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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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see some other part of it and realize that everything you say you don't charge is a big. fat. fuck. are you ready or almost the night i'm joined by three expert political commentators to discuss the biggest stories of the week our panels and i jamie weinstein deputy
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editor of the daily caller joe madison host of the joe madison show airing nationally weekdays six to ten am eastern time on sirius x.m. show one twenty eight and daniel helper from the weekly standard welcome thank you and you're here with us it started here newt gingrich officially joined the republican race for the white house this week brings serial infidelity to the race he cheated on his first wife while she was recovering from cancer and he cheated on his second wife after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the same time he was trying to keep bill clinton out of the white house for having an affair considering that john edwards who cheated on his wife while she had cancer too has been blacklisted from american politics newt gingrich is embraced within the republican party to say about republicans supposed family party and family values why the double standard before i respond let me just say i want to dedicate my performance was to the late great rock macho man randy savage who passed away today since we are on the road will a. good. that's going to was going to affect the well we'll talk about that later
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we're going to break here but the answer to question is one i think the better examples arnold schwarzenegger because he ran for office while having this great probably already background and that's the problem with that what we did i read he had one of the fifteen women but there is no double standard if it's there's evidence the other way gary studds who slept with they in turn i didn't give it a router gets gas didn't get forced out mark foley did so so if there's a double standard i think it might be the other way but in all honesty and all honesty some people get through some people though it's hard to i don't i don't know if there's a double standard as much as it is this here and now in the news cycle that we live in what you are making reference to happened here and now and also we have to we have to keep in mind that when again bridge was going through his exchanges of wives dumping on the most crucial time we didn't have the kind of news
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media that we have now we didn't have the team. of. the world you know it's funny i think i think about the world both of us old enough to remember my god if we'd had the news media we have now kennedy might not have gotten elected president of the united states so i don't know if there's a double standard quite honestly. newt gingrich has got a bigger problem than the way he dumped his ryan's. joe's right i mean it was a serial philanderer and he made it through so so that's the jamie's point but listen as a professional staffer on the vast right wing conspiracy i can personally report that no one is taking newt gingrich's campaign seriously in fact it seems pretty pretty clear that you are just running for president of the e can ask for more when he gives speeches i could hear him it's unfair to go with a new ad starring john. good words from running john edwards can brought you and he
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just won't wait till i get back because you know i guess if you do just make it a full frontal assault as opposed to fact the federal prison system might be soon barring john edwards the running. mate al gore the i think that this is newt's retirement you know he's also one of the new campaign laws or areas over the last decade they've changed enough that people can keep money that they raise for and he can go to so he's he's just trying to know how much his political action committee raised last month not enough to pay his wife tiffany bill. under two thousand dollars the guy is not a serious contender and nobody is going to very quickly that my take on this is if you look at david vitter you know he was busted on the hollywood madam or the madam and the and he comes out and confesses and ask for apology and then comes back into the senate and they're going to stand up and give him a standing ovation i think that for the hard right republicans the david vitter is the mark sanford's the johnsons although sanford and son eventually left but they
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took a long long time to do it that there's this sense that they can just you know have a come to jesus moment everything's fine and i don't think democrats buy that as well as well i think that but i think other thing is that you also remember social conservatives have always and sometimes i think even democrats do this too but social conservatives talk about you know. these relationships you know family values you know they have these homes over on the capitol hill where they get together and they're supposed to be dealing with family values and then you find out you know they're lying going hiking in the appalachian mountains and there really is the hypocrisy if pocker see that i think it really gets the next question on monday america hits the debt ceiling as we speak treasury secretary tim geithner is borrowing from the pension funds of federal workers just to keep us from defaulting on our debts around the world meanwhile. what can seem
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to think you thought is actually a good idea take a look. we really do not on the anything and. it is more likely look good countries. would go away i don't think it's going to have an adverse impact on the economy for the days or weeks or perhaps even months that this would continue but out of you know i doubt it would be disruptive to the economy per se but it would be and republican congressman devin nunez told politico yesterday by defaulting on the debt in the short wong term it could benefit us to go through a period of crises and force politicians to make decisions so who else on the panel agrees with the republicans that the second great depression in the united states to be a good thing but i don't think we should default on our debt and if i'm not mistaken when the house voted for the ryan plan that included a debt increase so the solution is very simple tom the senate should pass the ryan plan just programs where it will increase the debt limit and put us on a path of fiscal sustainability. and first of all rush limbaugh is not economist so
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i don't see why you surprised. that snow is one of the and it's not just this narrow focus of the united states we're talking about the impact globally this is what this really is all about and quite candidly this is just political talk because i think the people on wall street is broke and i think the global economy has spoken and i think that these conversations won't be listened to be thought about. this time next year we're going to raise the debt ceiling and then they're going to start focusing on deficits we'll see this is a glorified game of chicken yeah like joe i believe that no one seriously thinks we're not going to raise the debt ceiling but you know what is wrong is like getting liberals like i'm scared of the action will do so i think it's been seven hundred fifty one days since the senate passed. any sort of budget this is insane
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this is crazy we're not it's not responsible at all and it's under harry reid's leadership and you know what you have to pressure them into doing something so you have to pressure them so what hopefully something good will come out from it but nobody seriously thinks that we're going to default and there will be some sort of resolution hopefully people grow up and come to the table this is this is what is in the thirty years already talk i mean this is really what is this to your hands the republicans have introduced serious plan to deal with the budget and with the deficit and with the liberals done they can't get it. through the senate commission budget committee it should be noted haven't passed one seven hundred fifty one days it's not to be noted that just as crazy that is not to pass a debt ceiling limit increase at this point it is just as crazy i am afraid to come in here in this position to oppose real real serious entitlement reform that doesn't get or so critical house in order because then we could be very it's a situation she would absolutely think we should fix medicare by allowing the government to negotiate for drugs you know hold on the state two hundred billion of
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these. are worrying about medicare but let them go before and florida or maryland or michigan and let me tell you this is why you're getting the reaction you're getting even at republican congressional meetings you are not going to touch my medicare and they don't look at it as an entitlement they look at it as a safety net is extremely important at this point zero nine we have it in fact we want to do it the from my might my conclusion actually there's some pretty scary stories media today about how the republican leadership is actually starting to take seriously the idea that we could be for i think that there's frankly a political calculus that if they crash the economy obama will be going through twenty but that's just my best ourselves. yeah here is what i said there in santa clause there. republican struck an amendment into this year's national defense authorization bill that gives the president the power to wage propecia. war section
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ten thirty four the bill cites the threat the terrorists still pose to america and gives the president a blank check for a war until every single terrorist on earth is dead so why republicans think endless warfare is good for america is a part of the deal it with defense contractors will give you your war profits you give us. first you know what's in the annual and i'm pro-american against the terrorists i don't really have a problem with this but i also don't think that you're just that you're just a problem with propecia you're not actually we're not explaining to bill properly the bill the war authorization act or defense authorization act suggests finally it legalizes what we're actually doing in afghanistan and pakistan for no it was. going to say years it says what we're doing right now we're killing taliban members it's not currently being depends how you read it the obama administration as well as the bush administration read it as being legal but it's loose territory and now they've legalized it i listen to give war a chance let's beat the terrorists i don't think this is such
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a bad thing as i think i think which is measured as ayn rand might say check your premises what you're suggesting about this what you're suggesting is that the powerful republican in the house is conspiring to give president obama way more powers it sounds like a strange conspiracy if that's what's going on here i think what he's doing is trying well i suppose we're also not going to this is a good politics is obama won't be in office for ever and what you the key word that's missing here is perpetual. defense and when i get really nervous when he will say give war chance i'll go back to a quote martin luther king mean war is now ultimate we live in a society where we are now the first generation of man. that lives under the threat of total knowledge you don't give war a chance you give peace a choice because war. for now is not like the war of our fathers and grandfathers
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we told all and now lucian and it would have made much of what this authorization did go to show is give the good guys us a chance to win for the people but once and to have total annihilation that what weapons of mass destruction to take out an american city so what if this is doing is exactly what you want give peace a chance but sometimes to get at peace you're going to have to fight the bad guy and we don't have a matter of fact we did not have a problem getting a bad guy without this authorization at it absolutely my take on it is this is just more money for the defense industry any out reports from capitol hill suggest that harry reid and john boehner reached a deal to extend the patriot act for four more years and has four more years of giving up our privacy rights to the government sacrificing many ideals on which our nation was founded and then secondly what. he was going to do to us that combined with us bankrupting ourselves with military misadventures in the middle east after bin laden said he was going to bleed us just like he did the soviets and eventually bush and unlocking the you know what i think
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a victory that he wanted joe i think most conservatives are probably going to not support this this is anti conservatism this is really an packin served to you do not want big brother checking out everything you do i remember when i remember the part of the patriots act that i'm a could go into your apartment or your house and you saw you reading a book that may be the fault might somehow be true and clearest and she could report you and not have to confront you in court and who voted against most conservatives i'd like to see the example of where that was overused but it was an agent was also has its own corner here and here i was ready to go it was merely by here's the main target any serious about the way should a previous wars and what policies were put in place there's always a balancing act between freedom and security under george w. bush the patriot act is probably the closest to the side of freedom then been we've ever had during war certainly more than f.d.r. in turning. well certainly more than wilson with some of his sedition acts this
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this was the are not a nation at war cheney there's not a draft you don't have you don't have every you know every male in america though you are going to get your age and we disagree if we are a nation of war just conscript these two that's all oh yes the draft don't answer yes then let's see how france was. good but it's not it's not if you you know that are they going to fantasy you know we've. been here this is not an argument to argue that ok but we have because we're not drafted this is not a war doesn't make it any less a war that it is this is this is a this is i'm a police action of some of this is this a ok it's a what it. is a do you know of another country or is it it's not you know we're not going up against those hatters at least lannister wars going on in afghanistan and iraq and then there is going to be any i want to world war i am reading john keegan's history right now ok i want to i don't want to draw a parallel
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a new favorite don't just read live my understand we have no business in afghanistan anybody with one look we know we are where business of course not because out because why did we go into afghanistan tell the truth we supposedly went to get bin lot for the. i think you know this is kind of this is a living in. you know rather right there we got to go to court for a question for those of you haven't heard tomorrow is the end of the world. to mean that no one on the panel will be ascending to the skies during the rapture or maybe i don't know maybe something goes well what do you plan on doing tomorrow during the apocalypse they join up with a group eternal earthbound pets is a real real company to help feed dogs and cats whose owners have been raptured are offering the service be bet your life savings on mucho macho man at sixty one odds and you are as prepared as horse race if you lose it doesn't matter and if he wins it doesn't matter either or see i tend charlie sheen. one man show the only thing
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that could possibly be more painful than the end of the world. i'm going to choose none of those i'm going to when everyone's gone i'm going to finish the job joe said we started to get that pipeline that we never seem to be able to able to get out but i'm going to go find river and ask them to give up on the seventy two million dollars i have it on tuesday also eat my car your car over to anybody now. and a week the terrorist will last you know it's the end of the world at least the terrorists will last and we'll see tomorrow who has the last day and i will be camped outside reagan's grave waiting for him to is going to have a just so i can give him a piece of my mind one last time on his way out j.v. weinstein joe madison ben helper thank you guys all for being burned so much with us we have a huge debt problem today but not nearly as big a debt as we had coming out of world war two and steely take of calling out republicans for trying to write wash history.
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for. a. few. you know something if you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't i'm sorry is a big issue. as
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i was heading into my radio studio this morning something caught my ear on m.s.n. to see before i left the house in an interview on morning joe i heard illinois republican senator ron kirk say this i think we should continue to be optimist about the united states we had a tremendous deficit like this right after world war two and because we had fiscally conservative leaders we paid off those huge world war two deficits unlocked the economy that became the superpower called the united states of america it's that my model for practically drop to the floor i don't kirk just wasn't paying attention in history class or if this is the latest effort by republicans to write wash history but either way nothing could be farther from the truth than what senator kirk just said this is our nation's debt as a percentage of g.d.p. all the way from world war two all the way up until today and yes our debt was enormous after world war two as it should be it cost
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a lot of money kick the nazis but and yes all it took was two presidents after roosevelt to bring our debt back down to reasonable levels so how they do it how did truman and eisenhower reign in our debt was a bank for the conservative fiscal policies that ron kirk is touting no we didn't cut our way to fiscal prosperity like republicans they want you to believe we grew and spent our way to prosperity. coming out of the great depression franklin roosevelt tore down a decade of so-called conservative policies that unleashed the roaring twenty's bubble economy and then led to the stock market crash nine hundred twenty nine roosevelt immediately jacked up the top income tax rate to keep rich people from gambling with their excess money and to pay for a new deal to put working class americans back to work under his watch the top income tax rate went from twenty five percent in one thousand thirty one are way up to ninety four percent by the end of world war two and through that throughout the
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truman and eisenhower administrations that top tax rate stayed at around ninety one percent so yeah if ron kirk wants to take a lesson from the one nine hundred fifty s. and how we paid off our debt so fast he should consider raising taxes on the rich what he shouldn't be learning from is what reagan did with his so-called conservative policies that exploded our debt in one thousand aids under reagan's watch the top income tax rate plummeted from seventy percent in one nine hundred eighty to twenty eight percent in one nine hundred eighty nine and by the end of his term more than three trillion dollars of debt was on our nation's balance sheets corporate taxes also played a key role in paying off our debt roosevelt jacked those up to twelve percent or forty percent and republicans like eisenhower republican lite eisenhower raised them again up to fifty two percent in the one nine hundred fifty s. corporate taxes accounted for about a third of all government revenue during the one nine hundred fifty s.
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and one nine hundred sixty s. about a third of the day thanks to the much lower thirty five percent tax rate and all the corporate lobbyists drilling holes in the corporate tax code corporate taxes make up less than seven percent of all government revenue and most large corporations pay little or no income tax and a lot of we're going bankrupt. and then there's labor paul's america was paying off its world war two debt truman and eisenhower continued roosevelt's for a labor jobs title away harry truman had to say back in one nine hundred forty eight about the democrats' pro-labor policy is to say when all the democratic party is the people's party and the republican party is the party of special interests and it always has been and always will be. wages and salaries in this country. chris from twenty nine billion dollars in nineteen thirty three some more than one hundred twenty eight billion dollars and nineteen far to seven. that's labor.
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and labor never had but one friend in politics another the democratic party and frank monday rolls out. the total actually and thomas increased less than forty billion dollars in nineteen thirty three two hundred and three billion dollars and nineteen forty seven the greatest in all the history of the world. better pick up then spread to zero up people because it's the business of the democratic party that lead to people get up areas where they scott walker in wisconsin just flipped out right and in one hundred fifty six this is what the republican party's platform under the leadership of glide eisenhower said about labor workers have benefited by the progress which has been made in carrying out the programs and principles set forth in the one nine hundred fifty two republican platform all workers again and unions have grown in strength and responsibility and have
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increased their membership by two millions this is the republican platform he didn't furthermore the process of free collective bargaining has been strengthened by the insistence of business ministration that labor and management subtler differences of the bargaining table this policy has brought to our country an unprecedented period of labor management peace and understanding end of quote from the republican party's official platform in the one nine hundred fifty six election of the truman and eisenhower administrations nearly a third of all private sector workers in america belonged to unions and because of that as truman and eisenhower just pointed out workers were bringing in healthy wages which meant they were paying more in taxes which meant that the government was collecting more revenue to pay off its debt thanks to unions the payroll ratio between a c.e.o. and a worker on a factory floor was about thirty to one back then today it's more like six hundred
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to one in some industries like financial services and health care it can be twenty thousand. workers are now getting six rude low wages and thus many don't even make enough money to pay federal income taxes so yeah if we really want to pay off our debt how about instead of busting up unions we start promoting unions promoting workers having more money in their pockets which will stimulate our economy and raise everyone's wages. and finally there's government spending over and over again you hear republicans saying we need to cut spending but that's not what truman and eisenhower did to pay off or do they actually increased spending truman and eisenhower oversaw the g.i. bill which sent ten million returning soldiers to college for free my dad was one of them and helped millions more buy a home with low interest loans my dad was one of them two plus a lot all of those vets have free health care and low interest loans to begin small
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businesses if they chose eisenhower went gangbusters the reply like it building highways schools bridges dams wiring our rural areas for electricity he made massive government investments in our infrastructure as a result more and more people got jobs collected paychecks and paid taxes plus with a more efficient infrastructure businesses made more profits and paid their fair share to the government to reduce our debt the idea of cutting government investments to reduce our debt never even crossed the minds of these two presidents one a democrat one republican they knew that the quickest way to get out of debt was to grow an economy not shrink an economy and often growing an economy requires government spending today if we really want to get our debt under control then we need to invest in america renovate our infrastructure so that everyone makes more money roosevelt truman and eisenhower followed
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a really simple principle to pay off our debt in less than two decades high taxes for the rich increased union membership and government spending on infrastructure and it worked we've already seen what conservative fiscal policies of cutting taxes busting up unions and shrinking government investment does to our economy. it's right here with with reagan where to go right over the it's when reagan took power and when george w. bush put reaganomics on steroids in the two thousand for two law republicans of right wing should be history ronald reagan hiding the fact that he added more debt to our nation that every single other president in history combined from george washington to jimmy carter hiding that he actually raised taxes eleven times most that working class americans claiming that is honorable distinction of being the first president in history to cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes for the working class and poor at the same time and hiding the reality that our nation's
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infrastructure is crumbling today because of reagan's star of the beast economic philosophy republicans got away with a rewrite exalting reagan to the heights of american saying. i'm going to let him get away with rewriting the presidencies of democrat harry truman the republican white eisenhower then who employed truly progressive fiscal policies to grow the middle class in america and to pay off our debt at the same time the solutions that hayes problems are really quite clear we've used them to do before and they've worked we need democrats like harry truman and republicans like dwight eisenhower not corporate shills like moore kirk john boehner and eric cantor if we're going to get america back on the right track. i so big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our websites that dot com and our team also check out our you tube page as a you tube dot consolations dog picture r t and you dot com slash tom foreman and
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