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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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well it's that time again as leaders from the g. eight gather in france where exactly does the world economy stand this time around as many very have an obama meet one on ones approved to the world and each other their newfound friendship is strong but underlying tensions of the honeymoon short one have a live report from france. and the scene in tbilisi georgia as police beat government opposition protesters using tear gas and water cannons so with the arab spring on the top of everyone's mind could georgia next in line to oust their leader.
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and so sussan cessna's movements on the rise worldwide states look for independence from the heavy hand of government but that better off alone. it's thursday may twenty sixth or pm in washington d.c. and christine friends out there watching our team. well starting off today some of the most powerful leaders in the world are gathering for the g. eight summit in deauville france among the issues on the table responding to the arab spring and also continue uprisings that we're seeing across the globe as well as nuclear safeguards and urging and of course economy president obama is meeting with some real leaders one on one and among them russian president dmitry medvedev yet argue the need to now we is in the real france and joins us now live with more
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a nice starting off i want to talk about this meeting between us president obama and russian president medvedev it's been a pretty close relationship as of late lots of love there but there seems to be some underlying tension as well as some disagreements i guess you could call them related to the missile defense shield give us your take what do you make of these meetings as you see them well this is an issue missile defense that has been on the table between russia and the u.s. for years now and it's always been an issue that when they sit down to talk about it there's lots of smiles lots of handshakes but there is always tension in the air and part of the reason that's the case is they just can't seem to agree on the start treaty which they signed of course last april limiting their strategic arms by more than a third on the words basically they disagree on what that contract means and
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although we see smiles and. the air teams feel like they don't look at each other they seem to be very distracted but at the same time they call each other friends all the time so it's a little bit of mixed signals i think i think personally what it is that they can't quite agree on this issue but they do sincerely want to try to figure it out president medvedev himself said that he doesn't think it will happen any time in the near future. i thought we had a sound bite that we were going to show between those two leaders but yeah that's what we've heard that he thinks that they were going to lay the groundwork they're going to lay the foundation now and yet we probably won't see anything until at least twenty twenty i want to talk to him he said about the u.s. and now saying recently that it would help target doku umarov the man who's claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks on moscow's subway last year u.s. now offering a reward nearly five million dollars i'm wondering if this kind of
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a light in the air between them was the scene as a sign of support or simply something to distract from some of the other issues well certainly on the surface terrorism is one thing that russia and the u.s. can always seem to agree on obviously it's a problem that they both face but this in particular and happening right now could possibly be first of all we don't exactly know what happened behind closed doors we saw what happened with the smiles and handshakes on missile defense but it really is something that they can't find agree on so perhaps it's kind of a little bit of a bait you could call that to say well we'll give you this you hang on in there about missile defense and we'll try to work it out in the future but for now we will put doku umarov on the world's most wanted list and even put out five million dollars. now that osama bin ladin gone now we can focus on some of the other world's top terrorists as well you know something that always strikes me as amazing about the g eight is the agendas that are put forth there's always so many issues
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that they want to deal with they're the these eight powerful countries talk to us just briefly about some of the other issues you see as central to being discussed during these three days. yeah it's almost insane when you think about it but in the time span of thirty six hours they try to discuss all these issues this year after top the most talked about issue out is going to be the crisis in libya and it's ironic that to some it is taking place in france because france in recent years has certainly moved its position on the global stage. the g. eight has gone full circle the last time the summit was held in france eight years ago the agenda looked almost the same. war the economy somewhere in the middle aid to africa on the table then iraq and boosting the euro now it's libya and saving the euro. two thousand and three france had a very different stance on global politics then it was staunchly opposed to the
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u.s. invasion of iraq french fries quickly became freedom fries after france u.s. relations soured just spite summit smiles but with the new french president came a new friend. rejected entirely the possibility of friends playing a constructive role in a multi multi-polar world and has aligned himself with the single superpower the united states nowadays france is barking much louder with more soldiers involved in foreign military conflicts a growing then ever before it's a globalist modern. it's not just a france it's a. global plan to change governments as they want. france played a central role in ivory coast's bloody presidential stalemate and is considered the on smoking in the leader of the intervention in libya this grain so has he wanted
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his to participate and to be one of the first. ruler western ruler to to go there and just for his political agenda critics say this new global policy was meant to we know for french voters but hasn't worked france is a kind of small united states with many interventions that are very costly and very little thinking about the relationship between rhetoric and a cost and cost is the killer european countries are facing more and more protest over huge spending cuts in an attempt to lower deficits and save a drowning euro sex scandal involving i.m.f. had done many extra come one might have knocked out a top contender competing against sarkozy for the presidency but experts say d.s. k. was toppled at the wrong time when he still worries about whether the euro will still
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be the currency of all these european countries in the next twelve to twenty four months and at the same time spending hundreds of millions forcing their way into the libyan conflict they don't see eye to eye but they doing to try to regroup around. the idea that it's a humanitarian intervention and the u.n. resolution a resolution that china and russia didn't veto it claims has been manipulated just through western interests perhaps there will be an appearance of agreement but if there is an appearance of agreement in my mind it won't be an appearance. appearance at the g. eight is hard not to notice the venue is usually some exclusive resort town where you can hear protests over the euro and it's easy to forget bombs are falling in libya this year france's beautiful normandy was chosen to house leaders as they sit down to debate some of the world's ugliest problems and once again are faced with
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the question of whether the g eight can regroup on splitting issues and yes no way r t v fronts so true and as i cover the g eight back when it was in sea island georgia and it really is always in these beautiful beach towns and i like how you times in your story about appearances you know versus reality things that they say they're going on smiles and then things that are actually going on behind the scenes talk about this a little bit as it relates to money i mean these are powerful countries but all of them including of course the u.s. having some struggles with the economy and yet we've got the situation in libya going on you mentioned that this is one of the top issues on the table talk about that you know all this money being spent on the effort in libya while many of these countries are suffering. well this is why you have protesters out on the streets not very close to the venue of course they've been quite tight on security in fact we haven't really had any problems although in fact today someone did manage i forgot to mention that he was there basically trying to bring awareness to the fact
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that she eight leaders have promised for years to gather more money for aids awareness and trying to do aids research and he made his way through security somehow in a feather boa if you log on to my twitter account you can check out the pictures that was pretty impressive but back to the money protesters people in france suffering from spending cuts we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars on libya to do the simple people here in france that's insane i mean we always tourists here yesterday for dinner i'm not complaining but i think if common french people or anyone knew how much money was being spent on these kind of things which is take the g. eight itself it seems a bit superfluous when so many people are suffering during this financial crisis not just those oysters but all that security is well arty's a nice analogy working hard i know it's been a long day for you we do appreciate you coming in rang in on everything. moving on now a lot of critical issues here coming up at this meeting every year and you know they
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often gives an insight as to where the world is now and where plans for the future fall on issues as varied as the economy and terrorism well joining me now for more is from montreal canada is michel chossudovsky director for the center on research and globalization. michel on one hand it's you know really great to see all these leaders sitting together working together i can't help but think about what's going on here in washington you know just down the street from our studios were issues like the debt ceiling or the budget you know lawmakers from the same country have trouble finding common ground do you think there are similar talons is in terms of getting thing getting things done and accomplished at the g eight. well i've been following the g seven g eight meetings for years and i can assure you that this is not a place where things kids get done or the surrogate it's a big hope relations. they draw out the communications the folly of
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the wind and i. previously mentioned the cost where the cost last year for the g seven g eight was was more more than one billion dollars so that. person really is all these leaders. involved in actual decision making only portal issues the war the crisis or of their to hold the legitimacy of the mistakes that baby which that they're not resolving the crisis their war with. the spending billions of dollars they impoverishing their respective populations i think is the fundamental question i think it's important to bring up i mean you talk about libya i want to talk to you about some of the issues associated with the arab spring all together you know we heard president obama say just a few days ago he said we do not want to democratic egypt to be sound old by the deaths of its past so let's forgive that egypt basically let's forgive the debt to
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tunisia there are some who say that this gives the u.s. and other g eight countries a free pass then to be more involved in in what goes on next in these countries what do you think about this and about you know the money aspect of this ritual of debt reduction is always been on the table the g. seven meeting is over socially first of all there's no let's be very clear on that the military dictatorship in egypt is fairly well established under the they held the same time. with commander in chief and also has the situation introduces a little bit better this war in libya. which is the day to sponsor humanitarian operations so-called which is killing killing hundreds of people but michel i mean just to get in here a second we have seen these countries across the world whether we're talking about tunisia or egypt or syria or bahrain i mean you can't deny that people are coming out to the streets to oppose their government but how big are the streets but
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that's the state structure has remained the relationship to international creditors is the be the same now that to tackle that issue of pets. any kind of pet cancellation or to seventy b.p.s. what it is is lending money to pay back all debts it's something which is well understood you know i have a billion dollars here i give it to egypt where they say hand it back to me that is what is called you know it's the logic of that service in these countries are so many that now they are subjected to conditionalities they cannot implement any kind of democratized nation under the whole of the only and you can only bet as that is the that is the reality so the way to compensate democratization have been you know robert gates is in touch with his counterpart in it cairo and military intelligence
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actually controls decision making i can't say that anything has been achieved but the protest movement is real but what has happened in the actual structures of the state in egypt is that is the maintenance of the regime with with the with the whole military and intelligence people call the the spots but you've got to say to the other that other things have happened in addition to governments coming down at us and as a result of the changing of the guard there egypt has announced that it will permanently open the rough on border crossing between egypt and palestine i'm wondering i mean this is crazy significant i'm wondering if you think president obama saw this coming if other leaders saw this. coming and if they're prepared for what happens next but i've been following this decision very very carefully first of all that decision is taken in consultation with purview of in washington the. church and business the point of not being the need to promise to open border.
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but in effect what we see though and that look across a big humanitarian ship to gaza it's a lot of the port of oil. and they have to call ricky refused transit through the through the border crossing. they have been told that they have to go through israeli you know through an israeli transit point so that in effect i i i will believe it when i see it but this opening up proper border is also something which is which has been you know which has been concocted by washington and tel aviv and it is a revision rather than a cancellation of the two thousand and seven agreement between israel and egypt still we got to say this is a decision that you know both you and also you know hamas is saying is a good thing so you've got to look at it from all sides and personally rather time michel chossudovsky director of the center for research and globalization well at
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least two dozen people are dead as and hospitalized as hundreds detained the result of a brutal crackdown on anti-government rally on the eve of georgia's independence day it took just a few hours for the government to sentence ninety protesters to nearly three weeks to tension this finishing off what was a bloody end to georgia's day of rage are to correspondent sara firth has more she's in tbilisi georgia. it was held by the opposition is the day that we did in georgia teacher in the people. ended in violence and bloodshed and he pulls the riot police moved in on the crowd just minutes after midnight on children's day of independence. day that's right was the crap and. we've got police calling.
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on the other side. as the police closed in water cannons were fired into the crowd rubber bullets and seriously injuring demonstrators and. a police officer was killed when he was run over by a car and a protester dies the front of the parliament. the scenes of violence the most shocking given that many of the. older generation. we were standing peacefully were right police to the ground and started beating me with my relatives also soft they smashed one of my friend's face and left another one. you can see from my face the kind of force they used and i think. these people don't value human life. the
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revolution the older crowds they turned out demonstrating against tensions rising prices the five days they have the main t.v. building in tbilisi before taking their protest to the main parliament. high initial numbers of protests this is the weekend of this piece among the opposition parties and so it is they will lead through the streets a wednesday the crowds want. to force. them in status with vastly outnumbered witnesses to the name then the two thousand and seven protests in which these hundred were injured this time around police presence was even greater and the fools the you just this is the. questions are already being asked about whether the scale of pools used was justifiable. many
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were arrested and many more injured they did real in the streets in remnants of the violent clash. that main band from which the leaders of the opposition gave. the earlier on just before the fighting broke out with thanks he would maybe be holding negotiations that didn't happen they wanted out really if that's the price that the ending how it started and things of violence so. switching gears now to opposition of a different kind but important than the last one of the latest countries caught up in a wave of nationalism polling success in recent elections by the scottish national party which means for the first time they now have the majority in parliament but is largely correspondent laura reports grating away from the united kingdom come without a struggle. the starting pistol sounds in the race to independence for scotland
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the scottish national party now has a surprise majority in parliament and their hell bent on a referendum on breaking away from the u.k. . control over a resource responsibility for the problems we face in our country and to be able to stand up and speak out in issues that matter to us. taking charge at home and making sure that we have a voice abroad revenues from oil and gas in the north sea are worth an estimated twenty one billion dollars to the u.k. treasury every year scotland says the reserves are in their waters it's hard to imagine the u.k. would let the oilfields go without a fight particularly as westminster wouldn't be legally obliged to honor a yes vote for the scottish people the union jacks days flying outside the scottish parliament could be numbers scotland's ditching the united kingdom would mean the u.k. treasury lost valuable oil and gas revenues and it could be the inspiration for historically
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less peaceful independence movements in europe like the basques and the northern irish to follow suit and further destabilize an already weak e.u. the s.n.p. would support other european movements in their own struggles for independence including wales and northern ireland if they so choose for the people of those countries to say what they want to do we would never support violence in any shape or form clearly a father countries wish to pursue and then. the sympathy for losses. and even those who don't want the u.k. to break up say it's a sense of wanting to reclaim individual nationhood that striping the movement. entity. it's all about whether you feel as i do that we are scottish and british we want to be and remain part of a union which i think is. scotland well for a few hundred years the s.n.p.
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still has work to do if it wants scotland's a breakaway even the most optimistic polls show only around forty percent of scots would vote yes and on the streets of edinburgh people are divided the oil industry and about you know say real good for scotland but all the oil just an angle on this we don't got. any generally a day we also not. be they two other people or rather school in the self defense cotton could survive a fragment of the length of the river for scotland. as much as i'm close to the score for the kids or for the future oh if you're in short we should know how much an appendage to move would be putting up with all driven require to go even if we're going to do a lot of things for the kids who teach one way or the other the s.n.p. has time to bring the on shore grounds it's pushing off a referendum until the second half of its five year government it would be the beginning of a new era for scotland which has been independent since seventeen zero seven but
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it's always retain just stroll on to students national identity something the s.n.p. will be playing on with all its much newer and it's all it's. all right so not a new phenomenon for one region to be independent or want to be in the kremlin from its surrounding areas well i want to for a moment draw a comparison with some of the states in this union and see themselves as standalone states alaska as i've talked about and texas of course is one that comes to mind with talk of states' rights ever present as well as the talk of north occasion or the ability of states to ignore federal laws but they just don't agree with here's texas governor rick perry back in two thousand and nine. and if. you keep. going you. if you keep.
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it was a and once again we're seeing people in power put pressure on their constituents to fight for their rights a way of that of course really reemerged after the passage of president obama's health care plan so weigh in on all of this then more let's go to austin texas and speak with radio host alex jones. ok alex before we talk about your home state i want to talk about scotland we just showed a report. about many people in stalin's desire to succeed and you know this is not an unknown region of the world and yet we have heard almost nothing about their plans to try to break away from the rest of the united kingdom it seems like kind of a big deal to me i'm wondering i want your take why has no one in the mainstream media talking about us because the queen of england is likely the queen of the netherlands own a lot of stock in british petroleum and those tens of billions of dollars of oil
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that scotland would threaten to take with that chicken haired texas and the us union to ireland and england and wales is two different things states here are part of the united states and a country we have scotland in england being two different countries who are in perpetual war with each other england conquered scotland and flies their flag above their conquered government building and so that's why they have a legitimate right and reason to get out from underneath what's left of the parasitic british empire but we haven't heard about this and there's been almost a complete news blackout on it worldwide you're right about that and i was i've been researching and it's very hard to find any information because the rest of the british commonwealth are still being sucked off. by the british oligarchy and that corrupt group that sits around it know that people understand that globalism is
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a cancer in the destroying local control and so there's a move toward sovereignty again and so they're trying to hope that people just don't notice this oh on its axis now i mean you say there's not many similarities but there are some similarities to have a you know a group of people a group of leaders who want to be independent from their surrounding regions i'm wondering you know you're in austin and you spend a lot of time there how strong is that sentiment there now. well it's very strong and it's always been strong and. i don't completely disagree with you i'm not saying there aren't similarities it's just that scotland is a country that was at war for probably something like five hundred years with england trying to conquer it off and on so that's two separate countries texas is actually similar that it was its own country but voluntarily chose to join the union it's known as the lone star state because clearly it's codified any time texas wants to pull out of the union it can instantly that's the treaty its own
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record but the original thirteen colonies they also have a similar right now is less an expansion happened toward the pacific those were first territories so they don't have as much a right but any free group of people who don't like some distant government ruling them have always had an innate right going back to a declaration of independence and just common organic law to throw off those chains of tyranny and to create a new government that will defend the people's rights and liberty so secession movements are growing worldwide because people don't like big corrupt central corporate run empires are running their life people are take switzerland their nationalism never been higher in russian nationalism side china everywhere people want to be nationalistic they want that they don't want to be run by the global corporatists new world order board guys half ass or a fire wall just turning i think what you're saying alex i mean in terms of not always liking from the rules that are imposed by the higher forms of government
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around almost people in texas who get assistance from the federal government you know what happens to them. i mean texas has more resources produces more wealth in california were the second most populous states second largest day after alaska there's been a lot of international studies done the texas will be much better off the feds take one dollar of tax money from taxes they send us back thirty three cents of it with strings attached and tell us that they hung the moon and make the grass grow i read that that number is actually closer to ninety six cents but i guess at the pentagon where little thing for ok looked like this is what's happening our federal government doesn't exist anymore twenty seven million dollars of tax money from the us was sent offshore i'm not even for texas a session at this point i want my federal government back and my republic back i want the private fellow reserve that's hijacked my nation like hitler invading poland out of my country and i don't we are totally out of time.


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