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beast soon which grinds on if you move from phones to print she needs. these stunts on t.v. don't comb. welcome back here's a recap of the main stories here at hearts the former i.m.f. chief who is accused of sexual assault will be tired from her house arrest after being granted a one million dollars bail but there are concerns the scandal surrounding his resignation might jeopardize the national aid given to him in the economies and even the survival of the euro currency. i was really u.s. relations are being tested ahead of pride that is certain that saddam's upcoming
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movie with president obama is really the new leader of blasted obama's earlier call for palestinian borders to be based on both thing for in one thousand and sixty seven. the japanese furby are the world's worst nuclear crisis since george noble husband so they record loss of fifteen billion dollars they have their companies reside as workers battle at the fukushima power plant where they've recorded it it's reactors. that up next moscow out goes wild in the aisles of a russia shopping spree. welcome to the cell the space program hobby exploring the recent capitals something
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balls and supermarkets that we think is for simply hundreds of new still isn't complete site but he has a spaceship project after a while i was in moscow city scouring skyscraper area if someone has something like to say in the mountains they must start from the moss andrews as he finds out he also has the most her shopping guide today is the triumph of capsule isn't easy on this map how many major shocking senses the wrong in city catering full price brackets muscovites were shot it's just not for long it's going to look anything to buy a different century different story plus there's misframed shooting gallery is good which stands for state department store to show business resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of coombes the early days today design is that she's armani coming clyde and the russian counterparts feel the office building tights was shopping mall on mr city limits brand new seems to be making
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a push from christian already. in some of the ninety's shipping santerre looks like finance one also does it many animals in the capital so we can actually compact it specious new and beautiful and the new pounds here which is nice to. sparkling you most like this x. as many cities and such against the question enclose the complex is to be welcomed with open arms limited so taking into consideration most of those extreme temperatures kinds of traffic problems. next location we arrived because of the mega plans it's easy to see how they came up with the name of one of the largest shopping malls in new york the maze like entertainment and shopping complex is. get you may never get close with a hypermarket stockmen's an ikea touch of the mole the two hundred fifty million dollars project has proved
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a great commercial success there are now trials in russia with me being found. this gigantic shopping mall is thirty minutes north by car from the sense of a city that's without any traffic in the open here in two thousand and four hundred six hundred fifty one still was there all said see what other similar contacts is on the outskirts of muskerry catering mostly from moscow the spire middle cost you five just the typical russian all western high speed trains and if you're poor to something a lot of trial the eyestrain cinema omegas impressive collection of paris restaurants to make the most allocated in the south east of chicago so very easy to get to shuttle buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and oh how excellent access to the major highways. electronic clothing and furniture students to sleep under one roof the in the millions of muscovites this is just come here every year so what makes the show so popular. may go with bringing new brands into the russian
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market. for example reason to open up the american eagle in may i didn't keep this in may have been about shelf we're both open up when this make up the stuff. media is from the from maybe we always find big playgrounds and a wider range of activities and stores for kids and of course ikea which you will find nowhere else. posing to take a look at this weeks and stay. when the use of the city's construction sites has become for the world's supermodels naomi campbell crazy unusual created by a russian contemporary all suspicion pieced by a russian designer the payments took place in a neatly finished leaves us residential and business complex feels very much at home that. the less he is at slate i feel safe to
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say can't speak speak loud speak. with. the fear instrument of the people the french movie cars the car thieves pretty good in the russian capital on stranger tides the film stars johnny depp compel the crews to break the stigma still creating a real buzz in the council. the few. lose. her. fitness. to building michigan molds comes with saturation point is the city losing its identity when some places questions let's meet this week's guest.
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sally listen to you the specifics of this impressive sounds in here yeah i did follow the piece to the walls really and it goes under the roof wow you know lots of information about shopping malls. i'll shut this up thank you for the special favors a special good bit of all the russians and especially the most the wife. that the russians love helping and they spend almost all their money in this shopping for buying things into buying clothes food and the payment and some other things. made people below face mind you put the case of their kids right many of them cannot afford to buy a house or a pot this is why they don't have to pull the savings for future and legal direction although a save in the future and they just spent all that bank holding. the house an englishman spending time in both london and moscow one thing that is a currency of the price is that it is more expensive here and. it is
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also safe it's a problem with our reality and the chill of most of the russian but the customs of this thing and it's true the price is a really long time flies higher than in europe but still look many people when they can move somewhere broke for example there's a lot you can you point languages in this so france to move to something from paris to london that's why they stayed in russia and they love shopping and they have no trouble with these think it's losing the russian flavor the russian soul so it's a western you know in boards in russia they have some own flavor as for example will they head to toe both sides of the one so on so they head to the for example in case it is windy and they have their cost for the restaurant with accommodation for the russian head bits of the russian food with the russian kind of clear no cost food even because this kid differs from europe we don't have such video hungers for example of french fries any more have like leave the russian sailors
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there also possible according to us and the same with entertainment. and the same with cinema so we do exhaust the european finish and into what russians love. thanks very much for your time and i think you'll do your shopping mall projects and thank you thank you but. i should be proud sounds really comes to shove being the most. subcontinent is a complete shame a supermarket with dozens of students in the russian capital founded in one. not you fool no it's one of the latest in the bush market providing its customers with a wide range of foods and other goods to see the markets are right around the clock but if you don't have time to shopping even after midnight to complete also has an online store with a quick delivery service available. for crocuses email is a large shopping center with dozens of b. takes of well famous brands including celine a molly and i mean appreciate the possible launch crocus she projects founded in
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two thousand and one million one hundred thousand people a day visit the city with their city schools as a real only think so is that the exhibition in concert halls hotel restaurant speak even a yacht club. fashion and lifestyle galleries them in your golden mean season is a large shopping mall and stayman center was trendy keeps the prospect spaces of the mall like price hikes in its various peacekeeping venue from busy k. you can shop julius international brands such as barbara chanel and concierge and relaxed and also free atmosphere. shopping in moscow doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and unique leave russian purchases located next to keys guy station this is where the largest problem is
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markets in the country it's a wonderfully exciting place to visit the colors the noise the characters and also the smells. of moscow's glitz and glam of the welcome to the dugout moleski market it's very old opened here in nineteen states and six and a half in surprise the small business history of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of rights colorful displays of various proxies caressa and think former soviet republics such as aviv is back to saudi arabia and the ukraine it was a one. see the. price is a much cheaper here than in the city swanky supermarkets and all the good stuff fresh clothes it's not all good news but the devastating fires of last summer the prices of many everyday public goods have considerably increased costs and douglas' the market still attracts many visitors if only to look at the various interests of
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goods on display the. smell is kind of the freshest goods of so clearly this series of course is very good and friendly but the most important thing is that our products are christian tasty here pete senator. from soviet style kill some farmer's markets too expensive for cheeks i love to show you most most are certainly cases full well stressed birds and a lot of price i love as well unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's must watch program on something in the recent episode i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the stickers on our.
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mission free accreditation free country charges free from a challenge free risk free. to charge the free. download free month just plug in video for your media project for free media don carty john tom. more than a month. is one of the most. street environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and attractive for many wildlife is closing in the flood zone. expedition to the bottom of the earth are.
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more used today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. hope for a shelter ruled today. intil in the end though she's available in the field during cold winter joe super to look for her children coax one on the local children until a memory will be gauged merchant. princes her gentle mary cool job her children call sweet her children called the imperial queen school coach on married results in school which i'm sure some fictional new supply is full of you said firmly her golden cliff resources for lindsay and her to be a one year old researcher and a tour of discovery the church of children the trial resumes to see entrepreneur
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results to see just choose barracuda will shame a triple her true a renaissance photo ok rules we took from pacific so resort and spa. in israel look she's available in some hotel to be sort of in her children recently. the former i.m.f. chief was accused of sexual assault old retired under house arrest granted they want a million dollar bail but there are concerns the scandal surrounding his resignation might jeopardize the financial aid given to anybody economies even the survival of the euro currency. israeli u.s. relations are being tested ahead of prime minister netanyahu his upcoming meeting with president obama the israeli leader of glass and obama's earlier call for palestinian borders to be released some of whom were invited some sixty seven. by the japanese further behind the world's worst nuclear crisis since the turn over
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all has a record while seven hundred billion dollars ahead of the cockatiels resigned as workers and travel at the fukushima power plant where bell tells the recorder to give its reactors. and now it's time for sports news. hello welcome to the sports news is friday evening and the headlines talk clashes and he missed the chance to go top of the table at the time that we know the new stadium the bottom not much deeper looking up on crunch night in the russian premier league. wallop the race to the title freshly crowned italian open champion maria sharapova that's her opposition at the french open as usual is announced in paris. and spanish trying redpolls montoya that sets the pace in practice it had
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a sunday school in barcelona. but first a football and roberto carlos is angy have missed the chance to go top of the russian premier league after they lost one nil at root well it's directly in their brand new stadium in grozny in the first three games this friday paul guerin partway galia have netted a stroke of half time to housing projects a long run of defeats after they'd lost by the right to nine games but it's march the eighth league match at the new stadium some style new all third place combined also have a chance to go top and they're currently posting second bottom startups not leaders look what you've lost or twice called the champions we've been in the late game. we thought paul allen the russian coach dick out because seemed to have forgotten old affiliations as the dutchman admitted to doing from his former clubs in asia for the countries you are twenty twelve qualifier against all media on june the fourth the field is about love and alexei you're not the rugby field you guys are in the cameroon friendly three days later instead of a pair of looking at your stars who reach out into international charity event that
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they're not buying but the least of which of course they can be twenty nine line up paying for the games otherwise they're already familiar faces in the squad with the likes of all-stars on the one shot in the ship going to have valid pogrebnyak in their ranks russia slovakia and the. of island share a lead or ten points to the top of the. however one man is still struggling to secure russia call up the match inform striker dimitri book and is once again given the cold shoulder despite starring for his dutch side den haag the god began has continually overlooked the striker but thirty one year old billy kane has been right. this goal after twenty three minutes on thursday night made it through emails and then this twenty first goal of the season and the russian then claims and says he didn't want to force a run for to win his first leg of his type of zero billikens good work was tainted by a reckless challenge which saw him sent off however it was an otherwise impressive
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performance and perhaps more food for thought at the club. all over england branch united manager sir alex ferguson has said he will feel the a strong team against relegation threatened blackpool on sunday despite next week's clash against barcelona in the champions league final but all are locked in a battle with black burn a waltz throwing him under going to avoid being relegated with west ham but the seasiders have been hardest task of the five no team has won at manchester united in the premier league all season however despite having one eye on next saturday's european final at wembley ferguson says he wants to be fair to all of the sides and won't pick inexperienced players he also hopes to enjoy united states must exceed them with victory to give retiring dutch goalkeeper i mean from the start the perfect send off. time is now and the in-form reassure up over is in line to play australian and us open champion can try instance in the quarter finals of the french open the kicks off on sunday after the draw for the second grand slam of the season was announced in paris travel batteries
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a three major winner herself one of the last think it and i had a girl in paris last week in rome she is seeded seventh in paris and i've been against milan a new chip for croatia clijsters the season second total by the russian anastasio can move up the ranks caroline of the outs. will kick start her quest for her nathan grand slam against forty year old japanese can go dot com and would face growing open finalists among the stars at the last eight russia's leaders are over is the number three seed is in line to take on hold of francesca schiavone in the quarter finals however spawn the robot has just suffered a setback to pen schweigen the brussels open and the finals and on the men's side defending champion and world number one rafael nadal opens against americans john is not the spaniard could run into nicolas out a day in round three and three times on it's going so to leave sweden in quarter finals second seed novak djokovic a prince against the twenty meter back and the serve he was under in this season is in lengthy battle one hundred one martin del potro in the third round this week are
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usually been waiting for him in the last eight while a battle with roger federer at least in the semifinals watching the property title djokovic should become the new world number one out of the tournament you need to either win in paris or rely on the doll to concede his title to someone else. formula one and mark webber is the early favorites to claim his first victory of the season as the red bull driver dominated friday's free sessions ahead of the spanish grand prix the australian was the only one to talk under one minute and twenty six seconds to morning practice his teammate sounds defending champion sebastian vettel second fastest just over a second behind but the standings leader had to settle for third place in the much faster after being run he was overtaken by lewis hamilton while the britain's current team mate jenson button came in fourth and the fans are alonso whose contract this ferrari this is a twenty six on thursday. so i can now and three time tour de france winner alberto
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contador doping case will be heard at the court of arbitration for sport next month when the sport's governing body is challenging under those acquittal and charges by spanish authorities in february tribunals accepted contador suspense that contaminated piece of course as positive test. the steroid issue of a new lead in the final week of the tour de france last july the international cycling union and the world and the taping agency have appealed against the decision please with the help of the three days from the sixth to the eighth of june this time round of contador is found guilty he looses tour de france title and the pounds to two years. at least half an hour appearance as qualified in style for the knockout stages of the world match play championship in his native spain but getting spaniards chipped in for an eagle to clinch a five in four victory over ten months or so in the chelsea and it was his second win improved by h. i also accept walter number nine paul casey three and one on thursday but it's good
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bye for two time u.s. open champion whitney houston and reigning british open champion goose who stays and both were eliminated on friday. plans talking of rounds we've been counting down to the big fight here in moscow the saturday night as possible while boxing champion roy jones jr takes on russians fast rising to his level death to a different fight says he will also have very different styles outside during the trial but by then young stands. i thank you to books in the rain and now we're seeing him sing there. i feel i. can open for a session in the russian capital letting people kneel first down the news or some roy jones jr i was. with him and had a nice little ladies then picking the car girls school said a chill down. there is always serious that ok i mean come on you wouldn't want me
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to swear up before i will see. you guys don't you have a show. that's what i that's what actual box packing and blame nobody but me if you can beat me. but the message to denise lebedeff the mantra has no place in the pretty rare experience of being a strong flavor it against roy jones one of the best bang for bonfires in that he's three of the sports in the skill the set of a night. live it is russia's biggest cruiserweight hope with experts considering the thirty one year old to be the world's number one in this division twenty one win speak for themselves with the only loss in his career coming from a very controversial split decision in the bud against reigning w. build jumpin marco hawk green terror you probably go wherever you're told to destroy. your problem that already i think you guys go over there totally destroyed
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again and still call a draw. so you carry the judge off it i mean if you don't know that if you lost or cold to save the journey you probable. without a doubt. beeston around labor day will light on him soil and what is even more important the russian soulful straining under the guidance of a man who's been there and done everything for more undisputed world junior welterweight champion close to do when golden when dennis steps in the ring for this part i want him to be an aggressive hungry despite being fighter thinking i'd rather die than lose that's the feeling i didn't have in my last parts i need are destroying now. this. intelligence that's what dennis is going to have in this parish he has to be smarter it's possible even against roy jones the
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point is that he knows dennis and what he's able to do in the ring my task is to change something and make living have produced a lot of surprises for jones. that really takes working hard. cap and focus for it to know in some respects though he's still the same it's part of his greatness it's always been having fun both in and outside the ring very hard very good very good to hear but i got a full field with the last gulf war i never knew they have to stick with his fellows that you know if it's not right you know i'll go with that yeah so who's going to win before we left there i just can't see it the way. robert gordon own party must go. and that's always those who say this bill isn't all about it not about jason just say that.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. wealthy british style. is not on. the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our cheap.
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in indonesia allergies available in the ground you go to church and media the ritz carlton hotel a little hotel to film the millennium hotel in china you can.


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