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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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it's a national news knife from moscow this is r.t. top stories this hour one of the world's most wanted war criminals is arrested in serbia the fugitive general was first accused of genocide by the take tribunals over fifteen years ago. russia and the us agree upon the need for a missile defense system to meet both countries' security demands president who held talks with barack obama at the g eight summit in france said it could happen by twenty twenty. russia calls for an international investigation into georgia's
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all to crackdown on protesters demanding president sucker's release resignation dozens were hospitalized after police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds ahead of an independence day military parade i'll be back with another date for you and less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the award winning journalist sebastian younger tells us about the face of war reporters and why that's our special interview next. r.t.u. sitting down with sebastian younger an american author journalist and documentary on his two thousand and ten film restruck was nominated for an oscar and his most recent book war illustrates the human bonds that are formed between u.s. soldiers even amid a climate of conflict and character sebastian thank you very much for sitting down with our team today with pleasure ok so your book war it does illustrate. the
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realities of war but if you decide to focus on the character of the characters and the humanity of the u.s. soldiers well was a very political thing i mean it has to be it has to be argued about. and there are dozens and dozens of great books that have come out the past ten years that have gone over the more out into politics the strategy of the two wars that we've been in i didn't really want to add to that i felt that the one thing that was dropping out of the of the national conversation we were having about these wars was the experience of the soldiers themselves i mean newspaper reporter you get a little bit of the you know so and so from just out of illinois his father's does this and you know a little mini bios of soldiers but you don't really get into what i came to think of as the emotional terrain of combat and what i realized in the fight was that i spent this little of coastal strip up in the korengal valley of eastern afghanistan
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huge about a combat very isolated place what i realize is that the guys were not fighting for flag and country and they were not you know they were joined up for reasons those sorts of reasons but once they were there they were fighting for each other and it was a completely kind of fraternal arrangement that had very very little broad kind of like conceptual like motivations behind it you were asked about the death of some of them on the assassination of the some london but you thought it may mean to the future of afghanistan and to the u.s. soldiers there and according to what i've read you say the men and women who are fighting are worse right now are starting to have a distant relationship with the event that triggered september eleventh and that you thought a more immediate concern that's what's going to happen on the ground and afghanistan because you say that most of the soldiers i mean it goes that you were. or maybe nine or ten years old when september eleventh occurred and i think that that a lot and whether he's alive or dead now that he's that matters to them i do i
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think it does matter to them but but it's using increasingly i mean you know i'm a new yorker and i write you know i was a before as a nine eleven story night on nine eleven numbering a very very painful memory you know someone who is nine years old and i haven't. joyce or me you know i don't have an emotional. that the that attack might not have a real emotional content like you would read on but i think they understand the importance of killing him and they understand the consequences of killing them killing him for themselves which is conceivable that they are in this manger do you think so i don't know but there's i'm sure this is a debate they're having out of these small outposts like are there going to be revenge attacks or are we in the stage or because he was the sort of kingpin and now it's all coming unglued for ok i mean i don't know no one knows what they're probably discussing that when you were on and that is that these guys and soldiers
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you were with our good friend and partner and i want to express my condolences to you and other you did as friends and a problem either until he was in libya right things for him how did that shift your focus on what you do and how involved you will be moving forward. or is that i can find some conflicts i've been covering wars is ninety ninety three and i've taken care about risks in those twenty almost twenty years and tim's death really pretty much knocked me flat and. i think it made me realize i mean he's been dead a month today's been a month and it was an awful month and i'm it made me realize like if i get killed. i'm going to be doing that what i feel right now to the people closest to my wife my family my friends and i never quite thought about it that way and i think. well
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to believe the decision i came to was that there is going to continue working on that to continue covering countries that are in transition in conflict but i'm not going to continue going to shout out like about business according to what's being reported and actually very well known is that most journalists have entranced many overseas players how close then this is decision the decisions are being made you know by networks cable stations what do you think is going to happen to const to our foreign news correspondents in the future if a lot of networks are pulling back there you know it's actually a great opportunity for freelancers you know back in the ninety's the ninety's when the networks had tons of money in the newspapers of euro's all over the world you had to be like certified you know like stamps you know as a reporter corresponded to have a job overseas and the scraps that fell from the table went to the freelancers well
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now those jobs are going up the agencies can't fund them so now that workload is being undertaken by freelancers and so you know you go to libya you know this c.n.n. and whatever but. b.b.c. but probably eighty percent of the correspondents on the ground are freelancers who are working for news agencies they can't afford a salary to a person who's there can afford to pay the insurance and so you know young very courageous young and sometimes inexperienced reporters step in and that's how they learn that the next generation of reporters is more do you think the media itself us media is. concerned with more and conflict as it used to be because we see so many of these salacious stories celebrity driven stories that. take the headlines but you know i think those stories of always going around i get most of my news from the newspaper i really don't get when you're from television so if you're referring to t.v.
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yeah this story you know this sort of celebrity scandal kind of stories that i think you've always been there and the reality is that nato intervened in libya because of the. avalanche of horrible images of information that was coming out of about eastern libya as it could off its forces assaulted the rebel positions in benghazi you know stuff. without the person there nothing would have happened and so somebody is paying attention the military the other scripts so. yeah i mean it's working it doesn't but i think every person in the country has to watch those images for them to have an effect and you say that war is not going about right that's you know one of the ravens by decided to write a book that you thought war from the point of view of the u.s. soldiers but. i mean if that is enough to say war is not don't go away i mean maybe the u.s. or other countries that our crating wars launching wars or for whatever reason
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justified. try a different approach because these wars are not going away but some would argue that they're not making circumstances any better afghanistan many experts call it you know a quagmire here afghanistan is at the lowest level of civilian violence a billion deaths in thirty years the highest rate of economic growth and that whole part of asia is in afghanistan. five times the number of children are being schooled compared to ten years ago with under the taliban a third of them are girls according to you i'm sorry as are talking up according to unicef afghanistan is the worst place in the world more info no it absolutely because you measure would be like without international assistance yeah it's bad it's the poorest country in the world but it's actually so much better than it was and i think people really realize that these were going to go away it's been with us since the stone age so no it's not going to go away it is illness and you describe like these are afflictions of human society but we fight illness we fight
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crime. should we fight against one thing the wars well you know you know there i mean there are there are wars i mean we're some we could argue well we're to rwanda we probably should have fought a war to end that war you know there was no military intervention in rwanda a million people died so if someone goes to me and says are you against war i'm like yeah i'm against war do something rwanda send a force in there to stop bosnia like area sierra leone yeah of course everyone's against war so what do you do when there's a war you know what do you do when there's a war in liberia you sit here in the united states and watch it unfold in the hundred thousand people die or you send in. no the mill is a country's military and stop it and that's what happened and it ended the war so it's like yeah i would estimate it with but sometimes you have to deal with war with war based on what you saw in your experience do you think any of these guys
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are questioned i read here. the soldiers didn't talk much about why we're in afghanistan i mean they are in afghanistan because they joined because they didn't want to go to afghanistan things were done . they were quite psyched to be in combat like they joined the army most of them. they joined the army and they got into the once every three or four to really kind of hard core unit precisely because they wanted to understand what combat was like and so they didn't debate why are we in afghanistan very much it's like well nine eleven you know it's a big three thousand americans were killed by attacks coming out of afghanistan. and we had to we had to go to that country and fix it and find the people who killed america or american brothers and sisters and that's about the extent of their analysis fashion and i thank you very much for your time if you.
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ask john they still. like the destruction.
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there are is an. arab rules protests. drug trafficking. global financial system. the world is turning which will be eight speak with one voice. still below the g eight summit on r.t. . we'll. bring you the latest unsigned stimson knowledge from a ground floor. window into the future coverage. of more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean
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thomas discovers fox makes sense arctic is so special and attractive for many life in antarctica is the closest and the flood zone. extradition to the bottom of the earth on our team. if. he is perceived. to be. easy to. see. the.
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russians soon which brightened a few. songs from miles to freshen. princetown saltine dot com. one of the world's most wanted war criminals right coming out of she's arrested in serbia the fugitive general was first appears of genocide by the hague tribunal a fifteen years ago. russia and the u.s. agree upon the need for a missile defense system that meets both country's security demands present within it been able to hold talks with barack obama at the g eight summit in france said it could happen by twenty twenty. russia calls for an international investigation into georgia's clampdown of protests and demanding president sucker's beauty's resignation dozens were hospitalized after police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds head of an independence day military parade.
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lobby back with more news for a more developments in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime it's time to join kate with news well surprising news from the world of tennis as we hear that one of the top seeds has gone out of the french open in paris with details on that and other sports news kate is with us next. hello welcome to the sports news on a busy day of tennis action and here are the headlines i watched him a second see crisis up as a shock second round defeat at the french open to the northern alliance troops. while dusty that year because of russia sacked their national i saw he coach following their semifinal exit of the world championships. in the pole twice formula one champion for now going on as i relieves the weight and practice of
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sunday's monaco grand prix. the first to tennis and there's been a shot at the french open after second see him twice as well crushing as to run should reduce his rank outside the top one hundred the belgian this take the opening set six three and led the second five to that squandered match points before completely crumbling in the decider to lose it six more on twice is the reigning champion at the us and australia open but was playing at roland garos for the first time in five years how congress is the world number one hundred fourteen he's also the top dutch player and has refused had its results so far by reaching the third round in paris i think lies does she have to really has to play. started down a little bit and i think that's you know include something that for me is definitely the wrong attitude as you know when you start doubting yourself on any surface but for me definitely includes it's the wrong attitude to have been. started building but not more confident started playing a lot better and was really kind of putting me on my back food all the time. you
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know going really poorly my aggressive turners anymore in that third serve. well next couple this is russia's maria kirilenko to establish you know she was from south africa risher up with that came from a set down i want to take the third set to love against frenchwoman caroline garcia is out there in a car that is also joining this. wrong russian contingent in the third round and i lost in sweden on might see to patrick a little trouble against china's genki however china's top female gnarly to progress the world number seven taking her time to act on spanish qualifier silvia's. in straight sets six four seven five next up for her is romania start on a just there stance from patrick alexander. sets. and off i go and certainly remained on course to his third straight final the swede brushing aside spanish qualifier out but in your last in just under two hours and
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even we got sick we couldn't spoil the celebrations because. conditions were a little bit tougher today. it was tough to feel really perfect but. when the streets are this is always good. and during settling in round three it's four seed andy murray the scotsman at classing sonali by lenny in christ three sets are still friends make a grand slam title screw it. well mardy fish is the latest american standing after the tenth seed stronger robin haas of the netherlands. moving to ice hockey and we have to stop because has been sacked as coach of russia's national team this follows a disappointing fourth place finish at the recent world championships in slovakia the country's ice hockey federation voted to drop him and his assistant equal to the internet because five year reign the duo left russia to back to back world championship titles however the low point was the quarter final loss to canada at
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the winter olympics in vancouver russia did respond to the runners up spot in the following world championships but the poor showing in slovakia was the first time russia finished outside the podium and that because i've seen the tool that is the front runner to fill the vacancy. with the relationship broke off from the talking many questions were asked on the development of hockey and why our team perform. poorly of the world championship and she back here in the executive committee from their work and their own says unsatisfactory not so it was decided not to renew book orphans a caucus contract. for no one now and rebels domination has taken a slight don't ask in battle and mark webber was upstaged at the latest free practice for sunday's monaco grand prix the trials champion fernando alonso stole the spotlight in the streets of monte carlo running champion and standings leader of the whole kit second case after the morning session that's the germans have to settle only fistfuls disappear off to what was extremely tight at the top arrives
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rory's loves are getting his nose in front because these tunnels and also his heels are all spent at least in his mercedes jenson button and. now saying all four wheels and the racing season has kicked off in russia the national touring car championship got underway outside the ancient city of science three hundred fifty kilometers west of moscow thirty eight drivers are competing in the possible consequences and it was a neck and neck politician in the top touring echelon coming out it's in the form of a provisional late head of rain champion we can't even get the level on points after the two sessions but the early pace make up anything to put the way. i don't want to sounds overconfident but we do plan to win that you can petition this year but also aiming high in the trial of the standings. football now says almost all the new leaders of the russian premier league the three no we're not what bottom creosote off move them up our luck want to own goal difference and the army man
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made a great start to the game to see kick on the curling in this exquisite not to take after just seeing minutes as the japan meet for the double takes fans found such on the stroke of half time capitalizing on a dreadful mix up in home science to friends to find the despairing goalkeeper and with five minutes to go serbia we go zone. push it she struck and that magnificent unsavable free kick to make free will and she certainly was singing again so to sally for the committee for the summits they were level on points here continue to prop up the table after their third successive defeats. and elsewhere boss alone have arrived in london a day earlier than planned for some champions league final against manchester united at wembley and central destruction from the volcanic ash cloud from iceland proximity to reshuffle their flight despite united's home advantage the cattle on side are still the favorites the english champions two nil in the final two years
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ago in rome by make a little messy school to some of those goals in italian capital will be central to the boss's attack on saturday. however that's right tony twenty three year old argentinian doesn't worry lunched united manager sir alex ferguson too much scots doesn't have any major injury concerns ahead of the showpiece final and says there's always all stopping stars from playing. there's always a solution to. every good player. we can vary the solution for. boring so. also we've got to recognise that we have all the good players and we have other group wears. such a. game. because i'm sure those who know you know the players that we can offer. more for the kids. and we'll end with ice hockey and a look back at the start of for most of this year's k h l one hundred awards as
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a cancer in ceremony earlier this week and from that onion reports. this sticks have been consigned to the local room and know it's time to party. to third seasons or work with those pools on the ice putting paws differences behind them however there is still one score left to settle who will be the best of the best. but you say intensive. physical sport sometimes you just don't survive to get to the show so glad to be able to enjoy a few it's always fun and. it's free time stanley cup winner sergei fielder of he's one of the most talented players the russian hockey has ever produced and he was one of the best man to ask who has emerged as the most promising russian player in the kid chill this year by being promulgated more as. a part of his show
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having a good season keep away his role. he played elsewhere that's not a very big minutes but some ads exceptionally well and he's more of what you're born also especially well so i wish across the uk he's prediction came true it was bubbles' enough to earn the title of the league's best ruki the nineteen year old winger showed his ward in the playoffs scoring couple of goals as he held the still makers reach the eastern conference finals before i ventured being stuck in the tracks by the government cup winners. nevertheless it's been a dream come true for the north to play with one of his heroes. mr gifford of my team mates a gay father of has been doing his will to shay's vast experience with me during both the training sessions and games he treated me as an old friend straight that would have accomplished. moving from the opens to the netminders as there can be no
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good team without an outstanding man in between the pipes much of a plan success decision as been down to constantine burton who played a huge role in getting them to the garden cup finals and along with proving to be the league's best goalie the twenty six year old managed to become the number one in the russian nation team in the twenty eleven world championships to. but you see but you should never be satisfied with yourself every netminder still has some aspects to improve on i'm not there for i will keep working hard with my personal coach to become an even better goaltender because. he was the mention sports and every month side all the way to the garden club decider although he didn't manage to clean the kitchen as biggest prize it was enough to claim the best coach award at cannes but. i'm glad i achieved a success with the club where it started my career as rochelle i have had great
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support from everybody and i would like to share this award with every single player my team and everybody who works for. the fun awards was the evening's move prestigious this is the most valuable player for the second straight year it went to some of us forward alex on the rubble of the season with a stunning ninety eight points roberts well known r.t. most of.
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