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nice to. see. rose colored glasses in the rose garden president obama meets his british counterpart to reaffirm their common foreign policy goals while concerns grow the two nations of the only ones benefiting from their choice military ventures. we kick off of the g eight summit in france drawing near we look at how the group will work to solve the problems seemingly created by its own when both. protesters take to the streets of the georgian capital for a fifth day demanding an end to suckers beauty's rule that they call little undemocratic and corrupt.
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international news and comment from our studios here in central moscow this is our t.v. pretty four hours a day good to have you with us this hour the u.s. president and u.k. prime minister use their joint speech in london to reiterate their demands for the libyan leader to once again showing that the special friendship of the two english speaking nations is particularly relevant when it comes to conflicts on foreign soil where emmett's has more for us from london. again david cameron said during this news conference very categorically gadhafi must go but as i say they are still insisting that they're complying with the u.n. resolution they talk about is an awful lot of sizes and everything they say but in the same sentence both these leaders are reiterating the need as they see it. to go so it's quite difficult to weigh up those two seemingly very different viewpoints said that at the very least it was necessary to disable gadhafi capacity to attack
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his own civilians and then of course there's the issue of moving him from power and possibly targeting him directly but what they're saying is that it's impossible to comply with the resolution to protect civilians if indeed he is still in power so that's how they're justifying it but many of course are saying that this is a clear case of regime change one of the major things that's come out of this visit is this setting up of the joint security border between the u.s. in the u.k. and what that will do is open up the defense and security resources of washington to london and voice now some people are saying that's just a formalization of an informal agreement that was already in place of course we see in the u.k. and the u.s. fighting various wars together and using their different strategy techniques very closely in line with each other but see that formalization of this working relationship is very dangerous to the rest of the world as my record shows all
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smiles and handshakes as the u.k. and the u.s. take their special relationship to the next level washington's preparing to open up its highly secretive national security council to london as the two countries pledged to deal jointly with perceived security and foreign policy challenges with what cost to the rest of the world. i don't think it will change foreign policy in any dramatic way i remember that britain already shares a huge amount of intelligence with the united states in fact britain's nuclear deterrent can actually launch a nuclear missile on its own so in fact what is happening today is largely symbolic the special relationship phrase was a deeply contested one. blair was in power and his relationship with bush was seen in britain being much more one of approval rather than a partner and yes in a sense it will be skies and popular wars. not everyone welcomes
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president obama's presence in the u.k. a range of groups are using it as an opportunity to demonstrate against what they see as the anglo-saxon warmachine and islamist fringe organizations linked aggressive foreign policy led by the u.s. and the u.k. supported variously by france and other nations with terror attacks. since. they leave. the muslim countries. so opposing the part of his role. models. the u.s. and u.k. have been involved in two major wars in the last ten years in both iraq and afghanistan america persuaded britain to come in with them reinforcing britain's reputation as the us is lap dog. but this time it's different in libya it's
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britain taking the lead in nato with the us keen to keep its role to a minimum a deepening of cooperation between the two is something this group of demonstrators of a imminently objects to these other cars go to the are starting to unseat a little guy three major wars in ten years those good news for those of us who want peace in the world to see those three cars cooperating more closely. outside buckingham palace where obama is staying these protesters are trying to persuade him and pushed prime minister cameron to stop waging war in foreign lands so far it hasn't worked and cameron we united in their intention to increase pressure on colonel gadhafi in libya abundance. demonstration come as nato escalates its involvement in the war in libya france's says it will deploy helicopters bringing fighting closer to the ground the global war machine
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crumbles all with the alliance of london and washington in the engine room and this new agreement to cool information and resources may only add fuel to the fire your avatar. to discuss the visit in detail i'm joined live from washington d.c. by steve clemons he's a political blogger and director of the american strategy program at the america foundation thanks very much indeed for joining us on our team a bomber and cameron have been toasting their special relationship what do you think jimmy really see eye to eye on all issues. well no i don't i think we've gotten to the point where the unconditionality and us british relations has sort of methods and they're going to be times where the british are with us in time when at what times when they're not and i think that's very healthy but because of so much of the theater in flamboyance in the past about the special relationship almost everything you set out to do gets measured against that and i
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think that what they're trying to do is both underscore that the relationship is important and there is lots of pomp and circumstance in what is going on in london but at the same time you can saying it's an essential relationship but you know frankly countries have lots of essential relationships it's not going to be the relationship anyone wants is the u.k. really that important to the u.s. bearing in mind the emerging economies the brics countries brazil russia india china. well i think it is important from a psychological perspective because i think the past sometimes matter but as you said and i think is in president obama's speech was a very long speech it was very deep in it there was a big section in there that really talked about the relationships and partnerships of the future that means that you've got to have not just obama cameron op eds with each other but you've got to have op eds written with the presidents of presume and the prime ministers of india and the president of russia and you know there's
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a whole new emerging set of global stakeholders that somewhat make anachronistic this precious u.s. u.k. relationship in the same sense that it was looked at in the past and i and as i said i think it's a good thing a healthy thing to move forward and to maintain good communications and to talk about the challenges of the future but know that there are going to be other people other players and other nations at the table and i've said also that the time for u.s. and european leadership is now do you see the two countries as as equal players on the global states particularly when we see what they're doing militarily in libya and elsewhere. well i i see both of them to some degree particularly britain and the united states are fighting off a very wobbly economic malaise and some real problems on that front germany is the powerhouse in europe more broadly but much of europe as we know is economically
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strapped and so when you begin looking at exercises like libya which are i think increasingly controversial in the united states and elsewhere we understand that there was humanitarian you know important humanitarian issues in libya but at the same time it looks like the deployment of force as senator james webb said today just looks like it's true blood is a that you can just deploy force here and there and this represents real budget items and real budgets and so the british who are cutting back in severe austerity budgets are saying what are you doing over in libya what is this costing us as we close schools and if we cut services and cut back in very key ways in the british budget we have big budget issues going on the united states so foreign engagements need to be more efficacious than they are today and people are beginning to debate whether they can afford the kind of extra and all adventures that they've they've joined up to before just quickly ask you before we finish what you think could happen next in libya both leaders have stress the commitment to colonel gadhafi
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that mounting international pressure well what do you interpret that simply going to be more airstrikes on tripoli or indeed ground troops. well the british and french are pushing very hard to go closer to ground troops but not quite attack helicopters in other capacities they would shorten this war the u.s. is resisting that in the u.s. is essentially beginning to counsel its partners in this that it has to prepare for a much longer term affair i worry a lot about libya because this looks to me much more like a classic civil war it clearly khadafi has more capacity than we thought he had he's not a house of cards he's got an ability to run to run his machine despite enormous international pressure and it's some point they'll be a time when countries like india turkey brazil begin going to the back door and begin doing deals with cut off people just like we did with china after tiananmen
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square it's not a pleasant thing to say there's a lot of emotion wrapped up into it it's not politically correct but ultimately this is a world of ryall polity beneath beneath the surface and the longer khadafi survives the more likely you will see the international consensus that built around taking action fall apart and steve clemons thanks very much indeed for sharing your insight into the situation there good to have you live here as you thank you. thank you. well it's just one day to go before the g eight summit kicks off in the french resort of deauville the meeting will be hosted by nicolas sarkozy as his country holds the presidency of the group this year exults he's a nice and i reports from under his leadership played a leading role in causing the problems the summit is aiming now to seoul. the g eight has gone full circle the last time the summit was held in france eight years ago the agenda looked almost the same. war the economy somewhere in the
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middle eight africa on the table then iraq loosing the euro now it's libya and saving the. tatt a very different stance on global politics than it was staunchly opposed to the u.s. invasion of iraq french fries quickly became freedom fries after france u.s. relations soured despite summit smiles but with a new french president came a new friend. has rejected entirely the possibility of france playing a constructive role in a multi multi-polar world and has aligned himself with a single superpower the united states nowadays france is barking much louder with more soldiers involved in foreign military conflicts a growing bent ever before it's a globalist modern. it's not just the friends it's a whole. global plan to change governments as they
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want. france played a central role in ivory coast's bloody presidential stalemate and is considered the unspoken leader of the intervention in libya this great sarkozy wanted us to participate and to be one of the first. ruler western ruler to to go there and just for his political agenda critics say this new global policy was meant to win over french voters but hasn't worked france is a kind of small united states with many interventions that are very costly and very little thinking about the relationship between rhetoric and the costs and costs is the killer european countries are facing more and more protest over huge spending cuts in an attempt to lower deficit and save a drowning. kendall involving i.m.f.
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had done an extra one might have knocked out a top contender competing against sarkozy for the presidency but experts say d.s. k. was toppled apple blown time when you've still got worries about whether the euro will still be the currency of all these european countries in the next twelve to twenty four months and at the same time spending hundreds of millions forcing their way into libya conflict they don't see eye to eye but they going to try to regroup around. the idea that it's a humanitarian intervention and the u.n. resolution a resolution that china and russia didn't veto but it claims has been manipulated to suit western interests there will be an appearance of agreement but if there is an appearance of agreement in my mind it won't be an appearance appearance at the g. eight is hard not to notice the venue is usually exclusive resort town where you can't
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hear protest over the euro and it's easy to forget bombs are falling. this year france's beautiful normandy was chosen to house leaders as they sit down to debate some of the world's ugliest problems and once again are faced with the question of whether the g eight can regroup on splitting issues and he's now a r t v france and of course we'll bring you extensive coverage of the two day g eight summit as well as expert analysis of events and issues discussed there right here. to georgia thousands of opposition supporters are into their fifth straight day of protests against the government demanding an end to state sanctioned corruption and the resignation of president mikheil saakashvili who they accuse of abusing his position to maintain power sarah ferguson details for us now from tbilisi. well the they are praised by being cancelled but these protesters still angry can see them marching from their initial side by the t.v.
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station they hunt down the right and heading towards freedom they're actually stopping the traffic now and the numbers are picked up quite significantly from what we saw earlier on but the valley has gone ahead they. have turned out you can still see the people wearing the mosque carrying the state. of the pride that very angry the opposition calling for an end to what they say is an anti-democratic they want to stay out there must be told. that independence to my voice is. they taken the price is right so this is the main parliament building it is they were marching along the streets today many more demonstrators joining in this now around five thousand people who are listening to the opposition trusting. the. united leading this rally today this being thugs by some people the still for
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a revolution an older generation you can see in the crowd these people are struggling with life and hyphy try to look. over. the weekend when the process that we saw this pilot clashes between police and protesters some of the thing arrested fights breaking out whether that's going to happen again and so it yes that's me there are. independents and the military operates more. surface reporting that while this protest is in georgia. resignation they are bracing themselves for a severe response from the government and you can log on to our web site called previous of the country and. steve free. video section for our latest footage of the terminator events in future all that and plenty more for you on our web site online all the time dot com. traffic in germany has resumed hours after volcanic
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ash from iceland forced the closure of major airports hundreds of flights are also canceled in the u.k. spawning holiday plans for thousands of passengers across is once again sparked a debate over. who should have the power to decide on flight cancellations well aviation expert david limits told me earlier that the solution to your problem lies across the atlantic actually nobody's an expert here certainly the pilots aren't and certainly european airlines are not experts in european volcanic ash the only experts in the world really are alaskan airlines because they live they actually live and work all the time in an environment that is alaska and the east coast of the story the west coast of the united states where in the rocky mountains and that full range in the illusion chain of islands there's a lot of volcanic activity they live with it it's their local climate they do have rules they are very careful but they are thoroughly familiar with it they train
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their crews especially to be able to handle this stuff in europe we don't create train our crews to handle this stuff we do not have anything like the amount of surveillance that in the usa they have for this area and yet the airlines are pleading that they should have the same privileges in europe as this very highly experienced carrier alaskan airlines. in an environment in which the local experience is much greater. they would limit talking to be a little earlier naughty were not time to update you on some of the some of the other headlines across the world in our days at this stage of the day this was from yemen shows smoke allegedly billowing from the house of the opposition tribal leader as reports say a blast rocked the building comes as members of trouble group seized several public buildings in the capital as the fighting rages on for a third across the country and battled president ali abdullah saleh has so far
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refused all calls to step down. france's finance minister has officially entered the race to become the next head of the international monetary fund only comes resignation oversexed christine legarde is reported to have the backing of all the e.u. states and the u.s. so that the fastest growing economies known as the brics countries issued a joint statement calling for a selection process based on competency and not nationality. while the israeli palestine stalemate is only strengthened after benny binion hardy's visit to the u.s. another battle is raging online both sides claim one of the world's most popular websites because media is revising the history of the conflict and saudis policy reports this fight is far from equal. the israeli palestinian conflict has reached an unlikely new field of battle where there are no borders and no generals calling the shots there is an all thefts. fact checking or
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a committee or something like that there is no chief editor or anything like that which is why we keep pedia an online encyclopedia as one of the world's most popular websites with sixteen million entries open for anyone to edit rewrite or even raise the most popular of those pages the middle east there is an article i think practically any view of palestinian villages that was destroyed during the forty eight war is really the independence war and there are i think articles about ending military operation. launched during the history of the conflict but both israelis and palestinians complain their side of the story is not properly covered and that's why i'm after these council that represents the israeli settler movement has been organizing workshops to teach people how to post revise and even rewrite some of the most disputed pages online what we do is we monitor our various
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media outlets and when we see for example that a certain media outlet calls israel an apartheid then we send our people to engage in discussion and to give the facts but the palestinians have a list people to send in which is why the battlefield is not equal according to others are not so who heads the association of palestinian journalists he says he wishes he had the kind of cash the israelis have to train palestinians to brush up on their knowledge of wikipedia and later than expected in the israeli palestinian conflict will be forced on the pages of wikipedia the israelis control the online media they control words like terrorist islamic jihad we need trainers and finance so we can relate and interpret wiki pedia as well but these work at p.b.s. experts say it has nothing to do with training and everything to. do with the truth i think people should stick to the truth and not try to learn how to point to their point of view in the article i mean if you have sources just bring them on but in
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this war every push of ammunition counts it's no secret that the revolution is sweeping the arab world and found their support online hundreds of thousands of people signed up on a facebook page calling for a third palestinian uprising or into fodder that page has since been closed down for inciting violence but the fight online continues policy our team. and the long standing israeli palestinian conflict is further explored in the latest edition of our debate program cross talk that's coming your way in about ten minutes from now but in the meantime though a turbulent talks involving big money deals got some the latest business updates with kareena stay with us about. her welcome to our business update this hour south stream gas pipeline is in focus in brussels the main players behind it a lobbying the european parliament to give the final go ahead for the multi-billion dollar project the european commission has said it's supporting the pipeline
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however it's still a long way to go because you know because it takes up the story from gazprom headquarters here asked. castro's main mission in europe at the meeting with the european commission was to get a priority status for its future gas pipeline project file stream its arrival projects the u.s. back now to pipeline already has such status and it is important because it makes all the bureaucratic procedures easier and it also gives the operator in exceptional rights to be the owner of the pipeline and of a distributor and with gas symbol tainio fleet and this is exactly what gastro meets to feel secure with its investment into the project so gastro said the physical it's a starter for the project is completed and gas supplies for it i guarantee it and the european commission in its turn played its support and said it won't impose any other necessary bureaucratic barriers for the project but still it hasn't given its
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exemption from this new european and the jewel. and the head of gas politics in miller says germany's energy giant eon may become another european partner in the project currently gust owns thirty percent of the pipeline the rest belongs to italian any earlier two more european companies electricity calls and when it is all announced they're joining south and well. let's take a look at the markets world jumps above one hundred dollars per barrel sending energy companies in the standard and poor's five hundred up over one i have to set u.s. stocks are higher rebounding along with the price of oil up from three consecutive down cessna's equities are tracking cruise reversal after data showing a build up in us in the tory consumer companies lower goal weight by the coho sale and power ralph lauren after earnings missed analyst estimates. european stocks closed in the black on wednesday gains from banks such as connor's bank and common
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because it just be out of work providing support u.k.'s benchmark close like a higher court by gains from bragg's hearkens going to. three percent world bank of scotland minister with three point three percent. and here in moscow the main stock indexes closed in the black stocks age high evening session calling for a second day a nice it's jumped one percent reversal from party last it's. a bit of a rebound in the financial sector one no more clarity at the timing there and the parameters of the g.d.r. program were supposed to be launched by the very investors a bit optimistic i also know or think i was feeling quite strongly we'll see a bit of a mess than i was and then wells in the call from older bear of an adult than the others in the market generally seem to be consolidating this week at having reached the lowest since the beginning of the year and we do through work but i try to lower the bar by a russian market where we feel the rebound was about to happen and it is going to be happening watch for that and then the correction and we've seen ray because
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there is a lot of global headwinds pace and more. outsource i mean the business team here in our team but you can always find most stories just locums on the web site r.t. dot com slash business stay with us my head like. the it will.
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