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call out c l e n eighteen allies israel and the us stumble over palestine as prime minister netanyahu rejects president obama's proposals of the middle east is indefensible and i'm realistic. the u.s. action in libya passes its sixty day deadline without congressional approval and washington doesn't seem to care too much of this military campaign is now officially illegal. and it's not a problem for them to live in the world's harshest temperatures now to travel to antarctica get back to make sure we can still be wrong.
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this is our see live from moscow this saturday evening it's now ten pm here and it's kevin owen with a top story for you israel has rejected the u.s. call for peace for the palestinians placed on the pre-one nine hundred sixty seven war borders a deal would mean the jewish state's withdrawal from disputed territories prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is in washington for talks described the proposed boundaries as indefensible result is christine for the reports now it's america's decades long approach towards israel that failing to break the stalemate. it is a scene all too familiar in this region. on israel's border that leads. to violence. here it was the may fifteenth protest marking what palestinians call nakba or catastrophe the creation of the state of israel on this date in one nine
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hundred forty eight because for israel it was a matter of security according to dan pollack co-director of the zionist organization of america i don't know what any country would do when people gather on your border and come across a violation of the law. but for palestinians it is the continuation of a seemingly endless fight for an independent palestinian state a fight in which u.s. leaders try time and time again to play a chief negotiator from president carter to reagan to george h.w. bush to president clinton george w. bush and now the obama administration we said we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the nine hundred sixty seven lines with mutually agreed swaps so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states an unusually blunt endorsement of an end to israeli occupation of arab land by u.s. transit the idea was immediately rejected by prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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israel argues peace cannot come at the cost of its security with continued palestinian rocket attacks but there is one thing both sides actually agree on when it comes to the u.s. role as mediator it approaches they say is all wrong american policy is built on misconceptions a wrong view of the causes of the conflict and a prescription that doesn't stand up to even the most casual scrutiny the question is not why don't we have a solution at this point but why on earth should we expect to have a solution. with with this system as it is their use of money your with the jerusalem project says talk is cheap when the us says it's in gauged in the process of a two state solution but is funding and supporting behavior by israel that simultaneously looking against it paying somebody bribing somebody to change their behavior
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doesn't work when you spoil them rotten a recent example in november the us offered several billion dollars in military assistance to israel if it put off the construction of jewish settlements for three months the regardless award obama says or how he sees it and he says it better than bush but what he does is to say the costs of peace are high high cost of broad and at home pro israel money accounting for between one quarter and one third of all donations to the major political parties a concern for many including former u.s. congresswoman cynthia mckinney the what the executive branch they what they call the legislative branch pro israel campaign contributors totaled nearly twelve million dollars in two thousand and ten far higher than other major donors making increasing the pressure on israel a politically daunting prospect especially with the elections eighteen months away political to see here this is over there but with the need to show support for the
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arab spring and a reconciliation between the two palestinian factions u.s. leaders may be feeling the pressure to make a push yet again christine for south r.t. . a city official says his people are planning to seek u.n. recognition of this state despite barack obama's warnings that their efforts will fail and political rights of women girl told us there's no tension spreading between the u.s. and its main ally in the region israel as well. the u.s. agenda is not the agenda that barack obama claims are to be one of peace i think we're in the midst in my opinion of the most profound shift in israeli washington relations since nine hundred forty eight recognition of is really speaking of the basis of the trust relationship between israel and washington is been drastically challenge by the us support of these destabilization from egypt tunisia
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libya and the entire middle east since the end of two thousand and ten has created a tremendous sense in israel of insecurity and the stability they thought they had is suddenly looking very very unstable so the the nice words that obama said yesterday are window dressing the content is one of the continued tensions between israel and washington under the guise of peace. those political writer william and talking about the two year a thing us israeli relations right now. nato campaigns in libya rumble on two months after it started the u.s. which led the operation is still highly engaged without official consent from congress according to the constitution america's military action over libya is now illegal but is there a list of reports here on capitol hill same concern. fifty eight. fifty nine. sixty i said at the outset that this was going to be
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a matter of days and weeks. and days have turned to months and in libya the battle rages on but in washington time has run out. and this rhetoric is running up against the real grow block anything here you don't think your power thinks is a war powers act war powers act a resolution that says sixty days marks the deadline for an american president pull u.s. forces from hostilities or get congress's approval for a formal declaration of war yet neither appear to be happening and according to the president publicly time seems to be the enemy only for someone else now time is working against gadhafi. he does not have control over his country but it's unclear who or what has control over this one the law or the will of the president.
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and present in a secret decoration of war began with. nor really has there been much discussion of the war powers act nor does it seem there will be when pressed by the majority of congress not with leaders of the senate foreign relations committee saying there are no plans for action and top lawmakers like john mccain saying quote he's never recognized the constitutionality of the war powers act nor has any president which is only sort of true according to legal and political experts every president has expressed some concerns about its constitutionality but interestingly not a single president has questioned the sixty day rule hathaway says if obama does this would set a new precedent for combat by a president who campaigned on ending u.s. wars and abiding by constitutional law but still when it comes to war powers there's enough blame to go around absolutely congress doesn't take it seriously and
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kristen seven taken it seriously and us media don't take it seriously need while u.s. drones fly over libya dropping bombs and the laws governing this type of mission seem to have flown out the window to it makes a joke of the whole idea of having laws that you can still go out and get is beautiful speeches as the president seems to do and talk about peace in just the same principles. as the clock strike for days sixteen in the libyan intervention and the bill hits a reported three quarters of a billion dollars in the u.s. his third war with no congressional oversight or end in sight time is working against the rhetoric and the rule of law in theory in reality in the nation's capital though no alarm appears to be going on or in mr r. t. washington d.c. . political analyst of melons told me that congress is shying away from a decision on libya to make a bomb of
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a spade code for any possible failure. yes it's illegal and unconstitutional and it's not the first president to do to have done it but it's clearly a move in the direction of more executive power and more executive years in the. congressional war making power people want to take credit if it goes well though praise the president or if it goes well badly they can criticize him but if you have a vote on a declaration of war any through sort of authorization for that they have to go on record as either opposing it or supporting it and therefore you know they can get blamed by their constituents one way or the other so just let the president take responsibility and well you know will be a kid it serves on the side and say he did a great job or he didn't do a good job george bush for all his failings he did get congressional authorization
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for afghanistan and iraq and he was the champion of executive power but obama has really gone further in this case than now bush ever went. out of million speak and i had a few in the program a trip to the coldest continent in the world. this is a fascinating time sometime this incoming artillery is for the many different kinds of animals that the sound down here. plus we do our best to discover if the prediction that the world will end today holds any truth. first the thousands of people staging demonstrations across georgia demanding president saakashvili steps earlier unconfirmed reports said police opened fire on protesters in the seaside resort of but to me in the capital tbilisi of a five thousand people calling on the world well the size of what's happening in georgia they say the current regime has taken away people's democratic freedoms that is continued presence at the top of the holding press in the capital large
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numbers of policemen have been put on standby previously opposition rallies have been caught. he suppressed and governed straight as deterring. russia says a proposed joint european missile defense system is a test for the future of europe speaking of her meeting with his german and polish counterparts foreign minister sergei lavrov expressed concerns that the progress and process is being stalled by moscow's partners. much of the world so obviously concepts we use of misleading we would like the issue of european missile defense to be resolved by taking the interests of all european countries into account we should start by green to create a joint european missile defense system and the at the moment this process is moving slowly that we would like to see a document stating that the system will not be aimed against any country taking part in it grow our partners see we don't need to put in some people it's an obvious thing but this refusal to answer our request does raise some concerns and
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we hope that there will be lead to rest in the near future which looks at as the agreements we come to will determine the future of europe continues time or you will look and we can either be harmful for assault or we could end up throwing it back in time thirty years look at polls. and it's what moscow's main concern the lances failure to guarantee that the project will not threaten russia's security the u.s. is pushing on with the building of a missile base in romania saying it will help protect europe from countries like iran and north korea russia were once an equal part in the project but is little progress so far in reaching a compromise. elsewhere around the world tonight only six people have been killed and over twenty injured after a suicide bomber struck from a military hospital in karbala an attack of whom stuffed up inside a tent filled with medical students leaving their lunch at two attackers were believed to be in hospital at the time one of them detonated the explosives while the other still forgot to wear life the taliban's trying to sponsibility from the bombing. in spain thousands continue to protest despite
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a pre-election ban on mass gatherings people camped out overnight in madrid's central square cheering and chanting anti-government slogans the demonstrators gathered to protest high unemployment and government economic policies the protests began a week ago and spread across the country. twenty children four adults have been buried by a landslide that has. malays in orphanage just south of the capital kuala lumpur six pupils in a warden were pulled out with serious injuries but the bodies of five boys have so far been recovered ongoing heavy rainfall was cited as the cause of the landslide tragedy struck during the afternoon when the children were practicing traditional molay drums in the school grounds. after six months of bloodshed and political standoff i was somewhat tyra's being sworn in as the president of ivory coast more than twenty heads of state attended and ceremony with tara one last november's election but the former leader laurent gbagbo refused to hand over power
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a battle between the opponents left three thousand people dead and forced over a million of flee the violence. the crisis in libya and the uprisings in the middle east and north africa will no doubt take center stage as world leaders prepare for a g. eight meeting in france next week our own resident in new york laurie hafen is asked people on the streets of the big apple what they think should be discussed as well . as world leaders gather at the g eight summit what do you think they should be focusing on solving collectively this week let's talk about that after they should be focusing on. greening me to saving the planet and also humanity politics and more people and more communication and more truth do you think they'll do that no not in a hundred years do you think that they'll be looking out for the global best interest or just their country's own interest to strike most countries come to the
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table with their own best interests in mind are you hopeful that they care and that those. at least enough to come to some compromise i'm hopeful that my retirement savings is worth something when i retire will be better if they just chose one to work on and fix that first i think multi ability is able to talk about a few issues they're able to talk about i don't have the able to solve them all in one time or the problems will never go i. don't believe the world leaders can fix them seem to be trying to fix them so i can see in fixing the problem so why do they have the stomach. well. fixing the problems my lord i just wish people would get along a little bit better together just all the nationalities all the different religions and i think we'd be much better off so maybe the summit should be more like a retreat where they talk about how they can get along and less about the economy
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well the economy is important but better than the economy they got everything else straightened out i think you better what you want the world leaders to solve the bottom line and let's just hope they can set aside their differences so they can work collectively for change. well. from the resident next week next it's a part of the world where winter runs the show all the surprisingly it's because of antarctica's climate of the wildlife there's booming a man at the south pole sean thomas the penguins and sea lions that call this uncompromising place own. down at the bottom of the earth there is a land of ice and volcanic rock so different from the civilized world that it is hard to imagine that life can be found here happen. but in fact a closer look reveals it is one of the most interesting ecosystems on the planet. a
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really unique position on turkey that he's elated for for a long time from a continent that follow now that we have here starting from tiny creatures up to seals and penguins is unique creative and you can never find it anywhere else only here. but extreme temperatures and start conditions meaning that you won't find any polar bears down here so we don't have any terrestrial animals like polar bears or nothing like that occurs down here we only have marine mammals and marine birds that come ashore to breed and the only trust your life is limited to the vegetation and maybe some time records that's about it and if you want to experience some of this exotic wildlife the antarctic peninsula is a good place to start well as everything here in this part we've got a tremendous range of seals and as for different types of seals you can expect to see six if you're lucky the penguins to three of the brushtail penguins you'd
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expect to see in the peninsula but the most trips we're lucky and see up to six different species include the wildlife and antarctica. and a friend built the main areas of study down here on this continent is the environment to make sure that they can learn. we are seeing into the adelie penguins which are the most abundant penguin species in the antarctic and a true ice loving species they are declining in the antarctic peninsula seriously and may disappear in the peninsula in the next fifty years because of the warming and the loss of sea ice which is just part of their habitat with scientists witnessing such a dramatic changes in such a short period. of time because cern is what to do in the future to prevent such a rapid change in the environment there's a very big message in there's nowhere on the planet changing for us to antarctica is one of three sites which as the fastest growing increase in average weather
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kicking winter temperatures is western siberia alaska and the antarctic peninsula which is warming five times for us to believe in the plant leaving many to wonder what is to become of the animals it's called this place home in antarctica sean thomas r t. so how do you enjoy most reports we've got a whole mini series of them in fact coming up from antarctica shaunie can also catch them online is one of our team dot com and catch up with sean's blog so he's blogging about his experiences on the continent it's online make sure you check that we get a minute. later than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet as this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and interactive for many a wildlife in antarctica is the basis for the.
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expedition to the bottom of the earth on our team. adventures of a different car now eating in zero gravity is a sensation a few of us will ever experience that's why our t. sent tone bug to meet an american astronaut ahead of his mission to the international space station next week to find out about the challenges of life in orbit. we're here in the countryside parts of star city because we're not training center north of moscow and we've managed to catch a rare moment where the cosmonauts and astronauts gets relax after all their exams of training before going off to baikonur to be fired up into space to the international space station and i'm lucky enough to be here with mike fossum he's been on shuttle missions twice and this is his first rocket mission to the i assess we'll be talking a bit about some of the every day life up on a space shuttle so every day life in an extraordinary setting everything in space
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is typically harder than it is on earth things as simple as going to the bathroom where on earth gravity helps things go where you want them to go and they're flushed away with water it's a place the gravity doesn't work we don't have a shower on board the space station because the water wouldn't know how to fry and the brain you can wash your hair completely clothed you could get a little soapy water on your hair and then scrub it up the water didn't then under your clothing it just sticks to your head and you must start it gently if you decide it with a lot of energy then you have droplets of water in a big pattern spraying around your head but what happens if some of those things break how do you cope with that when you're working on equipment we start taking apart and you kick out all the little screws well you can't just sort of monitor on the workbench the float away so you have to hold them down in some way and that ends up being probably the most frustrating thing it's easy to lose to on earth when you're working on something and you drop it. you know where to look because
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it's right around your feet someplace up there it can go in any direction my first space shuttle mission i lost my fork we each have our eating kit i lost my fork on the second day of the mission but. i don't know my fork and so i ate with a spoon and a knife for the rest of the flight as we were packing up to come home two weeks later so i came floating out from some corner and what about the food these days that's a challenge food is a lot like camping food most of the u.s. food is pretty dry so if you add water and let it sit for a bit and it rehydrate and become something you'd recognise like the most are specially taters or shrimp cocktail regular bread has crumbs you finish eating a sandwich on earth and on your plate you have these crumbs and space they don't go to the plate they go into the air and so they're there in your nose in your eyes they're in the air conditioning filters and so we don't use regular bread much we
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use tortillas. hazards of heading into space was more from zero for some online tonight or more stories about the r.s.s. mass the russian soyuz craft plenty there online if you're a space funding fight and while you're at our table called we have been fiddling stories to mother getting a lot of clicks more than a former cia agent puts his foot in it by saying obama bin laden hasn't been killed in that u.s. operation but actually died five years ago or five or about but you can see why it's creating some interest since online tonight for mossad single call. the event that had the whole wall glued to the t.v. the role whether in the u.k. didn't prove as popular as the big three day parade here in russia if you missed the spectacle of a minute for you might even relive it out single promise well it's also a you tube channel. he's.
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the official see how he came to hong kong called touch from the. video on demand. mind. you want. to. come. actually twenty five minutes past ten o'clock or moscow was still here so it seems so much proclaimed of the world didn't have at least as they were still broadcasting from central moscow here on r t o b all the way the twenty first was
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declared if you want to what i'm talking about the big. by one religious group in the u.s. by the calculations of a mr huddled counting me if you nine year old founder of the group a huge earthquake will start at six pm local time but break up all over the world well it's way past six pm here in moscow thankfully that's the said almost known well but to be absolutely sure let's wait to read till it's six in california if nothing happens then i think we're pretty safe to say we can relax until december twenty twelve what then you ask well that's when the end of the world will come again according to the ancient my current it's a risky world we live in. or i was still able to cautiously looking ahead than to what we've got for you in the next half hour here on r.t. in the sport in just over fifteen minutes someone who definitely was at a time was roy jones jr he was knocked out very quickly the big fight with dennis nobody ever got more on that with kate later on this saturday night the twenty first of betty thanks a bit with. in
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. repairing a broken. highway construction and humanitarian aid. buses
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shady officials look at the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. is no longer just a drug trafficking. afghanistan. wealthy british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. the global financial headline is to cause a report. in india. the. president. beatrice. taj mahal hotel sergius.


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