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video on demand. exceeds mine. since speech with the palm of your. question on the call. on our team tonight hammering out a future palestinian state russia says the unity between hamas and fatah is key for the process of the recently reconciled parties hold talks here in moscow. the opposition in georgia claims a revolution has started pledging to oust president saakashvili shortly after police fired tear gas and rubber bullets advancing government protesters. with greece's debt climbing fast the e.u. takes a hard line on athens deepening the schism between the nation that and the euro.
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is artsy it's eight pm monday evening here in moscow welcome if you just joined us one name is kevin know in our top story tonight political unity among all palestinians is needed to achieve peace with israel and create an independent state russia's foreign minister a voice view on the conflict as the two main palestinian parties came close together at a meeting here in moscow a coming palestinian political elections were also on the agenda our correspondent has been offspring following the talks. since hamas and fatah were able to set their differences aside after years of animosity they've now decided to form a joint government and previously they've been saying that the hope for russia support and over the weekend their representatives have been meeting with russian diplomats and now we've met with the foreign minister himself and syria are often said that russia has an active member of both the u.n. security council and the middle east quartet which also includes the united states
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to go in union and to the u.n. it supports the idea of all palestinian political forces to come forward in this election another issue on the table was the discussion for the preconditions for the future independence palestinian state once again there's also commented on basque praising the fact that these two years four more years are rivals if i think hamas were able to finally reach common ground and said that only as our goal to fight me shing ten palestinians negotiate this issue with israel your sisters or. jews the creation of an independent palestinian state through resolving the israeli palestinian conflict and of course the palestinian leadership to enjoy the support of all palestinians during negotiations unity is important for any nation and it's even more important for the palestinian people who are working towards a fair solution to create their own state and of course is with decisions of the
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u.n. the middle east quartet of the arab peace initiative the time hamas are planning to take this matter to you one in six member and their representatives i've already said that russia has promised its support this whole dispute has been going on for many decades and you know it became pretty clear that the international community including the middle east quartet they support the idea of a two state solution meaning that israel and palestine should be two separate independent trust. geez and just recently us president barak obama said that the borders of these future independent states should be based on those from one nine hundred sixty seven which basically means that they would go through jerusalem this idea is supported by the international community including also told us he was he justified he's really prime minister who said that such a scenario would meet israel defenseless at a meeting with israel's biggest lobby in the united states barak obama softening
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his stance saying that the borders don't really have to be exactly as they were in one thousand sixty seven l. media analysts are saying that the u.s. is trying to sit on two chairs at the same time trying to please both israel and the international community and that is actually creating even war tension and for more on that here's this report by my colleague. when addressing the powerful pro israel lobby here in washington president obama has made sure to reaffirm the i'm wavering support of the united states he also made sure his thursday speech did not leave anyone confortable in that speech it suggested to israel go back to pre nine hundred sixty seven borders with mutually agreed land swaps many sweeney's found the near idea of going back to one thousand six to seven unacceptable these really prime ministers that it was unrealistic so there was some pension there and given how important the support of the jewish lobby is in the u.s. presidential elections president obama had to do some explaining i know that
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stating these principles on the issues of territory and security generated some controversy over the past few days. i was surprised. i know very well that the easy thing to do. particularly for a president preparing for reelection is to avoid any controversy. so let me reaffirm what nine hundred sixty seven lines with mutually agreed swaps means. my definition it means that the parties themselves. israelis and palestinians will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on june fourth one nine hundred sixty seven. so what president obama basically said at the apec conference was here's the solution that the united states suggests that washington will in no way put any pressure on israel to advance the process it's not the first time
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washington talks about the two state solution obama is the first us president to express it explicitly in a speech but they were similar suggestions before but never any action to really push for it as we're going back to nine hundred sixty seven borders as a basis for negotiations the solution is not new all the other members of the quartet of middle east peace negotiators have long been supporting it that's the u.n. the european union and russia president obama was popularity in the arab world is now as low as ever is facing pressure from both the international community and its all time ally israel for whom obama's mentioning of nine hundred sixty seven alone sounded unacceptable to president obama's attempts to please both the international community and the israel seem to have resulted in yet another nonstarter in the middle east peace process that is going to shoot you can reporting live from washington the scene for us what barack obama's also what is really different doesn't work towards a credible peace deal that could soon funded so totally isolated as opposed to put ground was john mearsheimer he said america's getting tired of goading israel's
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every whim. there's no question that you know that states is well beyond patience with. israel more generally one closed doors the united states is furious with israel because israel is pursuing a policy that is not in national interest this is disastrous for us and that's why obama wants a two state solution probably that obama faces like all american presidents face is that you can't put any pressure on israel because the lobby in this country is so powerful that it will do great damage to obama's political future and president obama was seen very clearly is that israel is being isolated around the world and the palestinians are gaining the upper hand in terms of world opinion and what's going to happen here is that it's going to be israel and the united states against the rest of the world this is just is just the united states is this mr israel and
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that's the message that obama is sending to young but unfortunately the message is not getting through. but. they speak to me a bit earlier on iran. as nato bombs continue to fall across libya the still no sign of an end to the bloodshed in bed look russia has called for a ceasefire between the libyan government of the opposition in order to stop the violence they stuffed the thought of minister sergei lavrov met with rebel representatives here in the russian capital to help resolve the conflict however the rebel opposition while refusing to hold talks with gadhafi did pledge its commitment to future dialogue with russia during a visit to moscow by libyan government envoys last week rush declared its support for u.n. and african union mediating efforts exactly representative said ready to withdraw from complex there is but only when the rebels drop their weapons and nato stops bombing moscow says the alliance carrying out its campaign in libya has so far
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failed to act in accordance with the un resolutions. government opposition in georgia vows to overthrow president mikheil saakashvili by wednesday thousands strong protests against what demonstrators call a criminal regime of tbilisi in a vice like grip for a third day in a row now police try to disperse the demonstrations with two a gas and rubber bullets russia slam the clout that i'm saying it's a direct violation of human rights on monday the crowd marched to the headquarters of the georgia state television demanding that the rally be broadcast by president sarkozy from insulting hungaroring seems to be no hurry to interrupt his visit the opposition leader in a burjanadze told to the people are very to fight until. yesterday night we were waiting serious serious publications and we knew that it was their readiness from special forces to breakdowns a demonstration again but thanks to the international community you are and as this personality we teach here and objective information when there was
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a critical approach been standing taking down the most regimes in releasing him but to meet him and thanks to you in a warm and of. diplomatic representatives from different countries so it was possible to avoid any predication from last night's people are just more t.v. teach to continue political struggle and we will continue this struggle if we want to show it to everybody that we will achieve our results we need right now concrete steps in your wrist two days which are absolutely peaceful we share equality international standards and international rules of fighting for democracy and once again we want to say that we are fighting for democracy we are fighting against noble she was in this country and we are not go we too late democratic norms which are important for everybody political discontents been building up in georgia for the past seven years as political analyst igor cough told us. the problem has been
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boiling since strange all force all five when saakashvili came to power his predecessors the. georgian public is increasingly dissatisfied with saakashvili if he is a way of cracking down on any kind of a position contra through them in georgia was a complaint you all thought when such actually came interpol and during the years of your position there was freedom of speech to political party is the difference the use calls for internal and external policies of the country but actually has been doing for the last seventy years is creating in your position and actually he has managed to alienate not only all the political parties but most of the police in the conscious. because learn as you go giving his take on the situation in georgia to. european union has agreed to widen sanctions against syria and iran
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after blacklisting senior syrian officials the blocks know frozen the assets of the country's president has been banned from entering new territory in foreign ministers say it's in response to a violent crackdown on mass i think government demonstrations middle east expert parsis in paris for us tonight this mr poston folks being with us are there echoes of what happened in libya here i all had started off with sanctions through which ended in the un resolution of the current coalition campaign is syria giving next deadline for the. world series a much more complicated case because there are some other more important political actors in the region involved so i think the u.n. resolution is much further down the line if at all you say is a different case why. well obviously i mean we have first israel we have levanon we have iran involved it's also a question of who then the people that might take over there is the internal dynamics of having a religious minority in
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a sense being in control of the state in a white president bush. and what will happen to them if there is a sudden swing in any other direction. that's come in for more sanctions again as well today from the e.u. what's the you trying to achieve by putting sanctions with them as well there's a link here. well i mean basically the you can see that there is a certain inherent logic to sanctioning countries and that is that unless the actually start to improve in a way the reward would be to remove sanctions or you would basically continue trying to up the ante by a ratcheting up of pressure and in the case of iran we are just continuing that kind of path regardless of what's happening in syria those sanctions don't seem to have made much difference as far as iran is concerned so far president doesn't seem terribly perturbed by it are they really making a difference behind the scene do you think. well the latest sanctions particularly
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ones that deal with iran's economy that is cutting it off from the financial system if you will of the world is having an effect on the iranian society and the economy at large but they were put in place primarily in order to affect iran's ability to acquire the nuclear capability that might end up with them if your weapon and on that particular aspect i think they haven't had that much of an effect yet russia has always had the sanctions or not would resolve the situation so they're not what are. well i mean the long term strategy that one would have to pursue would be some kind of regional framework where you would be seeking ties in iran to seeing that it's more worthwhile you're not going down that path of continuing on its own sort of speak with barely the hallmarks of the treaty but no one has come up with a way of making that politically feasible neither here in the e.u. itself nor in the region as such because their policy of personal things for being
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on r.t. . greece is facing fresh ultimatums from e.u. members amid criticism it's failing to meet its payload obligations burthens needs to step up its economic reforms the hope reduces huge national deficit but results of the reports next tensions between the country and its creditors are fast approaching boiling point. as famous greek businessman aristotle onassis once said to be successful keep looking tanned live in an elegant building even if you're in the cellar be seen in smart restaurants even if you only nursed one drink and if you borrow borrow big greasy certainly broward big but it hasn't helped its success a modern country built on a glorious ancient civilization is on the brink of national financial disaster and some e.u. members which helped bail it out are no longer happy with the anti-crisis measures taken by athens. we can't just choose solidarity and then say that these countries
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can't continue as before we can't have a common currency but some get lots of patients time and others very little that won't work in the long term. to the people of greece already suffering from severe job and wage cuts this statement was a slap in the face of the ideologies that greeks are those guys lying in the sun and don't work well the reality is not that greeks work at least as much as other europeans i think the idea of the german government is that we should sell everything to them because we owe it to them to seem to pronounce the situation but in the end produces a very uneven relationship inside the us supposedly. the union though even the slightest rumors the greece might leave the euro have already been flatly denied by athens and brussels some experts believe this would be best for
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the e.u. even claiming it could be less painful then being warned it shouldn't be the problem for the wealthy european countries our research has shown up greek could leave the euro area without any big problems but the greek people are facing big problems the total out of work is expected to hit around eight hundred thousand this year the despair is evident in the shuttered stores all across athens despite the fact that it's the tourist high season business and the birthplace of civilization looks pretty dead certain even members have accused the greeks of simply being too lazy and while it's true that some shop owners will reopen after few days on the beach for many these windows of opportunity are permanently closed. ironically it seems that this time it's the greeks who should have been aware of those bearing gifts the. a bailout of one hundred billion euros
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has mired the country in crippling debt and caused a developing political challenge between athens and its european partners over what's happening next the rising tension between the two is causing fault lines which some say now threaten the entire unity european union itself catherine is or about r t athens greece. pistorius is evident in. some of the stories we've got lined up for you this monday night that the taliban is one eyed spiritual leader mullah omar has gone missing with some reports suggesting he may be dead what others say he's planning future terror attacks we've got some more analysis about what might be going on online tonight at r.t. dot com also the old smokers already forced from restaurants and bars fun the habits now are no longer tolerated out brawls either further what areas of big apple have come smoke free lately again at r.t. dot com. and next vladimir putin's office says the allegations of the former chief
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of the international monetary fund against russia's prime minister ridiculous don't expose car has reportedly accused putin of being part of a plot to have him fired from his post the british daily mail newspapers claim that before his arrest on sexual abuse charges strauss can voice concerns that he could fall victim to a conspiracy in an interview with a french t.v. channel a colleague of strauss kahn said the ex chief told him that russia and france were trying to stop anybody from the presidency it's alleged mistress card was worried that if he wasn't allowed to clean exit from the i.m.f. he wouldn't be able to announce his candidacy so as cars currently in new york awaiting trial putin's president says that the accusations are entirely baseless. they're going to stick with your premise for the last three years and i've never heard such a weird state. such a crazy arrogance that it simply does not have. any sam's town.
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in it and see any sense of a man i know that a. company and next to him. franz. was the first to mention this weird early. there. but it wasn't so why don't the lone ranger lawyers and french press so in our run really speak for you. but i don't think that you will have any intimidation because it is simply something that cannot be unknown to them and it is not nothing to do with with. or even with sense of humor. produce a brief tonight severe weather conditions continue to the south of the southern states of america bringing total devastation and widespread damage at least eighty nine people were killed in the city of joplin after a massive tornado blasted its way across the southwestern state of missouri
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officials fear that their thought could climb much higher to that storm left behind piles of brick and wood well homes schools and churches are in store for. an operation to recover control of a pakistani naval base attack by insurgents is ended after almost sixteen hours of fighting troops cornered a group of gunmen after a raid on a complex the night before which left ten soldiers dead the attack also the stored several u.s. supplied surveillance aircraft the pakistan taliban says the raid was to avenge the killing of osama bin laden. more from us not u.s. presidents in arlon for the start of his six day trip to europe but obama has already made a poker marriage for a village that used to be home to his great great great grandfather of i will also visit the u.k. poland and france the world economy the arab uprisings. along with afghanistan and pakistan are all part of its agenda. russia's determine to establish itself as the country of choice for the world's greatest minds and with
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presidential backing for a specialist grant scheme hopes are high that the state's scientific brain drain will soon be in reverse that is an italian overcovered reports. the brightest minds of visits mathematics biology geography and others working both in wash and on washing projects abroad talk to present the video about the difficulties they have to face while making their researches and working on their projects one common issue that many of them named was logistics the scientists were saying that sometimes it's difficult to get rare materials for their studies and the rare species through the russian customs control they also spoke about the problems of education of young scientists as well as the paperwork that they have to deal with while getting patents on their inventions we're going to speak to one of the scientists who came to present a bit of stretch event outside moscow for the meeting he came from germany and last year he won a five million dollar grams and is currently together with moscow state university working on a tsunami research center of. this thing. to think and. to
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look at what the nature of the sea. you know. what the new thing is so that we try to estimate how knowledge. which affects the infrastructure people progresses from a great deal for you to work through most going. through looking at the present from us that in future the russian government will increase the amount of money that is given out as grounds for such scientists and having a degree in law himself so that he will look into those laws that slow down and make the work of scientists a less productive so the voices over the greatest minds were heard as wooden eyes ation is one of the top priorities for the russian president. so you never cover reporting for us no ten minutes now we assess the current state of the legal system here in russia and hear what the near future may bring about that also this
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breathtaking cliff diving shots from greece plus the latest from the french tennis open in roman cost or bulleted but it's monday business from moscow right now. are welcome to our business course in the south thanks for joining me russia could cut its part of the deficit by more than half this year that's according to finance minister alex acquitted in who says record work prices will also help boost investment and pay off debts incurred during the crisis. and if can lead were using actual revenues to cut the budget deficit that's why this year we're planning to decrease the deficit from three point six percent don't just want one point four percent this is possible that all is trading over one hundred five dollars per barrel plus extra oil revenue will also be used for investment. national experts say new rock production might not be enough to stop rising prices i started to call
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thing i knew well field in eastern iraq this new production along with that of other international companies is unlikely to stand the inevitable. we have all the projections. from two and i have a medium barrels per day at the ranch produces now so eleven and so was promised by all the companies when they sent me to handle proposals gives you know what eight million girls per day are almost eight to ten percent awards the world is producing right now and i might swing issue so iraq is a member of opec and there will be an issue where they are paired how they will regulate the volumes. one would ever try to predict what the oil price could be he would move the supply outstrips. you still wouldn't bet the oil price of oil over now speculators and the current one price if you look at the
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. but paperboard you know so in the real world you know so barrels of oil that are traded probably the difference since over ninety percent was paper ten percent is real want so what the spread to do apart from the price of oil anybody's guess. now let's take a look at the markets now or prices are down on monday amid signs the u.s. economy is slowing concerns that greece may default on its debt is also stop the speculation that developed for fuel may weaken now let's cross over to the u.s. where stocks are trading lower as italy became the latest european nation to be affected by the region's debt trouble dow jones industrial average is down one point four percent and the nasdaq is losing one point eight percent this hour european markets are sharply in the red driven by banks and resource stocks markets have lost ground on the day fix ratings downgrade of greece's debt ratings trouble related stocks are also lower across europe airlines are under pressure on news of volcanic activity in iceland children is dax is losing nearly two percent with
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shares approaching of cards are often wrong for. russian equity markets close. in the red on negative news from abroad the r.t.s. rolls over three percent and the noise it's entered nearly two percent now let's take a look at some individual share molds most of the blue chips finished in the red on monday gazprom lost over three percent its worst close in four months the company was downgraded by credit suisse to underperform from neutral on uncertainty about terror growth and rising tax credit now we also have lost over two percent on the lower price and shares of poe's gold were all on stone of gold prices as the company plans to juggle production in three years that's the latest we have for you this hour i'll be back with more in about twenty five minutes from now join me. the be.
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