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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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live from moscow this is r.t. with the twenty four hours a day top stories now this hour russia says it will send an envoy to libya to help mediate an end to the conflict that president bit of confirmed the details of a joint statement from the g eight leaders say colonel gadhafi. in his speech at the summit the russian leader also wanted to live in moscow and washington failed to agree on missile defense as a danger of a new arms race. courses rule general outages fit for extradition to the hague on charges of genocide despite his health problems rest in serbia after sixteen years
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on the run sparing theories he was sacrificed to speed up the membership. and at the georgian opposition is a further protest despite the thought he's cracked down on peaceful cross on thursday also accusing concert means government of playing down the number of victims and those missing. the next. with a look at them a new stores in about fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the russian capital is explored in our weekly edition of moscow out some amazing discoveries coming your way stay with us for that in moscow.
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hello and welcome to the program on the streets of moscow out i'll be exploring the cities a boulevard ring actually just a whole seaside it was a recently laid out to replace the falsified walls of the old. white city heights with history culture museums and entertainment it's the perfect routes to explore the russian capital and we saw that here just opposite of the school christ the said the cathedral at the. back tried to mount here shows you the incomplete secular design of the boulevards under the stalin counter reconstruction it was intended to continue the route south and just close the circle this idea was never fulfilled. joe says he walls that once stood here deteriorated over the years eventually catherine the great to create that they should be pulled down when the walls were taken down the names remained trees were planted in the first moscow boulevard appear in seventy six.
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the area on the boulevard to day is just as various towns is so dear to him tempy pieces hang on why francis canes local sit and love his stroll over the course of the popular meeting place for us the three artists we need other artists and people from the creative community and get to know new people. the boulevard ring is adorned with several monuments trust and russian writers and poets one author in particular has to step. shoes on the boulevards google is the century writer and one of the best known books by him is the novel dead souls. a monument. to the rise of depicts a smiling girl who was approved by styling. legend has it that the soviet leader didn't like end of the statue of a savage forceful and creates a new one. is
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a changing city many parts of the full of oz in a scots with various west and south cafés as a true european city affair skydiving is all the rage in some of months now. is a popular french restaurant chain. away from the high end oligarchy cerise prices here are as decent as the food. and this is where we're meeting this week's guests. i say tell me how long the living here. almost three years working for an about a consultancy and how do you think the russian council would look before you came here. i guess i know not many preconceptions but i'm a runner so i guess i was hoping that the green spaces had to run and i was pleasantly surprised figured bit about when and how does your life you know associate with people that are here every day i mean i live on the below rogering
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and my office is just off so i work on bit about every day and now i'm training for new york marathon you know they must come out all day. and using it along as well. for your environmental consultants that's right so i mean obviously i'm interested in this of ecological value of a bit about as well and. in that respect i find interesting history they've been about i mean when it was set up in one nine hundred twenty they first planted silver birch. then these unsavory nickels the first planted trees well that's what i would like to but then again. they must rise unlike them so they were placed by the lime trees which was just today interesting and that is the largest boulevards but they're also cultural spaces where you got the art exhibit since you got the rollerskating it's oh you know community really with why most of us hang out so yes it's busy all times the year i mean basically now in the summer it really is a place you know the muscovites connotates or you all just you know take it take a bottle go down to the loving drink on a bench or if that has
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a lot of people there yes yeah those are it's a it's a real focal point for the for the city and it's you know some of the great place in an old town for years ago and stuff long well used like i did with the money goes a lot. of good luck with your math in the most american you're brave man backshift all right all the aspects about also in the area for the rough on the kids evolve on a grand eighteenth century building is their home to the state museum of oriental art founded in one nine hundred eighteen museum has one of the largest collections of art in the fall and middle east central asia the caucasus and many other regions and countries. you can visit the museum while strolling the boulevards and sees plays an arts and crafts daily except sundays. packed with fascinating information it seems every building monuments represents amazing history. you can see the pushkin marriage monument it was here in the old
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nearby church the famous because he married his sweetheart italia. won today the fountain is a popular place of first states and even marriage proposals. several addresses on the central boulevards belong to moscow's theater is a mansion and festival boulevard is given to a theater company in the beginning of the twentieth century. it is first names to change the theater but from one hundred fifty at best the name of one of russia's best known rises a stellar pushing staging base for chicago. literature and contempt. will. spicing it. time and place i say it's. an occasion.
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to get to. the green is loved by muscovites and this is of all ages children can enjoy. and in many sections of the. street artists and musicians performing. this small chance. that. the. movie. and this is simply the most populated area of the boulevard crossing the intersection of all of the capital's main streets. if you like people watching this is the place to come. the both of us has all sorts of culture. through russia. to america. with the famous coffee machine which is first at the mcdonald's and dozens of shops
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and restaurants nearby this area of the boulevards. version of times square. changing a vibrant city. for everyone so. projects . on the. cheap that even. find something special each time they submission. as he can by confessionals on the exhibition itself. this inspires you thanks using. planet is marvelous and susan will and we should prince acted on. the diversity of architecture on display along. is impressive to say the least. in the tips he convinced. buildings in downtown moscow outside the crimean walls found in the kremlin officials in century it was moved to its present location
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influencing eighty four was given names to the streets on the boulevard in this neighborhood. moving around the legal rights of the beach one area just to. be set in a. historian suggests that the words came from france it was first rendered into the russian language as this is actually a play on the meaning to stroll it was only later it became boulevard well speaking of walking as it's such a long way and the weather is visible i think it's time i got a bike. drink is always a prime location for strolling could be addition of the quite makes this a desirable address indeed take a cafe said to be or a coffee while watching strollers cases i bought. this island during a special and state dinner think atmosphere here is for interesting considering the
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brass dream and yet internet two sticks into my. dream pleased to find out his friends. and it's even more fun to play with friends in the far. from the palms of the sea and the credit located here you can experience the underwater life from several regions of the world. the place is especially loved by youngsters who can see various species of shark our octopus mysterious jellyfish and impressive call of reefs rescue in the midst. most of us like to go to the scene and seaquarium give them a chance to do so we can see the reefs of the red sea or shores of australia. species of fish in here on fridays we have this mission sure when sharks and the rays are fed included these shoes and. there are several bike shops in moscow. and ask for a deposit. it's the perfect way to see the city get some sun and exercise at the
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sites on. the main she see pretty translates to english as clear palms through the seventeenth century as people through a sense of the water it became extreme you just see the locals call the area and see palms and since you know three the ponds require a mention cost you have to completely please conceive in its present name clear and has been home to the various wildlife and the city's. p.c.l. johnny weir raj the final version. of the road runs through the most for that sky and the yowza river. as all tool comes to a man's it's clear history of moscow is reflected. monuments but in the structure of the city. ok the boulevard rain might not be complete but it does offer
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a complete go right to counsel showcasing what an amazing and diverse city moscow truly is. i know we are going to post on this week's program on the beautiful will of all of the russian capital i'll see you at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew by the hour. line. would be soon which brightened if you knew in advance from financed
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impressionists. whose firms totty don't come. question is that so much of the taxpayers' money coming to consist of a real mystery illness as leaders of the people be it in france more and more question reduced interest of the same league club of countries is it just a talking shop kid. wealthy british style holds. onto the. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines few need to cause a report on r.g.p. . most of the. tomorrows top shoppers come to moscow quick dash for digitized radar of created an automated
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guided by gyroscopes propelled by power food new engines russian motors ready to move to something. we've done for the future covered. top stories this are not see russia says it will send an envoy to libya to help mediate and then to the conflict that present a primitive confirm the details of a joint statement from g eight leaders saying colonel gadhafi must go in the streets at the summit the russian leader also warned that if moscow washington fails to agree on missile defense because of danger of a new almost race. being court has ruled out it is fit for extradition to the hague on charges of genocide to spite his health problems he was arrested in serbia all to sixteen years on the run sparing the reason the secretary has to speed up e.u. membership. in the georgian opposition wants a further protest despite the authorities crackdown on peaceful trials on thursday
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mostly accuse because i mean is government to playing down the number of victims and those missing. out with more news what about events in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the sport with kate is next. hello welcome to the sport after the sixth day of the french open and against the headlines both of us me out ski the danish was number one sponsor on dreams are put on hold after a shock surge on the street at the french open. walk out just seen a last minute penalty could save a lot more tea from a two one home defeat and go top of the russian premier league. and deeper gauge of football's world governing body will investigate its president sepp blatter you know why i think bribery scandal. refers to tennis and world number one caroline wozniacki has been dealt a major blow in her reign to secure and biden grand slam after the top ranked dana
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crashed out in the third round of the french open so back in daniel hunter course the knocking out the favorite six one six three was the us it was the shadow of the play was going after the top spot in the world over thirty two weeks already closely follows the early departure of second seed kim clijsters who went out on thursday this is the first time in the open era that the top two seeded women who fails to make the round of sixteen as a major tournament but wozniacki denies any extra pressure has been part of the i think. when i was younger people told me yeah right you will never be a top player you're from or you don't have them and. you know. through those. for me i know what i'm. i'm a great player i'm doing well you know i had a loss today about what happens. next up the
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hunter who is former champions because that's over and it was rebecca reno so see verizon arrival was an easy we're not against for like a power trip and especially about your liver it's not like you're straining in flight and also. if the temp seen it so be in your lane or next race defending champion francesca schiavone the thirty year old italian was the first woman to reach the fourth round she overpowered payne schweik to take the first set six three chinese did get in front in the second she won despite just walking on her leg which i finally got to withdraw twice consulted her doctor of what looked like reading problems i think a challenge seems to be in store next. where they're going for for a long time for. two years. so you know she's been playing well a noise machine longest. i was well i put a world of playing in on this quick or it was going to be
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a tough marriage is going to be you know. while it's the end of the road for samantha stosur last year's finalist falling victim to unseeded just one adult core audience here so that did level the match. to three six one six six three despite the recent. yeah it's disappointing regardless of how well i played the ground before but i guess it's even. maybe a bit more of a surprise from. two days difference you can play a really really great match to today which is probably a bad average so. yeah it's definitely unfortunate but like i said i think she played very well when there was simply times where i thought i could get myself into it regardless of how good or bad i thought i was playing well in the men's game former world number one roger federer stayed on course for his first major
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title since last year's australian swiss was in cruise control thank you so much serbia was from the baseline and this sorry bitch misplaced what should have been a lifesaving smash. hit he's easily six point six thanks thanks. to do to keep going to try quite a few occasions i guess and from the base i was unable to mix it up well so i think overall it was a really good match for me and i will somehow be true of another early finish similar. which is nice. and will be an all stressed lost sixteen battle with federal playing off court friend stanislav covering path covering hurricane from two sets down to overcome local favorite true wilfried tsonga boston television is a sit in in the men's draw is not without a single russian he was seated twelfth of last year unseated i was done ten years in straight sets now the spanish started farah better ukraine's it's called ski.
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football now and i'm jihad on top of the russian premier league after a two one win at former leaders look what it was like i needed only a points to not just got off the top spot else to do just that lead to no office that was. partly because the boss was super busy just were reduced to ten men so in the last minute now costs on top of something but the fans which is a joke make no mistake the response back tonight will seem like a one hundred sword a six game unbeaten streak to an abrupt end. while it was right what's what's in the early kick off a spotlight now to try to do with me when it's time to grozny adnan's i feel rich that it will not break the deadlock i used a certain three minutes that's the chechen side responded within five minutes with a header of their own jersey when you see them on targets. that was the clumsy go lightly under glass over it so that take charge just before the interval. however
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on the lot of slaves some of the blushes for now trick midway through the second and so that's how we finished. meanwhile transformer champions ribby went forth with a full one time trashing of nick tatum told the sunset is the quickest react i think would be to can talk to the seven minutes and next event have doubled their lead and i'm trying to isolate iran like it's only. about five minutes later tom was a penalty. so it's going to cost the way to the joy of the few traveling fans however twelve minutes after the break christian about why did eight spectacular free kicks. to go down to. twenty eight last night show the big game to rest. they want to finish because our inside. me walk around is that movie near putin has labeled as utter nonsense any corruption charges against
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fifa chief subplots or residents of football's world governing body is set to be investigated in the white bribery scandal ahead of next week's presidential election fever was already investigation bribery claims against one of its members not how it's been a man but it's already is accused of offering money in return for votes in the elections but now a few times last i knew about those alleged things that took no action he says the president should also because of the investigation he was asked last night you submit a statement by saturday and attend an ethics committee hearings along in the not on sundays the pair are the only candidates in the election which is due to take place on wednesday and there's a strategy for hours to go before english champions manchester united take on spanish champions boss alone or wembley in the champions league final but also out of the favorites a beach in i should say you know in the two thousand and nine final the united have beaten grass in the sunny finals the year before and you're a fiction michel platini was looking forward to what he called the perfect final.
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as a champion surfing in the. surf spin. i sings i was little business is the world all europe and literature and trance are playing i said that is the most perfect title normally and. will be. because he's a great of competition now not whether saying upbeat ahead of sunday's monaco grand prix despite struggling during sources practice yesterday and is the defending champion in monaco if not most of the morning session to compare box problems for posting fastest roof unlike any other formula one race marco promptly gets a day off on friday so the tide has turned one of a kind street track on saturday before final practice and consultation letters thanking to repeat last year's fleet and the red monsoon. i would love to win here again it was beautiful between last year and one where the team got
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a one two result as well so this is incredibly unique to get i want to finish our team so that was special for everyone to experience so we hope we can only go again this weekend and perform a very good race obviously we have mclaren and ferrari will be our biggest rivals last year we had robert committed driving beautifully in the rain as well but we don't have a rabbit as she otherwise she would be giving us a hard time again. so yeah sometimes you get some surprises but i think it would be the normal course sarfatti for the victory. and finally prime minister vladimir putin has also russia to bring home balls in his favorite sport of judo up an excellent picks and qualifying for the games consoles this weekend a moscow grandson sixty four countries. and one cross reference points. moscow's grand slam is one of the most prestigious events on the international jewel accounted for this year it's all families from europe asia north and south america will battle for covers his qualifications spots at next summer's games in the u.k.
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and the one hundred fifty thousand u.s. dollar prize fund should be an added incentive to athletes of the big dreams that kicks that in one room before tournament's of its kind in the world in france brazil japan and in russia each year there are more countries in africa participating this time as many as sixty four nations have already signed up for the grand slam so it is by itself a record. it's no secret that russia's prime minister vladimir putin carries judas torch here and competed back in the seventy's in the soviet union and now he's considered it is man of the sport at home despite a busy prime ministerial schedule put in still finds time to trade in preside over juda flop polls have already bought in st petersburg and of course he's expected to appear at the moscow grand slam. you can see conditions technique right away any professional would know instantly that he's done some serious training there which in his posture movement and destabilization techniques does help us that he's the prime minister and we sometimes even brag about it but it was his personal request
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to ensure that our athletes winter olympic gold and that we provide all the conditions were achieved. thus his grandson would be the first step for many competitors on the way to reach and then the next summit in london is taking place across the weekend in the russian capital parts he will be there to let you know how turns out remark artsy moscow and that's almost muscles i think are.
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i feel it not only next to the border of the gaza strip and egypt but also on the border of peace and war. and they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones because. they are ready to take any risk.


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