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sheila sheehan since original mccomb research will maternal grandmother their children to be sure marco results will result in sochi on. the location of the results michael that really pulls up its own little review of the children each of which will make your own. million dollar bail for the outsider about chief accused of sexual assault but there is concern his downfall has already caused you're a parable for nationals adventures in the eurozone. all eyes on his really u.s. relations with prime minister netanyahu good to meet a president obama after grafted on his comments about his backing of policy in the borders. the prison term instead of a presidential walk to officers and leaders it got a ruse to get a jail sentences for inciting the love the rest of what supporters say they're being punished for standing up to the country's long time leader. plus cruising to
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the edge of civilization as we look at what the lure is tourists to the coldest head with this continent on earth. a top business story this hour a queue of russian companies is lining up to hold the i.p.o. in the foreign markets we'll discuss what's pushing the demand higher end of business bullets in about twenty minutes. watching our team coming to you live from moscow thanks for joining us now the former i.m.f. chief who's been officially charged with sexually assaulting a hotel is to be released on bail of one million dollars the many extra was caught will now swap his cell in a tough new york prison for house arrest in a luxury manhattan apartment or he'll also be tracked by g.p.s. said guarded twenty four hours a day to stop him seeking refuge at the. so scott was the driving force behind the
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bailouts to save the indebted greece arsenal and arlette that some economists now theor his resignation or put the rescue of economies under question and even put the euro currency on the block. explains. no euro that's what because the whispering of the police charged. with the attempted rape of a hotel maid very differently the possibility that some countries could decide to leave the euro pushed out of the euro and then when you got to understand that. belief that the euro could and should be saved in the face of norsk the resistance from richer states still scorned led this week's bailout of crippled portugal germany and france insist on oil and raises its low corporation tax t.s.k. as he's known was the man saving your regime calling me think these allegations are
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going to be done again. of the i.m.f. as an institution and he is definitely going to be missed i think. strauss kahn even persuaded greece's leader to stick with strict spending cuts disappointing roylance on the streets but he has. some of the you had stated governments made it made a difference he has good contacts for example to the greek prime minister on thursday greece asked for more loans on better terms but now heavyweights europhile d s k has gone few back and not a bail out. greece should leave the euro zone that has put under strain the euro joiner is one of the imus top backers contributing tens of billions of euros the reward it wants is an asian chief is not likely to be friendly. he has
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been very personally very important in getting the i.m.f. involved and assisting in designing these bailout packages but also coaxing and encouraging politicians to do the reforms necessary now you may not get the equivalent person with the same kind of convictions coming from the emerging markets when one of the world's biggest investment banks fell three years ago it triggered a global recession we're still reeling from today but it's still the driving the euro to extinction will only make matters worse the consequences probably would be higher and much harder to twist for instance as a bankruptcy of lehman in two thousand and eight with e.u. economies in death's door this city walls that toppling the world's leading banker comes at the worst possible time this is not just the end of a career domenic first call was instrumental in rescuing the eurozone as most troubled states is a risk does seem to threaten the end of the euro itself the new bush will see paris
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. all the angles tracking developments in france so you can follow what he finds an r.t.s. twitter stream in these searches the majority of french people believe the former i.m.f. chief arrest was a subtle that's according to a poll also top of the story by following us our other scorecard. in. the strain is definitely showing us israeli relations after president obama called for a palestinian state with a nine hundred sixty seven borders in his middle east policy speech all that
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comment has angered israel's prime minister who said it would make it impossible for his country to protect itself well back in september the issue of the israeli settlements and the disputed territories stalled peace talks with the palestinians and later on friday benefits of yahoo would need president obama at the white house parties going into has more from our washington bureau. this thursday obama said something that many israelis would find unacceptable is suggested israel go back to its pre nine hundred sixty seven borders and according to president obama that could be the starting point to then negotiate land swap with the palestinians to create a new borders going back to nine hundred sixty seven would mean giving up the west bank is drusilla when they gather strip the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who will be meeting president obama later this afternoon sharply disagreed with the u.s. president and said he wanted to see washington's commitment to live decision by congress and president bush in two thousand and four that israel will. not have to
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give up the occupied territories after the speech that obama gave yesterday it could be hard for him to feel such commitment at least partly by the way he's the first u.s. president who has explicitly supported the idea of going back to the nine hundred sixty seven borders as the key to the peace process in the middle east having said all this obama was nonetheless very very careful to say that the u.s. is slowly an advisor here that it is not going to force any decisions on israel because it is up to these really and palestinians to decide and so on and so forth so he basically cleared washington of any responsibility to act experts say washington's policy of nonintervention in the middle east peace process looks even more inconsistent considering america's willingness to intervene in other places in the region making demands to be leaders pushing them to feel those demands and occasionally bombing those who don't but when it comes to israelis and palestinians
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there have been words before me words but never any action to really put it to state solution that president obama was talking about the fact that israel is the protectorate of the united states and that the israeli lobby is very powerful here a base that even harder who expect a balanced approach from washington. well in his speech obama also said colonel gadhafi has no control over libya or hours later nato hit eight libyan warships and occurred in a number of the country's ports the alliance says the vessels were trying to prevent prison livery of aid into libya and posed a threat to allied forces well libyan officials did now it's morocco barbless claims it's the libyan people who should decide the dolphins fate at all and also delivered an ultimatum to syria's president assad telling him to allow a power transition or get out right back or from the at your answer coalition says it looks like the american is pushing for regime change in syria the move you.
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between those who want to overthrow the syrian government and those who are afraid that whatever comes next after the assad government were to fall would be these stabilized syria or perhaps an even more hostile syria so there's a debate within the administration but i think the logic of the opposition is united states personally sanctioned. the government the president and his closest advisors and offered him the option of either leaving the transition to democracy or being swept aside while it appears to be an alternative i think the organic tendency within the obama administration now is they carry out regime change in syria and i think those who favor regime change have gotten the upper hand within the administration. and so forget r t dot com is where to go for reports and videos of the world's biggest stories and here's what's there for you right now muslims
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and christians in egypt joined together to try and put a lid on the local spy listen it's clear how good the weight of the conference revolution while the details are at r.t. dot com. it's. president medvedev has restated his concerns about american and nato led plans for a missile defense system on russia's borders with followers follows his earlier statement that russia intends to take action if the u.s. and nato plow ahead with their initiative without taking moscow's views on board the u.s. is currently moving ahead with plans to build a wrestler base in romania saying the shield will protect your from countries like iran or north korea but also sees it as a security threat i'll be international legal for in st petersburg meeting at that
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have called on the west to avoid a return to cold war style relations. to get what's up with lots of them got entrenched in new missile defense system will appear in europe there was agreement now on voting should be like in this case in twenty twenty we will have a modern europe well adjusted to life in the city but if we do not agree what we will get will be the europe of the early nineteen eighties i don't want to live in such europe i hope neither do you. well you can get more of the russian president's speech in which he also wants against abusing international law and turning national legislation into a global one that's in our politics section dot com. and i would moscow palestinian factions fatah and hamas will come together for talks following their historic we conciliation all russia is hosting discussions between palestinian political forces as they prepare to good for you out of recognition later this year
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for passage details the representatives of the rivals. along with a number of other palestinian factions represents a rising in most gay he continued the into palestinian now after four years as the hostilities between fatah and hamas the two organizations signed a reconciliation agreement at the beginning of the month and the plan is for them to establish an interim government and try and hold elections and to appeal to the un for recognition of an independent palestinian state now there are still a number of very serious hurdles at the bull that could happen the situation does remain complicated when the reconciliation agreement was signed most case certainly welcome it welcomed and it was noted russia along with egypt in particular had been
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instrumental in their efforts to bring about the signing of that agreement and so it's. comfortable environment of these objectives and very important tools to be held. and coming up in a few minutes the tourist with a passion for the pool or. the beauty of antarctica is something that not many people will get the opportunity to see which is why it's one of the world's most exotic tourist destinations i'm john thomas in antarctica and coming up on r t why some people are willing to pay big bucks to make it down here. castles motherhood blows no bounds we'll find out why one cattle just loves one thing. that's on our shores. now the operator of japan's crisis had a focus nuclear plant has made a record loss of fifteen billion dollars it's the country's biggest ever corporate loss which forced the first director to quit well absolutely or campaigner philip
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white says. well the difference. between years two thousand and. all three at the top executives resigned. his resignation would make no significant difference a symbolic thing in fact if anything he's escaping responsibility rather than taking responsibility i think it's essential that the company does not suffer. if it is allowed to survive in its current form the. nuclear industry will continue to sort of problems that is essentially take away that monopoly. from. five o'clock g.m.t. r.t. shines a spotlight on another major catastrophe but this time it's manmade a year on from the biggest oil spill in human history we examine the impact of people's lives in our special report. you didn't start all of
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a sudden. it's a long story of destroying the living under how much out. there are still. something leaks out here when they get done like that it's just there if you took every fisherman out of the water and do something about that water in. protecting the habitat the fisheries it's going to collapse nature's steps making way for the talks of just look around and see the solar. obviously a lot of humans well lost income must be road systems for great numbers that's true . and yet billions of dollars oil and gas stays. real baby drill. one needs from their new customers
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and one hypospray shouldn't consider potential areas for development in south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. and. looks. a losing a presidential election a sudden after they've beaten candidates and it could even land you in jail well two opposition leaders have been handed prison sentences for causing election day of rest the verdicts on two others have been postponed all the acts candidates say challenging the country's president look at its cost their freedom. or share of ski reports. he was running for president in belarus but ended up behind bars all authorities claim vladimir nuclei of was among the organizers of election night street unrest in minsk unrest which was brutally dispersed by police his wife is
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complaining for justice but does not have much faith that will happen so you have a little thing when you could have had a little valorous already got keys to judges being told from above which verdict they must deliver in the first court hearings of my husband's case the prosecutor need new evidence new facts which could prove the dimmers guilt and all the claims by the defense were denied by the judge the country's president has been dubbed europe's last dictator but isn't represent over the way he rules. for this opposition they will get hit in the head all right every start to stabilizing the situation in the country the clashes during which several journalists including our g.'s crew were injured by the police led to a number of arrests. that is how this story to state their danger and those who criticize them during the election campaign they had their say and now they will pay for that as the question has once again been reinstated these repressions caused uproar around europe most countries condemned the crackdown and even
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contemplated sanctions against minsk experts say the timing of these cases could not be worse well there is no face is a serious economic crisis with its currency on the brink of total devaluation with the opposition trials being seen in the west as a strong evidence of human rights violations the export of the russian goods to the european union has. solved that along with international loans has been the country's main revenue stream for the past decades it is the first time in seventeen years that alexander look at shango has been a power that he finds himself under severe pressure both internationally and at home and even if the opposition leaders get short of prison terms than initially planned many experts say that unless they are set free probably going to rest will only expand especially with this financial shore moyle. let's see reporting from minsk in belarus. let's look at some other world news now north korea's leader kim jong il is in china according to south korea news agencies earlier reports
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suggested that his son. had traveled to the north towards allies but china is the only country the north still talking to and it's thought they'll discuss global pressure on him to be about its nuclear program but there's this it's are usually made in secret and often spark rumors about his health. and got to stop the taliban has carried out a bomb attack the two armored u.s. consular vehicles the blast killed a passing motorcyclists and passengers in one of the cars where the taliban says it will continue targeting made to the diplomat in artie's cross talk about twenty minutes time the panel focuses on for turbulence between the track star. and these two american astronauts had their six hour space walk cut short but not before completing a few experiments and repairs they were called back inside the international space station after incompetent darkseid monitor failed in one of the astronauts
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protective suits their mission is part of the endeavor shuttle's final journey before retirement. so it may lack a luxury resorts or beaches but i've talked to those frozen barren lands are still a hotspot for us up in our next report from the southernmost tip of the earth sean told us those spending thousands of dollars just five star for frost. the guests on board this cruise ship get ready to come ashore to experience something magical an arctic is an area to visit. imagination i mean you can reach folks look at t.v. shows and try to be. but the experience every trip again once we take people down here they are very long away by the set up of nature and landscape and weather and whatever is out here in this environment so it's it's a voyage beyond imagination tourism in antarctica is
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a major business but because of the antarctic treaty system an international agreement that limits exploitation of the continent don't expect to see any luxury hotels down here any time soon excursions are mainly limited to cruise ships and small charter flights from the tip of south america. are really coming down here to see something unique it's an ecosystem like no other. and also for the people who do come on these journeys i think they get spellbound because really it's it's a vision of the world before man had anything to do with it and passengers on board the national geographic explorer can truly get a one on one up close and personal experience with the scenery and wildlife of antarctica but keep in mind this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization i mean our stop today here to maxwell date was not planned but we developed a medical emergency last night and now we appreciating the assistance of fiji lands here that have an airfield in here and then
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a international association of arctic to operate just past event oped in iraq way she scheme for such a case because of the intense logistics involved in operating in such promote environments and antarctic experience can be quite costly an eleven night adventure on this ship can cost anywhere between ten and twenty thousand dollars and a day in antarctica flight package from port out in history les costs around five thousand but the people who make. his journey say the experience is worth it we just got back from being able to go look at look at some penguins look at some seals and you know they don't have like the real fear of humans that animals do in most parts of the world and as you can see there's a lot of just like stark natural beauty out here and it's interesting to see the you know the colonies out of popped up in the middle of nowhere at the bottom of the earth and those that facilitate these trips say there is more to the antarctic tourism industry than making a buck it is not only invented in adventure for everybody we are very careful
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actually also and telling people that they should take something home that may change their life we try him to be aware of how special this environment is in that it will get climate change in the fitness and changes we are coming year down here for twenty years or even longer and receive those changes hopefully creating ambassadors that will spread the message about this important part of the world in antarctica sean thomas our t.v. . elmore thrills and chills are markings on talk of the expedition here tomorrow so didn't join us for that. within a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean combs discovers flood makes antarctica so special the destruction from any life in antarctica is a bonus if you live in the slums an. expedition to the bottom of
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the earth. and offer a highly unusual tale of motherly love if you take a look at this feline a mom has taken on about the birds of wolf to her heart because it had been rejected by his actual mother shortly after he was born in a siberian super bowl for the desperate zookeepers their last hope was the only four legged wetnurse close to happen now the a canine cop of things his new blog is the cat's whiskers. all cross talk show is coming your way in a few minutes but first this the business news. hello and welcome to our business bulletin thanks for joining me new european rules all the pipeline network have been greeted with vigorous objections from russia so-called energy packages intended to prevent a gas supplier from also knowing the means of transport companies such as gas pump
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claim this will undermine investment in the sector however in the lower the head of energy at the european commission says the intention is not to hit the russian car so. the networks and pipelines in you are in need to be managed. in a way which should allow small grocers to come in the knowledge that you think you can read the save make the money that's where the fifty one of the got includes very much the russian companies who can really benefit throughout the year from being able to cut off their ground stuff but i can see it everywhere in. you're the i haven't said however that there must be preparing for a new address of the universe to the reservation of mars that we know. now let's take a look at the markets u.s. dogs go deeper on friday after waiting agency fitch downgraded greece prompting more worry that the country's debt trouble could extend beyond the borders gap and other retailers same consigns they consumer demand is weakening gapped down fifteen
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percent after the clothing chain reported a twenty three percent for profit in the first quarter. in europe stocks are down this hour as well noise banking group is leading losers the losers list all the ford c. shutting over three percent of restaurant operate amid children but was is down five percent on disappointing profits seaman's and dined there are no clues and would have sent attacks here in moscow the markets closed in the red on friday as commodities eased the worries about the global demand now let's take a look at some individual share movers now gazprom was among the top losers. down two point two percent as the company maintained its stance against the e.u. stored energy package three bank was down over two percent off this labor prison approve the sale of seven point thirty eight percent of the state's share in the largest lender bucking the trend was last telecom that was half a percent. the successful sale of fifty billion rubles of euro bonds has been hailed by the finance minister i don't see couldn't as a step to making the russian ruble
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a reserve currency russia now has ninety billion rubles of euro bonds placed on the markets that's more than three billion dollars making it one of the world's largest placements and a local currency. alan merger of two main russian voices the us has undermined six could be announced as soon as next week if a deal goes through it could result in a substantial payday for the major shareholders in about six. the shareholders have come to a decision to pay three hundred thirty million dollars of dividends however the biggest part of that money will be paid at the shareholder meetings of my six an r.t.s. a grill nurture and a federal antimonopoly service except for these three and should be completed by october. that's all the races we have here to solve but some can always find lost or is it all right so. fast as our.
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culture is that so much of a given to you choose it is to find the mark when a loveless marriage or a dangerous ingrates take your pick but pakistani american relations probably can't get any worse barring a complete. download the official policy of location giong phone on called touch from the i choose option. the faulty lights on the.
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video and among all keys minefield costs an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com wealthy british style. is not on the title of the money. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with months cars are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on r.g.p. . is he.


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