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the water. runs through the c.s. lobby and guns in soldiers historical. capturing the city. kills more. mid-air as they get every child from history for mr to become a good show. shaping the future of a palestinian state mosque or brain sparked by hamas together to cement ties between the reconcile factions saying it very unity is key for the middle east peace process. a revolutionary move in georgia the opposition pledges to overthrow president saakashvili within days i made violence anti-government protests. and with greece's debt spiraling out of control the rift with the under is deeper and for the dangerous unity of the european states.
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watching r t six pm here in the russian capital thanks for joining us now political unity among all policy is needed to achieve a peace deal with these rout russia's foreign minister voiced this view on the conflict as the two main palestinian parties came closer together at a meeting in moscow welcoming when a simple elections are also on the agenda as palestinians seek help to resolve their regional problems let's now get more from our correspondent you go to peace kind of who's been following events for us now you are what has been discussed in moscow today. since hamas and fatah were able just sat there are differences aside after years of animosity they've now decided to form a joint government that previously they've been saying call for russia's support over the weekend there representatives of the meeting with washington and now met with the foreign minister himself and silvio off. russia is an active member of
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both the poor and security council and the middle east quartet which also includes the united. and do you when it supports the idea of all political forces in palestine wars in this election another issue on the table or was the discussion for the preconditions for the future independent palestinian state and should be is also commented on that freezing the fact that the two. former rivals in palestine from us were able to finally reach common ground and said that only as a whole through the fight nation can palestine negotiate with israel. because this is a. choose the creation of an independent palestinian state through resolving the israeli palestinian conflict and of course the palestinian leadership to enjoy the support of the palestinians during negotiations unity is important for any nation
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and is even more important for the palestinian people who are working towards a fair solution to create their own state borders with decisions of the un the middle east quartet and the arab peace initiative. this. time hamas are planning to take this matter to you one in september and their representatives i've already said russia has promised its support well iraq obama has also explained his vision of the israeli palestinian peace process but he took care to remain cautious didn't heed. this all this new has been going on for many decades and you know it became pretty clear that the international community including the middle east quartet they support the idea to state solution meaning that israel and palestine should be two separate independent countries and just recently u.s. president barack obama said that the border is the. future independent states
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should be based on bills from nine hundred sixty seven which we simply means that they would go through jerusalem this idea is supported by the international community including also parts he was injected by the israeli prime minister who said that such a scenario. would meet israel defenseless against palestine so at a meeting with israel's biggest lobby in the united states guard obama softening his stance saying the borders don't really have to be exactly as the worrying one hundred sixty seven mill media analysts are saying that the us is trying to sit on two chairs at the same time trying to please both israel and the international community and very much is actually creating even more tension for more on that here's this report by my colleague. when addressing the powerful pro israel lobby here in washington president obama has made sure to reaffirm the i'm wavering
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support of the united states so it's trial he also made sure his thursday speech did not leave anyone confortable in that speech and suggested that israel go back to pre nine hundred sixty seven borders with mutually agreed land swaps any sweeney's found the mere idea of going back to one thousand six to seven unacceptable these three prime ministers that it was unrealistic so there was some tension there and given how important the support of the jewish lobby is in the u.s. presidential elections president obama had to do some explaining i know that stated his principles on the issues of territory and security generated some controversy over the past few days i was surprised i know very well that the easy thing to do. particularly for a president preparing for reelection is to avoid any controversy so let me reaffirm what nine hundred sixty seven lines with mutually agreed swaps means by
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definition it means that the parties themselves. israelis and palestinians will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on june fourth sixty seven. so what president obama basically said of the conference was the solution that the united states suggested washington will in no way put any pressure on israel to advance the process it's not the first time washington talks about the two state solution obama is the first us president to express it explicitly in a speech but they were similar suggestions before but never any action for really push for it as we're going back to nine hundred sixty seven borders as a basis for negotiations the solution is not new all the other members of the quartet of middle east peace negotiators have long been supporting it best the you lie and the european union and russia president obama was popularity in the arab world is now as low as ever is facing pressure from both the international community and its all time ally israel who obama's mentioning of nine hundred sixty
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seven alone sounded unacceptable so president obama's attempts to please both the international community and its will seem to have resulted in yet another nonstarter in the middle east peace process that was artie's going as you took on reporting from washington d.c. now for more on where the israeli palestinian peace process is going let's not talk to a political analysts ramadan who joins us live from gaza thank you very much for joining us now the palestinian factions accepted russia's offer as a host for negotiations why was moscow chosen to hammer out further agreements between fatah and hamas. moscow has sort of clearly good at english and with a bit of. supporting them to the scene and they get an order to achieve and given that the scene is that they've been issued for the scene young people on to the scene it's if it is some objective circumstances have been present to the.
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other to spring this on that evolution piece what if you shem conducted by your. political service to say feel good this issue is this spinning out of this being a still a good opportunity for the most those twenty feet in the. balance of elders with the cd and with the people. in british him coming in or the blue the russia still has an essential role in the middle east. play an important role and significant toward the the cd to the biggest you know because i say so this invitation the parables of this invitation coming in order to fill bridge the gap between the political factions. filling some gaps on points didn't add to this on the scene and he conciliation i call it is signed weeks ago under the. sponsor of the egyptian government so i think this invitation and initiative it's very
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important and very one sided it's if it's give an indicator that they're actually still has an interest for them in the senior people and they are. essential but also for the bridging the gap between ability because factions. illustrated what the future of the the scene of political order that how we can enhance their capacity of them to seeing a national movement ok with all of the ball going to that portability strive for the palestinian state later on but now we've also heard that president obama of course his opinion on israeli palestinian peace process now you mention russia's role but how important is washington's role in solving the differences. i think we have to distinguish between speech. and position i think obama's speech is coming out of the pool convinced that the senior leadership that is you'll begin to see and to look at the. negotiation with that is that it is it was
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a mule considerations that the whole doesn't accept. a proposal contacted by or not which is asking as a government to accept the withdrawal from six of eleven so you don't want. a whole pool except for the signal goes on here the ticket in the white house at the same time we see as i could probably i some business in on this show now the community they are asking is a government to implement security because as it is if you show all right we have to distinguish between a position which i believe the ok mr imus and i just i want to go back to a point you were making earlier about the direction of the palestinian leadership is going so where do you think their leadership is going from here from south of just very briefly. very briefly that that should go. forward a lot of. the conciliation occurred. in
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the conciliation agreement with the us you know. we are going to impose on all the other info that a lot of rules for the it all to convince the community is to accept. the proposal by the coming to him but because the senior leadership the i belittle. him but the general assembly. and asking the international community to admit that it is in the doing that for the success of it all right thank you very much for your time and your insight ramadan our political analyst there in gaza. now as the nato bombs continue to fall across libya there is still no sign of an end to the bloodshed and deadlock russia has called for a cease fire between the libyan government and the opposition in order to stop the
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violence this as foreign minister sergei lavrov meets with rebel representatives in the russian capital to help establish a dialogue between the two sides during a visit to moscow by libyan government envoys last week rushing to clear his support for you and african union mediating efforts representative said to be good off the regime is ready to redraw from conflict areas but only when the rebels drop their weapons and nato stops running moscow says the alliance carrying out its campaign in libya has so far failed to act in accordance with the wrestling fans. and still have for you this hour the invention of roscoe's scenario and to a unique therapy that's helping disabled children across moscow you can find out more interest if events. governments opposition in georgia to overthrow president. saakashvili by wednesday thousands from protests against what demonstrators call a criminal regime carter brissie in a vice like grip for
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a third day in a row police tried to disperse the demonstrations were tear gas and rubber bullets russia slammed the club down the same day it's a direct violation of the rights on monday the crowd marched to the headquarters and throughout the state television demanding that the rally even broadcast live president secretary himself is in hungary or seems to be in no hurry to interrupt his visit opposition leader and overdramatic told our to the people all ready to fight until he decides. yes good night we're waiting serious serious provoke asians and we knew that it was their readiness from special forces to grant downes a demonstration again but thanks to the international community you want and as this personality beauty here and objective information when there was a critical approach concerning taking down the most regimes in feeding in but to meet in person thanks to in a warm and of look how low become a secret prison steve from different countries so it was possible to avoid any
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provocation from last night people are just more t.v. t.v. to continue political struggle and we will continue this struggle we want to show to everybody that we will achieve our results we need right now concrete steps in your wrist two days which are absolutely peaceful we share according to national standards and international rules of fighting for democracy and once again we want to say that we are fighting for democracy we are fighting against noble chivian in this country and we are not to go we too while a democratic norms. inflected for everybody political discontent has been building up in georgia for the past seven years ago and also igor hearkened of told us. the problem has been boiling seems strange all force all thought of when it came to. criticise them about another georgian probably it is increasingly dissatisfied with saakashvili if he is away or breaking down on any kind of
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a position in the country freedom in georgia was very contrary to all for once i personally came into power and during the years of the opposition there was freedom of speech the political part is the different views balls for in charge of the external policies of the contras. has been doing for the last seventy years is create a. position and then surely he has a militia really in need not only all the political parties but most of the delusional because he has political analysts eaglehawk love giving his take on the situation in georgia. to greece now the country is facing fresh ultimatums from members amid criticism it's failing to meet its obligations athens needs to step up its economic reforms to help reduce its huge national deficit and as artists out there you know sort of all reports tensions between the country and its creditors
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are fast approaching avoid the point. as famous greek businessmen aristotle onassis once said to be successful keep looking to live in an elegant building even if you're in the cellar be seen in smart restaurants even if you only nurse one drink and if you borrow borrow big grease certainly borrowed big but it hasn't helped its success a modern country built in a glorious ancient civilization is on the brink of national financial disaster and some e.u. members which helped bail it out are no longer happy with the anti-crisis measures taken by. we can't just show you solidarity and then say that these countries can't continue as before we can't have a common currency and some get lots of patients time and others very little that won't work in the long term. to the people of greece already suffering from severe job and wage cuts this statement was a slap in the face of the ideologies that the greeks are those guys who are lying
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in the sun and don't work well the reality is not that greeks work at least as much as other europeans i thing that would be ideal for the german government should sell everything to them because we owe it to them to see the kinds of situation but in the end produces a very uneven relationship inside the us supposedly. a union though even the slightest rumors that greece might be think you're all have already been flatly denied by athens and brussels some experts believe this would be best for the e.u. even claiming it could be less painful than being warned it shouldn't be the problem for the wealthy european countries our research has shown up about greek could leave the euro area without any big problems but the greek
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people are facing big problems the total out of work is expected to hit around eight hundred thousand this year the despair is evident in the shuttered stores all across athens despite the fact that it's the tourist high season business and the birthplace of civilization looks pretty dead certain even members have accused the greeks of simply being too lazy and why it's true that some shop owners will reopen after a few days on the beach for many these windows of opportunity are permanently closed . ironically it seems that this time it's the greeks who should have been aware of those bearing gifts the e.u. bailout of one hundred billion euros has mired the country in crippling debt and cost the developing political challenge between athens and its european partners over what's next the rising tension between the two is causing fault lines which some say now threatens the entire unity of the european union itself. r
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t athens greece well if you go to our website that's our dot com you can rebuild greece is far from being the only troubled european economy spain it may follow suit i soaring unemployment and harshest early measures trigger mass protests all over the country. are. now classic american corvettes and soviet era ball does cruising the streets of moscow find out where these antique automobiles are heading our team dot com. well to brussels now we're e.u. foreign ministers are putting the pressure on key countries and syrian president bashar al assad's assets have been are frozen and he's now banned from entering your territory well it comes in response to the violent crackdown on anti-government protests last week the e.u. slapped a travel ban and as a freeze on the thirteen other senior syrian officials meanwhile the block's also
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taken action against iran over a hundred more people and companies are added to a list of those affected by the sanctions well these measures are designed to force terror on to abandon its controversial atomic program. let's now look at some international news making the headlines this hour severe weather conditions continue to batter the southern states of america bringing total devastation and widespread damage at least eighteen people were killed in the city of joplin after a massive tornado blasted its way across the southwestern state of missouri officials fear the death toll could climb much higher the storm left behind piles of brick and word where most schools and churches once stood. an operation to recover control of a pakistani naval base by insurgents has ended after almost sixteen hours of fighting troops cornered a group of gunmen after a raid on the complex the night before which left at least ten soldiers dead its
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articles were destroyed several u.s. supplied surveillance aircraft are the pakistan taliban says the raid was to avenge the killing of osama bin ladin. u.s. president has arrived in arlington for the start of a six day trip to europe iraq obama will break from business to make a pilgrimage to a village that used to be home to an ancestor of his mother at the trip may come as a welcome distraction for the global attention paid to the country's for national obama will also visit the u.k. it poland and france the world economy risings along with afghanistan and pakistan are on the agenda. now in moscow a dolphinarium that provides therapy to children with physical and mental limitations bases closure employees along with the marine life have only two weeks before their effected six on a boy got past this story. they mattered few months ago vanya it seemed
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six year old with a developmental disorder and casper of a vibration is beluga whale is slightly asymmetrical fins forty minutes in the pool twice a week and one is smaller can already see the difference i get on the visits even though i can see that he's opening up to the world has become more confident and most sociable and it's happened without any drawbacks and side effects the monitor is one of several thousand children who have received don't for clarity at the last the dolphinarium that is until the cd out there which is a wonder they don't fans and their trainers all out of this bulls fighting unpaid utility bills and across infrastructure so this building wasn't designed to handle . ravage structures and the building could collapse like a house of cards at any moment. the facility is indeed in need of repair yet while asking the dolphinarium to keep it promise this city hall which owns it is not
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offering any alternatives. addiction notes can make even humans feel like fish out of one or but these sea creatures it's much more than just an unaccountable situation. some are shipped to all their carry ons authors are still waiting for their fate to be decided. this is one of our last remaining artists his name is tip on this is the first time in his life that he has the pool all to himself and it's very distressing because dolphins and whales are very social animals we don't know what to do with him now so far the only option is to take him home but he's too big for my tub. legally speaking city hall has every right to evict the dumping area and it looks like it's going to be little regard for the animals or the children or helping. one reason dolphins are so good christian is because they're eager to please their team to their little patients needs limitations gentle well intentioned and accommodating exhibiting all the
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qualities that people would look for in everybody who is involved in this dolphin a vixen scandal but so far failing to find. the capital is not wrong to want to be the one to feed and childrens therapies not the most profitable business but it's prime location no matter how valuable it is but you go first this is too scared. to describe it is any model a child with autism a certain group will see tried disparagement tell you that mortgage every little movement is huge for us it's one of the constant close the deal of. these arguments are so far being drowned out in a speedy thousandths out to be most suitable for sharks and for don't. r.c. . and up next the business news with kareena.
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hello welcome to our business course of the south thanks for joining me russian oil experts say new iraq production might not be enough to stop rising prices gas from neff has started developing a new oil fields in eastern iraq but this new production along with that of other international companies is unlikely to stand the inevitable. we have all the projections. from two and a half million barrels per day that they're out produces now so eleven as was promised by all the companies when they submitted their tender proposals that gives you know what eight million barrels per day and that's almost eight to ten percent of what's the world is producing right now and that's big issue so iraq is a member of opec and there will be an issue within our pick how they will regulate the volumes no one would ever try to predict what they are oil prices would be
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even the supply outstrips demands and you still wouldn't bet that the oil price will be all over now speculators is the current one price if you look at the. paper volumes and real boardrooms of barrels of oil that are traded that's probably the difference that is over ninety percent this paper of ten percent is real want to use so what the spread to the part in the price of oil anybody's guess. now let's take a look at how the markets are performing all prices a down amid signs the u.s. economy's slowing on's concern greece may default on its debt all that is stalking speculation demand for fuel maybe we can the u.s. stocks open shopping lowers it will become the latest european nation to be affected by the region's debt troubled jones industrial averages down over one percent and the nasdaq composite is down one point seven percent in europe stocks
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are sharply in the red hat's off to a downgrade of greek statues ratings by fitch and the weekend downgrade of the outlook for italy's rating by standard and poor's airlines are under pressure i mean news of nubile kind of activity in iceland germany's dax is using nearly two percent with shares approaching of guns are off around four here in moscow the markets are trading in the red on negative news from abroad the r.t.s. is down over three percent and the my xix we treated nearly one point seven percent now let's take a look at some individual share moves most of the blue chips are seeing losses gazprom is losing three point seven percent heading for its worst close in four months the company was downgraded by credit suisse to underperform from neutral on uncertainty about tariff growth and rising tax burden grozny after losing over two percent as well as crude slumps on fears europe's debt crisis will slow demand and shares of produce goals are stronger gold prices have doubled production in three years. that's the latest we have for you this hour but don't for stay with us
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because we have headline news coming up for you. from.
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wealthy british scientists on some kind of a sense climate scientists looking at. the . markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause report on our cheek. in indonesia oh she's available in hotels. results and spoke my good results in small bony kilmacolm dollar bone remote have been turned violent.


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