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i think the. one well. we never got the says they're going to keep him safe get ready because if you give them your freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big.
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fight. for. are you ready to rumble joining me tonight our panel of experts political commentators guy benson political editor at townhall dot com and the radio host of the guy benson show erica kane a democratic strategist and brian darling director of government studies at the heritage foundation as well as a columnist as human events welcome let's get started. on tuesday kathy hochul want to special election in new york's twenty sixth congressional district becoming just
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the fourth democrat since eight hundred fifty seven so hold that seat democrats were able to turn the election into a referendum on paul ryan's budget plan to privatized medicare take a look at this ad that's been running around the nation. it was funny as paul ryan said he had to do six takes to get this right i think that there was such a great idea as you can imagine voters soundly rejected the republican plan so now the paul ryans road map of throwing grandma off a cliff is costing republican seats and congress isn't time for the party to dump the whole ryan and the rest of the tea party. guy well of course not i think that
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this is first of all the ad is silly so much for the newtonian power of ryan dumping in old defenseless old woman off a cliff it's a bit much do you really think a defenseless old woman is going to win seven but with a seven thousand dollars voucher she said to architects mr of be able to buy health insurance can be a lot more than seven thousand dollars voucher if you look at the c b o numbers by twenty thirty it's going to be on average eighteen thousand dollars per scene here and it's not quite a voucher it's a it's a subsidy and there's a small difference but in essence it's a voucher in terms of the way it works thirty that those numbers are actually not going to cover the costs of people's carrots not going to go up with the cost inflation and increasing costs so whereas right now it covers about twenty four percent of people's health care costs people only have to pay about twenty four percent of health care costs and pocket it's going to go up to sixty eight percent said by you know twenty thirty what kind of the. what's going to cost is double freefall and has the vultures tracking inflation not that's not the inflation about
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it i mean i think started back in here but i think that it's a good point to make that you know that this was also back to the misreading of the mandate and twenty ten is that the republicans felt like they had won this election based on health care and the reality is that sixty two percent of people who came out of the poll said that was about jobs and the economy and republicans went down in the first major bill out of the house was to repeal you know a bomb of care they're going to cut all this medicare and what they're missing the point that people like medicare don't want the government to work for them it want to get right on that in all ryan says if you look at the c b o report that the see your report projects of the programs in deep trouble in nine years so what he's already going to use this is a way to save it and if you look at obamacare obamacare really did that program to the tune of a half a trillion dollars. for the medicare that was going to carry anything that was the corporate part of medicare it actually increases medicare solvency for and number of years and increase the number of people who are covered is
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a big portion of medicare that is done by the private sector and you guys kind of ignore that the fact that medicare and yeah those metals gas have been drilled in by recall. right here just. my take on this is that i'm astounded both you guys are still defending paul ryan i'm just you know it's you should it's like this is going down with the ship and and if republicans don't wake up and as newt gingrich tried to i think you're going to have a real problem twenty two any of that senate republicans is a drag and potential nominee to head up the consumer financial protection bureau elizabeth warren through the mud this week in a congressional hearing baselessly calling her a liar and squabbling over monday and things like scheduling for a hearing take a look. in this war and it was a simple request your staff had a request for my staff so we're trying to accommodate you know we're going to. shouted here in ten minutes congressman we had an agreement you had no agreement we
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had an agreement for the time this hearing what you're making that you are asked about it. this is not the case this is not the case. mr chairman you just did something to. let me. just accuse you feel using i mean you are making an agreement that i never i mean you need to clear scooter so i would be a fair. and today republicans in the senate used a procedural move to keep the senate in session through the memorial day recess is to make sure the president can't make a recess appointment of her clearly elizabeth warren is qualified for the job so why are republicans so afraid of her is because she stands up for the middle class and isn't afraid of saying take on the banks who own the republican party they are interesting the democrats are bellyaching about this now because they of course pioneered these types of tactics during the bush administration to block president bush from making recess appointments so turnabout is fair and about is fair play well a little bit that they seem upset that point to when i just make one more quick point
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republicans are also saying look we're also not going to allow the president to make more recess appointments like craig becker who by the way was rejected by an overwhelmingly democratic senate and president decided to thumb his nose at congress's authority to advise or consent them and he's going to not have that opportunity now that they're here first of all this isn't just any recess appointment this is a brand new agency that is part of a lot so i think it really go into effect in july of this year but this is the person who's going to head up its agency this is part of the. you know wall street reform bill to have a an agency to protect consumers this is the law so this isn't as though you know there's somebody sitting there having this is part of moving the wall street reforms into action and that republicans don't like those reforms they don't like it that way and this is a way to kind of stop that in protest that but you know what here's the thing is that you know i'm sorry stat house hearing the senate confirms presidential nominee in the senate is going to confirm or i think one of the reasons why republicans are
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blocking the nomination is because they believe that her position is too much power so they don't want to put anybody in mt position and they're deeply concerned that she's a far left wing ideologues and she would bring her ideology you know a position where it has no business being whether the whole far left thing that they seem to be so afraid of is something like you know control of the banks ronald . reagan when after three years after we deregulated the snell's they blew up and crashed just like the banks did this time he put a thousand people in prison he nationally essentially nationalize the cells he brought in bill c. when they took him over they put bureaucrats in the government ga every single one of them and then over twenty years the resolution trust corporation sold them back into the private market at a profit and and i just don't get why republicans are now looking at what weygand didn't say why bush didn't do that and why they don't but that's my take on the humor of everyone who. wants to help consumers navigate you know this is our society forward so if i think in the news or in the new jersey supreme court
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smacked down governor chris christie calling his massive cuts to education unconstitutional that state's constitution like every other state in the country requires a free public education to all students christie figured he could get around that obligation by laundering education funds through private corporations and churches but shouldn't education are made a part of the commons instead of just another industry the profiteers can carve up watered down and sell back to us for a profit no i think no ok it's ok to have voters it's ok to have private competition we need more competition in education because our schools aren't doing that well the more money we don't need these programs no child left behind being a great example our education is not getting better it's getting more the child left behind was a disaster of the right and i am as i'm going to manage i mean i agree that the should be more competition the problem is that these budget cuts mean it's that the curriculum content requirements were not being met and that and meeting those
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requirements is what's going to make the children of new jersey competitive and it's what's going to fill the. constitutional obligation for them to provide free education and i think that you know we have going to sit there and there's lots of ways to skin this cat like me if you're having budget problems you know there's a law that says that's what you have to stand by and i don't know taxes are you how you can doesn't mean good education right but it different partially in fact that lower end. i'm an average student for here's and that's exactly the point i'm actually. if a former new jersey public school student i'm a product of the new jersey public school system and i'm not saying hey let's get rid of public schools i'm saying let's help people especially underprivileged families whose children have been out there was children absolutely locked into have bitterly failing schools let's give them an opportunity to escape that system and let's give them that chance and i think that this is crazy to make this into a david and goliath thing where the goliath somehow are these poor kids who can't escape these schools that we keep throwing billions of dollars out when we have
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tripled education public funding since nine hundred seventy test scores have remained flat that is not a good return on investment let's give these families more inflation adjusted dollars you're talking you're talking. pretty inflation adjusted dollars actually if you look at inflation adjusted dollars education spending as you go up that much ed let me just wrap this is my take on this you know as the guy who founded a private school twenty years ago but on the board thirty years ago i've been on the board all this time i know this business and i've written five books about it what happens when you win if you were if you were if you just take as christie duty eight hundred million dollars out of the public schools and give seven hundred seventy five million dollars in boucher's what you're going to see is those private schools are going to be taken in choosing the best kids and the kids that nobody can teach are going to end up in the public schools and that's good and we've already seen this happen in several cities and you're just basically ghettoizing the problem with the public schools are already failing becomes well aggregators and yet here you're creating an academic disaster as any other commodity which is
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trading commission slapped charges against him well speculators for their role in the two thousand and eight will price surge to speculators bought of eighty four percent of the april two thousand and eight futures market supply oil creating a phony shortage and this jacking up the price then sold the oil back to make a big profit but not before they made even more money by placing a side bet that the price of oil. it would crash which he did as they planned when they don't their futures so that's in this case of a couple of rich guys manipulating the price of the world's most important resource show that laissez faire economics doesn't work in that the to be cheaper already and the republicans just don't know what they're talking about economically should we regulate these markets or not or i mean before you live in the great khali of capitalism or a loser this is our capitalism going out on the enemy and you're not your friend was dragging our lives in because a couple don't know what not to order that says these guys are not capitalists they're not investing in a factory if you're cornering the market and if you're distorting the market intentionally and doing so illegally and if you're proven guilty of doing so yeah
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these guys should be prosecuted and you know that's as it has no goldman sachs makes a living and i think it what's interesting is to look back and not that i mean this was like betrayal day trail era where we also had kind of this you know political panic about oil and gas prices and i think when it goes to show it that when you are so dependent on a particular you know energy supply that is running out you know that limits ahead and at work and on point foreign sources it is going to create problems again and again and again we've got to diversify. later serve a very important purpose i mean may help a few others markets so yes they do and so nonselective who yes they do how does how crazy they are you know i think ok if you want to you know futures market the airline is able to lock down the price of oil they're going to be in the future that's a good thing right why does a speculator coming into the market say i want to take eighty percent of the oil out of that markets you guys are going to have to bid against each other for driving up the price and then dumping it back in and making money how does that help the market know you're talking about to speculators or no i'm talking about an
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entire industry that does this mean of these guys like the sin that these guys committed was that they didn't have to separate divisions doing these two separate things and communicating with each other they didn't call themselves goldman sachs as us every day this is the george soros model of making money well you could argue it was that's what it's not on unlike what he did when currency markets. tide bought back in the ninety's and he has been he has said this shouldn't be legal cannot be as long as video transparency there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with having articulated it's going to people buying futures no what happened is these individuals committed fraud and they manipulated the market but it it's very different if you have enough transparency and people are engaging in this and not using inside information there's nothing wrong with it why would you can anybody be buying oil futures who's not going to take delivery of the well because they're buying those futures because they think they can make money off it and they're going to not try to manipulate the price and are just trying what
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happens if the middle prices are going to go that if your line will rogers you can make money off you're going to drive up the price of what happens when the price of oil goes up the price of food around the world goes up and people actually starved in two thousand not me i mean why it's a hassle you have to go back i know of many as you have looked at the past the not many entities that are going to ask you to corner the market and buy that much of the market ok all right we get this week pulitzer prize winning journalist in new york times reporter james ries was subpoenaed by the government and efforts of forced risin to give up his sources risin broke the news that the cia is undermining iran's nuclear program information that he obtained through a leak in the cia former cia officers been indicted for his role in the leak that the government says they need rise instead of money in the trial rises and so should journalists have a mutiny from revealing their sources is not a core american concept freedom of the press i think we're going to agree on this one i do think that it's important for journalists to protect their sources i am for free information and if somebody is leaking information they should probably
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get locked up for doing so if it's classified information and it's not part of an over classification of too much information if it's really important national security information they leak it and makes that decision i kept i don't think that any person at that analysts level has the ability to make that decision but i also agree i think will be rivaling endings are a great example of somebody who should. well. massive amounts of classified information clearly harmed our national security but it's a guy that deserves if proven guilty of this is going to have been locked up. some of the information you have to look at it two ways if you're the recipient the reporter receiving the information you have the right to the too bad you shouldn't have to disclose your sources but if you work for the government you get caught doing it to using your position to get the information out there if you break when you on that start to work the cia you know you go in there understanding that this is the law and that you're making a choice to great you're going to our congress or all three of you are disagreeing
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with the nuremberg principles that if you see your government spending a crime you don't have a novel get you that you do have an obligation to publish i know you can do it but you have to understand what the consequences are right so let's let's not punish let's not let's not one hundred journalists but i think i think we executed i think it changes it can i i personally kind of go back and forth case by case but right stand very firm is on the side of the journalists that what's so important keeping what makes our nation great is our free press that's what makes us better than other countries if you ask me and tell me i don't like either central principle of this is that is that you know journalists can protect their source in bradley manning's a great case i mean you look at his case it wasn't as if he was sifting through information and trying to get information out there specific information he needed to be out there he was just the only car with your god and so on was this video of american soldiers killing the two workers journalists this is a crime now you know i i'm going to i guess i don't use it it doesn't matter tend to know him because we haven't even heard statements yet but but. if it is more
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there's another game that if somebody knows that their government has committed a crime and then they don't leak it because they're afraid of being prosecuted that that for that saying that you're not you're not connecting dots here you know what his motivation was doesn't matter right and what he did all i'm saying it doesn't matter in this in the nursery trials does matter i think anything you want convention said those are very nationalistic or else. turn it away says how do we so don't burn any part of it if i can i say something but i think i actually think that part of it is that if it's what the content is and you decide you're going to grab it i'm going to. necessarily disagree yeah ok quick quick final question for president obama's europe trip got off on the wrong foot on monday when his car got stuck in ireland.
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and then yesterday the president ended the week with another gaffe this time with the queen of england as he delivered a toast right through god save the queen the equivalent of speaking while the star-spangled banner is playing. to her majesty the queen. the vitality of the special relationship. between our peoples. and. shakespeare. this was a plot this earth. this realm. this thing. that's painful to watch but who really had the worst week ever was it a guy in new zealand who was blown up to twice its normal size after he fell in an air hose and is your be the guy who tried to join the mile high club alone on his
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airline seat i'll let you put two and two together on that one and was busted by the police or see mason a dog who crawled on two broken legs on the way home after he was swept away by a tornado three weeks ago mason the dog clearly had the best week because he was able to make it home through adversity that's the american spirit but let me point out and that was a cringe worthy moment there for the president and no one likes to see our president embarrassed like that it was obviously a gaffe he didn't mean to do it however considering what he did there signing the westminster abbey guest book with the wrong year he said it was two thousand and eight then those one of them playing ping pong with david cameron if this had been bush i can only imagine the feeding frenzy that we'd be seeing all across the media through a man who once in the prime. minister that was horrible to her nobody picked on him oh really no not necessarily going to the best we can with they are not that i am and was quite successful that we should be excited and happy to have been there. i'm going to have to go with the guy on an airplane. i don't know how to plane that
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fit your brand or clean called billy get out now i'm like yeah there you go but i mean who is the protocol officer for the white house that did not brief the president how to do a toast to the queen because he or she pushed through that helped butcher the briefing on that purse probably no longer as a job. or d. the american people as the patriot act and big brother government was extended for four more years that would be like a guy benson erica can you be brian darling thank you because you have to be thanks after the break the daily take on how breaking up for states could fix our dysfunctional suburbs. and what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions it's time to break through get through it if you've made who can you trust no one who isn't in view with a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to
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ask we do our t. question more.
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every ten years the house of representatives gets reshuffled based on census data states may gain or lose congressional seats depending on how many people enter or leave certain states this is sure is that the house reflects the changing population in america as a result of last year's census the state of ohio is slated to lose for example two congressional seats in next year's election and since republicans control the state legislature in ohio they're picking off the progressive districts most notably the tenth district of ohio a district faithfully represented by dennis because senate for more than fourteen years now considered a leading voice among progressives has to look for a new district to represent just to stay in congress rumor has it he's been shopping around near seattle and washington state which is gaining a congressional seat is that state's population has grown so while the house is constantly adding or subtracting congresspeople depending on how many people have moved into or out of the various states and guess what the senate is doing
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absolutely nothing that's because i don't like the house which reconfigures itself every ten years the senate stays the same old son and other than adding entire new states hasn't reflected any changes in the population of america since it was created way back in seventeen eighty nine when our nation was first worth. at least in the modern constitution virginia the most populous state back then had two seven years today it still has two senators even those the twelfth most populous state back in seven hundred eighty seven when the when they were writing the constitution a compromise was made to keep the small states from deserving the republic that compromise was that every state would get two senators regardless of the state's population back then for example virginia had roughly ten times more people than the least populous state rhode island but both had to sunders but today the most
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populous state california has more than seventy times the population of the least populous state wyoming at they both get the same representation in the senate two senators how does that make any sense as a result of this we have a handful of sparsely populated states mostly represented by republicans who count for less than sixteen percent of the population but can dictate what the rest of the entire country does that's why during the last session of congress over two hundred pieces of progressive legislation passed out of the house of representatives a body that reflects the will of the people more accurately only to die in the senate at the hands of forty republican senators who only represent a very tiny slice of america because that's why they call the senate police for good legislation goes to die but i have a plan to fix this mess it's the tom hartman four step plan to fix the. here it is step one break california into three different states there's no reason why
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a state that represents nearly one eighth of the population of the entire united states should have only one fiftieth representation in the senate break into three states and you give four new democratic senators step to break texas into two states again why should a state that represents one twelfth of the population the united states only have one fiftieth representation in the senate by breaking up texas we create a new state with two probably democratic senators senators who i might add probably won't be pushing for secession and will let old texas keep well with slogans like don't mess with texas the lone star state they can also keep governor rick perry step three break up new york into two states why should new york with more than one sixteenth the total us population have the same representation in the senate as wyoming with less than two tenths of one percent of the total population and by
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breaking up new york we had two more democratic senators and staff for break of florida like new york florida represents about one sixteenth of the population of the entire country they should have more sway in the senate than one fiftieth while up new york state and made new york city one state the rest of the state another and you just added two more democratic senators same of the southern part of florida and just like that by reflected by reflecting more accurately the population of america we grow the senate by ten cents all of them probably belonging to democrats. if we did this last year in the make up of the senate would have been sixty nine democrats and forty one republicans more than enough to overcome a filibuster and we have a public option option i could even have or be on the road toward a single payer system we have a clean energy plan we have a limit on corporate campaign donations we have stronger wall street reforms we
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have a new deal to put americans back to work so let's get to work breaking up the biggest states it's a straightforward way to fix the senate and help fix america once i think i had more stars in the flag we were pretty sure. and that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we visited several websites judge check out our website the tom hartman dot com and. also check out our youtube page is a youtube dot com slash the big picture our teeth and you tube dot com slash part and this entire show is available as a free video podcast. and don't forget your modesty begins with you get out there and show off your it will seem a bit. he
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