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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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headline news to me cries a report. hello this is our team moscow broadcasting around the world and these are all top stories the former i.m.f. chief who is accused of sexual assault. the best of the been granted a one million dollars bail but there are concerns the scandal surrounding his resignation might jeopardize the financial aid given to ailing economies and even the survival of the euro currency. also from us tonight president obama has reinstated his view on palestinian borders at a meeting with the israeli prime minister and the white house about the backs of palestinian state within the one nine hundred sixty seven
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a view supported by russia and the e.u. but rejected by israel. to form a presidential candidacy better askin jail sentences for inciting election under arrest while building something rather. supporters say that they're being punished for standing up to the country's long time president lukashenko. and catch up on the latest headlines about fifteen minutes time here on out. moscow out to shop till you drop russian style.
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welcomes the sell the space program hobby exploring the recent capitals suffering malls and supermarkets with a recent concert simply hundred self new still isn't complete site but yes the spaceship project after a while i was in moscow city scouring skyscraper area if someone does something like today in london they must start from the mosque andrews as he finds out the elsa spreads to mr shaw and died today is the triumph of futility in c. on this matter how many major shocking senses the role in city catering full cost brackets muscovites with shawn. it's just not for a long time the most anything to buy different century different story plus his was famous shooting gallery which stands for state department store to shop business in resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of tombs of the days today design is that she's armani coming client and their russian counterparts to fill the lavish building sites was shopping mall on mr city limits brand new seems to be making
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a push from christian already. been selling high ninety's shipping santan looks like finance one also does it many animals in the capital so we can actually compact it specious new and beautiful and the new clowns here which is nice to. spotting the most like this x. because many cities and such accounts it wants to impose you complexes have been welcomed with open arms limited so taking into consideration most of those extreme temperatures kinds of traffic problems. moving to a next location we arrived because of the mega plans it's easy to see how they came up with the name that's one of the largest shopping malls in new york they'll close the maze like entertainment and shopping complex is. get you may need to get post with a high to market share on stockman's and i can assure the mole the two hundred fifty million dollars project has proved
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a great commercial success there are now twelve mega moles in russia with me being plant based gigantic shopping mall is that the minutes north by car from the sense of a city that's without any traffic in the open here in two thousand and four hundred c. one hundred fifty one still was and there are also two other similar complexes on the outskirts of moscow pay three mostly from moscow the spire middle class you five just the typical russian all western high speed trains and if you're bored of something while a trial the eyestrain cinema omegas impressive collection of various restaurants you want to make the most holy pages in the south east of chicago so there is a very easy to get to the buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and all have excellent access to the major highways. electronic clothing concern to students to sleep under one roof when the millions of muscovites this is just come here every year so what makes this show so popular. may go with bring in
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new brands into the russian market. for example most reason to open up the american eagle in may i didn't give this in may have been about shelf were both opened up when this made up the stuff. media is from the family and maybe will always find big playgrounds and a wider range of activities in store for kids and of course ikea which will find the world's. closing to take a look at this weeks and stay. when the use of the city's construction sites has become. one of the world's supermodels. created by a russian contemporary on suspicion piece by a russian designer the payments took place in a neatly finished leaves us residential and business complex feels very much at home that. slate.
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can speak speak speak. to instruments of the people the french movie cars the car demons pretty in the russian capital on stranger tides the film stars johnny depp to kill the crews the births of moscow creating a real buzz in the council. to sell a few. legal. to carry. the bills in michigan most times with saturation point is the city losing its identity. bases questions let's meet this week's guest. the
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cellular to meet you the specifics of this impressive south of here yeah it's one of the finest in the old relieved it under the roof you know lots of information about shopping malls. i'll shut this up thank you for the special favors a special i've been up all the russians in the flesh the most polite. that russians love shopping and they spend almost all that money in this shopping for buying things into buying clothes food and defaming and some other things. made people below save money put the case of their kids many of them cannot afford to buy a house or a pot this is why they don't have to do the savings for future and they don't doesn't belong to a save in the future and they just spent all day and all that. the house sitting with been spending time in but. one thing that is a parent's here are the prices it is more expensive here and. if it is because of
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the safe it's a problem with our reality and the children most of the russian both accustomed to this thing and it's true the prices are really sometimes twice higher than in europe but still look many people tend to tell move away broke for example they belong to kenya foreign languages english so france to move to something from paris to london that's why the state in russia and they love nothing and they have no trouble with the think it's losing the russian flavor the russian soul so it's a western inboards in russia they have found own flavor as for example will their head coach was the wife of the one so on so they head to the for example in case it is windy and they have their cars put in restaurants with accommodation for the russians had been the russian food with the russian kind of you know fast food he will because his kid differs from europe we don't have such faith in congress for example of french fries the more help like leave the russian sailors they also
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caused by putting two and the same to the entertainment. and the save the cinema so mean to exhaust your good friend yourselves into what russians love. thanks very much for your time and i think you'll do your shopping mall projects thank you think it went. on where else should be called sounds really comes to shopping in most. cities comes in is a population the supermarkets we just in the stews in the russian capital transit in the. she not you fool no it's one of the leaders in the bush tell market providing its customers with a wide range of foods and other goods to see the markets are right around the clock but if you don't have time for shopping even after midnight to complete also has an online store look for the quick to livery service available. for crocuses email is a large shopping center with dozens of betakes of well famous brands including celine and molly and i mean appreciate the possible launch procrustean projects
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founded in two thousand and one million one hundred thousand people it's a visit to city is inner city schools as were the only big schools that the exhibition concert halls hotels restaurants and even in your club. fashion and lifestyle galleries them in your golden seasons is a large shopping mall and it's team and center a must was trendy kocinski prospect of all spaces of the mall probably the price spikes in its various p.t.c. to ban you from looking busy hey you can shop julius international brands such as concierge and relaxed until some free atmosphere. shopping in mostly doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and uniquely mission purchases located next to keys guy station this is where the largest bonus markets in the
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country it's a wonderful exciting place to visit the colors the noise the characters and also the smells. of moscow's glitz and glam of the welcome for the dollar got moleski at market it's very old opus here in nineteen states and six and having survived the small business district of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of price colorful displays of various proces caressa as the former soviet republics says all media is back to saudi arabia and the ukraine is itself one. see the. price is a much cheaper here than in the city swanky supermarkets all the good stuff fresh clothes but it's not all good news with the devastating fires of last summer the prices of many everyday public goods have considerably increased costs and don't acknowledge the market still attracts many businesses if only to look at the
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various to precede goods on display. mehlis have the freshest goods the fluency the service of course is very good and friendly but the most important thing is that our products have christian tiste here pete senator. from soviet style killed some farmer's markets too expensive he cheeks i love fish you most most are certainly cases for all wow stressed food and a lot of price i love as well unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's must watch program on something in the recent episode i'll see you again at the same time next you can sell them for me and the rest occurs about an hour.
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culture is that so much going to give each musician time time to market a loveless marriage or a dangerous embrace take your pick but pakistani american mainly asians probably can't get any worse barring a complete. tear than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charged up and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so so. actually the destructive for many wildlife in antarctica is the bows and the floods the. whole expedition to the bottom of the earth on our teams. morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images cobol
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has been seeing from the streets of canada after. china for asians to rule the day . twenty years ago in the largest country in the world series of places. must have been. speaking to germany. where today it's taken on. its. say.
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so. top stories a former army chief is accused of sexual assault will be tied to the house arrest stars are being granted one billion dollars but there are concerns the scandal surrounding his resignation might jeopardize the financial aid given to ailing economy and even the survival of the u.s. . president obama is reinstated his view on palestinian borders at a meeting with the israeli prime minister in the white house about the backs of palestinian state within one hundred sixty seven borders that some of you supported by russian e.q. but angry rejected by israel. two former presidential candidates in jail sentences for inciting election under arrest while the verdict some rather
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simple spode their supporters say they're being punished for standing up for the country's long time leader exactly the question. this is all coming up next. welcome to the latest sports here's what's coming up at. full steam ahead looking much deeper held by rebels that extend their lead at the top of the table off the track when a crime you say gives the russian probably a. while to the side of the freshly crowned italian open champion maria sharapova learns her opposition to the french open the draw is announced to paris. and it's probably going red bulls monaco about sets the pace in practice ahead of sunday's grand prix in barcelona. but first a vocal and lucky for house will go to the store rubin but still extend their lead
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at the top of the russian premier league despite several chances to both sides the game goes see the moscow sides take a two point lead from surveys after the weekend's pictures while the beam stay sticks while everybody so causes and he missed the chance to go top off the rails one military like boy there you hear phonetic from a free kick the stroke of half time to put threats along one of the feet after they've lost the right mind games but smooth call it side marks the opening lead much of the new stadium style they say falls. down to just use their pace around better also have the chance to go top invited to take the lead against visiting sparta no object by that you'll get to court only the start of the season ninety minutes after the interval but they are the silver tie the game won all in a very similar manner in the dying minutes on deck a second on march sixth in boston. saying the football and russia coach to god
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because seems to have forgotten old affiliations as the dutchman committed to doing from his former clubs in knees for the country's euro twenty twelve qualifier against armenia on june fourth midfielders ron chirac of and alexey. don't ask me why feel did i ever in the cameroon frenzy three days later instead of head of luck i won't if stars will be returning to international treaty and then after some if i have. a niece who should cough and make me twenty nine line up preparing for the games otherwise there are only four really a faces in the squad with the likes of constance and they are shoving and got. in the ranks russia out of the republic of ireland share a lead on ten points at the top of the group be. all over england united manager sir alex ferguson has said he will feel a strong team against relegation threatened blackpool in the last meet games of the season on sunday despite next week's clash against barcelona in the champions league final but all are locked in a battle with black bird was driving him under wigan to avoid being relegated with
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west ham back to the sea friday's happy hardest task of the five has no team has won at manchester united in the premier league all season however despite having one eye on next saturday's european final at wembley and says he wants to be fair to all sides and inexperienced players he also hopes to enjoy united's the magic season with victory to give retiring dutch goalkeeper edwin granderson are a perfect send off. and elsewhere liverpool might have any doubt gracious was bad for any outcome as his charges travel to aston villa resurgent reds are sixth in the table just a point behind tottenham he went to st birmingham so liverpool's hopes of clinching a race by the exporter we want rest in their own towns. and motion for draper is to win a game six. christian answer which were there for sure. but those reasons were more and more murchison are going to murchison the hoops only for him this is a fever. for no good is growing over ten years now
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and the infirmary assur up over is in line to play a strain on his new us open champion kim clijsters in the quarter finals of the french open that kicks off on sunday after the. for the second grand slam of the season was announced in paris drop of i was a three time major champion as self won the last big event head of our small streak right she's seeded seventh in paris and against near the new kitchen of croatia twice this is seeded second. and thus the. top ranked caroline wozniacki will kick start her quest the maiden grand slam against a fourteen year old japanese chemical dartrey problem would face the finalists and understands that in the last eight russia's borders on the rover is the number three seed and is in line to take control of the francesca schiavone in the post finals however on the right that has just suffered a setback right now is to ensure like in the brussels study finals. and on the men's lines defending champion and world number one rafael nadal is against
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america's journey is there the spaniards could run into this coming round three and seaside fun is right in cycling of sweden quarterfinals second seed novak djokovic opens against. the serve at least unbeaten this season is in line to do battle with argentina's on in the third round and russia's we call usually could be waiting for him in the last eight after with roger federer looms in the semifinals but often the coveted title djokovic could be proud of the new world number one after the tournament he needs to either win in paris or were lying on the exultant and sees his side well to someone else. the one that mark webber is the early favorites to claim his first victory of the season as the red bull driver dominated friday's three sessions ahead of the spanish grand prix this train was the only one to talk on the one minute and twenty six seconds to morning practice his teammate on defending champion sebastian vettel the second fastest just over second behind us
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the standings leader had to settle for third place much faster after new run is overtaken followed this time also while the britons by far and see might jenson button came in fourth had a phenomenon known as a contract with ferrari was when you entered twenty six the day. now lee westwood has remained on track to retain his world number one ranking as the english golfer advanced into the knockout stages of the world match play championship in spain westwood had seven birdies in ten holes to be badly four and three he next faces in poulter in the last sixteen is chasing in the rankings week donald and martin climb up the ladder sixty three and northern ireland's two top ranked golfers will play each other after ryder cup team mates graham tao and rory mcilroy produced mixed results in their respective groups and the first regrets though was local hero last the big hitting spaniard chipped in for an eagle to clinch a five a all victory over their mock sort of kills and finish top of group h.
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casey was the biggest casualty of the day girls as well i thought she saw us open tranquillity fusion and training which is open champion. and finally to boxing where there's just one day to go before russia's top cruiserweights to me celebrity of takes on the legendary wide range junior champion in four other weight categories and with a preview is rubbish by the onion. louis jones jr versus denise livedin the sure keys of the upcoming events of the empires is just because of the outstanding good gifted and experienced. it gives the hungry and aspiring speed intelligence. fighting strength and your ability. that clash of generations styles and personality both positions like choir and nice
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things are never what both sides having aces of their sleeves. by myself had a very good record against left handers and i know the way to get his works in the ring and how to handle him this means i can assume what roy would do against him that is the point of america as we know what roy would do we know what we have to do and what tennis should change his game then is a fair game for varies from he's always in condition and he's young and ours so we look for hard fight we never. come to the ring on prepare for friday nor start to fight he's like i said he's a top top income and. a champ here and russell are or the person is going to museums and strength and that's part smart and. we know that in a story about overhead rise because of our five doesn't necessarily mean the one to the next for so we'll just have to just sing what we see in the ring to make
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adjustments to. speak this is what has always been our jase essentially the question is if it still was sharp as it was in his prime i. don't want i think limited should just push forward and just try to break jones' defense as in terms of skills and speed price still superior i'm not saying the speed is a factor but roy's forty three years old. the handsome. proof exists time and movement myself out of the brewers just for now as you are saying age is definitely a factor with levitt levon years younger than jones disappeared. if say seven eight years ago they had offered me the chance to prepare again as for the fight against roy jones at that time i would have refused because then in his prime he was just a defensible. right israel will. be over the edge right now so
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change to make you think it's time to leave the statement but i think that is how one. has to still be me you know past one ten years and that's when the rain that's what i will be spontaneous and that's what i have to. be telling this is where they'll put show quite different approaches to all the mutual respect is always there good boy my pre-fight attitude is always the same my current is my number one photo mic but after the fight it will matter how it ended i would hug and shake his hand you know not before it was a far no more no less you can't take people for this god's word not my word so bad can you give me what you take give to pass your path to god know what it was so it's not as if it all test you were worried with god
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or gods if you. could notice the stories of your nervous upset all that's left is to wait and see who's got the moon weighty arguments over toward a known party. and that's all this was this season. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. .
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the ground floor. we've got the future covered in indonesia algy's available in the ground shirts and media photo the ritz carlton hotel motel hotel new millennium hotel in china you conceal it.


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