biggest medal hopes for russia on gymnastics weightlifting boxing and wrestling. and finally this fight might not be about a world title belt but it is the one showdown you don't want to miss is former boxing champion roy jones jr takes on fast rising benes lead the day of the two square off on saturday sports center. takes a closer look at the men in question i would soon have books in the ring around you seeing their. i i
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i knew been training session in the russian capital letting people first the news from roy jones jr. i was living in a nice little ladies. begin because our girls will sit in the chilled down. there is always serious. i mean come on you will meet us well before i will see. you guys don't see every show. that's what i actually bought i can't blame nobody but me if you can beat me. this is the message to the news limited and there was no pleasing the pretty rare experience of being a strong leverage against roy jones one of the best comparable employers in that he's through a deal with. the city not. libya is russia's biggest was a weak hope with exports from syria in the thirty one year old could be the world's number one division. twenty one when speak for themselves with the only loss in his
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career coming from a very controversial split decision in the bud against winning w b o jumpin marco. you finally got. told to destroy. you probably already i think totally destroyed again and still paul drawled. you carry the judge off it you don't know that if you lost a call to save the german you probably. would have their. system around libya will like him so well in ways even more important than russian so of course he's straining under the guidance of a man who's been there and done everything. undisputed world junior welterweight champion close to you claim gold and dennis steps in the ring for this part i want him to be an aggressive hungry just firing fighter thinking i'd rather die than
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lose that's the feeling i didn't have in my last parts and i need to destroy it now . just because intelligence that's what dennis is going to have in this parish he has to be smarter it's possible even against roy jones the point is that he knows dennis and what he's able to do in the ring my task is to change something and make liberty of produce a lot of surprises for jones because. that really takes working hard. cap and focus for it you know in some respects though he's still the same as part of his greatness has always been having fun both in and outside the ring they're hard to shoot very good very good. we're here roughshod over both of you with the mafia for i never knew they have to stick with against these fellows in the film it's a place you know i'll go with them yeah so who's going before we laugh
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they're just n c l. r t must go. back to the sport and a couple of us not. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on the t.v. .
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all. i peek. the shirts inside the hotel hotel while shall his the groom photo. shows over town full of hotel. the hotel typee. town hall springs resort and spa tycoon hotel royal she plans on pulse of the town. paid evergreen plaza hotel
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in thailand thailand as hotel time. typing pool points and. the splendid hotel in touch with a hotel in touch with the photo of her a gold how it has changed every. thing she. highway construction and humanitarian aid. causes shady officials call it the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just drug trafficking. afghanistan. caught.


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