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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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to. come back here's a recap of the main stories we're covering on r.t. the former i.m.f. chief who's accused of sexual assault will be tied to house arrest after being grabbed one of a million dollars in bail but there are concerns the scandals surrounding his resignation might jeopardize the financial aid given to a deal with economies and events the survival of the euro currency. is really u.s. relations are being tested ahead of prime minister netanyahu was upcoming meeting
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with president obama is really a leader of last obama's earlier call for a palestinian borders to be based on what they were invited to sixty seven. ad of former presidential candidates in the bella rooms charged with its side to rest during the election hard to hear whether they would be jailed or their supporters spirit builders punished for standing up to the country's a longtime leader president because shut. up next to moscow out goes wild in the aisles on a russian shopping spree.
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oh how well does the sell the space program hobby exploring the recent hassles something falls as supermarkets with a recent construction boom there are hundreds of new stores in complete syphon here the spaceship projects yeah same as it must also be scouring skyscraper area if someone does something like say in a moment they must start showing the boss the bad news as he finds out the elsa that's the most her shopping guide today is the truth time capsule isn't even see on this map how many major shopping sense is there are all in a city catering full trust brackets muscovites with whom to shop it's just not for a long time it will take anything supply different century different story plus his most famous shooting gallery is complete with stems to stay to promise to show business resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of coombes the early days today design is that she's armani coming client and their russian counterparts still the largest building that's washed up their city to live is brand new seems
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to be making a good impression already. in some of the ninety's shipping santini among the fans who know some visit many animals in the capital so we can actually compact it specious new and beautiful and the new crowds here which is nice to. sparkling you most like this act as many cities and such gigantic wants to enclose you complexes of the multitude with open arms limited so taking into consideration most of those extreme temperatures thousands of traffic problems. we saw next location we arrived at the mega plant it's easy to see how they came up with the name of one of the largest shopping malls in new york they'll close the maze like entertainment and shipping complexes to get the money to get post with a hypermarket question stockmen's an ikea attached to the mall the two hundred
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fifty million dollars project has proved a great commercial success there are now twelve mega moles in russia with me being a plant based gigantic shopping mall is thirty minutes north by car in the sense of a city that's without any traffic and i've been here in two thousand and four hundred six hundred sixty one still was there also still have a similar complex is on the outskirts a bus card catering mostly from moscow the spire middle cost you five just it's a pole russian old western high street train see a cause if you're poor or something a lot of trial the eyestrain cinema omegas impressive collection of terrorist restaurants. you want to make the most of it hated in the south and east of the county so the road very easy to get to show the buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and oh how excellent access to the major highways. electronic clothing and furniture stores everything under one roof so when the millions of muscovites misses just come here every year so what makes the shocking moment so
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popular. may go with bringing new brands into the russian market. for example most reason to open up the american eagle in me i can keep this in make a bit about shelf were both open up when this in made up of the stuff. media is probably from and maybe will always find big playgrounds and a wider range would give it to stores for kids and of course ikea which will find the world's. imposing take a look at the streets and stay. when the use of the city's construction sites has become. one of the world's super models. paraded unusually created by contemporary artists in a fashion piece from russian design the payments took place in a neatly finished leaves us residential and business complex only feels very much the time that. i feel i.
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can speak speak to me was. the favorite instrument of the people at the french movie cars the car thieves probably in the russian capital called on stranger tides the film stars joins up to kill the crews to break the stigma still creating a real buzz. a few. lives. to carry. the guild's english in most homes with such a ration points if he says he losing its identity is one such place those questions let's meet this week's guest. the cellular to me you dismiss it as this impressive
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sounds you hear yeah it's one of the best in the world relieved it on the do wow you know lots of information about shopping malls in. aisle shock to some thank you the special favors a special i've been of all the russians and the special the most polite. that russians love shopping and they spend almost all that money in the shopping for buying things simply buying clothes food and if a man and some other things. many people do not save money put to case love their kids right many of them cannot afford to buy a house or apartment that's why they don't have to build a savings for future and they don't doesn't belong to a save in the future and they just spent all that found all the. sitting was been spending time in but. one thing that is a parent's fear of the price is it is no expensive here and. if it is it is
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a safe it's a problem with our reality and the children most of the russian but the customs of this thing and this through the crisis are really sometimes quite higher than in europe but still look many people in the family moved away broke for example there's a lot you can you put in languages english so france to move to something from paris a long time this is why they stay in the us and they love something and they have a little child with the think it's losing the russian flavor the rest his soul so it's a western you know inboards in russia has some own flavor as for example will they head to toe with the wife of the one so on so they head to the for example in case it is windy and they have their cars put in restaurants with accommodation for the russian kind of big russian food with russian final you know fast food he will because his kid differs from europe we don't have such blatant hunger just for
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example of french fries the more help like leave the russian sailors they also fast but it would influence and the same with entertainment. and the same with cinema so when to exhaust the european finish and into what russians. thanks very much for your time and i think you know who your supper look protects thank you think of an . el should be called sounds but it comes to shifting you must go to the subcontinent is the conclusion the supermarkets dozens of students in the russian capital founded in one. she not you fool no it's one of the leaders in the bush child market providing its customers with a wide range of foods and other goods to see the markets are right around the clock if you don't have time for shopping even off midnight complete also has an online store with a click to live or service available. to crocuses you mall isn't large shopping center with dozens of the sikh's of well famous brands including celine amani let
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me appreciate the most is a possible launch purchase a few projects founded in two thousand and one more than one hundred thousand people a day visit the city within a city school as they were not under big stores that exhibition consider hotels restaurants and even a yacht club. fashion and lifestyle galleries them in your gold meaning seasons is a large shopping mall and its name is sense of trendy kocinski prospect spaces of the mall probably the price tags of its various p.t.c. to venue from say hey you can shop the curious international brands such as the russian i cannot yet in a relaxed and also free atmosphere. shopping in moscow doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and unique recession purchases located next to keys car station this is where the largest film is markets in the
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country it's a wonderfully exciting place to visit the colors the noise the characters and also the smells. of moscow's glitz and glamour the welcome to the dugout moleski market it's very old over here in nineteen states and sinks and having survived the small cities history of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of christ's colorful displays of various parties caressa as the former soviet republics says our media is back to saudi arabia and the ukraine it was a one. to see the. price just a much cheaper here than in the city sparky supermarkets is the good stuff fresh going but it's not a good news with the devastation fine as of last summer the prices of many everyday popular goods have considerably increased that said don't acknowledge the market still attracts many businesses if only to look at the various interests of goods on
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display the. smell is how the freshest goods are still quality the series of course is marriage and friendly but the most important thing is there's no fresh and tasty here keith tennant. from soviet style kill some farmer's markets three expense if you cheeks i love to show you moles most certainly cases full well fresh foods and i love price i love us unfortunately that's all that's how we have on this week's must watch program on something in the us since i was ill i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me a little stickers for now. didn't
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start all of a sudden. you so long story of destroying the living under how much option. there are. still some leaks down here when they get done like that. if you took every fisherman out of the water and dealt to something about water quality and habitat protected habitat the fisheries it's going to collapse nature the steps back making. way for the talk she does or if you look around louisiana you say that all the solar. obviously everybody here must be well off the income to speak high road systems be great none of that's true. and yet billions of dollars oil and gas state. real baby drill. one name stunned there two problems and
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one type of pressure will consider potential areas for development in south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. please . issues really. didn't change three. three. three. three. two three. the old revolt against the n.b.a. owners for your media project and a free media gun to our t.v. dot com. the.
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little resume which brightened if you knew the unsung move from funds to the british and the sun. these stones on t.v. don't come. the former i.m.f. chief who is accused of sexual assault will be it's high time for house arrest after being granted one million dollars bail but there are concerns the scoundrel surrounding his resignation might jeopardize a financial aid given to eliminate all of these and even the survival of the euro currency and the. israelis u.s. relations are being tested ahead of prime minister netanyahu is upcoming meeting with president obama with israeli leader of last at obama's earlier call for palestinian borders to be based on what they were invited to the six to seven.
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and former presidential candidates and well of those charged with incitement on the grounds during the election are too clear whether they'll be jailed or their supporters merely will be punished for standing up to the country's a longtime leader president because frankly. i'll be back with our top stories in a fifteen minutes time but first let's go to the world of sports where kate. hello welcome to the sports news this friday afternoon and here's what's coming up top clashes on james go top of the table with a with the next new stadium but others are hot on the heels of a crunch night in the russian premier league. while close to the title freshly crowned italian open champion maria sharapova loves her opposition at the french open as the dog is announced in paris. hilton the seven time tour de
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france champion lance armstrong denies the latest doping claims by former teammates . the first of all i'm looking at you can moscow will look to stay top of the russian premier league as they go to ruby this friday evening but if they slip up i could be leapfrog r.u. four hundred eighty in the first three games this friday evening and get your grounds need to face roof leaks iraq it will be the chechnyan sides first day it's the new stadium last week spectacular concerts all star game the right are desperate to hold and the long run of defeats continues in light of the open mind games and often its third place goes on will host second bottom sponsor. got lucky lucky you are my sports fan since we've been in the like game. russian striker dimitri bullock and continues to press his case for a call up to the national squad the thirty one year old was sent off for dutch side then hogg in the eredivisie playoffs and not before scoring a goal and i mean assist in the four to win otoh that russia got to take out of the house and she really overlooked the strike gold for the king has been in great form
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in the dutch league this goal after twenty three first needs three meals a day twenty season and the russian band an assist but then called all the not all to the first leg of this like so many things good or not it was tainted by the challenge but still incentive enough however it is either one of us to. the next month in qualifying. and it's now and inform reassure over is in line to buy australian and us open champion kim clijsters in the quarter finals of the french open that kicks off on sunday after the draw for the second grandson of the season was announced in paris trouble but who is a seaside major champion herself won the last event ahead of brad and got us last week in rome she seeded seventh in paris and will i be doing some of you on a new church of christ my sis is seeded second perth first hurdle in the ballast in
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kind of this year you can move up the top ranked caroline wozniacki will kick start her quest for her maiden grandson in the forty year old japanese playmaker does take on the north face grow open finalist samantha stosur in the last eight rushes that is what i write about is the number three seed and is in line to take on hold at the justice give only in the quarterfinals while both williams sisters of the people that enjoy it. and on the men's side defending champion and welcome the one rafael adult opens against america's john isner the spaniards could run ins when they collide every day in round three rounds to saigon that you got in so doing sweden in the quarter finals second seed novak djokovic opens against dutchman's to measure back on the serve who is unbeaten this season is in line to back with argentina on monday's outright round matches because usually you can be waiting for him late last night with roger federer at least in the semifinals but from the coveted title djokovic she could become the new god number one after the tournament
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he needs to either game in paris or rely on the adults who can see for his title to someone else. fresh doping claims have been made and seven time tour de france winner lawns armstrong fourteen one time tyler hamilton has accused him of taking the performance enhancing drug e.p.o. during the nine hundred ninety nine saw how also made the claims during an interview on the c.b.s. program sixty minutes and said he and on strong seen here used e.p.o. while they were writing for the u.s. postal same armstrong won seven tour de france. titles between one hundred ninety nine and two thousand and five but has always denied taking performance and johnson drugs and has never failed a drugs test unlike how wilson who was found at sea is in two thousand and five another former teammate floyd landis made similar allegations a year ago a federal investigation into alleged doping by the u.s. postal team is now trying going. streets on through to france where not alberto contador doping case will be heard at the court of arbitration for sport next month
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and cycling's governing body is challenging khan to those acquittal on doping charges by spanish authorities in february tribunals accepted contador as defense that he contaminated big force his positive test they still play mitchell going to lead the final week of the tour de france last july the international cycling union and doping agency have appealed against the decision that is prepared over three days and six eighth's again this time around if console is found guilty he will loses to influence top of the pounds this year's i. asked the n.b.a. oklahoma have beaten dallas to level the western conference finals series at one of these the school was one hundred six points one hundred in the latest contest in dallas kevin durant's twenty four points out of james harden's twenty three to be damaged by the home up in the top home advantage lifting against. with and of course you want to win every game but you know coming. in the playoffs isn't that
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she wanted to go home doesn't guarantee these two words are we going to come out with a man child to try to take these games over where we have taken a position or term a game or a term it should be for her place. kaufman and alveda king are also qualified in start of the knockout stages of the world match play championship in spain the big hitting spaniards chipped in for an eagle to clinch a five four victory of denmark's on kelson that closely secondly in group h. and also etc while the line call casey three one on thursday but it's good bye for tea time u.s. open champion richie and reigning british open champion used to stays in both the middle eighty's on the friday. while there's a two way tie for the lead at the crown plaza invitational in texas david thomas seen here and chairs really have a one shot advantage over the rest of the field after the first day both shot sixty two just to watch the latest opening rounds on the p.g.a.
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tour this season but a shot of the day thanks to lucas glover i love the chip in from him although he did hit a one over par seventy one and he's back in seventy six spot so our third round this friday. and talking a good round sweep in counting down to the big fight hearing also this saturday night as former world champion roy jones jr takes on russia's fast rising to his level of two different fighters who also have very different styles outside the ring as well but thought i mean on explains. i we've seen him books in the rain and now you seeing there. was an open training session in the russian capital letting people build first down the new dress some roy jones jr was with him and i couldn't leave them thinking because our girls were sedate showdown. though there is always
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serious trouble i mean come on you wouldn't want me that's what i'm here for i will sleep. in that store for them a show. that's what i that's what actual boxing i can blame will go with me and you can beat me. but the message to denise levitt it meant was no policing the pretty rare experience of being a strong favorite against roy jones one of the best pound for pound players in the history of the sport most skilled the saturday night. live it is russia's biggest was a way to help with exports considering the thirty one year old to be the world's number one in this division. twenty one win speak for themselves with the only loss in his career coming from a very controversial split decision in the bout against winning w b o jumpin marco hawk. you finally got. told the story of the problem i see
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is totally destroyed again in this thing called froth. so you carry each other off it let me know that if you lost a cold to save in germany you probably. would palca. paestum around lead that will bite on him soil in ways even more important than russian so of course he's straining under the guidance of a man who's been there and done everything. undisputed world junior welterweight champion close to do when goldman when dennis steps in the ring for this part i want him to be an aggressive hungry despising fighter thinking i'd rather die than lose that's the feeling i didn't have in my last parts i need or destroying now. just because plus intelligence that's what dennis is going to have in this battle he has to be smarter it's possible even against roy jones the point is that he
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knows janice and what he's able to do in the ring and my task is to change something and make levity of produce a lot of surprises for jones because. if it really takes working hard. captain for peace for you to know in some respects though he's still the same as one of his greatness has always been having fun. even outside the ring. very good very good luck with your bluff that i got the ball field with the mob down for i never knew they had to speak with i give you these clothes because you know it's not right you know i'll go without doing so who's going to win before we left there i just can't see it away l. r t must go. and that's all the sports news has put us in all about another outside
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on the. great for the full scale we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the. planet. will. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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