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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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a bloody end to george's day of rage against president saakashvili as heavily armed police put a brutal stop to the public the sands. of the world's wealthiest nations storm of wartime battlegrounds a fresh out of the day's conflicts we record the g. eight in france. to us judges are convicted of dishing out dodgy discipline making millions by throwing teenagers into private prisons for only very minor offenses. and odd stuff and some zero season our latest target report with meet the creatures calling the icy ocean home.
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it is eight am in the russian capital you watching r t a marina joshie welcome to the program today out and dozens hospitalized protesters in georgia have found out the hard way why they should speak out against their leadership a brutal police crackdown and huge crowds would turn out for what's been called georgia's day of rage calling for president saakashvili to resign the government had vowed that nothing would interrupt the country's in afghanistan a military parade later on thursday police firing rubber bullets and tear gas began to move against the crowd shortly after midnight a pro opposition t.v. station was the first scene of violence clashes with police beating and arresting hundreds of people the unrest been labeled the silver revolution because of the large presence of older georgians who accused. president saakashvili of massive
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corruption had wanted to go for of has this eyewitness report from the georgian capital tbilisi. it was hailed by the opposition as the day that would determine georgia's teacher instead people died as a protest aimed at ousting president's package barely ended in violence and bloodshed a huge pools of riot police moved in on the crowd just minutes after midnight until it is day of independence. day and that seems to be that's why i think that everybody was quite heartened to start the maybe we got kelly's call and that in the background here we got one on the other side of the banner stated surrounded as the police closed in water cannons were fired into the crowds rubber bullets and gas followed seriously injuring demonstrators and journalists a police officer was killed when he was run over by a car and
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a protester dies in front of the parliament building the scenes of violence all the more shocking given that many of those involved were of an older generation. we were standing peaceful you were riot police to the crowd and started beating me my relatives also suffered they smashed one of my friend's face and left another one. you can see from my face the kind of force they used and i think i am even alive because people don't value human life it had been dubbed the silver revolution due to the older crowd they turned out demonstrating against lay pensions and rising food prices for five days they held vigil outside the main t.v. building in tbilisi before taking their protest to the main parliament. i initially numbers of protesters at the weekend fell after disputes among the opposition
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parties themselves that is they will lead through the streets on wednesday the crowds once again turned. the police to use force. or were going through to show the world. demonstrators were vastly outnumbered and witnesses to the navy then the two thousand and seven protests and which six hundred were injured this time around police presence was even greater and the force they used just as the questions are already being asked about whether the scale of pulls used was justifiable many were arrested this and many more injured if on the streets in remnants of the violent clash you can see they set up that main fan from which the leader of the opposition gave this big name that but you know they earlier on just before the fighting broke out was saying she would maybe
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be holding negotiations that didn't happen they wanted out instead the price and then how it started and things of violence so artsy the advance over and i had a previous brutal crackdown by georgian police four years ago tear gas and water can a world so used to disperse thousands of demonstrators who turned against our release regime injuring six hundred people r.t. the country has our was there and recalls the chaotic and terrifying scenes. there are members that we along with many other journalists were just outside the parliament building and then the next thing we know there were tear gassed grenades flying everywhere immediately we couldn't see anything couldn't really draining it was chaos people running in all kinds of directions are being met by riot police truly starting hammering gian on them with their butt tongs just kicking people to the ground beating them on their heads as mass chaos everywhere it was people
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blocking it they couldn't be seen anything because the sheer gas was everywhere there were dozens of ambulances immediately on the scene just tearing people away a little those that were injured in the first wave the chair gassed on chalk and then later our producer got hit in the head with a rubber bullet our camera crew also got struck by some of those are our goals it was utter chaos and madness but the most frightening thing about it perhaps was the fact that it was literally so unexpected the protest had been going on for days and nobody expected it to turn this spiral and this suddenly catherine of aragon and this public anger at georgia's government boiled over president saakashvili may be taking his lead from others an orderly unpopular leaders investigative journalist and r.t. contributor away maps and exclaims. like mubarak we certainly know that one of the criticisms by the opposition is the corruption rampant in his government it's
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a very not batista administration he runs so we're seeing a lot of people saying you know enough is enough leaving. his government joining the opposition now saakashvili on the other hand is claiming that somehow russia is behind these these rebellions he's doing the same thing that could go off he did in libya by blaming al qaida and mubarak of course blamed everybody for his problems except with this big difference the u.s. supports this they are and it shows the hypocrisy of the obama administration when it comes to georgia or bahrain or any of these regimes that we support for military and strategic purposes these popular uprisings get no support from washington. our full coverage of the developing situation in georgia is online right now at our t.v. dot com and we've got news videos and analysis as police round on demonstrators demanding president's office released resignation and there's always parties twitter stream
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and facebook which will keep you updated as events unfold. it. is. a paradise for the french a lead and an historic world war two side will today see an invasion of the g. eight machine the latest summit that's going on the shake normandy resort of the bill shortly i while leaders from the world's biggest economies prepare for business and he said previews what lies ahead. on the table the situation in libya
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the economy especially concerning the euro and of course the spring our op risings in fact for the first time delegations from tunisia and egypt will be taking part in discussions of the working sessions will only begin much later today on the second day tomorrow the beginning of the summit has been allotted for leaders to meet on the sidelines and bilateral meetings president will sit down with barack obama their missile defense is expected to be discussed russia has raised concerns post signing of the strategic arms reduction treaty that america is not as and as transparent as it could be when it comes to its missile defense systems in europe also once again coming up the situation in libya russia raising concerns there that the resolution has been manipulated and it's now not just the mission about protecting civilians that will come up with president medvedev sits down with french president nicolas sarkozy of course france was one of the first countries to intervene and as host of the summit this year we here at r.t. have been analyzing how france is position on the world stage has changed and it's
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now playing a much bigger role. d.h. has gone full circle the last time the summit was held in france eight years ago the agenda looked almost the same. war the economy and somewhere in the middle ages africa on the table then iraq and boosting the euro now it's libya and saving the euro. two thousand and three france had a very different stance on global politics then it was staunchly opposed to the u.s. invasion of iraq french fries quickly became freedom fries after france u.s. relations soured despite summit smiles but with the new french president came a new friend turkey was rejected entirely the possibility of france playing a constructive role in a multi multi polar world and has aligned himself with the things. superpower the united states nowadays france is barking much louder with more soldiers involved in
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foreign military conflicts of brawn bent ever before it's a globalist modern colonies and it's not just the friends it's the whole. global plan to change governments as they want. france played a central role in ivory coast's bloody presidential stalemate and it's considered the unspoken leader of the intervention in libya this great sarkozy wanted us to participate and to be one of the first. ruler western ruler to go there and just for his political agenda critics say this new global policy was meant to win over french voters but hasn't worked trances a kind of small united states with many interventions that are very costly and very little thinking about the relationship between rhetoric and the costs and costs is
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the killer european countries are facing more and more protest over huge spending cuts in an attempt to lower cafe sets and save a drowning euro a sex scandal involving i.m.f. had done many extra column might have knocked out a top contender competing against sarkozy for the presidency but experts say d.s. k. was toppled at the wrong time when you're still worries about whether the euro will still be the currency of all these european countries in the next twelve to twenty four months and at the same time spending hundreds of millions forcing their way into libya conflict they don't see eye to eye but they going to try to regroup around. the idea that it's a humanitarian intervention and the u.n. resolution a resolution that china and russia didn't view. dope but if claim has been manipulated to suit western interests perhaps there will be an appearance of
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agreement but if there is an appearance of agreement in my mind it won't be an appearance appearance at the g eight is hard not to notice the venue is usually some exclusive resort town where you can't hear protest over the euro and it's easy to forget bombs are falling in the bia this year france is beautiful normandy was chosen to house leaders as they sit down to debate some of the world's ugliest problems and once again are faced with the question of whether the g eight can regroup on splitting issues and he's now r t v fronts in around five minutes time artie's in traffic sean thomas gets hot on the trail of the south pole scientists. science and research in antarctica is not only done in the laboratories in fact most of it's done out here in the field or in this case the ocean and john thompson antarctica coming up we look at the lives of the scientists here. was
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well worth two million people in jail the u.s. has the highest prison population in the world but some are seeing the inside of a cell because dodgy judges are getting payback from the private sector are just going to take out records on those dishing out justice or. two pennsylvania judges have made a killing out of juvenile prisoners mark ciavarella and michael conahan were convicted of receiving kickbacks for more than two million dollars from the developers of several private detention centers but the real crime according to parents is that these judges then sent more than five thousand children to those very facilities for crimes as small as finding on a school bus or posting a parody of their teacher on the web my.
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god the size of sandy fonzo seventeen year old son and word was a body in student and sportsman when he was arrested at an under-age party just shiver a look at him for six months shortly after he got out edward committed suicide and never looked into you know the whole picture of the kids like i said he'd wind them up one by one and send them away she. sent them to places. you know god knows what went on and then he throws them back and how does a kid deal with that you know my son just never recover from eric's the fonz ski was twelve when judgeship around listen to him to jail for two years for scratching his mom's car while joy writing for this young man who was a teenager was locked up for months for throwing a piece of steak it is mom's boyfriend so i really couldn't believe that he was just something like seriously it was all that was needed to be put away the case of the two pennsylvania judges in bed with local private prisons could be just the tip
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of the iceberg a recent report revealed america's largest prison corporations puir hundreds of thousands into the campaigns of governors state legislators and judges in the hope of advancing their agenda and it seems to be working a number. private prisons in the u.s. is growing rapidly oh old their money every penny they get is a taxpayer dollar that they get from the government and so what they do is they get they get the money from the government the house prisoners and they turn around and split and spend some of that money by giving it back to the politicians that push the was and the policies that we deposed more people the grocery war people being course rated private prisons so it's almost a money laundering of tax dollars they're making contributions to judges and electoral politics it's sort of like a closed circuit you're making contributions to people who are making the laws and then you're making contributions to people who are forcing the law with the number
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of prisons outgoes the number of prisoners the u.s. has around two point three million people behind bars more than any other nation you've seen prison populations pretty consistently over the last three decades move up a couple percent a year and you know unfortunately as a citizen that that's not the most exciting statistic however when you look at it from a business model perspective for the private operators it's clearly good news the good news for the prison business turned into a nightmare for thousands of under-age victims of the two judges in pennsylvania there's an incentive in private industry obviously to make money that's where the industry is for so there's an incentive to have more chris there's an incentive to keep those prisoners incarcerated for longer periods of time there's really no evidence. for we have. been said to have sought rehearsed this
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so-called hat for kids casey as a baby and just how we birth the incentives can be and raise the question would get kids actually interested in sending people away for a longer term thing keeping their benefactress private prisons or what justice for them. one held on i'm going to check out reporting from washington r t. let's now take a look at some other stories from around the world and former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss kahn has been moved to a new location while awaiting trial on sex assault charges he's exchanged his luxury lower manhattan apartment in a townhouse about two miles away charles khan was released on one million dollars bail after spending several days in advance or years in new york prison. thousands of venezuelans gathered at the country's oil facilities to vent their anger over u.s. sanctions against state run company washington's imposed restrictions after of an israel ship fifteen million dollars worth of oil products to iran u.s.
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buys almost half of it as well as well exports and the sanctions are expected to be particularly painful to the economy. and now there are fifteen people our dad is intense tornadoes continued to terrorist through central u.s. states oklahoma arkansas and kansas are the worst hit by the twister outbreak rescuers are still plowing through degree after a tornado level the downtown area of joplin missouri killing at least one hundred twenty five. it takes a certain kind of stamina to plunge into an icy ocean but it's all a day's work for the term and divers and tactical annis latest report from the south pole shaun thomas meets the explorers keeping their cool in the name of science. into frigid antarctic waters certainly not for the timid but these crews making this dive
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a regular experience all in the name of science. the main purpose of our trip to antarctica is to establish a foundation for monitoring different species living on the bottom of the ocean we are studying the distribution of animals that live there and we are studying their nature each day during the short summer season this crew makes multiple trips out to sea where they get a firsthand look at what's below the surface. in this case one in the same biological community stretches from a depth of five to almost fifty meters there are certain variations but mostly the picture is the same it's impossible to say anything now it's too early to draw any conclusions we've got two little information just one section of you working out of the cars the one is of antarctica will not only help scientists identify the types of animals living here but by coming back over time they can study subtle changes in the environment and how the animals are affected by those changes in three to five years we will repeat our data collection and we can establish whether there have been any changes some animals might have gone and others me have replaced them
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we can establish why maybe there are some climatic changes that lead to changes among the populations so it will indicate whether it's got colder or warmer here what they come up with can at times seem a bit questionable if not simply messy while other times they're catch is quite clear but in all cases important to their research so what is log and ships to russia what is then catalogued and still sometimes new discoveries are made constantly i'm cataloging many new types of muscles my colleagues are doing the same we're always finding new and the absolutely are known species proving that there is still much more work to be done and one of the world's coldest ecosystems arctica john thomas fourteen. times got more stories from the south pole of course we'll bring you his reports over the next few days here on our.
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more than a mile from. one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization and sean thomas discovers quote makes antarctica so special that attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is the closest you live and runs an. expedition to the bottom of the earth. well it brings us up to date up next we've got all the latest in the world of business with katrina hobbs. thanks marina hello and welcome to aussies business bulletin russia's dominating gas company gazprom debates deals and prices with belarus and ukraine smaller independent companies are going seemingly unnoticed by russian national gas markets plenty of options for customers and not all of them government's own wary because i
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have to travel to the countries gas capital of know the euro and boy to find out more about the smaller players. this is where ninety percent of russia's gas production states place and about swine flu percent is the world's output not gas from maybe the king here but it's not the only one as small independent gas companies are also part of the game and we'll find out how. this is one of the fields of significant licenses to develop fields these little inserts amounts to months of living. now it's already own i know but which is the largest and that's. another part of it isn't it sara which is slightly smaller. than either it won't open giving. orders in these cities that it's
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a. better place. to make decisions that haven't really. seen the seeds or haven't seen a lot of signatures and. also they can argue it's because it's in the interests of gas for example the life force. may not be giving everyone for its money but it's not reading the book its mission so it's a great step forward for a fact that most of our business are in. the south rain gas pipeline is in focus in brussels the main players behind the deal are lobbying the european parliament to give the final go ahead for the multi-billion dollar project the european commission says it's supporting the pipeline but there's still a long way to go on a family of takes a story up on gas from moscow haykel says. it's become
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a battle of wills with gazprom and south trim partners on one side and the european commission on the other south stream say they're ready to start building but the e.u. has put a spanner in the works with its new energy market legislation south stream and it is on you totally it will be tough chick to search it into other market package and this is the mission pipeline it's the subject is internal market with its stars three in for example gives access to yes independent active in russia sends us to a good deal of our own peculiar namely diversification of woods and counter parties that means a stronger contribution to european beverage of occasion everts there is a lot at stake for gas from and its partners i mean a pretty mr nice to see
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a lot has been debated about the necessity of investment into your oops guess infrastructure in the last decade and the only poll in the recent obligations for building histories probation has been and still is russia these rules bugger than anything that russia will be a partner who can be relied on in the twentieth century were able to supply as much gas to europe as it will need. this meeting in brussels won't do the last waiting in the wings is the rival not pipeline aimed at bypassing russia has been granted an exclusion from the new e.u. rules something russia is not happy with. business are two. let's take a look at the markets now crude prices are trading moderately higher the weakness in the dollar is weighing on the market despite the us all think rising oil inventories and disappointing economic data. across asia japanese stocks are riding
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sharply energy majors are among the top game is riding on an overnight recovery in oil prices petroleum corporation is adding almost five percent this hour hong kong shares are also in the black after a three day losing streak the resource sector is in the lead to buy higher commodities prices petro china is adding almost one percent this hour. and here in moscow the trading session started around two hours time on wednesday both the r.t.s. and the my six closed in the black climbing for a second day in a row energy heavyweights are in the lead propped up by high crude price. while crude prices are floating around their record highs russian equity is trading at mid november levels. from d.c.b. capital says there's still positive sentiment on the markets which are likely to raise their second quarter losses we see a bit of strength in the russian market was to the market. and hence.
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the market's going to be any correction is probably going to be short lived in the really significant magnitude we expect that the market will start drifting a little bit of a macro picture which is of importance it is not true and a really good sign of some sort of clarity integration attrition is going to be paramount to the markets. a bit of risk because with no clarity of market sort of trying to be a little bit risk averse. well that brings you up to date the business the now have off even just under an hour's time stay with us and headlines next. the. middle east soon which bryson movement song from phones to the persian.
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