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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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since feeds. on the call to calm. general abrupt cold blooded is ruled fit for extradition to the hague on charges of genocide despite his health problems all of this it with theories he was given up in return for serbian and membership to the e.u. . he must go g eight leaders agree on to the end that thrust such a broker a cease fire in the libyan conflict harmonies now i join me at the g. eight for more. warnings of a further anti-government protests in georgia as the opposition accuses the oath or the use of playing down the number of victims and those missing after the dispersal of crowds.
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a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow a court has ruled that former bosnian serb army general ratko blodgett she is fit to stand trial in the hague his son claimed he wasn't healthy enough to be extradited to the arrest of knowledge on thursday was a key condition for so be as easy you entry and some are suggesting he was finally given up in exchange for membership. is outside the court in belgrade where luggage is due to appear. a lot of just currently in the building behind us which is the special war here in build rate in the serbian capital we know that are his questioning was put off because the official said these health condition was so badly deteriorated that questioning could not continue and we do know that his
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questioning and of course the issue office parks tradition to the hague is put off until today and all of the local newspapers have got his picture on his front page that's him after he was arrested of course that's him in his older days we know that according to information like this was working at a construction site a project sponsored by the european union it was visited by the serbian president plays the audience and of many other e.u. officials and local officials so it's very ironic that the man that all of those people had been searching for for nearly two decades was all this time right under their noses many of his coworkers are very shocked to find out that this was in fact a once famous general ride none of them recognizing him some of course commenting that he looked like the man up knowledge of course the nine any such similarities here in serbia many people as a national hero and have been already protests in various cities across serbia
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including belgrade and the city where of luggage was arrested we know that a lot of people took to the streets hundreds protesting against the capture and the potential extradition over i think. kareen i thought about reporting right there well our constantine koch our fees the head of the russian parliament's foreign affairs committee says that the hague tribunal exists only to legitimize nato's interventions in the balkans. i believe that the last here is the latest here is severe tribune all started here's a new idea. here's one one option to justify the previous intervention by need to force us in this conflict and supporting our the chorus in this call can vote no on this sort of so no the basically dear me to prove the serbs in serbia sort of service in bosnia herzegovina elsewhere are of the main
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criminals are of the nation being responsible for the tragedy of the former yugoslavia and they can not accept it as a call for a fear of. well rock of love it she won't face a fair trial in the hague as his conviction has already been assured that the view will join at laughlin from the institute for democracy and cooperation and we spoke to him a bit earlier when he was in paris. he'll definitely be extradited and there are absolutely no chances at all that he will get a fair trial it's a very important point the earlier convictions that have been handed down because for brits i'm thinking particularly of the conviction of a man called general kostitsyn in two thousand and one specifically says that general nottage committed genocide and had genocidal intent in july one thousand nine hundred five in other words general knowledge his guilt has already been ruled upon by the hague tribunal and so if this were a proper tribunals which it isn't. his appearance there could be very short it
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could simply say here is where you convicted me in two thousand and one there is obviously no presumption of innocence in this court and the proceedings would have to come to an end unfortunately is not what will happen. well balkans political expert. told us he would r t why he thinks that western powers are so enthusiastic and it's hard getting a so. why do we believe. mr carter. and mr milosevic carried out. these war crimes in fact what is the actual crying that carried out and for many of. our obvious is the resistance towards the takeover of your country and replacement or through the an existing government by marionettes government by the united states and by the nato powers of the piece you of joining the european union has been used now for the last ten
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years as a kind of incentive like the let's buy low prices and your and your mines and your national would supply western companies and organizations who will be able to get into the european union let's go live a so-called war criminals and let a game is going to help you get into this so-called richmond's club that is we can see the rich once club that once was is having great difficulties itself. it would still come for you this hour with a change of the pentagon chief change the pentagon spending look at why despite america's national debt there's such a strong opposition to cutting the country's a bloated defense budget. plus what it's like to work on the planet's coldest continent continues its exploration of antarctica today would be the russian researchers are living
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a life in the freezer. but russia says it's now ready to mediate efforts to get the libyan leader colonel gadhafi to resign if indeed help secure a cease fire in the country the agreement came out of a g. eight summit in france where the world's wealthiest nations once again for you to step down immediately he said he said our now joins us live from the tunnel to field which is hosting this meeting. and he said so it looks like russia has joined in on the efforts now to put pressure on gadhafi you know in the final declaration of a summit. that's right to have the declaration in front of me and it's pretty fair to say that most of it covers what has happened in the middle east in the arab world this spring and the situation in libya basically word for word it says he must go about get out fisa leaders did agree upon that we're hearing now from officials that the debate was quite heated it's no secret that russia in the west have very different ways of approaching the situation russia in fact like you said was asked to come in and broker the situation we are hearing from from the
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different russian officials that they will most likely accept that we don't have confirmation yet we're expecting a news conference from president it's me three minutes we did and he most certainly will be asked whether or not russia we would agree to actually be the broker who spoke to me film arguello the head of the foreign affairs committee in the upper house of the russian parliament this is what he said about russia's future on its feet. we did not have any illusions about the character of the ba'ath regime and we did not have any illusions about the bill for himself as. all the european nations we were trying to build bridges with gadhafi when he was playing by the rules. now he's not playing by the rules bombing of civilians means that the leader does not deserve any credit and does not deserve the right to be called a national leader we are ready to initiate a dialogue between reasonable people in tripoli and reasonable people in benghazi.
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so very clear words there from markel of russia under sounds like exactly is now not playing by the rules question though coming up is what's going to happen with syria a lot of comments in the delegate declaration about what's happening there a lot of words like urging encouraging one point they do speak about how there are told by the violence from the government and we are getting heads of the european officials are pushing for perhaps some kind of resolution like we saw in libya and we've already heard from russia that they wouldn't even read a u.n. resolution on intervening in syria let alone sign it so it looks like that's going to be the next big debate so and as the conference was drawing down drawing to a close that there have been a lot of meetings on the sidelines of the past five days apart from libya one of those subjects being addressed. but one other big issue and especially because we're talking about libya is the euro crisis europe is spending billions of dollars
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just coming out today twenty billion dollars to tunisia and egypt when at home huge spending cuts are taking place we've seen so many protests across europe and we have a statement coming from nicolas sarkozy about the euro saying that the euro essentially is you're up in any threat to the euro is a threat to europe so obviously the euro is in trouble and european officials are going through everything they can to save it and then why are they spending these billions of dollars on internal affairs of basically a completely sovereign nation so a lot of questions are being asked in terms of money. and military spending and then of course there are a lot of bilateral meetings president obama sitting down with the president to meet him it's been there they got to work out a little bit of confusion about the situation on missile defense it's always been a tough issue it's going to stay that way president obama saying he believes work can be intensified to try to find new approaches on how they're going to do with that in the future but the president made to just think he doesn't think that's
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possible until sometime in twenty twentieth's or not very soon but they're going to try to lay the groundwork for future politicians the g. eight a perfect format for the leaders just speak together on the harsh issues but also work out there by about bilateral relations as well and i need to we can certainly use maybe here's some more statements coming out of the conference in about half an hour i will be broadcasting live the press conference from the g. eight summit there where you are in the field from so he said he said now we thank you. for georgia's opposition says it's ready to hold protests despite the authorities cracking down on peaceful crowds on thursday they claim that mikhail saakashvili is government is under playing just how many people were hurt in the violence dozens remain in hospital and that many including some top opposition figures are still missing sarah ferguson the capital tbilisi and sent this report. with thousands of down the police closing in on all sides and we protested letting our war cry is the main street in tbilisi became
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a battleground. but the main parliament building now a very different thing to the one the saw piling class is a right thing on the street as police try to disperse the crowd of protesters. then gas filled the streets as police quickly moved among city story untainted crowds. and throwing people to the ground a police officer takes aim at our camera man realizing in time he's from the media but others were not so lucky including my colleague diego schools up in the confusion the policemen appeared ok they was very aggressive with the people and they started to keep all the people they don't make any hands with nothing and then suddenly being told. and realized they could meet with some kind of this kind of politicized rubber bullet and they give me
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a name starting. with police ghastly outnumbering protesters the operation was fast and severe and that's the dust settles the struggle continues. many are left searching the hospitals for relatives and friends then meeting resistance. yes. you don't believe scandals. we told you we came to point fifty million aged between twenty and forty people don't need to know what are the odds you come to a hospital but they wouldn't let us in and they wouldn't give us any information telling us to ask the police. even ninety people have now been placed in what's called minutes to take a rest it carries a penalty about eighteen months in prison. leader of a rally they managing to escape the mayhem in a convoy. that fights to the end they're winning a little holiday to let me out of the biggest i can't trust anyone anymore i'll
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never come to protest rally again i just want to be safe. at the military parade for independence day president saakashvili spoke of supporting freedom of speech. but many protesters paid a high price for trying to have their say. for president saakashvili accuses the moscow instigating not rest until we see georgia media has been quick to report the same but as it certainly according to a former georgia of local representative told r.t. such accusations are nothing new and totally groundless this is typical sign of signature. rule which tries to find a scapegoat. for crossing the border of my country and tries to describe the situation in georgia which is wrong he himself the most
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dangerous in can be a. factor of. the country and he is the one who needs to be blamed for debauchery. you can find more analysis of the situation in georgia clicking on our web site also their first impressions from the violent crackdown on protests you can find out in a blog and of course our. screen right now there you can see video of the brutal dispersal of protesters was filmed by our crew who also caught . much much more at facebook dot com.
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it's now a quarter past the hour here in moscow and with r.t. america's outgoing defense secretary has warned of the nation's paymasters to keep away from the pentagon's budget. worries rather would limit the ability of the u.s. to project force. for explains. from another trip as robert gates winds down his time as secretary of defense. he isn't as eager to wind down america's six hundred ninety billion dollars a year in military spending even as the u.s. faces a one point five trillion dollars deficit the defense budget is not because of the deficit and debt problem that we have as a country. once the secretary who denounced no bid contracts and redundant military
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spending in the war on terror the attacks of september eleventh two thousand and one opened gusher of defense spending that nearly doubled the base budget over the last decade the gusher has been turned off and will stay off he is his last weeks in office to warn that too many cats could spell danger for the united states it is important that we not repeat the mistakes of the past were tough economic times or the winding down of the military campaign leads to steep and wise reductions in the sense it's also warned against closing some of the us is more than one thousand military bases worldwide our record of predicting where we will use military force since vietnam is perfect we have never once gotten it right. there is there isn't a single instance in grenada panama the first gulf war. the balkans eighty. zero zero military spending increased by twenty point six billion
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in two thousand and ten and nineteen point six billion of that was the us alone other countries are closing deficits by reducing their defense dollars the united kingdom for instance has started the process that started the process greece and turkey which have a long time rivalry have had discussions about mutual reduction. virtually all the countries in europe face its problems. at the pentagon budget continues to grow. the outgoing second. theory of defense also called for a continued u.s. presence in iraq even as president obama's timetable mandates a total withdrawal by the end of the year i hope they figure out a way to. and i think that the united states will be willing to say yes when the time comes from a defense contractor michael o'brien says the gap is likely to be filled by defense contractors we want to keep the number of soldiers was always possible because it's
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a political hot potato but nobody bats an eye one hundred thousand contractors school rich in the same year of operations. some analysts say america's military spending is too powerful for any defense secretary to control whether he heads into the private sector or to wall was part of this revolving door culture we have or not and still i think feels protective towards one's interests he also recognizes that the. pentagon is big business in the united states as robert gates prepares to head the reins of the pentagon over to leon panetta at the end of june he says quote all of the low hanging fruit have not only been put they've been stopped been crushed but they think that's across the board many americans say they want to see the pentagon tighten its belt as well keel and ford are at the washington d.c. . twenty minutes past the hour now here i'm also going to check out some other world news headlines for you u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says that american pakistani relations are at
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a turning point she was speaking during an unannounced visits in pakistan ties between the two countries were strained after the killing of osama bin laden almost a month ago the operation carried out by the u.s. forces that was condemned by pakistan's leadership as a breach of the country's sovereignty. flight recorders from an air france plane have revealed details of its deadly crash two years ago the captain was not in the cockpit when the plane began its fatal three and a half minute descent into the atlantic off the coast of brazil it hit the ocean surface nose up and everyone on board was. killed in the tragedy the black boxes were recovered from the ocean almost a month ago. the president of southern sudan has urged the north to remove troops from a disputed challenge tension has flared between the two countries over the oil rich borderline region or yeah now it's the first of these have since fled the area the country will officially split into two nations in july but it's fear the latest
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violence could push them back into open civil war. michael you would think that life at an antarctic research station is one of lonely seclusion and with loved ones thousands of kilometers away however scientists are working in the planet's coldest climate have a different story. thomas enjoyed a warm book. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean paul has discovered what makes antarctica so special and attractive for many wildlife in antarctica is. the. expedition to the bottom of the earth. building townsend station it is one of seven permanent russian research stations in antarctica but it's not just the location that makes this space special life here is anything but ordinary. but it
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didn't work and you know antarctica you have to have a well developed instinct of self-preservation instincts of camaraderie and you don't have that you will be able to help each other because in critical situations here people are more open or kind and are always helping each other but there's a lot in each summer around forty people call this place home and only sixteen people live here year round and each day is run according to a strict schedule of business hours are between eight in the morning and ten at night where researchers work in their labs and in the field while the rest of the crew work around the clock to keep the place running. like they would belong to with every year is getting better and better the daily life and everything else we renovate all our buildings the machinery is getting newer and we hope the new people in the team get used to it. every person living and working in antarctica have to earn their house or whether you're a scientist a researcher a mechanic or even a journalist. if they gathered together to clean up the. long hours
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added responsibility and isolation from civilization certainly can take its toll on a person. so finding time to relax in antarctica is just as important as the work. initializations and i always have something to do when i need. relax i enjoy playing pool well we don't have a store here it's my alcoholism and x. i have my hobby here that i can always get busy with i still have some unfinished work so i've set to go for myself to finish them. and as billings hausen is a true russian station life here wouldn't be complete without a traditional then yeah. but not only does the buildings housing crew keep each other company. when there is a need for even more culture there is outreach to the other stations as well. actually the sort of station station to be and go than it is a place to get crazy to get. mad about being lonely being.
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planned because here we have lots of different national international activities with all of our trainees and friends career and friends all of them trying to keep one big family and many people working together to make their home at the bottom of the planet seem more comfortable in antarctica sean thomas archie. shawn and on with this expedition to antarctica continues tomorrow to join us but i thought after a short break it's kareena with a business. zero to talk all the international film festival in the event of all russia from may twenty third to twenty ninth featuring two hundred films from forty eight countries thirty five russian premiers and fifteen tries winners from the fairly in china and
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venice film festival appearances by ray fines hundred pawel don't get dozens of forums discussions of workshops the circle of his or national film festival find cinema for a demanding audience. hello welcome top business thanks for joining russia is aiming to become the first broadest economy in the world within a decade promise to put in outlying one of the main object to move away from wrong serial dependency stressing this means adding value exporting refined products i don't think russia is any different than a lot of other countries that have an abundance of crude oil they didn't build refineries and now they find themselves in a position of saying do we want to go to invest billions of dollars to to billy's refineries because we want to be able to sell the crude this that we want to be able to put the crude into those refineries and get the higher value products out
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of them and put it into the world market right now there are other countries that are actually doing that refining and taking a piece of those profits and i think i think russia saudi arabia vietnam is looking at i think they're all looking at it is a way for them to increase their portion of the take of the crude oil that they're producing. take it if he is looking to vines one of the largest oil refineries in poland has submitted a bid to acquire own that's the percent of lotus the stake is worth possibly a euro tank a d.p. has no assets in europe and is trying to get better access to consumers that analysts say it's the right time for a deal as the possibility of or persisting in europe for. the time to look at the markets all continues to rise on speculation that the global economic recovery will sustain the demand for crude but softer the g eight said the world economy was strengthening with a weak a dollar boosting the appeal of commodities european stock markets are on the ride with a natural stance high on hopes that european union banks could avoid all of the
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basal freak out over climates pussy's up over the sense the tax is gaining power for the sand b.m.p. curry borrows one point eight percent and so she fares in iraq and it really two percent in paris in london lourdes banking group jumped two point six percent of gains for french banks helped push the cac forty sixty one percent. and here most of the stocks are trading in a block held by the strong of world price however uncertainty over the european debt crisis is limiting gains both iatse as the my six around are up around two percent here are some of the market moves on the rise it's energy majors are among the main game is screwed by susan proved share the roles they have told the sport about them used that the company may join explore the arctic with shell banking stocks are on the rise with busy beginning of the one percent this hour. now although russia's equity markets remain under value investors say they are still cautious and i'm not saying to the. the russian market has no practically no
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difference if a means. that's why it's very difficult to. any kind of party for one name right now if you believe that the sell off is all the work you would buy for instance steel names so maybe some banks are taking into account that it's barbaric will be issuing the post the receipts by the end of june which will support stock as all the business i have for you this oh glad to don't forget you can always find lost stories all that side acted out all of us they were out.
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afghanistan. weapons of mass destruction. terrorism. our girls protests and. drug trafficking and. global financial system. the world is turning but it will be eight speak with one voice. jovial g eight summit on r.t. . great for the full story we've got it from the biggest issues get a human voice.


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