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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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book of the loner show the real headlines with none of them are seat i can live in washington d.c. now today and then yahoo went to congress and as he addressed a bipartisan crowd he received a whopping twenty nine standing ovations so does the israeli prime minister have more friends in the u.s. government than our own president that's the d.o.d.'s going green all the military is touting its environmental friendliness to the press well ask isn't the greenest thing you can do is to stop waging and list wars then is the government on the hunt
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for activists the arrest record for activists under the obama administration has skyrocketed we're going to find out why and then you know about the g eight but have you heard of the g. eight the biggest names in the tech world coming together to give politicians their take on how to keep the internet growing financially but the thing is the governments of the g eight are pushing for regulation so will this meeting of minds and with the real solutions or just become a major clash we'll get to the bottom of these issues and throw in some happy hour for you at the end of the show right now let's move on to our top story. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed congress today here in washington d.c. and he got quite the reception receiving not one or two or three or even fifteen but twenty nine standing ovations congress rumble in applause as he spoke about the long standing relationship between israel and us there tend to move to spread real democracy in the middle east and when he flatly rejected the notion that israel
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would return to the one nine hundred sixty seven borders as president obama suggested in a speech last week it was a sure sign of the power that israel exerts over us politics and this is an area where partisanship flies right out the window. and i do see a lot of old friends here and i see a lot of new friends of israel here as well. democrats and republicans alike. thank you. but how many of these friends democrats and republicans alike really love b.b. and how many just love the campaign donations the flowing from a back here to discuss this with me is alison weir the executive director of if americans knew allison thank you so much for joining us and thank you for having me on first starters i mean this is the see anything like this before i definitely haven't seen president obama not even in his state of the union addresses get a bipartisan standing ovation twenty nine times what does that mean does that mean
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that these really prime minister has more power than the u.s. president doesn't front of his own lawmakers it's so obvious isn't it it's shocking to every do to those of us that know what's going on what's amazing is that this is constantly denied a lot of people like to say oh no the israel lobby is not powerful it's not significant it's and yet here you see a clear demonstration where both parties are standing and so they are welcoming their leader and that's what they're doing but so that's the thing. i guess you could ask is that because they just have such a strong admiration for benjamin netanyahu or does it not really matter who's in charge of israel is it more about about the lobbying about the money that flows into their campaigns it's very much about the lobby you could have either a number any kind of party leader from israel coming in speaking before congress and they would applaud the exact same way ironically it could be the opposite party it could be political and taken just there would be the same result so it is very
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much about the lobby about apac which coordinates these massive donations to candidates based on what they do about israel do you think that most americans really know the amount of influence that a pac has when it comes to domestic politics because at the end of the day like i said if you look at these are our congress members or our elected officials but the thing that they will applaud the most is. a country in the middle east so do you think the americans have any idea that this is what really unites them perhaps over many domestic issues i think most americans have no idea this is going on that people lobbying on behalf of a foreign country are basically writing our our middle east policies are critical policies for the u.s. they're critical to our safety to our prosperity to our moral standing in the world they're extremely important for all americans and yet very few americans have any understanding that it is this tiny but extremely powerful special interest lobby that dictates to both parties to the president to congress to the senate what will be done but you know many americans to me listen to what benjamin netanyahu said
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today is that the u.s. and israel are partners when it comes to enabling supporting democracy in the middle east that israel is not the problem in the middle east israel is the right thing in the middle east but we've heard you know even some of our officials even heard general david petraeus say that it's true that israel u.s. foreign policy towards israel does put us at more risk when it comes to you know our relationships with the arab world how come that doesn't get fed to the american public when you think about the fact that we're in a war on terror that we're in a war in afghanistan which has been the longest war in u.s. history how come none of that gets put together is it the media's fault it's very much connected to the media the lobby is is more pervasive than most people even people who know about it often don't know how pervasive it is it means that is very influential and powerful in the media and academia in numerous institutions so what happens is we consistently as americans and this is what i have studied
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a great big degree we've done massive studies on u.s. coverage of israel palestine and we find an astounding level of israeli centrism we find the people that are grading the reports that we read in omaha nebraska peoria seattle written quite often by people living in israel who have family ties to the israeli military and. these are given to us as though this is the objective news from the region and it's not it's a very very slanted news that's what analysis shows but is that really is that because these people are considered experts and the ones that really pertain themselves to be non-biased there is also because there is this is inherent unspoken fear that if you say anything critical about israel that makes you anti israeli rather than just someone who is allowed to be critical of any type of u.s. foreign policy or maybe even anti-american i would i would posit the other thing i would say i would dare say that it's anti-american and if you can't question the
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type of policies that we have abroad especially and our foreign affairs and especially if they put some of our lives more risk around the world absolutely my other position and that is president of the council for the national interest we believe that we're working we're trying to work for middle east policies that are in the best national interest of the united states and that also reflect our founding values of democracy of fairness and we consistently find that these lobby driven policies are extremely destructive to americans to the united states on every level strategically financially on every level they're damaging to americans as well as being tragic for the entire region and dangerous for the entire world they are irrational they are immoral and yet we have this really said media we have people that are fearful sometimes with valid reasons for job security if they do tell the truth about israel palestine we have massive consumer organized consumer pressure by the special interest lobby we have advertising pressure there's so many
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factors that result in a very damaging very dangerous situation so if we talk about the money where is it coming from because like i like we mentioned today the b.b.c. says my friends republicans and democrats this is a bipartisan effort i think if you look at the the voting record at least of most american jews they lean more democratic but this flows all around so where is this money. it does is closer to where you know everybody gets almost virtually everybody gets some candidates get more. mostly it comes from very wealthy individuals they give to what are called political action committees that supposedly have a ceiling on the amount of money that they can donate to a candidate however the israel lobby has managed to circumvent the spirit of that law which is they create numerous pacts they give them names such as northern california as for good government which is actually not a lobby for good government for california it's a pac for israel so they have sometimes it's thirty sometimes one hundred sometimes
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it's two hundred parents were very rich individuals who give money then the money is delivered to the. often by a pack a pack doesn't give it to themselves but they carry the checks there they deliver it they can do that knows where that money came from and what is expected in return for that money so it's the same thing that we're seeing i guess you could say across the board with many corporations with certain industries big oil but here it's definitely affecting us. when a foreign nation sometimes supersedes what really should be priorities i think for some of our lawmakers any thanks so much for being here and i thank you for having . now if you've read any of the major newspapers or media websites in the past few months then you've probably heard that the military is going green from reducing energy and water consumption of bases to launching initiatives to make sure that half of all energy that the navy and marines use afloat ashore and in the air will come from non-fossil fuel sources and all sounds like a positive step in the right direction
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a money saving energy saving overall environment saving military but maybe saving a lot more of all of that if we weren't involved and or you and me to discuss this is david sirota author of the book back to our future how the one nine hundred eighty s. explain the world that we live in now david thanks so much for joining us tonight let's start with the way i guess our military likes. to say that it's going great do they do this in you you actually in your piece also compare this to something arnold schwarzenegger did it's not like they go out and they get rid of the big heavy machinery and equipment and no quite the opposite they like to keep all that and then they just retool it or refurbish it is not right but that's exactly right i mean what we have here is that military to that i think it's going through an exercise of green washing which is the marketing term for saying that you're going green in order to sell yourself but not necessarily doing the things that are necessary to actually go green so you get a military that says oh we're not going to stop using tanks we're simply going to
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make our tanks a little bit more efficient and i told the story in the piece about our old schwarzenegger when he ran for governor of california and he said he was an environmentalist so we drive around clean of seven homers he said well here's i'm going to be an environmentalist and i've got to get rid of the hungers i'm not going to trade him in for a hybrid or a sedan i was going to retrofit one of my homers to be a hydrogen car which is sort of a commentary on the larger issue which is that americans don't really like the idea of having to change their behavior it's the same thing with the pentagon is doing it saying we're going to go green in ways that don't ask us to really change our military's behavior even though the military's behavior and in specific its policy of what it now calls persistent conflicts is the biggest energy drain of all so is that why you think that more americans don't call out the military on this one because they themselves don't like change they themselves will prefer some kind of a a facade rather than then truly changing their activities or let's say our policies
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including our war making around the world here i mean i think look i think americans do have some deeper and deeper concerns about why we're always deployed and as a taxpayer issue the spending issue but i do think the military is trying to meet criticisms head on and one of the criticisms is. is and will inevitably be as energy supplies become shorter it will be how much are we actually how much energy we're using i just simply run the military and specifically how much energy are we using to wage war because because i have all of the things the military does waging war that actually occupying countries is the biggest energy trade about i mean it's a lot of fuel a lot of resources to run those tanks i think the estimate of i want to back to two thousand and six was that every u.s. soldier on the ground in occupied iraq a country every u.s. soldier is using now i guess a gallon of fuel
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a gate that's enormous so i have seem so obvious right that seems so logical that if you think about well if we really want the military to be green maybe we should now have war as their lasting ten years longer maybe we don't need the largest military in the world maybe i mean that we probably still would be the largest consumer of energy on the planet even without that but you know you mentioned also why we see all these headlines coming from the new york times coming from usa today from n.p.r. that are quite the opposite touting these stories about how the military is going green why aren't needy outlets start asking that obvious question i think that's a that's a very good question look i think the answer frankly is that the american media has been complicit in beating the drum for war the american media you know lead up to the iraq war certainly after in the aftermath of nine eleven and the occupation and the invasion and occupation of afghanistan the media takes a posture that beats the drum for war because i guess in part because we're makes
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a good story and the media has not been very critical you know asking questions about the underlying posture of a military that again according to attorney general general casey came to colorado springs and said we're in a state now of persistent conflicts it is that issue that posture that if you are looking at the military and its use of energy that's the real problem not the fact that a particular chamber to the base may not be as energy efficient as it could be simply using all of those techniques being deployed in such a way that's the real high energy trade. you know one of the things that we saw today as well is that defense secretary robert gates who we know is on the way out and at one time kind of painted the case that he might be this champion of reducing at least a wasteful military spending quite the opposite today he gave a speech at the american enterprise institute that the less we have the more vulnerable we are and the political less of an army and military capabilities that
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we have that the less we're able to do around the world do you think that we're constantly going to be stuck in that more is more mentality rather than the less is more mentality well it's a self-serving mentality from the head of the bureaucracy and robert gates is is that who you are perceived as interested in preserving that institution one of the ways to preserve that institution is to continue saying that the only way that the country can survive is if the institution in this case the pentagon sees as big or gets bigger than it already is that one of the ways to justify it really is so which would excite will we need to be deployed in a forward way you know order to prevent threats against the united states of course being deployed in a forward posture and it builds risk auster creates more threats against the united states we've said creates more of a justification for us to have an even more forward posture so there's really a so perpetuating cycle here and ultimately it's going to come to what i pick to attach the issue ultimately more and more americans are going to realize we cannot
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afford this simply the dollars and cents that doesn't make sense and that's the point where this cycle i think ultimately will break when that happens that's anyone's guess yeah unfortunately i think that seems to be the only way to invoke any change here in this country sometimes is when it really starts coming down to the taxpayer and i start feeling the pain when you hear the same thing about adapting to climate change or in green energy is alternative energy is reducing our . dependence on foreign oil is that it's going to come down to when americans actually reduce their use of it because it comes to expense that they want to. thank you so much for joining us tonight thanks for having me. now still to come on tonight's show going out there activists the number of people arrested at demonstrations here in the u.s. is on the rise since president obama took office but what's behind the spike in arrests evans he's co-founder of voters for peace and the executive director of come home america point interesting that.
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we in the far right of the lead i think a lot of well. we haven't got the. safe ready and the freedom. hey guys welcome michel ancel on the obama show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear audience is going to use you to video response or to twitter for part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on the first day of the show a long response is going to please let your voice be heard.
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for. the first. few. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you get something else here's the part of it realized everything is ok.
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this july an annual event is going to take place here in washington d.c. the christians a united for israel conference it's being billed as the premier pro israel event of the year side of course from a pac now on their website they claim to bring together the most influential leaders and thinkers to discuss recent developments in israel the middle east and washington d.c. then they go to congress to share their support for israel directly with elected officials to try to change the way the washington views the jewish state which i don't really think they need much help doing but anyway some of the headlines speakers of the july events are u.s. senator joe lieberman fox news host glenn beck and another man getting attention for appearing this year at the conference along with the likes of senator lee lieberman is while he shot or at least that's the name he goes by when he converted from islam to christianity in one thousand nine hundred three and he's lived in the u.s. since the one nine hundred seventy s. and he's got a pretty interesting story to tell and he's making big bucks telling it his are the
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foundation warning about the dangers of islam has become a talking head about terrorism islam issues on several major t.v. networks here. this is the problem when you can see almost thought the television tell you what to tell you. quite the opposite. of what this is in the english language you judge at five years old going to school we sang the song all the schoolchildren get out of buffalo you know that club which means our beloved jews are dogs and in the aisle of the holocaust is the premise of this education house that has become sort of a psychosis in a way this is why we have an arson that was escalated to the point that it's growing it's going to cause all throughout the middle east. and those are just a few shots many interviews talking about the dangers of islam but in recent months the media's been digging more into his past and his radical statements on islam and
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what they're finding is quite interesting first of all about claims that when he was sixteen he was recruited by the p.l.o. to carry out an attack on a bank and bethlehem and he was supposed to detonate a bomb in the doorway of that bank but he claims that he couldn't do it because he saw a group of arab children nearby so instead he threw the bomb onto the roof of the bank where that exploded only problem with that story is that nobody can find any media coverage of this bombing and the bank says that it never happened now as i mentioned he now travels around the u.s. to talk about the dangers of islam and he collects a lot of money for speaking about so he set up a web site to collect money for his travels but shopper this site is pretty shady when you click to donate your links to a completely different web site and the state of pennsylvania also has absolutely no record of this foundation which is required under law but one note makes the story even more interesting just this month was paid five thousand dollars by the
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south dakota office of homeland security to speak to law enforcement on terrorism issues i was a story we've covered before here on this show the fact the local police across the country are being talked about is long. i being taught counterterrorism and more often than not these so-called experts who teach them are hardly such now in fact there are people that come in and instead tell our police that all of islam is the devil and she is one of the worst examples so that's thousand dollars for shot to speak in south dakota came from a federal grant that means your tax dollars at my tax dollars went to a man who lies about his past his prayer for spread fear about islam and when asked about federal money going to a man with such questionable credentials he has told salon dot com that they had absolutely no role in inviting shot to the conference or rather the state of south dakota invited him so they just passed the buck on that issue does not make him feel good about your tax dollars but there are agencies giving money to
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a man who makes a living taking advantage of scared americans to spread hate and islamophobia here at home that to mention the irresponsibility of robbing people like this to her law enforcement does that sound like a successful war on terror to you. now here's an interesting number for you since president obama was inaugurated research has shown that over twenty six hundred activists have been arrested for protesting in the u.s. and that number has inched up every year since two thousand and nine which makes ask are more people beginning to show resistance or are off already is just more willing to lock them up joining me to discuss this is kevin zeese co-founder of voters for peace and the executive director of cumhal america kevin thanks so much for joining us tonight now before we get into some of the issues here do you know are these figures correct or are there numbers that aren't even counted in these twenty six hundred when it comes to the arrests of activists well even you all through your article. is he still unusual most of
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these demonstrations. she are not covered well. most people don't know where. it's going. it's so laundress me i don't have right as a pow that the mainstream media doesn't cover these issues is it because these protests are so this jointed are these arrests and far between so they can't put a picture together to realise that it's a larger problem going on i mean that's a lot less the key point is that two things first i think the corporate media which dominates the traditional media doesn't want to put up on the protestors are challenging corporate power and that's almost at the base of all these issues of nurture isn't war of the banks not paying taxes of foreclosures of all unanimously just as is corporate power and so the problem is not uncover that further i think if you start to see the extent of these protests they really are
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happening every day around the country you start to see america is in revolt where we have the widespread cultural resistance of people stepping up on almost every issue whether confronts us from climate change to being foreclosures to loss of jobs to collect their bargaining toward their bradley manning the anniversary by the way the rest is now all these issues i think are bringing people out into active what we saw was a doubling he has ninety thousand to one of the normal arrests in the media we're seeing this this year already we're beyond two thousand and nine and what will be two thousand and ten records so we're going to see more arrests because people are getting more fed up is sort of feel the pain of the economy they're tired of the wars in the utilities of president obama have someone worn off and i think that's maybe people are more encouraging to be out there in protest so that you know as someone who is an activist do yourself then do you see a crack that we see these arrest numbers rise as
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a good thing to say about more people are out there willing to risk arrest or or could it be that law enforcement is deciding to be tougher on the people as well stephanotis doesn't not want force and needs. in fact we're seeing so many protests leave the u.s. on cloud if you cover you know we've gone through our organization it's our economy us then protests we go in take over the lobby the bank the police are called they come in and they're being really and they don't do anything they watch they're smiling they're enjoying the protests that's it's almost like they're on our side i know we did health care protests during the obama effort you know for your insurance corporate insurance as the control of health care we protested for single payer we block the entrance to an office building in washington d.c. were police would not arrest us why because they're in their income was held back in order to keep their health insurance the police face the same problems we do so it's not because there's more arrests in fact there's many more people risking arrest and who are getting worse and what it is is people realizing that the voting
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system is not going solve the problem we have to be citizens every day of the year whether it's writing letters making phone calls but warm or relays and even that isn't what congress is wall of corruption of corporate power but now we see anonymous donations in the hundreds of millions of dollars coming up in this next election people don't trust government and so the only thing left for us is to organize independent movements and resist and so our cultural resistance is started to develop and we're going to see you know clearly is america is in revolt because the government no longer works now do you think there's any chance on perhaps looking back through the bush administration comparing the amount of protests arrests that we saw that or looking at partisan politics or like you said is this really all of america that's going to come together beyond the parties. well you see it across the political spectrum you're seeing right wing cultures as well within the bush administration you may recall before the iraq war we had some of the largest in the world protests in history i did make
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a deal with stopping the war because a number of people protesting were bush voters the ignored the protest where there were people who were angry rob said we're trying to stop the war and working hard it was for the world our crosses then when obama came in he kind of undermined the movement there was that all of them moving forward economic justice for end of militarism and he undermined by promising hope and change but now after several years of a bonding office that's kind of one in reality it's more status quo in court we're power now we're seeing an open change and so we're again back in the streets and i think we're going to see more of the you know people are talking about the tenth anniversary afghanistan war in october we're talking about the austerity budget was going to take place in october and people don't really protest much larger i would not be surprised to see something like a tahrir square some time watching to see that's how much this is regarding so quickly and the evil thing the same things it's time to resist it's time for a cultural resistance and it's one revolt against this corporate government but if
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we say it's ah here square here in washington d.c. about i guess that will finally get the media wake up and start paying attention to it as well thank heaven i thank you very much for joining us tonight thank you. also to come on tonight self the campus lawmaker thinks that women should always be prepared for a great white has outrageous comment coming up in our time segment and then the new versus the old tech leaders are meeting with world leaders and it's time for economic growth but then a few sides actually worth to gather around the world leaders who want to regulate and it's great i think about that. let's never forget that we had an apartheid museum right here in the year. i think there are beautiful and well.


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