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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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can be visually beneficial maintain initially beneficial mowbray ssion then we have agreed and approved for the list to further. issues to work on in the near future never mind. that and close informal contacts. we would foreign ministries and external planning authorities or go into cooperates within various and special organizations such as the o.c. hooper the european council the brown also the. head of course within the russian russia later ok and so would you pay special attention to that we will national so that we continue to pay special attention charge corporation in relational organizations for the first of all your school the council of the baltic states where german ableson they come with i said chairman the share states through the. illiterate the fellows who are russian national. political or some sort of
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corporation who. among us are she's in the parliaments and when. you institute of public societies. and we put in the regular holding of conferences devoted to rainbow michael says it's the topic with of world war two must we. the next such meetings they will be placed this year and moscow we have a great which intensify our efforts on other initiatives as will be missed the last name to further develop mainly the kaliningrad region. and above all moderating the framework the legal framework for the spoken. migration. traveling. we're very grateful to get estherville of the support of germany has provided your application of money to the european commission with us
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and we have all reasons to believe that the sense of purpose is in the near future within the next year mark this process this moment on food will be completed successfully so i'm very pleased with the results of today's negotiations i thank my colleagues and i get the thoughts of them. yeah i know they get in the gun even as a kid i think i know where you're writing not only i see what's michelle or just one service piece that yes i guess you are but your year was the only three chance in a place one of our largest piece mimicry writing a song in miami and finally i asked national who has the best of us i should go yesterday here yes the west side is there because they might actually hear the
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famous play is going here boys should hear my years of living you could go here there's never enough storm after i got home but they felt it was just what he's here with them for my experience which is a gentleman i'm very pleased to present that it's made from the first meeting in this format was actually the stage where go in to continue these meetings as they have proved to be rather for you today have invited my colleagues to barely share a stage of the time i just played them here and i'm very glad to announce that the next such meeting will be taking place in the early in a couple of voices from memory you know this is because this means that this is more than. the one off meeting and it indicates that we have michelle interest initial cooperation in the interests of all three states. here you know members of our strategy just come out of your flame is the previous meeting and then also think about the search of a ship that is going to train the european union as
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a whole and the russian federation boys all this indicates she will have. the right you are going to she's going to be is in the case of progress that they have later after i turbo phase in our history and i saw how it was and i chose the progress that's our relationships that we made in the vision and it shows the results we have achieved since they were the nation of the cold war borders for years now but it wasn't like the idea. go figure mario and we have made a lot to restore which you have the friendship and partnership and economic ties especially with the kaliningrad region a small germany. with with a as extensive trade with they will really make reparations and the tourist exchange is quite intensive and we're going to continue this cooperation but of i think it only about the economy is going to bed thinking about our exchange him on public society and giving away from us meetings in this three state format which i
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think this is a very important question which is my last u.s. house and. six as with think that young people must have a chance to know he's a student not only to learn the history lessons of history yes he's a little sorts of benefits from the. proceeds from the currency exchange and cooperation and leave the phrase nice and well informed to higher management of whom he should eat your money or into the corporation. and chairman he supports the exchange and hope ration of people around our states. this is especially true if the citizens of college in grand region and their neighbors here he. goes to think that's also involved when it's just in front of their relationships with the political press we might yes are very good for germany great
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people he supports you these are free for the traveling in mind that's not me just might help us shines the will she ever would like to share we will hear more from the man chances for the future really are here where you go it's years just go away or influence within the european union. because wish for this project to have its chance you've got the right. track each of you know. the question was more. holistic is more opportunities or freedom to people who are here and so we are convinced or boyishly that this project the true national engine the russian federation is going to stay with us along. those lines my dear she should be supported actually issue with this storm. i would also like to say that one year ago in paris with you when you measure in the wind trampling meeting. francisco
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your fourth meeting between the french chairman of the you know when a coalition of foreign ministers leaders that was when we first talked about that and that shows that other european states also want to contribute to this process and go i really. hope that we also had an extensive discussion of topical issues including i mean international ones that should be considered globally here i think you can have a speech about where he's going to be three cannot this is not your first spaceflight that has certain place and i think this is the first major turn taking place on this format and it shows a lot of my usual not really sure it speaks a lot about the progress of the progress we have made and speaks a lot about what we have yet to achieve. i got my own no. but. we. do truly voice the political. relationship you
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know the whole eight sphere so the best years. you'll hear grows in the. later this is the first meeting to have taken place and as your basic. answer yes what the hell most of its takes place. in a place that's so the rest taken such an important to have place in the history of the twentieth century and it is very important to remember that world wars now we can communicate freely and frankly because the who of the who not only. will hear more. of the little that's here and it's very important to make sure that the events that have that took place in the try to century you know poland page great sacrifices you know that you should never really telling off air mutual sympathy now should be our common benefits. you know that
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you may really be anonymous wholeheartedly surfboards and everything that has been said here before regarding. the corporation bought. among the neighboring states and the transcoder corporation. anywhere. they nischelle to that we discussed the survey lover of anything but in the way i'm a triangle in paris one year ago is now on its way to success. or theme oh here you know what i need to know where public place asking the european commission. for you are being has you know one of those was leslie. so here was the fear of the u.s. military press the with the progress the corresponding orders as soon as possible i'm more. to sign they already reminds.
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me of all the travelling. which will give great practical benefits to the residents of the entire kaliningrad region. and residence. of guns and gun spenders adjustments polish french and. the whole of the relief from the i think the elements that have already been employed implemented such as tourism. and vessel of a geisha in the bay the way have already working. and last year i saw they regard this a little regatta and i will be. very happy to see it in the three way formats or molecules. else will think that you do things change them work so well merely polish german relationships and russian german relationships i will be happy to see it in this region as well. in the kaliningrad region. and then
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adjust and territories of poland. i think this is a very attractive and interesting and appealing initiative. goes yours. young man. those of. the polish russia and germany had a lot to offer. to all of europe and this is what we are go after. was i am very glad to say this place is the. horse that is the only eve of the whole and state game. the chairmanship of the european union this allows your main percentile priority his mission her to. progress in the talks he. associates an englishman russia in the e.u. and. who would also be happy. to see russia become
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a w t o member this year you get mention that he was here and we also see russia's role in practical initiatives connected with the eastern partnership. we have discussed some energy related issues. and matters related to our common neighbors such as well russia which has not been doing very well chris a lady. who well perhaps i'm going to. do that you only want to stop here because this is not the end of our meeting and after dinner perhaps we will be able to touch upon issues of security in the region like the ballistic missile protection. issue and the propositions of nuclear discharge proposed by poland and germany thank you.
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t.j. this is the polish prestige and see. he flew through the roof. of. the. mission what is your evaluation of what is happening in an. intel arose about the issues with the pillars of physicians and what to think how to think things are going to develop next old. with the old list rigs you get any change. as for the restrictions we've been meaning. that may be applied to early russian companies and businesses that will still be a matter of discussion wish the liberal that holds. the mantle would prefer
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bellerose to move towards democracy votes away from thomas lee. the proposal from my talks with minister lavrov last year i know that russia. would also like. but also like those people are is to hold to the positive sides and i think we all have the floor and the focus to have a sane hold rulings. in you. guys in the film world minister of foreign affairs and trade something of mr westerwelle and i visited mainz class of ember. a few years ago after the president liberation so they'll be here for a short us presidential elections will be even transparent and fair play has
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sort of turned that he jailed his opponents in a way he would say that of course in his he will my sister. surprising of a chance to push the. to work with europe. therefore i'm calling for phil russian authorities. to turn off the dangerous path. this is this is he. has for russia's positional is he on this matter the minister of foreign affairs of the russian federation human machine has made an official statement but are negative will. those new on the cultural links we have called. the russian leadership it's already profuse will just take the weight of. the country's international obligations regarding human rights. and we expect so if your just
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a maid service you could. see experts which that the continuing court hearings as observers and as for sanctions with your guest would know that the european union has unilaterally supposed economic and other sanctions regarding say deloris. should end with think. that this measure is the go in. to help achieve the goals we now have and rethink that is the under any circumstances it's not isolation but involvement. that brings forward economic and other reforms this is our position. i little i. myself was. over here paperwork was left. where. we also think.
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it's right against his opposition members. not famous political arbitrariness of the president looking over going after a phrase you think because he got me there not be fair and you know let me just play the young people some of the less december you put it the more you put it that held a meeting with presidential candidates and maine's. other shot on your own and to help disappointed the thought of a bomb that you might buy what was he now but i'm shocked to see him with here yet he'll be in the news that all those people are. the most musicians just to go have the right for international solidarity as this is the only thing that changed the youth project and at the moment the question of you on this about the future of ins are convinced that if human rights are not subservient one country you have
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your thumb iraq is not up to such an extent that it requires a clear and explicit response on the part of the european union come on the white huge the us so therefore we are in favor of sanctions yes with that and we know that he got what one would like to be sure that these sanctions directly influence and affect those responsible for the members of the cultural lens and for the oppressions here which is not want those sanctions to harm the people of illinois bellerose jealous of the guy. that you can actually come with rights you know which is want to make sure that human rights are observed and that those responsible for those cultures move away from through lings are punished by those sanctions we're talking sanctions not spoke out or embargo.
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couple of things i don't mean is. this is a question told for a minimum of a mistress and he said he's about to see any obstacles to extension of a. near border traveling and some other questions to rest a lover of what are your thoughts. on regarding well germany and poland it's also germany and poland regarding the ballistics missile defense and. about the expectations of what we think we have a risk of. everything we discussed this is one of the big leagues not sure who could. come on out of this deal is going until there's a smoking gun each not using our own stuff that's for the neighbor or the traveling . or if. he doesn't go there is also motions with goodwill it's not a question green this should be. completed squad search. leadership oh yeah
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this is it was a this isn't a very good initiative right terry really moves recently mushing me in the spirit of europe to show us and this is a project that promises very much military people living in nationalism and full cooperation between our state. supported as yes this is what your money is going to be everything to support this initiative assured me and i know that bush should cross as minister of foreign affairs me to come to score that yes they washing it would like to go all the way together like each other she is very important that this brings practical improvements you can live in standards. in the euro mean spirited exchange. he says you should. get too much. as the boy she was sleeping with think that this will remove the last concern among
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our colleagues within the european union to build up their with the bat. i would like to maybe just will chat a couple of words where you. know. i think this is what else we all treasure is this document that all or requires changing a few chapters in a few phrases is taken us so long so many thoughts here but please understand that some members states have been in the hold on you for going easy a point cautious about issues related to news or migrations to migration because your race is ok we got those issues a sport important uncensored save next. lesson. with him you. know we have clarified that no church pledge for you to ministers of the european union. i would like to tell that's. if you believe the position the
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situation of the kaliningrad i thought of you is quite certain you laid the question how do you know the russian part has managed to convince us. to i think we have managed to convince the european union. that it will be the only of the only i'm with. the e.u. i think that what we're doing focalin england region is not going to serve as president here for other states or situations where their opinion we'll still feel less of an. outlet to stress out once again that their grievance we have dropped it is not binding for other states and it's a little easier for example there's a choice. either to mail to conclude in agreements reportings or common rules. of cross border movement. to him feel no hole was some explosions will
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but i think the best example. motional that this is the best sign that this is actually happened that we miss the fact that we're whole and really be here alone has a small ai you consulate centrally kaliningrad. you go to the consulate center were just a great big interest in traveling with black and white house news last year some seventy thousand faces margret twice as nearly as many of the big brands are they see here. yes he's the chance to cross the border without faces i think if he will. be greatly validators among at her residence kaliningrad pridgen course and by combat translated in poland of the word go. well i totally agree with what has been said before and i think the only obstacle will. be other
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things heparin. people who will bring their profile of disagreements you is the toll slick you're a practical approach on people who get a date ignores the interests of the countries use them searches and that's ok russia poland so i think the common sense prevails in brussels of the floor and as i have said we have all reasons to believe that this issue will be resolved in a few months as for my expectations. regarding poland's and germany's decisions on the. a.b.m. . front let's take a look like a missile protection group of about. a group. think i expect. the pros to be open and based on the fluted of the interests of all european countries they also live members of the russian nato council but old countries.
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even those not involved in security blokes are melcher of musicians there are states within europe and i think there should start. by approving a common concept telecom. architecture of the future missile defense system with europe. which is see some progress now but with the pros and the process is cohen quite slowly at the moment. one of the reasons. is that we've proposed to agree and formalize that in a document that missile defense on the european continent with the will lose will also be a means of as a country. that any member states in the system. the title not russia nor any other european country and we have been told that this should not be formalized in a document. as this is supposed to be done not against
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russia that's against other threads you put you've got all the sense this is not been done against russia why not tell in a document that this is nails done with. anyone that i think this. is the partner law tends to formalize this and. require a certain explanation you. got currently receive are specialists working together exchanging exchanging arguments and information. becomes someplace else on how this or that's way out of the system as coincidence lends. mr pelletier and the job political situation. it is also important most. important issues are the range of the place else are they used to share their speed and their share number hold these issues are so
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important with that huge huge you know detail should be overlooked purely technical ones because after all we are now deciding as president that have said. what kind of europe where go until even just a case in the europe that looks like. like a single house or a europe that has just crawled thirty years back this is it. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov they were his protege counterparts about his last across the in the german minister of foreign affairs leader of rest of us a purse tied they've taken course in such a three way dialogue and they've been discussing into state relations also relations with the european union and nato including missile defense issues and also a visa free regime
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a possibility of course to have more on this base in the program hence what r.t. wish. it's. a very. we're going to have a very short break head out on the table for we have the headlines here r.t. . hungry for the full slate we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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