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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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three. three. three. videos for your media. really hard to archie dot com. collide again this is on c.n.n. richard and. tensions mount as far as israeli and palestinian officials criticize president obama's latest proposal for peace between the two you and the children region as a whole. leg egressing gaze meant to levy a loss of the six today american legal deadline without stable approval that's not the president you know congress has seen all of them as a promise no interest in the truth and olbermann is now only
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a minor. island thousands of protesters take to draw transit is to demand a presence on the street his resignation but the polls police have wanted to demonstrate his appealing fears that repeat over this government contagion is taking place. and so turmoil in the arab world has prompted some european states to impose border restrictions to keep refugees fleeing the violence up next i'll be in office spotlight asked the secretary general of the council of europe if freedom of travel within europe could become a thing of the past. it is. bringing you the latest in science technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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hello again to welcome to spotlight the interview shell palazzi i'm going to have in today my guest is. just popular uprising in the arab world led to bloody conflicts some of which are still. not for a humanitarian situation in the region forced thousands of people to flee their houses and sail overseas to the safe and happy europe pluck the old world was enough to test the problem has scared the europeans so much that some governments have risked search at the border control end up thinking even suspending the get agreement basic for the new year all we're witnessing the end of the united states europe and if not problems the old world is going to respond to the challenge
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here's the secretary general of the council of europe probably on the other. two months ago several european countries and the u.s. started bombing the gadhafi loyalists in libya today the old world is feeling the kickback from the operation as thousands of refugees are coming from the continent every day from libya and other arab countries several states like denmark and belgium have already introduced strict control measures on the borders others proposed to leave. which allows the free travel inside the united europe and is the . want to stop all the. horrors the ivan thank you very much for coming thanks for being here i did i really am here every day with your yes that it's a real pleasure to have you well first of all speaking speaking about immigrants about the big problem that we're having especially in sad and you have there if the
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unrest on the other side of the mediterranean continues all the european country ready to. immigrants who are well additional restrictions be introduced just well i would say that for the time being we are not prepared. because there is no really good and sharing within the saying you know area. also. i'm in the ability to receive people from facilities people. being trained to receive people in a proper way are not sufficiently in place so there will be a very big challenge you can see it already. people are coming around the contras have started to concert borders yes we are seeing it and we also are getting reports that the delhi government is introducing border controls inside the shift
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gears and france is also considering this possibility is there a serious risk that there may and no war. open borders in europe that we may see yes there is serious risk but we hope. they could account for the fact that there are two different. danish our government is arguing for closing or making restrictions on the border yeah because of the floor. criminals. and i do something different than. what we're operating on namely a problem or a ceiling seacoast so we have two problems i think with the open borders one is international crime we have had for a very long time. of course the pressure on the borders from the outside of europe
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should the europeans try to do something to fight the course try to convince them of libyans to stay to stay in their home as the stay stay in their africa rather than seek asylum in europe and is it possible to convince them i don't think it's possible to convince people but not become do is to help you through concrete to overcome all the problems internal problems have some economic and social development so that more people want to stay in the congress but that is much more long term project so you cannot say to people that wants to leave i don't have a dog that don't have sufficient food or. opportunity for their children they should stay where they are and go to the country well the recent influx of immigrants into countries like italy and france has prompted calls for their reign statement of internal border controls within the european union spotless you know they didn't
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either has that. the tiny talent island of lampedusa has been swept with waves of illegal immigration resembling a human tsunami situated between north africa and southern europe the island is the easiest destinations of desperate tunisians and libyans trying to escape unrest in their homeland to cope with the influx of migrants eataly handed out residents these as allowing them to travel in the european union after france noticed more and more at and t. is headed in its direction in talk. all train services from a time employees at the european parliament could not agree on how to control immigration and each member state put in its interests first and win each other for the problem and while migrants have been getting passed from one state to another the whole situation eventually led to the leaders of france and italy finally joined proposal to the european commission in which they urged them organization of
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the schengen agreements denmark decided not to wait and reintroduce border controls for the new members some of the european countries have similar sentiments to to the visa free regime travel on the question. well. eventually these restrictions you may you may tighten the the border control but what from the humanitarian point of view and europe is a very humanitarian a real entity a place in the world what should we do to people that have crossed the sea on a small that the people who are desperate the people who may die people the children in that that have left behind all their belongings what are we going to do to them turn them back to their. to they don't matter well i think this is a crucial issue for europe because now we are telling these countries that pay
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should develop democracy and. democratic institutions so what we have to do is to deal with these people to handle these people in a human instinct way that is a concern for the counter europe that is. that is the guardian of the human rights convention european human rights convention we have to sit with these people that are calming is being treated in accordance with the. principles of the european convention on human rights so therefore we have made no. guidelines for the forty seven governments on how you should deal with these people and also train training or pretty sure that they clear all these people coming to the borders in compliance with. european commission well as they say a lot depends of the people on the point of view for example. the council of europe
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has has started an inquiry has called for an inquiry into the death of sixty one of those people and you say it was the fault of the of the military rescue units that were unable to save them but don't they have it and there are reports that this this illegal immigration really good immigration becomes a business and therefore the so so shouldn't we try to to well there's pressure on those who are organizing this illegal business absolutely absolutely view should do and you should have more cooperation between. european states and also. those states. to our host the right kind of people. neighborhoods of course but having said this we have to take care of and protect people where do they are so to say recruit recruit by. by people who.
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make a commercial are told this is all not for whatever whatever people say whatever people feel towards towards them and see even if they sympathize then they vote for their governments first of all in order for those hillman's to protect their own citizens so do you think that if the governments will continue putting the rights and the interest of the realm cities in front of everything else that may this continuing and real. continuing immigration lead to. a worsening of relations in general between the european countries and the arab and north african countries are there signs that there may be problems it may be problems of course you can see already that on the european continent immigration is causing a lot of political kumari and. that is why we have to handle this in
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a careful way and that is why also we have to put much more emphasis on assisting these contests in order to go forward to set up a democratic institutions to have economic level development because that is the root cause and unfortunately the european poor countries as well as the united states have not been able to see what was coming we thought that these were stable countries but. again they are all this corruption and mismanagement in this country is created through so much frustration we got these revolutions you said recently i quote we began working with twenty c. in officials and the venus commission make a device is our new laws organizing elections and preparing a constitution in tunisia and what role can the council of europe play in the
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reforms in those countries that are not healthy rivers first of all if you are to establish a democracy you need laws that can safeguard free and clear elections then you need a constitutional that sets up strikes and balances between different institutions we have excellent worldwide recognized expert piece that can assist these companies in doing so and that is why we have all deployed events commission in tunisia which is being used all over the world for lawmaking and writing of course intrusions so this is a starting point for any graphic development also of social and economic development . and then we have a lot of conventions that are opened for non comes for your members which could be very important for them to join for prince the convention fighting
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corruption which is a huge problem in tunisia as well as in egypt and all these continents so we have instruments that can be helpful for these countries in order to develop. their economy and social structures so there's a thought of your own yeah and the secretary general of the council of europe scott life will do that surely after great self stay with us we'll continue this interview in less than. repairing a broken. highway construction and humanitarian aid. buses shady officials pockets the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan.
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one of the most extreme environments on the planet. and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers fluff makes sense articles so special and instructive from. an. expedition to the bottom of the earth. welcome back to spotlight our going aravind just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is beyond the yog land secretary
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general of the council of europe we were talking about the situation in europe situation in northern africa the relations between between the two parts of the world can be endangered if the if the unrest continues in america as my guess just mentioned there there were rumors by the way i said that those countries are not calls live you have members and you're trying to influence them but there were rumors that countries like to nature for example lease soon become members of your organization other grounds for such rumors or is just like jacked up i don't think they will become members but they have they can become party to some of the very important issue with actually they are already a member of the venice commission which is giving advice not only to come for europe a member states but. to congress all over the world on the law making on the writing or constitution so they are already members very very can join some of our
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important conventions wardle happily and future i can't say but we haven't discussed to get in member countries that are on side what you have defined as europe in the a graphic of terms. there's been lots of talk and there are people trying to understand why and homes falters it in a way what's to blame that the muslims experience difficulties in becoming integrated into the society. why is there more misunderstanding between between europeans and the muslims than with any of that group of people. i think it has to do with the fact that we we are not used to deal with. we diversity. we have always been a continent or were diverted actually but. when the muslims came we were in
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all the media with these people turn to religion the yeah you know i was thinking how does a religion it has to be religious do with tradition history the way they are living really is quite different from how we are living. i think also that the terrorism that p.m.c. in which is not scares people away as it scares in which is not a limp islam of course but the fact that some of these terrorists claim that they're acting in the name or islam is scaring people a lot. solace is changing people's minds and. i think it has to do with political leadership and also and we we need to change all minds are hard to do with people. who doesn't change you yes you think you think that muslims should become more integrated yes absolutely you shine more
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accepted you should more well you said mention political leadership this is right for example mr sarkozy is pretty radical yes in this in this respect and this may be a reflection of how the of what the society thinks in france what's your opinion what's your reaction to the complete ban on the veil in france is it is it like. restriction of freedom or is it. defense of european values and traditions. this is. something quite prance with their tradition. but i would note i am coming from scandinavia we have have a much more pragmatic approach if they do come across. in the group come with a real threat to the society i would say that we should have a law against it but it is not a big problem in society. i'm living in france and i never see any woman in the
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world cup so why should we have a law against it. but france has a very different production on this song well i can't say i'm not a good guy is threatening human rights but i would say that the fact that many women are forced to wear a book is a problem it's very difficult to make laws against so while we're talking about a symbol it's a purely symbolic thing the burka the burning of the book like the qur'an the things that these are symbols they don't mean anything for for a real life example if an american priest burned a book it is nothing to do with life in. the other side of the globe but this is in the point an important symbol and i think that today this this competition between between the east and the west and muslims and christians is all
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about those simple symbolic acts how important are they the ball occur around the flag what were these the movers shouting in the early in the morning it is the loud speakers what is however very important we be how important a culture we have to respect if that's really true he said very important for many people and we have to respect it. even if it's so loud here even if it's a more ads five o'clock in the morning. in your neighborhood years i think but i don't think muslims should impose this on us. that's something different and i don't think we should burn books and all that kind of things because it is insulting and we know that we had to cause a lot of. time in prostration. in the circus or the world so why should we do it i mean we should say to people be it yes you have
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freedom of expression you can say what you want you can make. cartoons burn a book you have the right to do it but why should you do it it's not an obligation but do you think you try to be tolerant in europe when you think zero tolerance for from from the other side from you drug cartel you probably should go to a newspaper and as a reaction people die people are killed you gonna go and other people die well a book burned in america isn't worth killing people. i mean this is zero tolerance if europe will be tolerant facing zero tolerance this means you're upset all jews do yes. i am against course why should be a book and why should it kills people because because bird. this is the
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extremism understood tried to say to people that peace now is think about all those things and all the symbols that are coming up in the political debate is also used by extreme political forces and i think it is also filling a gap. because. i mean. center oriented politicians the many have to do the right things with unemployment. and guiding the economy and all this. and therefore. all the forces are feeling this political symbols. well since we've met nearly here a girl there's one more talk about the complete failure of multiculturalism in europe. do you agree that it is failing that it's falling apart or you think it is it does still have fusion i don't sail it has failed but there are so many different issues or what is multiculturalism i'm talking about diversity we have
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always had drug recipe with respect to religion in the background and all this in europe where we are becoming more and more diverse so we should for instance to today most countries are respecting the rights of. homosexuals and lesbians which is a new it's not a new problem and but to we recognise it puts it symbolizes development in order to side to be becoming more and more diverse and we have to respect it and become a you have a video so when for instance the president sarkozy said this about i can understand because he also added. america live it's also that. we should not a lot of lives to develop that i agree on we should not have parallel societies we
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in the society with that develop their own laws. because everybody should have something in. the same basis the same laws but not only the polluting the political sphere i mean i mean on the summit level but on the grounds roots level we are witnessing today the rise of extremist probably far right parties xenophobic point these. extreme popular appointees those that mean that the whole european project is at risk. it has been not only a risk. to the part. earlier. vick was given not able to deliver a diversion so we are not able to live with diverse a daily risk respect then. the whole project is
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a risk and that is why i think we should now pay much more intent attention to what is holding us together to convey to people what are the common european standards their values are for all these are rights and obligations and that these rights and obligations are actually in trying in the european convention on human rights and this is the by and saw the importance of going to strengthen the whole human rights system that we have in europe which i am representing and you know the question i want to ask you since we still have a couple minutes of the show one of the main. problems that you're working on today is the reforms are the quickness tries brooke and it's going to concern russia can you can you come and see and hear what's going to be. hung up on to put it in context that don't talk about because this court is actually representing the
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common values that you have a look at on the continent that is why it's so important to strengthen them and that is why it's all be important to report to court so that they can do is job. the fact is. we have one hundred fifty thousand cases pending in the court so we have to make the court more efficient paul be able rush enter yes yes that's right and that is why you have to do to make the proceedings in the court more efficient and that is why we also need to pay much more attention to health a contraceptive mentioned and some others to reported you surely. fight because corruption saw that all these applications can be taken piro domestically and not called me political construct sports or so i mean varied diet . two lines already forms here and one is in the member states one is in the court thank you thank you very much for being with us and just to remind them that sid a my guest was coming here on yahoo as the secretary general of the council of europe
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and that's it for now from all of us will be back with more from from the comments on the most wanted in and outside russia until then stay on target see and take their take.
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