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so chill mcconnell. neutral mcconnell divination marco results will result in the same. results michael beverly closer to tell mcconnell riviera to tell mcconnell cintra hotel mccown. breaking news this hour one of the world's most wanted criminals is arrested. a fugitive a bosnian serb general. faces charges of genocide. russia and the us agree upon the need for a missile defense system that meets both countries security demands president dmitri medvedev holds talks with barack obama at the g eight summit in france. i must go calls for an international investigation into georgia a crackdown on protesters demanding president saakashvili resign.
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this is r.t. live from moscow and we start with breaking news the serbian president has confirmed the arrest of. a fugitive a bosnian so well he's been on the run from the hague tribunal for about fifteen years after being accused of genocide and crimes against humanity for more details on this let's cross live now to our correspondent in eastern europe. so what do we know about the details on that also the charges he faces what can you tell us. well there has been very few details so far what we do know is that has been confirmed by the president that it's that's one of the most wanted suspects in a war crimes that was arrested today in serbia now we do know that a d.n.a. test will be conducted to determine whether this man is actually a dot com. and we understand that the results of this d.n.a.
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test will be made public within the next seventy two hours or so now this happens after almost sixteen years that's been on the wanted list internationally serbia has been looking for him and he is being accused by the international tribunal in the hague on the crimes in the former republics of yugoslavia of genocide and crimes against humanity in particular the infamous srebrenica. massacre which happened in the ninety's in during the bosnian war and the people behind this tribunals claimed that it was behind the deaths of thousands and thousands of muslims in in bosnia so clearly this is now the end of the ongoing story in serbia we have to wait and see what the decisions by the time butyl would be and clearly this story is developing very rapidly with all the details on that as well and so we know the militias been on the run he's been a wanted man for fifteen years what you think the capture of him means for so.
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with all my times i've been to so i've been working there i've heard many different opinions about it and his close ally of the crowds which who was also arrested three years ago and now being on the trial in the tribunals in the hague. some people really believe that this was a hero so the hardcore nationalist part of serbian particular others those who aspire for the european integration of serbia believe that this was a terrorist and wanted to prison clearly this is a big day for serbia by all means so one part of the society will clearly be trying to protect not the largest the others will be saying that this is the end of the this is the happy end of the story as long as the detention of not somebody has been one of the one of the conditions under which serbia could be accepted for their opinion so these people will probably be happy thinking that this would mean probably mean that brussels. i have
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a different opinion about service accession to the european union but many euro skeptics in particular john laughlin one of the leading euro skeptics in europe have been saying that the tribunals in the hague has been very biased judging upon the trials of milosevic and of the crimes which that. the tribunal is not always making clear decisions and that sometimes is the stations are biased but obviously it is. really early to see what next steps will belgrade say and whether. would be extradited to the hague and whether this is not commodious at all because as i said the d.n.a. test will be conducted within the next seventy two hours and we are following all the details on the story right so let's you are screwed and i think yes thank you. talk to us like she was saying just that john laughlin who is an unlisted historian john says there are politics up play behind this case. well definitely the risk is
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the price which has been asked to pay and which. are paid whether it will improve your chances it's difficult to say because of course a lot of people will take will draw the conclusion that because he's been in serbia to slow down but serbia somehow been responsible for being in any case time personally skeptical that you membership is for very soon i think serbia will have to wait a long time whatever happens. because the price demanded. that it's been paid and i think underlines the political mates are really in place in treatment presently think that it's part of justifying the european all the west approach to serbia. over the last twenty years but that approach has been very hostile and aggressive serbia has been very main taken the main blame for the breakup of yugoslavia and for the bosnian civil war in my view and fairly and of
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course the west has created a number of institutions most notably the hague tribunal whose very existence depends on proving the theory of certainty and guilt. so really it's my understanding of why they are so tenacious in pursuing him you will argue with our team here oscar says that the violent crackdown on mass protests in georgia is a blatant abuse of human rights just in on an international investigation thousands of taking part in five days of protests calling for president mikhail saakashvili to step down they were dispersed by armed policeman and ahead of an independence day in military parade thousands and about the hospitals almost one hundred in jail . first has more on this. the day of independence military parades going ahead today as planned president saakashvili addressing a crowd of mostly military personnel is so many of the civilians staying away the heavy military presence many of the raids are being blocked off and quite possibly
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not many of them wanting to turn out after the violent clashes we saw erupting as police try to disperse a crowd of demonstrators outside the main parliament building president saakashvili said in his speech today about freedom of speech people believe course that comes on the back of this show a violent force from the police with a number of police vastly outnumber the number of demonstrators you really didn't want to be in that main parliament area when the violence kicked off it happened very very quickly they were a foreign cast into the crowds callan's and rather political is extremely confusing now my colleague who was with me at the time the a marine from the spanish channel was i was hit by a rubber bullet at the scenes of violence really very disturbing it was does this over revolution many of that crowd of demonstrators who are of the older generation they were struggling against pensions and hyphy prices and many of them ended up with quite serious injuries there is still
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a large number of people in hospital with that at the scene throughout the evening we can show you more of just how these violent clashes unfolded. it was hailed by the opposition as the day that would determine george's future and people died as a traitor saying that ousting president saakashvili ended in violence and. a huge pools of riot police moved in on the crowd just minutes after midnight on georges day of independence. seems to be. every right was. the maybe we've got police call and here we go one on the other side so good then to say to the surrounded. as the police closed in water cannons were fired into the crowds rubber bullets and gas seriously injuring demonstrators and. a police officer was killed when he was run over by
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a car and a protester dies in front of the parliament building the scenes of violence all the more shocking given that many of those involved were of an older generation which. we were standing peacefully when riot police kicked me onto the ground and started beating me my relatives also suffered they smashed one of my friend's face and left another one. you can see from my face the kind of force they used and i think i am even alive these people don't value human life that had been the silver revolution due to the older crowd they turned out demonstrating against lay pensions and rising food prices for five days they held the main t.v. building in tbilisi before taking their protest to the main parliament. high
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initial numbers of protests this is the weekend after this piece among the opposition parties and. that is they will lead through the streets on wednesday the crowds once again turned. on the police to use force. probably with traitors. three. demonstrators with vastly outnumbered and witnesses to the name then the two thousand and seven protests in which six hundred were injured this time around police presence was even greater and the fools they used just as the. questions are already being asked about whether the scale of force used was justifiable many were arrested and many more injured the debris on the streets in remnants of the violent clash you can see they set up their main fan from which the leaders of the opposition gave us a new look at you now say earlier on just before the fighting broke out was saying
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she would maybe be holding negotiations that didn't happen they wanted out. at the price that pending how it started in the violent surface r.t. you can always follow the situation in georgia online watch the videos on our website of course that is our team to come across africa there's also also use twitter and facebook but always keep you up to date on all of your friends for. the e.u. the euro zone's financial woes will be among the things discussed by leaders of the g eight summit in the french town of job you some talks have already been held on the sidelines of the presidents of russia and the u.s. so they met and they agreed on one of big issues out of the need for a missile defense system is able to meet with the national security demands of both countries possibly put in place by two thousand and twenty two to me so now and i can bring us more details on live from the summit and a high so the g. eight is raising has kicked off with some fringe meetings that's honest some of the
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details what's being said and what lies ahead is that you know. one of the big topics of discussion here at the summit is of course going to be the economy the crisis especially the one facing the euro and that's actually one of the first strong statements that we've heard come out of the g. eight from herman van rompuy who is the president's european council he said quote we will not let big euro sail now this is the most frank statement we've heard from a high ranking official on the euro in months now and it could be assumed that that means after this blunt statement that european leaders are scared that it is actually possible for the euro to sail never going to be doing their very best to make sure that doesn't happen so we're going to hear a lot of discussion on how best to deal with the giro price of course the fact that huge spending cuts are taking place across europe people are not happy about that we've seen tons of protests across the european union including host country france and of course this is all at the same time that they're spending hundreds of
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millions of dollars on intervention in libya france in fact was the first country to intervene to citizens not comprehend about that there's different approaches when you take germany france and all of the countries that are taking these ballots they'll have a different way of looking at the economy and how to go about saving the euro but if there's a lot of criticism coming from people when you when you look at the fact that these spending cuts are being made at home well. all of these this money is being spent on military interventions in foreign countries so it is as you say a couple of issues on the table being discussed how to figure a crisis out of the ongoing campaign in libya but we know that the american and russian presidents they sat down have discussion and they touched on a very contentious issue about of a missile defense the most goes from saying to washington d.c. we should all be working in unison on this issue there has been some small steps of progress without having. their house and that's the one good thing about about the g. eight that it allows for leaders to meet as
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a group of aker it also allows them to meet one on one face to face and discuss the issues that only focus really on their bilateral relationships like you said with the process and the u.s. one of the hot topics for that now for years has been missile defense they signed good news to teach of arms reduction treaty last april that was a huge step forward but still russia has concerns that america is not as transparent when it comes to its plans are for future missile defense systems anywhere here at the russian border we heard some positive statements from both presidents they do seem to think that steps are being taken slowly but they are being taken president obama saying that he believes dialogue could be intensified to make certain new approaches are found that both cards are signed acceptable in terms of their national security and president medvedev saying that he doesn't think an actual agreement will be seen until the year twenty twenty or something but he don't believe that now is the time for him and obama to lay the groundwork.
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so boyfriend iraq that it's not even missile defense question will be resolved in the future probably around twenty twenty just so we have to lay the groundwork for future generations of politicians of partnership of all countries in the future. so in general the meeting between obama and medvedev was optimistic a funny notice often happens to some. reason when breasts and america tense is to sit down they tend to mix up the slack so easily see how to think he did with the american flag behind him and bronco bamma with the russians like that once again happened today and also some positive words from proper obama on russia's excesses of the w.c.l. he believes dialogue on that needs to be intensified and of course something that russia and the u.s. have always cooperated on that is terrorism in terms about afghanistan and also when you speak about one of the most wanted international terrorist doku umarov who
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mr russell says are responsible for some of the most horrific terror acts in russia it was announced today in fact that the u.s. is offering five billion dollars for joko morris' that in itself is a very positive part of the us and us three sat right up through the news now with them live from the g. eight summit and. that's just the meeting between obama and relations between the u.s. and russia with democratic shishak. crist's latina who's working for us now in washington d.c. . so the two leaders have agreed that both countries they do need a missile defense system that is suitable for both but they said quite a long trip on this saying possibly in place by two thousand and twenty nearly a decade away why so much. well i obviously there are issues to be worked out but the important thing is that you know i think both presidents are trying to avoid. conflict. it's import for both our countries to understand that
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for fifty years we are our animosity towards each other our hostility defined our global politics and it's really only been ten years that we've had a detente and now we're trying to figure out how to become friends and. allies if possible so i think both sides feel each other out and so some of these decisions are made quickly the most important thing though i think is that both countries to their president sitting down and working out a solution coming to some sort of agreement and not being hostile because i think the politics in both russia and the united states is that neither country these are public hostility with the with the other country so you discuss the issue of a warming of relations perhaps a korean washington and moscow but it's always been a lot of back and forth over this missile defense shield that america want to put in eastern europe saying all the time that is to protect your from north korea and iran but it seems that they are making progress on this now considering that what
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they've been saying of the g eight summit in france does this now mean do you think this issue in particular will no longer be a sticking point. well again i think that it shows that there is an easing of this hostility that was was very intense that almost drove the world to a nuclear war in the sixty's i mean i think that that thawing take some time one of the most important things which happen a couple of years ago is that both the russia and united states agreed it would be very dangerous for everyone in the world if iran was able to produce nuclear weapons and i think russia has done its part to prevent that from happening so i think that that this agreement today is a continuation of that which is that while we may have. a disagreement around the edges about how to do things the this central idea that both countries are watching will be peace and that both presidents both facing reelection want to be seen as
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being able to create a peace between the two great nations is very important but don't you think it's perhaps a little bit bizarre america wants to put these missile defense shield in eastern europe to protect against north korea and iran when the surely there are more strategically positioned areas where they could put such a missile defense system i right next to russia. well it's a good question and the answer is i'm not exactly sure why but i will say this what one of the reasons that a i think it's credible is because the russians do want to participate and as we've seen today will participate as we go forward so so i think that even russia recognizes that there is some strategic value to russia as well as europe to having this shield place where it is it's not a nonstarter it's something that russia could live with as long as its participation was the participation that they felt comfortable with so i don't
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think i think that that that issue is something that russia is sort of accepted as long as the conditions are are with. within the boundary of what they are what russia considers its own national security and the credit strategist of course that's you know live from washington d.c. thank you but thank you very much elephant let's talk about what's up story now here and see in the arrest of a lot it's more insight from belgrade let's talk to sort of judge of corporate soviet russia on international affairs. and i will go first of all but what do you think is and what's your reaction to be arrested at this point. well first of all it is surprising that he seems to have been captured in the home of a close relative because for years close relatives associates and friends have been under under supervision by the security services so this can mean two things either that he was entirely left to his own devices and that there was no elaborate
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support group in the background helping him hide or else that indeed the serbian authorities had been grossly negligent or even conniving in his hiding which they don't believe to be the case because they were extremely keen to deliver knowledge for the hague and improve their chances as they see it of joining the e.u. which i personally don't think will ever happen so so mostly mary you think there's a fair amount of suspicion when it comes to teachers arrest and location but now the defense lawyer for another one another bosnian serb leader on trial said that today's arrest influenced his case what does he mean by that well obviously the prosecutors the hague will try to confront courage versus knowledge and i confidently expect their long term strategy will be to have one try to pin the
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blame on the other. will be a minus sign again in terms of prisoner's dilemma model you know other words they will both be worse off which would be the best possible scenario for them. i know you alluded to the issue all of us in sessions of the e.u. moments ago the u.n. war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia has been criticized for being biased and obsessed with only catching serbians what so what's your take on that. well of course cities having been to the hague both as an expert witness and as a material witness i'm well aware of the first but it is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive. to the free creation of the political position of the western powers the serbs or indeed the main culprits for all that has come to pass in the former yugoslavia and mark my words over the next few days
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instead of applauding serbia for finally catching wattage you will see in the western media yet another orgy of serbia phobia reminding everybody of thread and. a thousand dead because knowledge is greatest alleged crime so instead of actually. trying to bring serbia a step closer to normalcy this will be used yet again to show just how nasty those dastardly serbs are are now we've already heard applause from the e.u. leaders. capture all but actually want to enter the european union especially with the financial issues it's currently dealing with well you see the serbian media are not tightly controlled by the government today than they had ever been under milosevic and all of the media are repeating in unison on their turf the e.u. is some kind of panacea that lose all the problems now if serbia does join the e.u.
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i think it will be the first time in history that a rat has jumped on to a sinking ship but there would be simply the results of the target stablished and using the e.u. in the same way as the comrades in the soviet union used communists as an early receding prospect the little carrot that is being dugald at some in detail. in the future is a means of distracting attention from the installable present all right sort of growth of corporate or so being right on international affairs thank you thank you so i doubt as i continue your nazi with the business news with kareena. than. hello and welcome to business and we start with our top story the saudi exploration of russia's oil and gas rich oxic shelf is back on track as all major b.p. falls by the wayside state run rosneft is in talks with shell becoming their new
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partner now the nail in the coffin of the bt deal came with the russian energy minister saying it's a teacher collines between ross and b.p. is unlikely to be revived after the let's roll snap has been looking for a new partner with arctic drilling experience but unlike b.p. shell says a share swap deal with is not an option show where he holds a stake in the gas pump so highly into project with far east. russia's accession to the world trade organization has already taken almost two decades and has still not seal's however the process may get faster opposite me from my bed if barack obama discussed the issue at the g eight summit. well there you go you are going your consumers we've discussed illicit even freezing economic cooperation between our countries and stepping up russia is doubly cio positions and they will be able to bring this procedure to an end we need a new impetus to. work from the french to go to go would be good for the russian
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economy and for you as a government group for the world because as we're looking at it because it responds . first take a look at the markets now crude prices going up have given up their earlier gains and are continuing to focus our light sweet is currently trading above one hundred dollars a barrel brands is around a hundred thirteen dollars of our stocks in the u.s. to raise games as government data show the economy expanded as a lower rate than forecast also jobless claims rose unexpectedly offsetting higher than expected corporate profits among the gainers as tiffany advancing five and a half percent after raising its full year earnings call cost us profit estimates in europe equities makes this out of the footsies higher while the tax is trading in the red and markets being pulled down by the week of crude prices on the other given broad support is the news that china is interested in buying portugal's bailout songs and next month russia's dogs drop starting two days of gains as crude
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rushes made to export earnings decline two percent rise ex is down point seven percent while the r.t.s. is still trading higher close here are some of the market movers on the minus six energy majors among the main loses due to lower prices will cause in the red despite posting a seventy percent net increase in profits in the first quarter of the year shares of m m k are also down and metro now has received a lawsuit from the federal lands in the northeast service claiming m.k. has violated competition law bucking the trend is off the last that saw news it's considering not paying out to finance this year instead using the money for invest . so we have time. for but i mean less than one hour photo business is there out.
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of twenty years ago in the largest country in. the circumference of. one hundred cubic. inch began a church. where did it take them. to . come.
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