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afghanistan. bringing you the latest science and technology from. the future covering. their part of the headlines now about. the u.s. and israel fallout over palestine as prime minister netanyahu rejects a promise path to peace in the middle east washington is pushing for an independent palestinian state once they return to pre nine hundred sixty seven borders something israel refuses to consider. illegal balms the white house sidelines u.s. constitution by skipping the deadline to keep its forces attraction of libya
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without approval from congress next month criticism on capitol hill as a costly intervention whose into its third month. plus the end is nigh according to one religious group in america they say they're preparing to meet their maker this saturday as they've counted eight said to be judgment day. short to drop out next to a moscow outs with hands to los angeles and the best places to go shopping in the russian capital. welcomes the sell the space program have exploring the recent castles something
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balls and supermarkets with the recent construct symbol hundreds of new still isn't complete site but he has a specific project he asked me while i was in moscow city scouring skyscraper area if someone has something like to say in a moment they must start from the moss and roots as he finds out the elsa was the most shocking god today is the triumph still isn't you can see on this map company major shopping centers they're all in the city catering full trust brackets muscovites with whom to shop it's just that for a long time the anything supply different century different story misses most famous shooting gallery is cool with stones to stay to promise to show business resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of kuhn's early days today design is that she's armani carving klein and their russian counterparts still keep the office building. their city limits brand new seems to be making
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a good contrition already. september timeline be shifting sands here along with finance one zero sum visited many animals in the capital so we can actually compare a species new and beautiful and their new county which is not just. spawning you most like this really to catch as many cities and such stark county question you pose to complexities of the multan to with open arms limited so taking into consideration most of those extreme temperatures traffic problems. she saw next location we arrived to the mega and it's easy to see how they came up with the name of one of the largest shopping malls in new york they'll close to a maze like entertainment and shopping complexes to get the menu to catch coast with a high to market action stockmen's an ikea touch to the mole the two hundred fifty million dollars project has proved a great commercial success there are now twelve mega moles in russia with me being
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a plant based gigantic shopping mall is thirty minutes north by car in the sense of a city that's without any traffic here in two thousand and four i'll see one hundred sixty one stores and there are also two other similar complexes on the outskirts of the star catering mostly from the space aspire middle class you find just bits of the whole russian old western high street. and if you're poor or something a lot of trial the eyestrain cinema omegas impressive collection of various restaurants. you want to make the most holy places in the south east of chicago so the route very easy to get to shuttle buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and all have excellent access to the major highways. electronic clothing and furnishes tools everything under one roof so when the millions of muscovites misses just come here every year so what makes the shocking so popular. may go
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with bringing new browns into the russian market. for example reason to open up the american eagle and make him give this is. about show that we're both open up when this may go to stop. media is from the from maybe it was fun big playgrounds and a wider range of activities in stores for kids and of course ikea which will find the world's. posing to take a look at this week's and stay. one of the city's construction sites has become. one of the world's supermodels. paraded unusual created by russian contemporary artists in a fashion piece from russian designs the payments took place in a neatly finished needs you risk residential and business complex feels very much at home that. last at slate i feel.
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safe here speaks to me. a bit. to instruments but the people at the french movie cars the car thieves premium in the russian capital on stranger tides the film stars johnny depp compel the crews to break the stigma still creating a real buzz in the council. to sell a few. to carry the. building machine to most homes with such a ration point if he says he losing its identity is one such place those questions let's meet this week's guest. the dalai lama to me the specifics of this impressive
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sounds to hear yeah it's one of the finest in the world believe it on the do. you know lots of information about something. i'll shock to something here in the special favors the paschal have been up all the russians and the special the most polite. that the russians love shopping and they spend almost all that money in this shopping for buying things simply buying clothes food since it's a man and some other thing. many people below save money for education of their kids many of them cannot afford to buy a house or apartment that's why they don't have to move the savings for future and they don't doesn't belong to a save in the future and they just spent all that bent over. the house it englishman spending time in but. one thing that is a parent's here are the prices it is more expensive here and. if it is above
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the safe it's a problem with fellow reality and the philip most of the russian but the customs of this thing and if true the prices are really sometimes quite higher than in europe but still look many people in the pale move somewhere broke for example they belong to kenya foreign languages english so france to move to something called paris a long time this was the state in the us and they love something and they have no trouble with g.'s think it's losing the russian slave of the russian soul so it's a western today in boards and russia has some own flavor as for example below there has been a while the wife of the one so on so they head to the for example in case it is windy and they have their fast food and restaurants with accommodation for their russian with russian food with russian kind of you know fast food even because as a kid differs from europe we don't have such plenty of congress for example of french fries the more help like leave the russian sailors they also possible it
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would influence and the same with entertainment. and the same with cinema so we do it just the european finnish and into what russian law. thanks very much for your time and i think you know who you are suffering more projects thank you think it went. on where else should be put times when it comes to shifting the most. subcontinent is a conclusion in a supermarket dozens of students in the russian capital stranded in the. not you fool no it's one of the leaders in the bush child market providing its customers with a wide range of foods and other goods the supermarkets are right around the clock but if you don't have time for shopping even after midnight the complete also has an online store with a quick delivery service available. at the croce city mall is a large shopping center with dozens of the sikh's of well famous brands including celine a mani and i mean appreciate the most is
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a possible launch procrustean projects founded in two thousand and one more than one hundred thousand people a day visit the city with inner city schools as they were under six so is that what you say exhibition in concert halls hotels restaurants and even a yacht club. fashion and lifestyle galleries them in your golden mean season is a large shopping mall and steam incense or moscow's trendy kocinski prospect spaces of the mall has probably the price tags of its various p.t.c. the venue for me to say ok you can shop this international brands such as the russian i caught in a relaxed and also free atmosphere. shooting in moscow doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and unique mission purchases located next to keep sky station this is where the largest film is markets in the
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country it's a fake sighting place to visit the colors the noise the characters and also the smells. of moscow's glitz and glam of the welcome to the dollar gum alyse market it's very old opened here in nineteen states in six and a half in surprise the smarts is history of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of bright colorful displays of various proxies for russia and the former soviet republics such as i mean yeah especially south how they view on the ukraine visit with us what. see the. price is a much cheaper here than in the city swanky supermarkets is the good stuff fresh oil but it's not a good news was a devastating find as of last summer the prices of many everyday popular goods have considerably increased that said going to demolish the market still attracts many businesses if only to look at the various decrease of goods on display. sellers
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have the precious little to quality this series of course is meritless and friendly but the most important thing is that the fresh and tasty here keep canada. from soviet style kill some farmer's markets too expensive for cheeks i love to show you most certainly cases for all. stressed food albums i love price i love it unfortunately that's all that's how we have on the streets my squad froze up on something in the recent album so i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the stickers for now.
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you didn't start all of a sudden. it's a long story i'm destroying the living under hama chopped. there are constant. something leaks out here when they get done like that. if you took every fisherman out of the water and he tell you something about that water quality and the habitat protecting the habitat the fisheries it's going to collapse nature steps back making. the way for the talk should govern this you look around louisiana and say that all the solar system obviously everybody here must be well off the incomes because the road system has been great none of that's true. and yet billions of dollars of the oil and gas state. real baby drill.
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one needs from there to cross himself and one of my most treasured will consider potential areas for development in the mid and south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. lead.
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u.s. and israel fallout over palestine as prime minister benjamin netanyahu projects of ominous path to peace in the middle east in tunis pushing for an independent palestinian state but wants a return to preannounce and sixty seven borders something israel refuses to consider. legal problems the white house sidelines and u.s. constitution by skipping the deadline to keep its forces in action with libya downs approval from congress this week next to do criticism of capitol hill as a costly intervention of troops into its third month. plus the end is known
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a quarter to one religious group in america they say they're preparing to meet their maker this saturday which they counted it to be judgment. sports news there. hello there you're watching the sports and these are the headlines. lokomotiv a friday look again for rubin to stay on top of the russian prime yearly. club's heavyweight battle against clyde says just one of the tasty ties in prospect of the french open. red rose mark webber sets the pace in practice ahead of sunday's grand prix in boss alive. but first a footballer look mighty fine if you really could understand says his team are lucky to be at the top of the russian premier league this morning i mean he's staying where i played in the goal is truly through being both sides had chances
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but perhaps the spell to be. the finding ego let me think a hero who hits the game gets punished colas and sees local might see ching points clear of the semi. but also yesterday were better colleges angy missed the chance to go trot themselves after they lost one military blood gauri gear goya have netted from a free kick on the stroke of half time to hold eric's alarming run of the fates of the last five games rootlets side. league match the new stadium in style angy state fall. down prepared to give the price it back and then also have the chance to go so they did take the late against visiting spot at mt you could remain in strike if you will be following the spurs goal of the season ninety minutes after the interval but the silver tide became one zero in a very similar management dying minutes at least the band to go second on our
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cheeks day second off so. well today's any could go back to the summit if they get a win on the road to some who are twelfth around big in their last six games. ross doll face fellow strugglers the bottom thing chris of year twelve will go to moscow to face the larm about spartak moscow will play their first game after setting their almost half an hour legs and are at home to crowds nadar. will stay with popular in russia has made changes for the euro qualifier against armenia on june fourth so he midfielders are wrong and should of course alexy i or not have been dropped and locomotives ran out young by error and denny's who should call of have been brought into the twenty man squad otherwise it is a familiar lineup including the likes of arsenal's under the shadow of in and stuttgart public in the ranks russia slovakia and the republic of ireland share the leading group the ten points. tennis world number one caroline wozniacki has had
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a confidence boosting win ahead of the french open beating the defending roland garros champion francesca schiavone just two days before the grand slam starts wozniacki getting the better of the italian to reach the final of the brussels open it wasn't easy they needed three sets the pair were on course for over two and a half to ski of only level the match had to settle to take it into a decider. but the one that six three and in the final she will face china's paying. russian because of one of the over in straight sets. was going on the draw for the french open was being made wozniacki opens against japanese big crew rushes of it is one of the all there is the number three seed and could face only in the quarter finals. could face can clijsters in the last eight. in the last two weeks i was able to get get over a few fears that i had with my ankle. and i feel that i'm able to us already i feel
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that i can can move well and i'm playing good so you know that's the most important thing and then it's just a matter of getting settled into my own game and monthly on the men's side defending champion rafael nadal it opens against america's john eisener and could run into russia nicoletta junket in round three second seed novak djokovic is unbeaten this year and opens against the back here and is in line to do battle with argentina's one martin del potro in the third round and russia's mico usually could be waiting for him in the last eight and then roger federer in the last ball. it's been the worst. time of my. trying to draw. there is a lot of for you said person isn't usually come with it but they handle it much. better player in general. mentally to do a lot of self formula one is the early favorite to claim his first victory of the
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season as the red bull driver dominated both friday's free sessions ahead of the spanish grand prix and his training was the only ones a clock on the one minute and twenty six seconds during the morning practice his teammate and depending champion sebastian vettel was second past this just over a second behind the standings leader to serve a third place in a much faster afternoon run he was overtaken by lewis hamilton britain's mclaren team mate jenson button came in for head of finance to a long contract with rory was renewed for twenty sixty a week. now lee westwood has remained on track to retain his world number one ranking is the english golfer advanced into the knockout stages of the world match play championship in spain westwood had seven birdies in ten how to beat aaron baddeley four and three he next faces in poulter in the last sixteen and his chase is in the rankings luke donald and mark you can also say the three northern ireland
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twenty two top ranked golfer this will play each other after ryder cup team mate graeme mcdowell roy roy produced mixed results in their respective groups in spain the first regress was a local hero. the big hitting spaniard chipping in eagle to clinch a five and four victory over denmark. unfinished talk of age paul casey was the biggest casualty of the day what it is goodbye for two time u.s. open champion receive hussan armoring british open champion through some. funding to boxing there are just a few. hours to go before russia's top crazy white tennis live it takes on the legendary roy james jr here in moscow i despite winning a world titles in his career the american is still the underdog history but the tiny. louis jones jr. versus denise limited
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the sureties of the upcoming events of the employers is just because the outstanding good gifted experienced. it gives the hungry inspiring speed intelligence. putting strength and your ability. i clutch of generations. and personally focus the fight for a nice to start never with both sides having aces up their sleeves. but i myself had a very good record against left handers and i know the way that his works in the ring and how to handle him this means i can assume what roy would do against him that is the point of michael as we know what roy would do we know what we have to do and what dennis should change in his game then this is a very game for very strong he's always in condition and he's young and or so we look for a hard fight we never pair come to the ring unprepared for far north so far he's
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like i said he's a top income and. a champ here and russell was a vet and he's going to use it as a strength and i think that's part smart and aware and we know that there are going to stores that are over him rise. above our prices there's this myth necessarily mean that he's going to do this right so we'll just have to just see what we see him wearing make adjustments to speed this is what has always been our g.'s essentially the question is if it still is sharp as it was he's prime i. don't know i think little of. just push forward and just try to break terms defense as in terms of skills and speed right still spirit i'm not saying the speed is a factor but royce forty three years old. the hands who fixes time and movement my stalled out of brewers just smiled his working age he's definitely better
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would live a different eleven years younger than jones yes if you. say seven eight years ago they had offered me the chance to prepare dennis for the fight against roy jones of the time i would have refused because then in his prime he was just invincible. right israel will. be over the edge right now so change to me you can take this time to make the statement but i think that is how one could get past this to be me you know kind of spontaneous in that little ring of what i will be spontaneous and that's what i did. he tell me this is where they'll put a show quite different approaches to all the mutual respect is always there good boy now my pre-fight attitude is always the same my opponent is my number one foto me but after thought it was no matter how it ended i would hug him shake his hand
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you know but before if no more no less you can't get up type people for this cause work. so well god give you what you take give to the best your best to know what you sow most is a big test you would not worry because. god. knows the stories i'd be nervous about. all that's left is to wait and see who's got the moon weighty arguments robert harden your own party let's hope there's a good fight that is always full finance more until last time.
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the. machine would be soo much brighter if you knew about someone from funds to operations. these for instance on t.v. don't come.
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all. wealthy british style seinfeld's sometimes. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r g. twenty years ago in the largest country in the world to sometimes with a sense of.


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