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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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kind of says r c and these are today's top stories under review of the week and last approach has escaped spain where soaring unemployment threatens to put the country in line financially with greece ireland and portugal. also jointers opposition leader tells all she ever revolution has begun of the streets of tbilisi it turned into a battlefield by people demanding president saakashvili steps down. the question is one for another term in office remains and also has the russian
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president. two hour long and a session. says that media conference has at some questions unanswered and she caught up with president a devoted his press secretary and the toilet sheds light on some of the most pressing issues in washer politics. it was the sixty four thousand dollar question but we're all still waiting for the payout and his biggest ever news conference president dmitri medvedev to be backed into a corner on his plans for twenty top sitting in the front row among hundreds of drawn lists the president's press secretary was equally tightlipped. about for a hello and thank you it's not a secret the answer to the main question we're all expecting was whether the president would get it would announce his candidacy for a trial of twelve or not well he didn't what message do you think his sound by this
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. i think you just didn't happen the way you expected it of course you knew the expectations the media hand and i think the president said very clearly at the very beginning of the press conference this is not the right place or the right time for such an announcement even though you didn't get an answer to your number one question i still think the journalists who came to school could have heard a lot of interesting things jim dobson is going to say no but the longer we wait for an answer the more speculation rises has it got to the point where speculation could impact on decisions made at the top. that's the last i don't think so like the president said responsible politicians make decisions based on what's good for their country and not based on some speculation with. the us because i don't sun and i don't want prominent russian businessman or rather. recently announced he would be willing to head up the just cause party does this mark end you diversity in the russian political arena. about the growth of
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a president who said on more than one occasion that he was in favor of political competition he believes the russian system is still developing in order to develop the political system and party representation we will certainly need several different parties that reflect what's happening in our society i think that the right leaning person you are talking about will find its supporters i think the party is quite promising in the sense. that not only is asian has become the chief objective of russia's political leadership which area needs modernisation the most with his as a plea deal as regards modernizing politics president often talks about those things as well we need new political competition we need an open society and civil liberties all of that is part of the modernization effort and we want to have a country that's able to compete a competitive society if we want to develop new technology and people who work in those areas have to feel free and confident you silly. because there is only one problem unsolved it said that we have two bad roads and foods. and corruption which
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is the third one why for so many years does it remain russia's unsolved problem and could undermine the whole warden ization movement as began the bottom over who the president has talked a lot about that in fact he started his first term as president burnouts the get out of corruption campaign a campaign against legal near listen as a key priority so a lot has been done in this area but it's also clear that the results are not as impressive and quick as we would like yes this is not unheard. we should give up many doors have been closed which allow for instance monitoring the expenditure in income of government officials also high requirements have been introduced to those seeking government employment for example law enforcement is being formed and is in to it than just changing the name to police there's a huge performance assessment campaign underway there and the president said today that this campaign will see quite a large number of high ranking interior ministry officials lose their posts and one
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of the reasons the concern that they occupy there close long enough and it's time to renew the stuff which is one way to counter corruption if this. is the month prior to these press conferences many events of international importance including the killing of osama bin laden hasn't changed anything in the struggle against terrorism in the north caucasus. not another the president touched on this northern once we all know that terrorists from different terror organizations including al qaida have been active in the caucasus so the news of bin laden's death they have a jewel effect and they undermined this terrorist network or on the contrary boost its activities in some areas which may pose a serious terrorist threat not only to the u.s. or europe but to russia as well that the president held a security council meeting on this issue in order to make sure we do our best to prevent potential terrorist attacks in case it decides to intensify its activities because there was
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a cover up what are russia's priorities in relation to the upcoming g. eight summit gluck going to key issues russia is going to bring up for discussion at the summit in late may as a proposal to try and international nuclear security controls the tragic events that occurred in japan a catastrophe at the fukushima nuclear power plant the world put nuclear security under closer scrutiny by the president mentioned that this tragedy exposed a few serious counts in international law russia has drafted a proposal and sent it to the heads of the new g eight nations as well as us partners a proposal contains russia's view of how the international community could control and provide nuclear security wasn't out of the can we expect a breakthrough on the arab middle east settlement which is divisive in russia as one of the parties in the peace process and the president has been paying a lot of attention to the issue we are in constant contact with the leaders of israel and the arab states but of course the situation there is deteriorating and i
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think it would be premature to expect a breakthrough now but it's going to have a press conference the president clearly stated among other things that russia would not support have resolution on syria similar to the one passed on libya could this mean that russia might criticize nagel's actions in front of the g eight summit as a lesson of care if you think the g eight summit is an appropriate place to severely. sizing nato we have other more suitable formats the communication with nato because i'm sure that the situation in libya will inevitably be on the g eight agenda. as the president's press secretary what do you think about the results of these first major news conference because last night the you know i think the press conference was a form of lively communication there were forty two questions in total thirty three of which were asked by journalists and the microphone and some had been previously selected by the president it was a dynamic event which enabled regional journalists to ask their questions which is particularly gratifying because
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a journalist working for the federal channels and printed media hope they'll excuse me for saying have much more access to the president their press conferences and moscow's passion official visits they also accompany the president on his trips across the country and abroad of course reporters from the regions have fewer opportunities to ask the president question and i think the scope of the questions asked by the regions of course this is in a way to hold on the one hand they were interested in things that may seem quite exotic from moscow to turn fact essential to their lives such as the prospects for reindeer greeting but on the other hand they asked other questions too of the question from the q-tip about governor elections this means that leader in the regions keeps up with a development from the civil society we have now as regional me here interested in issues of both local and global importance i think it was an interesting experience i probably didn't do well in that the president himself got to do my job he hosted the news conference himself but i think it contributed to the liveliness of the dialogue and i believe no one got the impression that it was
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a record still staged event and i think that's important because it was actually unusual to see that the president not only answered questions but also performed as a moderator of the press conference and you were sitting among the journalists and shortly before the press conference he joked that you were curious where you will end up working afterwards what did you mean by that. first of all i meant that my services as a press secretary after this conference might no longer be in great demand previously press conferences the moderated by the press secretary but this time the president expressed a wish to moderate it himself to inspire an open dialogue so i was worried that should the president do a good job of it he might no longer need me i think the president did a great job and i know it's a very hard thing to do to manage an audience of six hundred people with lots of cameras on all the time it's a challenging audience to manage in terms of finding a way with it and in terms of its energy i'd like to express my hope once again it's all reporters who came to skulk of including those and never got
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a chance to ask the question are happy with it. we saw at the press conference how the president tracks news online here and now i want to ask you as his press secretary how does that influence your work when he's such an active internet user and a blogger does it happen that you come up to him with a news guy just and he says i know it i've already read it. but whether this happens a lot fortunately very often especially when it comes to some hot news that represents is the press that is the right want to convey to him and it turns out he's read all about it on the internet and it demands more attention and concentration from us that it was it's not pleasant to be informed by the president comes from important issues considering the nature of the work we're doing of course it's brought about some changes it started to work more with the internet since dmitri medvedev became president so what you may also find his personal blog and kremlin drops are you and his blog appears on live journal and facebook and
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a year ago the president spoke to twitter account because it was entirely official and then we split it into two parts official and personal we've worked with various internet resources they give the president a feeling of feet and an opportunity to keep up with what people think and what's going on in the country to know what concerns people what problems they think are important the president said at the press conference but it's an issue of major importance to him which helps him to assess impartially thank you very much and good luck to you and all of the team working with the president.
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with my far no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. reports. twenty years ago country the biggest successes of. sleep in the morning news. where did it take. more news today violence is once again fled the film these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. to get. today's top stories are under review and we've massive protests hate spain where soaring unemployment threatens to become true in life and i'll show you with greece ireland and portugal. georgia's opposition leader tells all see a revolution has begun as the streets of release it turned into a battlefield while people were demanding president saakashvili steps down. over dmitry medvedev splines for another term in office remains an answer as the russian president holds back during a two hour long q. the other day session of. support now with roman and details on how. tasted
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football cup success in russia. well are welcome just for an artsy come and see you from the russian capital i'm on call seven starring as always badlands. or slow on a bull run sebastian vettel of red bull makes it four wins from five races by taking the formula one spanish grand prix. more shit for europe's love it says from moscow secure their six russian cup trophy by defeating lower division leaders to one in the one thousand year old city. and at simon knock out roy jones jr his that can descend seconds from the gong and moscow losing etc battle to russia's number one boxer denise negative start with the formula one goal reigning champion sebastian vettel continues to increase his overall lead the
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german winning his fourth race of the season by edging lewis hamilton at the spanish grand prix that's also a red bull team mate mark webber story of the race from pole but failed to reach the posing settling for fourth place driver starting from pole has won the previous eleven races and because of the new circuit two thousand and eight champion this hamilton did his best to put the pressure on the table topping that's all but the twenty three year old took the lead for good after the second round of that stuff getting pelted by some one six seconds to seal the win jenson button ran to the podium while russian troll missed out on getting points out for the machine in eleventh place that's all below enjoys a forty one point cushion of the top with fourteen races still on the calendar. the russian football now where it says god have added a six russian cup trophy to their collection lower division leaders a line here put up a spirited effort in the final but came up short against the army men in the ancient city of jaroslav of the muscovites got things started through ivory coast
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or say to the soon to be awful open sky. thirteen minutes and alani is brazilian strikers i need a medical though the level of matter some ten minutes later the young made his presence felt again in the second half strike in the six ninety minute through the difference in the match says khan manager lenny sleuths give us a liberating his first trophy as coach. now says because the premier league match was postponed this week this cup final but the rest of the teams continued their regular season sports uk have gone third in the league after a thrashing you boys cross studs are at moscow's luzhniki stadium striker laurie open for the muscovites twenty eight minutes and rising above everyone in the box after a cross his header hit the bar but the president was first to his own rebound firing home and empty netter parts of double the lead early in the second half out of tom's you will put them sunil and head the same man made it a brace role that is later within each shot into the left corner and ari also
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scored his second of the night seeding starts us clean sweep clean sweep for now when propelling them into third if it's able. meanwhile is a neat missed their chance to go it's all about thirty one's a feat and so on in historical open for the hosts with a powerful header for their six minutes this joy was short lived however within four minutes they could if i soon had that long past about it see ya know disappoints at the home crowd with an equaliser but city's goalie had even more role in the second half to just double up a pill to collect the. people and i will go ashore for the purpose of the rebound giving their biggest victory so far this season. elsewhere three second have goals so rosoff rash and car on home serve to remind some of getting a somewhat surprising opener the strikers header hit the woodwork but it did get in early saturday got scotland's up of the store with
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a pinpoint strike against the roof of the sufi keeper but see come with a. dragan blotting out seal the deal for rostov making it three nothing and handing them their third base three kids and games. and. still one fifth with a one nil win at home to bottom seeded creates a bit of cave in karate provided the on the line pinpoint cross for i'm brave owning the winner three minutes after the break. russian for the old boss irrigates for single has a razor aided his view that russia should win their whole world cup in swansea eighteen the president of the russian football union added that's a lot remains to be done when it comes to refrain and player selection at the grassroots level but the foundations have already been laid. bitterest when we deployed helium said last year to try to turn to a team. she struck a chord with everybody we claim to first to treat you zero because december by we.
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but with even more last year i view we created and used to choose to do the russian football union we should use the code of conduct that your company will set up and ethics committee to well very busy putting things right in the ocean for good and a pretty good natured delegation not over to anyone now where the last round of action has taken place in the premier league and let's bring up those results manchester city finish the season third efforts in the away when it's bolton chelsea finish the season in second despite that one no loss to everton arsenal will play in the champions league qualification round next season after a draw a full them and a fourth place in the lead while liverpool will be out of european football for the first time in twelve years after losing the ball since wednesday eleven chant his majesty united sent blackpool to lower division after affords a win at the old trafford and joining blackpool in the championship next season are west ham and birmingham who both lost their respective sides on sunday while west
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ham already knew their fate ahead of the last game of the season birmingham still had a chance to crawl out of really geishas but russian internationals for a month of the chandos brace for tottenham erased all that hope. now back to russia denise is if the legendary roy jones jr in saturday's bout right here in moscow russia as a boxer not south american in the design moments of the fights maintaining his rep as one of the world's toughest cruiserweights rubber bar the neon has more. julieann thank you. he might be forty two and bust his best but he soon rated as being one of the greatest players of all time a total champ and over four different weights. as ever jewels in the brooch. champ and still being loudly in the books in the world. this what it takes to face one of the most deadliest bludgers in the division russia's prison we tried in
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its lead with the silver bullets little left helping claim sixteen mode of peace to anyone who is buying him he must kill with new titles a stake in libya dipendra deployed as the host favorites but joost croupy proved that he's kept some of the sparkle of the good there in career system tennis and stick to cooler times he looks to have the edge in steep hill but he's young rival but limited it hard using his youth and power to phone the former champion and keep him on the ropes juicy main point with a couple of from others of his prime could do the most to forget. i will expose the finish from the russian who was to decide the battle of blues or the pope punches sending jones to the canvas in a no kill to win in the last seconds of the tenth round. the know
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how came as a surprise not only for or about the family of four zero. by four about the would manage. to get around. but he will hear the final bell and then it will go to score how the good god knows what the others would have said. they would have gone are the heart of the shell shoulda tells us the whole lot comes to good show and he kept his word still he did his best on times to the great roy i've become a better fighter through this outfit. i was constantly trying to hit rule with one last time counterpunch who always failed to look in designs told me that he'd figured out my plan was right hundreds were too fast and spontaneous my sparring partners couldn't more control you lose. lose you never want to topple supposin this way it. is a very powerful and i knew it coming here so yes i think he is
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a pretty tough guy and he probably has a child full time with the good old little johnny to shake his hand with huge you scream lose. it because he would these for you listen to books sing. many books are thrilled with eighty two little. words he used to. turning our attention to tennis now where it's a morass gabashvili was sent packing early bites out in andhra seppi at real anger off the russian buying out in the opening round of the french open after a straight sets loss really struggled to find his rhythm for out the match with a seventy powering himself to a six three seven five seven five read meanwhile seven seed for take care of business against your could be imminent the spaniard has ever been pass the quarterfinals of the longer us aberration of marriage as shadow was surprised by another spanish better and better ramires it al gore and all were in the ladies'
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action two thousand and nine champion svetlana kuznetsova had very few problems against slovakia outside and. in her opening round when that are the seven have fought back from a set sansa beat and then out to trial on ice that's a problem agenda defeated kazakhstan's jaroslav a shred of awe in straight sets how could the deaths of our earlier failed super bowl her stay in paris with the opening round roster made in seymour now that. eighth seeded samantha stosur meanwhile continues her quest to reach her second straight or longer. finally straight in brushing away a check that venessa in the open air six two six three now that one finished. more sport in a couple of hours however you can race and comment on some of the story said here whenever you like just head to our you tube channel at artsy sports news thanks for staying with our.
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culture is that so much a given to each musician can find the mark when the arab awakening is often referred to as revolutions in the arab middle east there can be no doubt something in the course of if this feature was hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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