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would be soon which brightened a few new movements from phones to parachute in some. nice stunts on t.v. don't come. welcome back here's a recap of the main stories here at r.t. the now former head of the international monetary fund is granted bail and placed under house arrest on charges of attempted rape but there are fears the euro won't survive without their. regime replace notes president obama says he wants an immediate transition of power in syria he was giving a keynote speech outlining america's policies in the middle east. outrage in the
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bella reuss over the cases of opposition leaders jailed for allegedly inciting on rest on election day their supporters say it was a setup by the country seemingly permanent president. now market andrews is up next with moscow out. oh the locals the cell the space program how they explore in the recent capitals something else i'll supermarkets with everything construction for hundreds of new stores and complete cyber yes the spaceship projects yeah fame all of that last is to be scouring skyscraper area sublet is something like to say in
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a moment they must start showing the loss of andrews as he finds out the elsa spreads the most her shopping guide today is the time for a few tips to listen you can see on this map how many major shopping centers they're all in a city. full time sprockets muscovites will show. is just not for a long time it wasn't anything to buy different century different story plus his most famous shooting gallery is cool which sounds to state to promise still to show business resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of coombes the early days today design is that she's armani cotton klein and their russian counterparts fill the office building. a city building was brand new seems to be making a clear patrician already. in some of the ninety's shopping center looks completely insane to some visit many animals in the capital so we can actually compact it specious new and beautiful and there are new crowds here which is nags. spawning
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you most like this. as many cities and such i can see it must impose the complexities of being welcomed with open arms limited so taking into consideration most of those extreme temperatures kinds of traffic trouble or. moving to a next location we arrived at the mega it's easy to see how they came up with the name as one of the largest shopping malls in new york they'll colossal a maze like entertainment and shopping complex is don't get the money for jets with a high to market cash on stockman's an ikea attached to the mall the two hundred fifty million dollar projects as proof of great commercial success there are now closed in russia with me being found. this tag on six shopping mall is that the minutes north by car from the sense of a city that's without any traffic it opens here in two thousand and four
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a whole series sixty one store was either also two other similar complexes on the outskirts of moscow catering mostly from moscow the spire middle cost you five just it's a cool russian old western high street. and if you're poor or something while a trial the ice rink cinema omegas impressive collection of paris restaurants to make the most elevated in the southeast a capsule there is very easy to get to choose the buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and all have excellent access to the major highways. electronic clothing and furniture store everything under one roof so when the millions of muscovites this is just come here every year so what makes the show so popular. may go with bringing new browns into the russian market. for example in the open up american eagle in may i didn't give. him a good deal about still we're both open up when this major focus the. media is from
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the from and maybe we always find big playgrounds and a wider range of activities in store for kids and of course ikea which will find the world's. camp losing steak a look at this week's and stay. one of the city's construction sites has become. one of the world's supermodels. paraded an unusual white created by a russian contemporary artist and a fashion pieced russian designer the payments took place in a neatly finished leaves us residential and business complex feels very much at home that. leslie is playing i feel. safe he speaks to me was. the favorite instrument of the people at the french movie part of the caribbean is
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pretty in the russian capital crude on stranger tides the film stars johnny depp to kill the crews to bring to moscow creating a real buzz in the council. to feel. superior to the. building machine most comes with saturation point is he says he losing its identity when some places christians let's meet this week's guest. the cellular to me you dismiss it as this impressive sounds in here yeah it's one of the finest in the world relieved it under the roof wow you know lots of information about shopping malls. i'll shut up if shopping here is the special thing is
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a special odd bit of all the russians in the flesh in the most polite. rochelle's last shopping and they spend almost all that money in this shopping for buying things and for buying stuff clothes food to save and some other things. many people below save money put the case nothing kids many of them cannot afford to buy cars or a pot and that's why they don't have to do the savings for future and legal deductions but all do you save in the future and they just spent all that found all the. gossip english when spending time in both london one thing that is a currency here of the price is that it is expensive here and that's how it is difficult to say fix the problem with our reality and the feeling most of the russian but the custom to this thing and this through the crisis are really sometimes quite high and in euro but still look many people are going to tell move
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away broke for example they belong to kenya foreign languages english so france to move to something of paris a long time that's why they stayed in russia and they love something and they have little to do you think it's losing the russian flavor the russian soul so it's the west and you know in boards in russia they have found own flavor as for example will their head bit of both the whites of the one so on so they head to the for example in kids can give lizzie and they have their cars put in restaurants with accommodation for the russian had been with russian food russian kind of you know fast food even because this kid differs from europe we don't have such plate in congress for example of french fries the more help likely needs the russian sailors they're also fast but put into one and the same for the entertainment. and the say with cinema so when to exhaust the european finish and into what russians la. thanks very much for your time and they go to do your shopping mall projects and
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think you think about. where else should be protons when it comes to shopping the most. subcontinent is a population in a supermarket we just need the stews in the russian capital transit in the. she not you fool no it's one of the leaders in the bush town market for minding its customers with a wide range of food and other goods the supermarkets are right around the clock but if you don't have time for shopping even after midnight the complete also has an online store with a quick to livery service available. croaky city mall is a large shopping center with dozens of b. seeks of well famous brands including celine molly and i mean your point she is a possible large purchase she projects founded in two thousand and one more than one hundred thousand people a day visit the city within a city schools that were not only big souls that exhibition in concert halls hotels
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restaurants and even a yacht club. fashion and lifestyle galleries blaming your golden mean season is a lot shocking and its name is center the most was trendy kocinski prospect of all spaces of the mall and probably price tags and it's very street seeks to keep the venue busy ok you can shop happy joyous international brands such as barbara chanel and concierge in a relaxed and feel so free atmosphere. shopping in moscow doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and unique leave mission purchases located next to keys guy station this is where the largest bonus markets in the country itself to fix rising place to visit the colors the noise the characters and also the smells. of moscow's glitz and glamor the welcome to the dugout moleski at market is very old open here in nineteen states
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and six am having survived the small business history of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of rights colorful displays of various parties caressa as the former soviet republics says on the area as pakistan will debut on the upright the christmas of one. see the. price is much cheaper here than in the city swanky supermarkets all the good stuff fresh oil but it's not good news for the devastating fires of last summer the prices of many everyday public goods have considerably increased that said douglas the market still attracts many businesses if only to look at the various compressive goods on display. ellis have the freshest the fullest see the service of course is very good and friendly but the most important thing is not just the christian chains take care pete. from soviet style killers some farmer's
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markets too expensive you cheeks i love to show you most moscow certainly cases full wow restrooms and i love price i love us unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's must watch programme on something in the recent episode i'll see you again at the same time next you can sell them for me and the stickers on our. culture is that so much of an oldish musician find the mark of a loveless marriage or a dangerous embrace to take your pick but pakistani american relations probably can't get any worse barring
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a complete. mission free critique asian free country or charges free. range and three risk free. to charge free. blog just flooded video for your media projects to free media and on to our teton tom. will. keep me busy till the. c.d.c. . says. wealthy british science. is not on the tireless.
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market finiteness. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our keep. it up.
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but now the former head of the international monetary fund is granted bail have placed under house arrest on charges of attempted rape but there are fears that the euro walk to survive without telling. her she replied instead of president obama said some thoughts of media transition of power in syria he was given a key vote speech outlining america's policy and spoke with middle east. outrage roofs over the cases of opposition leaders in jail for allegedly inciting other blasts on election day their supporters say it was a start up by the country's the seemingly permanent residents and that's the sports
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update with that. hello there thanks for joining me and these are the headlines. seven time tour de france champion lance armstrong denies the latest doping claims by a former teammate. looking good for the french open russia's top seeds of honor the older shines in brussels. last day ladies catch the eye over your new studio head to the showdown with russia here. but first fresh doping claims have been made against seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong former teammate tyler hamilton has accused him of taking a performance enhancing drug e.p.o. during the nine hundred ninety nine tour he made the claims during an interview on the c.b.s. program sixty minutes and said he and on strong seen here used e.p.o. while they were riding for the u.s. postal team armstrong won seven tour de france titles between nine hundred ninety
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nine and two thousand and five but has always denied taking performance enhancing drugs and has never failed a drug test on once and he was banned for two years in two thousand and five another former teammate floyd landis made similar allegations a year ago i thought. investigation into alleged doping by the u.s. postal team is on going. now the french open is just a couple of days away and one of russia's main hopes seems to be peaking at the right time world number three it is one of the over reaching the semifinals of the brussels open she needed just forty seven minutes past world number twenty eight alexandra de taking the first set to love this second six one in the last fall she will face chinese eighty eight shan't get a semi it will be between top seed and i'm not saying i see and the phrase open champion process because schiavone was the us he had the easiest quarter final match of all her belgian opponent in ina whitmire retiring with a back injury after being two games to live down in the third set so at least the
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danger would be fresh for her clash with schiavone. schiavone was the at roland garros last year and should be feeling too tired either for their next class cruising past the pounds a move to set to. be more world number four andy murray insists he will be fit for the french open despite pulling out of a warm up event he was meant to play at the paris golf and country club but felt pain during practice and decided to rest as a precaution well i was brought in as his late replacement for this team event and the frenchman rose to the cage in the world number eighty three beating his doubles with over six one six two. and in the other match go through to stronger played instead of novak djokovic and he played because it was replacing the injured leg computes so they are falling like flies at least for now but anyway the show went on and the songs are wrapped up there when six three six four it means t.
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who know and see the court title two brothers each. another news the russian football striker to me continues to press his case for a call up to the national squad he was sent off a dutch side down hard in the every division. playoff spot scored a goal and got an assist and therefore to win i will rhoda before getting his marching orders rushing coach speak out but i wasn't really able to strike i agree can't i've been in great form in the dutch league baseball last night made it three then just twenty three minutes he's twenty first goal of the season and the thirty one year old then got in the sr den haag sported a run at all to witness in the first leg of this time very good group nice work was plenty via direct proof challenge which brought in central la that said another impressive performance on behalf of the thought of the crowd he's preparing his four year old qualifier against armenia next month.
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ma in domestic math is documented moscow will look to keep hold of top spot in the russian premier league today there are a point clear face through being in cars and pushes they slip up and you could go to the summit if they get three points against eric eric will be playing their first game at the new stadium in grozny and are desperate to hold an alarming run of the side of the last five of their only nine games banned payload a spot in our trip to the other man. meanwhile england's football association or not vote in next month the first presidential elections the f.a.'s decision to take claims of corruption in the sport's governing body sepp blatter is running for a fourth term as president and is up against one hundred bin command sergeant asian football confederation but after allegations prattled on the right to stage the twenty twenty two world cup by offering bribes to fee for members yes wants to abstain adding it also has concerns over the twenty eighteen world cup bidding
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process which was won by russia. and the n.b.a. where oklahoma have beaten dallas to level their western conference final series or one of pacers hundred six points to one hundred in the latest contest in dallas present your own twenty four points in game harden's twenty three doing the damage to oklahoma will now have a home advantage for the next two games. we do and of course you want to win every game put in and come. in the playoffs is a place you want to do. home doesn't guarantee you some wins so we. try to take a call from a position of the game in a term. place the battle for golf's world number one spot is heating up in spain the top ranked englishman lee westwood and luke donald have got off to a winning start at the volvo world match play championship germany's martin karma is also in contention to unseat westwood. he also enjoyed a trouble free t.
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off to the round robin stage of mark where the p.g.a. champion beat south korea's young unit two and one westwood bogeyed on the opening hole with six birdies to overcome denmark's and his hands and six in five while his ryder cup team mate donald defeated american ryan moore for three in all twenty four plays make up this field they are divided into eight groups the top two in each making it into the knockout phase at. large there's a three way tie for the lead at the crown plaza invitational in texas david toms here with a lovely view of approach shot and cheers really one shot advantage over the rest of the field after the first day both shooting sixty two so match the lowest opening round on the p.g.a. tour this season but shot of the day to go to lucas glover a lovely chip going from him here although he did hit a one over par seventy one and he's back in seventy six a good round of freida. elsewhere rushers olympic boss alexander as you call of
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says twenty five goals is their plan for the fast approaching twenty twelve games in london as you call it is currently overseeing the country's preparations for the winter olympics in sochi twenty fourteen but some gains in london are only fourteen months away and the head of the russian olympic committee for third place overall in the medals table next year china and the usa are their main contenders along with britain to cough putting the biggest medal hopes russia on schnapps six weightlifting wrestling boxing not talking of boxing we've been counting down to the big fight in moscow this weekend former world champion roy jones jr takes on russia's fast rising delis lead video on saturday two different fives it's also have very different styles of side the rink to explain more is what the dang it. i thank you we've seen him box in the ring and now we're seeing him sing there i. an open for in session in the russian capital letting
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people nil first hand the new interest song of roy jones jr. he was even had a night for the ladies then picking the car girls for cities showdown although there is always a serious side that ok i mean come on you wouldn't want me that's right before i want to see. you guys don't have a show. that's what i that's watching boxing i can't blame nobody but me and you know. but the message to denise lebedeff the mentor is no placing the pretty rare experience of being a strong favorite against roy jones one of the best pound for pound fires in that he's three of the sports in must kill the saturday night. live it is russia's biggest loser with hope with experts considering the thirty one year old to be the world's number one in this division. twenty one win speak for themselves with the
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only loss in his career coming from a very controversial split decision in the bout against winning w. beal jumpin mark a hawk. you probably go and you go totally destroying. your power and i think some guys go totally destroyed again and still call it drop. so you carry each other off it and i mean you gotta know that if you love to see you part. with . these turnaround lived it will bite on him so well and what is even more important the russian softball straining under the guidance of a man who's been there and done everything former undisputed world junior welterweight champion goes to do when golden when tennis steps in the ring for this part i want him to be an aggressive hungry despite being fighter thinking i'd
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rather die than lose that's the feeling i didn't have in my last parts i need are destroying now. this plus intelligence that's what dennis is going to have in this parish he has to be smarter it's possible even against roy jones the point is that he knows dennis and what he's able to do in the ring my task is to change something and make livid have produced a lot of surprises for jones. and it really takes working hard. cap and focus for it to know in some respects though he's still the same as part of his greatness has always been having fun both in and outside the ring very harsh are very very pivotal here but i never saw fit with the market for i never knew they have to stick with it i guess is this close to the feel like you know. oh . yeah so who's going to win before we let out three i just
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can't hear you. robert for the known artsy muscular. not brings us to the end of the school for. hungry for the full six we've got it fast the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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