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it's about time of year again as leaders from the g. eight gather in france so where exactly do the world's economies stand at this time around plus i don't have the value of an obama meeting one on one to prove to the world and each other a newfound friendship is strong but underlying tensions cut the honeymoon short. and the seed into belief through georgia as we speak government opposition protesters using tear gas and water cannons so with the arab spring on the top of everyone's mind could georgia up next in line for its leader.
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and the fashionista movement on the rise around the world states look for independence from the heavy hand of government but will they be better off alone. it's thursday may twenty sixth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for is out there watching our team first the beginning the g. eight summit where some of the most powerful leaders in the world are gathering today deauville friends among the issues on the table responding to the arab spring and continued uprisings we're seeing across the globe plus the possible implementation of new nuclear safeguards and argy and of course the economy our teas and he says now is in deauville and has more. the g. eight has gone full circle the last time the summit was held in france eight years
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ago the agenda look almost the same. war the economy somewhere in the middle eight africa on the table then iraq in boosting the euro now it's libya and saving the euro. two thousand and three france had a very different stance on global politics than it was staunchly opposed to the u.s. invasion of iraq french fries quickly became freedom fries after france u.s. relations soured despite summit smiles but with a new french president came a new friend circles he has rejected entirely the possibility of france playing a constructive role in a multi multi-polar world and has aligned himself with the single superpower the united states nowadays france is barking much louder with more soldiers involved in foreign military conflicts of brawn then ever before it's
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a globalist modern economies and it's not just the friends it's. global plan to change governments as they want. france played a central role in ivory coast's bloody presidential stalemate and is considered the unspoken leader of the intervention in libya this spring he wanted us to participate and to be one of the first. ruler western ruler to go there and just for his political agenda critics say this new global policy was meant to win over french voters but hasn't worked france is a kind of small united states with many interventions that are very costly and very little thinking about the relationship between rhetoric and the cost. and cost is the killer european countries are facing more and more protest over huge spending
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cuts and in attempting to lower taxes it and save a drowning euro sex scandal involving i.m.f. had done and you can might have knocked out a top contender competing against sarkozy for the presidency but experts say yes kay was toppled at the wrong time when you've still got worries about whether the euro will still be the currency of all these european countries in the next twelve to twenty four months and at the same time spending hundreds of millions forcing their way into the libyan conflict they don't see eye to eye but they going to try to regroup around. the idea that it's a humanitarian intervention and the u.n. resolution a resolution that china and russia didn't veto but have claimed has been manipulated to suit western interests perhaps there will be an appearance of agreement but if there is an appearance of agreement in my mind it won't be an appearance appearance
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at the g. eight is hard not to notice the venue is usually some exclusive resort town where you can't hear protest over the euro and it's easy to forget bombs are falling in libya this year france is beautiful normandy was chosen to house leaders as they sit down to debate some of the world's ugliest problems and once again are faced with the question of whether the g eight can regroup on splitting its years and he's now a r t v for us. well i want to dig a little deeper now into the bilateral talks between president obama and russian president made bed yet this is a somewhat newfound friendship relatively speaking but between various meetings and of course the strategic arms reduction treaty these two leaders in some ways have been enjoying a honeymoon period as of late well earlier i spoke to mark out a man a columnist for in and me he gave me his thoughts on this relationship and also perhaps why this honeymoon may be ending soon take a listen for
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a couple of things i think one of the more important issues they talked about was missile defense and really no one surprise didn't really agree on a lot they kind of agreed to agreed some time before twenty twenty which is they're not that meaningful. and there's some initial reaction that i mean suggested they will stiffen their body language and didn't appear to be getting along very well you know that could possibly do to some of these in the recess and again not really a big surprise and a good missile defense some other things on the table the world treaty organization or russia's entry in the world trade organization which again is kind of the significant drags out forever it seems to finally be coming on the actual threshold of happening now and least publicly obama said that you know this is something that they sell supports. probably more rhetorically than anything else and they're nervous number of other issues that were discussed i know terrorism came up i think the united states suddenly added a little more of to. yes this little list of the f.b.i. has a little girl even better even volunteered to put forth nearly five million dollars it to him and omar we should mention for those who don't know the name he claimed
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responsibility for that subway bombing in moscow last year some of the nine of course now gone so we can focus on the other countries big time terror and that was something that had been overshadowed that it really angered the russians for a while there were a couple people who were almost i think notice of a couple other chechen you know noted terrorists who for various reasons whether oversold or deliberate it's kind of hard to tell these things sometimes but they weren't on these lists for quite a while this is something that you know probably going from. it is not terribly meaningful but it's it's a nice kind of message to say that we recognize that you know people like when we're out of there are terrorists you know they you know are just as bad as al qaeda people and they should be treated as such and they had the same kind of value placed on their heads or any information that leads to their capture that's certainly a good sign of support again the start treaty another really big. win for the two countries working together but let's go back with a little bit you sort of thrust upon this whole defense what are the major issues
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here that the two countries are not agreeing on they have that they want to at least lay a foundation this time around talk a little bit about him break this down for people who aren't going so that missile defense is kind of a mess i mean again it's one of those things it's both sides you know kind of their sort of rationale they think is all they're covering a lot of things that we want to do united states claims that this is directed against rogue states iran most of its ugly but you know i'm not an expert in snow rocket physics but if you want to shoot down missiles i know that the authorities were to do it and when they're in their initial kind of boosting stages does it make a great deal of sense from a purely anti rainin standpoint to put an anti iranian missile defense system in the czech republic and poland is not it is not critically effective to make there's four bases that are open to the united states that are closer to iran would be far easier to actually shoot down missiles so that raises a whole host of directions the russians obviously they rely pretty heavily on their nuclear deterrent as a guarantor of the of their kind of sovereignty is i think that's their phrase they
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use to express it and they understandably are a little skeptical of united states basing missile interceptors that are capable of shooting down ballistic missiles. other than a couple hundred miles of there are western border now you know opinions differ on how sincere their concerns are the course unishe will a number of interceptors that be at this sort of base is pretty limited i think it's no more than one or two dozen and you know for a country like russia that has hundreds upon hundreds of you know missiles that are capable of going anywhere in the. well that's not an issue really that big a threat but of course the thing is once the kind of infrastructure the radios the radar system the tracking dozens are in place it's pretty easy to bring more interceptors and base them at you sort of things i think the real fear over the long term from the russian perspective is that you know this is something that could be if the need ever arose upscaled pretty quickly because you already have all of the targeting of the structures and place so for that reason at least in my view there are pretty understandable skeptical patterns in them is that close they have offered. the united states use
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a radar installations in various parts the former soviet space that they say would be better for tracking or any missiles so you know there's a lot of stuff going on at this stage i think it's perhaps more this product is to use for many pieces of you more about kind of anchoring some of these countries in nato in a suite and there are fears about russian special new them or just russian power than it really is about being against iran again we have military assets much closer to iran that are much more useful for targeting missiles bahrain kuwait iraq itself. so yes and especially as of late this is something that seems to take on more and more a rule of comforting the polls including the czechs and other people that have recently joined nato in the with the real members it's not some kind of they don't have a second rate membership they are full players in the alliance and they have all the benefits of responsibility that that entails so you mention this well but we also are key as a reporter on the ground in france for the conference is taking place. who kind of notice this strange interaction between president medvedev and obama perhaps not
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looking directly into one another's eyes. is that a sign it really that the honeymoon is over though i mean what are some things that the two countries are still working on that have good chances of being accomplished soon and you know this twenty twenty date is just so far away that i know there's some other tensions too in terms of. you know russia not wanting us to get involved in syria and other things right now that's what about sort of the good in the bad that we have to look forward to had between the two countries. you know again i think there's some modest positive that all that'll work out if we can finally push the session through that be good at this stage again you know i think george is one of the major hold up about i think they need unanimous consent for someone to join the world trade organization and they were just seems not terribly throw the prospect of russia joining that how much we're really able to do and that is kind of up for up for debate if that does actually go through i think that would be a very positive thing i think there's also some discussions of you know u.s.
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companies or the u.s. aren't playing a direct role but u.s. companies investing money in this quarter project another kind of innovation thing that never has been populated with but you know part of the problem is that i think a lot of times we try to read too much into kind of the personal relationships of leaders like this you know by all accounts to it and pushed it along pretty well. and you know the united states russia ration ship to tarie to dramatically during that period of time now they were perfectly capable of appearing you know convivial during there are things they viola counted in during the victory parade the moscow they stood next to each other and look like they were at least you know having recently a good time but during that kind of friendship lation ship was deteriorating dramatically to a level that hadn't been seen since during the state of the cold war so you know overall it's another relationship is in modestly better health than it was before obama took over. i think unless there is some particularly unforseen dramatic instance that will probably continue some modest improvements but yeah i mean again
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it's not really a big surprise that missile defense which is something they're probably not unless you know there is a sea change in either side of the equation in terms of the outlook and then states or the russian government that's something that they're just going to not really agree on anytime in the forseeable future. now is mark out a mass columnist for in. for wave of violence in georgia at least two people are dead dozens hospitalized and hundreds detained it's the result of a brutal crackdown on anti-government rally on the eve of georgia's independence day just a few hours for the government to sentence ninety protesters to nearly three weeks detention this finishing off what was a bloody and george's day of rage r t correspondent sara firth has more simply say . it was hailed by the opposition as the day that with the children. and the people. that ousting president billy ended in violence and. a huge force of riot police moved in on the crowd just
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minutes after midnight you'll just a independent from. every right. across. the labor we've got police call and here we've got one on the other side. as the police closed in water cannons with the crowd. seriously injuring demonstrators and. the police officer was killed when he was run over by a. and a protest in front of the parliament building the scenes of violence all the more shocking given that many of the. older generation. we were standing peacefully when riot police keep me on to the ground and started beating me my relatives also software they smashed one of my friend's face and left
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another one i'm able to stand. and. you can see from my face the kind of force they used and i think i'm even alive these people don't value human life. had been to the silver revolution gee to the older crowd they turned out stating again click tension and rising prices despite days they held vigil outside the main t.v. building and police before taking their protest to the main ptolemy. high and national numbers of protesters at the weekend out of among the opposition parties and. that is they will lead to the street the wednesday crowd once again turned out . for them street. demonstrators with vastly outnumbered witnesses to the name then the two thousand
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and seven protest in which six hundred were injured this time around police presence was even greater and they will say yes' says the. questions are already being asked about whether the scale of use was justifiable. many were arrested and many more injured it's a real mystery remnant of the violent clash. that's our main concern from which the leadership of the opposition. earlier on justice called the fighting broke out was saying she would maybe be holding acacia agent that didn't happen they wanted her out such as village instead the price attending how it started and scenes of violence. see these classes and george and me like a familiar scene just in a different place but what has led up to and what lay ahead are to go to certain korea former member of georgia's parliament for some insight. georgia is
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basically wants to have change in a country and people are tired from an environment in which they cannot really express themselves freely without being intimidated by the government forces. the most important questions they were asking yesterday and previous five days previously the peaceful rallies and demonstrations was to have. finally free and fair elections and the country since two thousand and three other so-called rose revolution we did not have unfortunately in the free elections whether local or the national level so this was the basic demand from a few hundred peaceful demonstrations to this is typical sign of signature of sampras through its out the private rule he always tries to find a scapegoat he always blames the third powers he always tries to find
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culprits caught crossing the border of my country and tries to destabilize situation at the mystically in georgia which is wrong he himself is that the most dangerous in communicating and destabilizing factor inside georgian inside the country and he's the one who needs to be blamed for the bloodshed and it's not sniping even though the georgian notoriously. strongly tried to intimidate people and that the last night was the most. painful night human in history and recent history of my country i think it is and it's it is not going to warp the way they did it toward his planet i think george instead of first rate if they're outraged and we're expecting more and more rallies in
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coming days in the coming months i think they're more international. society races war you say against injustice in georgia of the more georgian people have. hope that tomorrow will be much better much better for their families and finally georgia becomes democratic free country like the ones you are trying to. catch. and of western europe and the states and around the world unfortunately right now i don't see really serious concerns from the international society how they strongly should be condemning the regime from its brutal crackdown . on may twenty fifth in the cup the city of. tbilisi and on the other hand i also strongly believe that the obama administration will never agree
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with the. excessive violence excessive use of force against peaceful them straight and that was not me because a former member of the georgian parliament. now and the opposition of a different kind of scotland is one of the latest countries caught up in a wave of nationalism following think that in recent elections by the scottish national party so for the first time they now have the majority in parliament i would argue correspondent laura and that report breaking away from the united kingdom. out of struggle. starting pistol found in the race the independent space gotland the scottish national party now had the surprise majority in parliament and that hell bent on a referendum on breaking away to meet u.k. being control over resources we keep responsibility for the problems we face in the country and to be able to stand up and speak to the issues that matter to us so it's about taking charge of the whole minicon sure that we have a voice abroad revenues from oil and gas in the north sea oil weapon and to. twenty
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one billion dollars to the u.k. treasury every year scotland says the reserves are in their waters it's hard to imagine the u.k. would let the oilfields go without a fight particularly as westminster wouldn't be legally obliged to honor a yes vote for the scottish people the union jacks days flying outside the scottish parliament could be numbers scotland's ditching the united kingdom would mean the u.k. treasury lost valuable oil and gas revenues and it could be the inspiration for historically less peaceful independence movements in europe like the basques and the northern irish to follow suit and further destabilize an already weak e.u. the s.n.p. would support other european movements in their own struggles printer pendants including wales and northern ireland if they so choose. people of those countries to say what they want to do we would never support violence for clearly if other
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countries wish to. kill the sympathy from us. and even those who don't want the u.k. to break up say it's a sense of wanting to reclaim individual nationhood that striping the movement. it's all about whether you feel that we are scottish and british we want to be and remain part of the union which i think is scotland. the s.n.p. still has work to do if it wants scotland separate the way even the most optimistic polls show only around forty percent of scots would vote yes and on the streets of edinburgh people are divided the oil industry and. all the oil. we can go.
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to other people. as much as i'm posed to be. for you because of all the future oh if you're in short when you go away from the village room i'll be praying about it all day one make. sure you know enough to go to turkey to do a lot of food for the good food one way or the other the s.n.p. have time to bring the on shore ground it's pushing off a referendum until the second heart of it five year government it would be the beginning of a new era for scotland which has even depended in seventeen zero seven but it's always retain just strong and distinct national identity something the s.n.p. will be playing on with all its might do and it's only edinburgh. are as of this idea not a new phenomenon for one region to be independent from its surrounding areas i one for a moment rah comparison with some of the states in this union and see themselves as
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standalone states on a comes to mind texas they always are talking about states' rights and also lately notification or the ability of states to ignore federal laws that while i just don't agree with here such as governor rick perry back in two thousand and nine. you may keep. it. where you. really. think you can. and here now again we're seeing people in power putting pressure on their constituents to fight for their rights a wave that you know really reemerged once again after the passage of president obama's health care plan well earlier i spoke to radio host alex jones to weigh in on all of this and more. because the queen of england is likely the queen of the
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netherlands bones a lot of stock in british petroleum and those tens of billions of dollars of oil that scotland would threaten to take with it compared texas and the us union to ireland and england and wales is two different things and the states here are part of the united states and a country we have scotland in england being two different countries who are in perpetual war with each other england conquered scotland and flies their flag above their conquered government building and so that's why they have a legitimate right and reason to get out from underneath what's left of the parasitic british empire but we haven't heard about this and there's been almost a complete news blackout on it worldwide you're right about that i was i've done research on it it's very hard to find any information because the rest of the british commonwealth are still being sucked off. by the british oligarchy in that
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corrupt group that sits around it know that people understand that globalism is a cancer and is destroying local control and so there's a move toward sovereignty again and so they're trying to hope that people just don't notice this now on to texas now i mean you say there's not many similarities but there are some similarities to have a you know a group of people a group of leaders who want to be independent from their surrounding regions i'm wondering you know here in austin i spent a lot of time there how strong is that sentiment there now. well it's very strong and it's always been strong and i don't completely disagree with you i'm not saying there aren't similarities it's just that scotland is a country that was at war for probably something like five hundred years with england trying to conquer it off and on so that's two separate countries texas is actually similar that it was its own country but voluntarily chose to join the union it's known as the lone star state because clearly it's got
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a fight any time texas wants to pull out of the union it can instantly that's the treaty it's on record with the original thirteen colonies they also have a similar right now is less an expansion happened toward the pacific those were first territories so they don't have as much a right but any free group of people who don't like some distant government ruling them have always had an innate right one back to a declaration of independence and just common organic law to throw off those chains of tyranny and to create a new government that will defend the people's rights and liberty so secession movements are growing worldwide because people don't like big corrupt central corporate run empires are running their life and people are take switzerland they're nationalisms never been higher in russian nationalism side china everywhere people want to be nationalistic they want that they don't want to be run by the global corporate as new world order board yes ass or
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a fire wall you're staring i think what you're saying now is that i mean in terms of not always liking from the rules that are and who is not higher forms of government what about all the people in touch this who get assistance from the federal government you know what happens to man. i mean texas has more resources produces more wealth in california were the second most populous states second largest hey after alaska there's been a lot of international studies done the taxes will be much better off the feds take one dollar of tax money from taxes they send us back thirty three cents of it with strings that taxed. and jealous that they hung the moon to make the grass grow high rather than numbers actually closer to ninety six times but i guess it depends on where you are looking for hey look look this is what's happening our federal government as it exists anymore twenty seven million dollars of tax money from the us was sent offshore i'm not even for texas a session at this point i want my federal government back and my republic back i want a private cell reserved that hijacked my nation like hitler invading poland out of
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my country that was alex jones host of the alex jones show joining us from austin texas and that is going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to our t. dot com slash usa we've also got a bunch of stuff on our you tube page you tube that han's last r.t. america and i thank you so much for watching you have a great night and christine for. the good that we are right here. i think. we have the governor says they're going to keep you safe ready because they're going to their freedom.


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