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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in the lower show i'll get a real headlines with none of them or see me live in washington d.c. well it's that time again the g eight has officially begun in france we'll speak with one of our correspondents who is the who's there to find out what's on the agenda including by lateral meeting between russia and the us then one year ago today p.f.c. bradley manning was arrested in iraq or remind you of how he got to four leavenworth where detained out and we'll speak to one of the most famous whistleblowers in u.s. history daniel ellsberg about how the u.s.
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government handles those who leak secrets then time is running out for the patriot act that is one senator is working hard to keep key provisions of this bill from being renewed and we'll tell you about a secret interpretation of the bill that the government doesn't want you to know about and it's a problem that will literally affect everyone skyrocketing global food prices but this time around they become permanent but look into the geopolitics of food scarcity what's causing all of that i will make a toast and so it's happy hour but up first our top story. it's a meeting of some of the most powerful leaders in the world the g. eight summit kicks off in deauville france today and as always there's a long list of items on the agenda for the summit but much of the talk is going to circle around the arab spring and the continued uprisings around the world artes and it's now a has more. the g. eight has gone full circle the last time the summit was held in france eight years ago the agenda looked almost the same. war the economy somewhere in the
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middle ages africa on the table then iraq in boosting the euro now and saving the euro. two thousand and three france had a very different stance on global politics than. it was staunchly opposed to the u.s. invasion of iraq french fries quickly became freedom fries after france u.s. relations soured despite summit smiles but with the new french president came a new friend sarkozy has rejected entirely the possibility of france playing a constructive role in a multi multi-polar world and has aligned himself with the single superpower the united states nowadays france is barking much louder with more soldiers involved in foreign military conflicts of broadbent ever before it's a globalist modern. it's not just the friends it's the whole. global
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plan to change governments as they want. france played a central role in ivory coast's bloody presidential stalemate and is considered the unspoken leader of the intervention in libya this grain so whose event it is to participate and to be one of the first. ruler western ruler to to go there and just for his political agenda critics say this new global policy was meant to win over french voters but hasn't worked france is kind of small united states with many interventions that are very costly and very little thinking about the relationship between rhetoric and the costs and costs is the killer european countries are facing more and more protest over huge spending cuts in an attempt to lower taxes it and save
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a drowning euro the sex scandal involving i.m.f. head dumb and the extra come one might have knocked out a top contender competing against sarkozy for the presidency but experts say d.s. k. was toppled at the wrong time when you've still got worries about whether you. will still be the currency of all these european countries in the next twelve to twenty four months and at the same time spending hundreds of millions forcing their way into the libya conflict they don't see eye to eye but they going to try to regroup around. the idea that it's a humanitarian intervention and the u.n. resolution a resolution that china and russia didn't veto would have claimed has been manipulated to suit western interests perhaps there will be an appearance of agreement but if there is an appearance of agreement in my mind it will only be an appearance. appearance at the g. eight is hard not to notice the venue is usually some exclusive resort town where
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you can't hear protest over the euro and it's easy to forget bombs are falling in libya this year france's beautiful normandy was chosen to house leaders as they sit down to debate some of the world's ugliest problems and once again are faced with the question of whether the g eight can regroup on splitting issues and he said no way our cheat movie friends. earlier i caught up with r.t. course won and he said now way to get more details from the g eight and i first asked her to tell us about the bilateral meeting between president obama and russian president since obama's taken office and talk has been all about reset and how friendly did they look at this press conference. while i was intense i mean if you look at the video of their faces they were star and they were serious it was really hot in the room every journalist trying to get into that room there's not very many spaces so it was stuffy hot if you take a look at the pictures president it's very different sitting in front of the american flying russian rock obama in front of the russian flag that's actually we
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found out i think that the americans do because officially they were the host in this bilateral meeting i don't know how they decided but they like to switch the flags around which i thought was a little strange but it was tense they call each other friends all the time that's been the way since their very first meeting my friend brought my friends in the tree constantly almost like they're trying to prove that they're friends in a way of course missile defense it is an intense issue for russia in the u.s. and they signed the start treaty last april but there's still a lot of concerns that there's not enough transparency coming out of america on their future plans and president medvedev made that very clear that that's still a big deal to russia now is there any talks of maybe a joint fight against terrorism we found out today that the u.s. announced that doku umarov considered russia's number one terrorist or most wanted man would be added to a u.s. list with a five million. there are rewards so did the two presidents actually mention that themselves. they didn't but i think it's fair to say that they certainly spoke
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about that behind closed doors terrorism is something that russia and the u.s. can certainly agree on in another sense there's a question of why this is happening now because as you know very well yourself don't cool mars has been acting and killing people in russia for years so why now is it happening perhaps it could be seen as a token of what will give you this and then maybe in the future you'll get what you want in terms of missile defense because the u.s. is not ready to give it right now as it seems so perhaps a little brokering going on there libya of course is a hot topic there any signals as to whether the u.k. has decided to send apache helicopters we also know that libya wrote a letter to a number of governments asking for a cease fire agreement there are continue to be a lot of nato bombings today in tripoli so what do they have to say about libya. right and of course we just had. david cameron's saying that the mission can't have
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a deadline yet and that it will basically continue until moammar gadhafi resigns but something russia is a little wary about they do look at this very differently are they tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to getting involved in sovereign nations internal affairs and it's just come out recently and in fact they have asked russia to be the broker in the libyan crisis that's a pretty big deal maybe they're understanding that it's not quite working the way they thought it was and now they've asked russia to come in and try to get something done and of course president obama when he delivered his middle east speech to the arab world to americans last week he said that the u.s. would provide aid but that it would also try to be a trade partner those countries like tunisia or like egypt that are embracing democracy in that region did they try to get the rest of the g eight on board in terms of providing for financial means today. we didn't hear anything
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about that in the actual statements from our work spectating a sort of joint statement and in fact delegations from tunisia and egypt are taking part for the first time in the g. eight of course they're going to speak he could be speaking about the spring uprising but a question that's really being asked here is why is america picking and choosing which countries deserve money and deserve to become a democracy through them what about bahrain what about other countries that are experiencing the same thing we saw in tunisia and egypt and back when i think countries like russia and china are going to be bringing up behind closed doors although it from the experts i've been speaking to really think that to us to the journalists they will make it seem like they really are on the same page and ok lastly i know the g. eight isn't typically you know in a large city the way that we see in the g. twenty when we might see tens of thousands of protesters but what is the security situation there like. it's intense yesterday it was really hard to get around deauville we were really lucky because it's my fourth g eight and we've never been
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able to get a parking pass to actually drive around in our own car and because of our scouts role we can't just take the shuttle buses so i was really impressed that we actually got a parking pass and we at least at our t. are able to move around freely and we live about six kilometers which is about. three miles i would say from the actual venue and we haven't seen any signs of protesters although today actually. i assume he's a journalist here and tell me how he made it past security a protester in a pink feather boa made his way into the press center where i am right now i don't know how he did it he wasn't kicked out he got to make his speech and he was trying to bring awareness to the fact that g eight leaders have promised for years to gather money for aids awareness of research and that hasn't been done so that was an interesting moment in terms of protests but in terms of anti globalist what was on pittsburgh and toronto not one sign and he said thank you very much for filling us in. also to come on tonight's show one year ago today
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a private first class bradley manning was arrested by the military and accused of leaking classified information and he's been called a traitor for his alleged actions but in one nine hundred seventy one daniel ellsberg leaked the pentagon papers to say he's a hero so will manning the legacy change over time by asking all virgin self interest in the. let's not forget that we met in a park right here right. on the well. we haven't got the shows there for keeping safe get ready because you get your freedom.
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h.r. in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. new website which twenty four seven live streaming news tell us what to do about the ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never. knew. so. little. aren't.
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you guys welcome to show me tell me alone or show we've heard what our guests have to say on the topic now we want to hear. just go on to you tube to video response or the twitter for part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response to. your book. one year ago today private first class bradley manning the military analyst who's accused of leaking classified materials to wiki leaks was arrested so on this day we'd like to remind everyone at home about his convoluted really does jointed journey that's led him to where he is today at fort leavenworth back in may of two thousand and ten the army's criminal investigation unit arrested manning while he was stationed i forward operating base hammer east of back that he was held at a facility in kuwait without receiving any formal charges and former hacker adrian
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lamo spoke with manic the online chats along i was the one who alerted the feds to the army privates alleged activities manning was accused of leaking an army video to the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks and you probably know the video better as collateral murder. i am all right. the video caused an uproar in political and military circles and brought wiki leaks which has been around since two thousand and six to the position of being the number one enemy enemy of the united states now while detained manning was charged with exceeding his authorized access anybody's search deeper into the army's online files and he was supposed to fast forward to july two thousand and ten or the alleged leaker was transferred to the quantico marine detention facility in virginia according to a press release he was transferred because the kuwaiti facility was designed for
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merely short term detentions foreshadowing his brutal stay at quantico all manning was detained in virginia wiki leaks dumped a massive trove of u.s. diplomatic cables as well as files on both the wars in iraq and afghanistan all of which manning is accused of leaking now those hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables reveal how the u.s. government approached the message and especially international relationships revealing the most of my new details about foreign leaders dictators americans spying operations at the u.n. as you can imagine the government was none too happy to learn of their treasure trove of secrets is now available for anyone to read this disclosure is not just an attack on america's foreign policy interests it is an attack on the international community the alliances and partnerships the conversations and negotiations that say so our global security and advance economic prosperity. that's one of the
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real charges for manning began on march second two thousand and eleven the army private was slapped with twenty two new charges on top of those who previously mentioned and one of them being aiding the enemy a capital offense so while the state department were diligently to mend relations with world leaders politicians and pundits were sharing would. they felt would be a fair punishment for manning there are traitors in america that is the subject of this evening talking points memo whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wiki leaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. in our government or leak that information he's guilty of treason and i think anything worse than execution is too kind of in a. while perhaps the u.s. government was listening to o'reilly because the tail then started emerging about manning street while he was a quantico he was only allowed visits on a few occasions he was held in solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day checked on every five minutes where he had to answer that he was ok so one
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point he was stripped of his clothes and forced to sleep naked for several nights in a row and all of these conditions are qualifiers for inhumane treatment and torture that the obama administration turned a blind eye to what happens i want to go tell the president even said he was told by the pentagon that manics treatment was appropriate do you think that a former constitutional law professor would know better himself but there is only one person who dared to speak out state department spokesman p.j. crowley who said that manning's the tape it was ridiculous counterproductive and stupid and just days later on march thirteenth he was forced to step down from his position even congressman dennis kucinich tried to visit manning to check on his conditions but his requests were not there so it goes as the secretary of defense he sent me a response to church talk to the secretary of the army i talked to the secretary of the army he said talk to the secretary of the navy and since they have control the marines have control over. and then the secretary of the navy said no i have to
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talk to the secretary of the french so that that's a runaround. the administration continue to turn a blind eye the public began shining in they went to quantico to protest manning's treatment and keep in mind he still has not been convicted of any crime but it seems the president. already has his mind made up on manning skills. now move forward april twentieth of this year after facing scrutiny from the public over his treatment aquatic o. manning was transferred to a new facility in fort leavenworth kansas now call this the saudis also close doctors about what word is that manning is being detained in much better condition while we wait for a trial to begin let's take a minute to see how weakly how bradley manning has changed the world over the last year earlier i caught up with daniel ellsberg former u.s.
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military analyst who famously leaked to the pentagon papers in one nine hundred seventy one he's also the author of the book secrets a memoir of vietnam and the pentagon papers i first thought that if you think this is been a good year or a bad year for journalism on one hand we saw trove of documents that were reported on but only because the wiki leaks was willing to release them and we know that our mainstream press might not have done the same. well as true every time there's a major leak of any sort whether it's the pentagon papers forty years ago with thousands of pages or particularly claim to be and as a wiretap wireless wiretap the for which the new york times got a pulitzer prize after sitting on it for a year and pressure the government in any such case it would be real for readers and journalists both to look back and say why couldn't we have this before who misled us for re to go a bill was it's so easy to fool us and who did the fooling and should be listening
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to those people with the same credibility as before very little of that seems to go around that retrospective look and i think it should because for example in the case of the iraq war logs of the fact that the pentagon had been saying for years we don't do body counts we don't know how many civilians were killed over there the logs show in fact that they were counting up very well and that there were fifteen thousand there had not been reported in the press earlier really an occasion to to look at what whether the president could do its job in asking those questions of all that was taking a petty helicopter case that was revealed for the video of the people being shot down in iraq. yes or any investigation either by the press or the government as to why has it been a few just under freedom of information or several years even though writers had been trying to find out why under what circumstances their people had been killed
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in every attack and what could it show about the rules of engagement while people should adama i'm afraid that are there hasn't been very much curiosity in a way as to whether the process of informing the public by the press could be improved if they were more skeptical and if they were more probing in their investigations why do you think that happened the art carry off any opera. the general american public a lot of people have credited weiqi leaks with some of the information that they've put out as to spring of the revolutions in tunisia and egypt but the majority of the information that you that was released we're talking about the apache helicopter if we're talking about the iraq war logs of the afghanistan war logs that's damning information about the u.s. government and how it conducts its business how conducts wars on behalf of the american public so why haven't we seen more of an outrage from the american people . actually the research drone that is rather dismayed it does
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confirm what some people have told me for forty years know that the doesn't prove it splits in the direction of sane people can people don't care that much about who would kill him over there he didn't to accept that guy says but there's a lot of evidence for that so there isn't that much interest in how many people are being killed collaterally supposedly of the thousands of people really ans of all to go in the middle east that sounds excessive but it could easily be over a million there were a and yet there's been no pressure from the pope or to permit or to get more information out of the torture information and where or which the photographs of upgrade were before the election in two thousand and four and yet that wasn't the factor in the electoral debates attempting to put. the public didn't show much concern or for that matter about the and as a warrantless wire taps i think thread should have been the basis for very great
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public concern who is being kept we're journalists not congress street. and what is being done with that information and how many people congress itself doesn't know the answer to those in the public eye have to say as demanded in a way there's not a great public servant for maintaining democracy and sorority cigarettes in america but. i still have hope it will recover its. long arc its light segue over to bradley manning a young ontarian of analyst who is accused of leaking at the is a documents to wiki leaks we have been following his story here closely on the a lot of show about the treatment and conditions that he was in it while he was held to quantico now as of course at fort leavenworth but once he does go to trial do you prepare is there a possibility for this man to get a fair trial we. already seen videos of the president himself saying that he thinks he's guilty think he broke the law fair by ability standards is not the same as
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fair by civilian centers or even by military standards we do have a case here where the commander in chief has pronounced him guilty sitting broke the law even before he's on trial now if president nixon had done that during my trial we certainly would have pressed for a mistrial whether we would cut or up as it was on charges were dismissed at the end because it governmental misconduct of different sorts and i would say that in this case there's been very clear cut governmental misconduct as the former former state department spokesperson p.j. crowley said the treatment of him in history of conditions is in his words been stupid ridiculous counterproductive he could well have said illegal and even amounting to torture and abuse and i think that is the case i think that actually the charges whatever their merit otherwise
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a finance for bradley manning could well and should well be dropped at this point in a military court martial because of those abusive conditions just as mine were but to go back to the earlier point the people who would be judging them are ability to be subordinate so the commander in chief who's almost given them a directed verdict i would have to say that's inevitably very unfair. now of course people like yourself think that bradley manning if he did indeed document is my hero is a patriot you say that you were bradley manning and of course we have a lot of politicians and it's americans to you that think of bradley manning is a traitor and you also were given at that label at one point but now i think that it's fair to say that you are nationally seen as a hero that you did something for this country and putting the pentagon papers out there helping end of the war in vietnam do you think that it's just going to take a little bit of time and maybe perceptions about mangal change i'm not sure people
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have changed their opinion. or of the word a lot of people of course did change their opinion on the war over time and that with them to change their opinion of me but i think people who regard bradley manning is a traitor without any basis for the oed for of their constitutional definition of preacher that hearing to our enemies to say that inside we're giving them aid and comfort to see that bradley manning it appears for the telegram to ok that is absurd he is no more a traitor than i was or m. and i ducked and perhaps it serves to and you know show that he's aiding the enemy actually played on them without any question or intent that charge promotes that with other unquestionable champ's he agreed to write to president bush or cheney or rumsfeld people would say who were in just principle and who recruited for a period of about still true in our occupation of iraq and numerous to ration of care is there certainly not charging. the president or any of these people with
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intending to aid the enemy but if you're going to ignore the question which is this charge that says and it is i say it applies to them better than it does to veterans so that's an absurd structure or the course of their opinion people who could he was wrong simply just be a regulation whatever is inside. whatever the those people probably cannot change their opinion of me kristen's makers of opinion and i live with that. i think there are mistaken but that's their entitle to that opinion the fact is though that middle east i'm sure that he. it is not bradley manning but the source of the work you lead starts you can swear that is is very much appreciated and to be sure that he took the revelation that the american government was well aware of the corruption but they suspected in their own governments were was critical of the
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violent protests that emerged and that led to their losing dictators that the us government had supported for years it occurred to me that one sometimes there whistleblower is somebody who shows fire in a crowded theater it's on fire and the fact is that middle east is of piling up for the players or dictatorships for generations and it's time i would say for instance stop that to reverse course the. great remaining are believe we've seen if he is indeed the source and we can stop you can see as somebody who really contributed to democratic change in the middle east. all right mr el baradei i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight and of course we'll continue to follow the case of bradley manning here he may have a trial perhaps by the end of this year i will have to wait and see but if the chat logs that allegedly bradley manning wrote between himself and adrian lamo are
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correct and then those he said that he doesn't care if he perhaps is executed or if he is put away for life for this information he felt it was important enough to get that out there and it is out there and it's making an impact thank you so much for joining us tonight. and just ahead does the aaron guard small final word tonight for a bad p.r. move turn to the raid that killed osama bin ladin that at midnight several even visions of the patriot act if that you're fired there will harry reid's fear mongering convince the senate to act before a bill rand paul stand against the patriot act we've built with fire will dive into the topic in just a moment. we are right here. on.


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