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president obama says russia should take part in building and see missile radars in europe reassuring warsaw moscow washington friendship won't. belgrade it agrees to extradite former general ruffo blood is to the hague on war crimes charges just by his ongoing health problems meantime serbia's accused of arresting him only so it can join the e.u. . georgian of protesters appealed to the e.u. to probe excessive harassment following the government's independence a crackdown the left hundreds wounded and to take.
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a very warm welcome senior this is r.t. live from moscow i'm sure that russia should take part in developing anti missile shield in europe that's according to u.s. president barack obama who is in warsaw wrapping up his four nation european tour up but he was quick to assure that his efforts to boost ties between moscow and washington post another threat to wit the u.s. polish talks are something moscow is watching a closely especially after obama's promise to try and agree on a system that suits both of their security interests let's get an update on the outcome from our correspondent go to piss him off he is you know. this is barack obama's first official visit last leg of his european tour a lot of issues to work on the table here but all the focus is on the plans for poland to forced a u.s. air. this year on its territory which would service military transport planes
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american planes and also f. sixteen fighter jets and also possibly have short range interceptor missiles by the year two thousand and eighteen many analysts here in poland including the former prime and foreign minister they see that clearly there is no threat to poland from any of its neighbors so there will be see a point in washington increasing its military presence here at the moment it was actually the george bush administration which wanted to before paul and to halle's elements of that anti missile defense system in europe here on its territory and also in the czech republic this was fuselier criticized by russia it's said that basing these islands here would create a direct threat to russia's national security so when and barak obama became the president of the united states he scrapped these plans in fact there was a lot of talk about increasing cooperation between moscow washington and brussels
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for russia the united states and nato to possibly build a joint anti missile defense system which will enable all sides to share the responsibility for the safety of one another at the g eight summit in paris both presidents need to be vigilant and barack obama talked about this possible joint system and said that it should definitely work for the interests of all sides but really when it comes to a not a word but actually it seems that washington's policy is sort of moving to the side of it because earlier the united states in a room eniac agreed for the country to helles elements of the anti-missile defense system on the very territory and russia was not included in this project now needs to be viewed of saying that russia has to closely monitor how the situation is developing in fact he said that if this tendency continues the world me see another
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arms race by twenty twenty it just seems that the policies that washington is talking about don't really fit in the real picture. russia believes the promise is not enough he wants a legal guarantees that the u.s. and its allies won't use the planned missile shield against it but it's from the u.s. base arms control association says divisions within the united states won't encourage a solution to satisfy both well they are talking about how to make this a joint system the question is what does joint mean at this point they're talking about sharing early warning information and other radar information which would be a step forward but before they can get there before they can get to a shared system russia needs to be reassured that the system is not aimed at it and again the nato and the united states need to make a joint statement to russia saying that this is tim is not aimed at you this is him
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is no danger to you it's focused on on dangers and threats from middle east not from russia there is the obama administration which very much wants a cooperative relationship on missile defense with russia and very much wants another arms control reduction agreement with russia certain republicans in the u.s. senate do not want those things so we have to make that clear distinction between what the ministration wants and what some members of the senate want so focusing on what the administration wants and what russia wants they both want cooperation on missile defense and they both want to move on to a new arms reduction agreement and given that i think there's enough common interest to move that forward. you with r t it's good to have your company today and still to come this hour power opening affronts here is leading to an anxious to israel egypt that after years of tight control the egypt gasser crossing become completely open it's going to leave one week probably explain why.
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it's so good of court has ruled that former bosnian serb army general is fit to stand trial in the hague his family has said he isn't healthy enough to be extradited capturing him has been a key condition for serbia's e.u. entry and his artie's academy has about reports what it is a rest is seen as a sacrifice that the country's very willing to make. success or sellout the arrest of former bosnian general outcome lovage has put serbia and the headlines once again for years no nato action un demands or even a five million dollars balancing put up by washington could help snare him at the prospect of billions of dollars worth of aid slipping out of reach too much for belgrade a leaked u.n. report stating that serbia refused to cooperate in the search for europe's most wanted man let most assume membership negotiations would be cancelled and just a week later serbia achieved what it couldn't for the previous sixteen years serbia
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if it wanted to hand him over as the price of entering the european union had every interest in doing it as quickly as possible and the targets government which came into power in two thousand and eight should have done it then and they would have done it and i'm sure if they'd known where he was officials in belgrade very much hope that they can finally get a piece of the hero pie but the people of serbia doubt it collects. prices. your minds and your national supply western companies and organizations who will be able to get into the european union let's call the war criminals and that again is going to help you get into this so-called rich man's club because we can see who the rich ones club who it once was great difficulties itself serbia's are already complied with a lot of e.u. demands including arresting former president slobodan milosevic and political leaders. and each time the response from the e.u.
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has been enough to keep the dream of membership alive secure this year play this is very big news this is a very courageous decision by the serbian president this is one additional step for the insurrection of serbia intervene european union one day the arrest of our comrade it's is a very important step towards full integration of the entire region in your atlantic community i believe that people will also be thinking about serbia and its future in the european union. what i know is that we will approach that we three new energy because of today but some believe serbia's membership on the ships could simply devastate the country and stead of boosting its economy especially during the ongoing financial crisis of several you member states so be media more tightly controlled by the government they have of being under a new lawsuit repeating in unison that the e.u. is some kind of panacea that will resolve the problems now if serbia does during
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the think it will be before in history that a rat has count on a sinking ship a long and drawn out trial is almost a guarantee and not many believe it will be an objective process still it seems for the serbian powers that be no price is too high if they are included in the expansion for now the sixty eight year old general awaits his fate in jail but considering the fact his arrest was one of the major conditions for serbia's potential acceptance into the european union it seems to be a question of when and not if he will face the war crimes tribunal and made catherine as are the party belgrade serbia. it's going to ten minutes past the hour here i'm also here with our team on the way for you we're in new york without wasif the doomsayers all right with the tornadoes battering the u.s. and the pacific rim. ok the world in the last weekend
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there were four billion years the sun burns out but it will be ok while i do find out if these are the only one to see the sunny side over the mankind's building up of trouble for the future that's in about ten minutes time. opposition members in georgia are appealing to the to investigate the government's savage crackdown on protesters during the country's independence day they were demonstrating against what they say is mass top level corruption and accuse president saakashvili of suppressing political freedom the opposition says hundreds of people are still being held in jails many others including senior political figures are reported missing those who continue to speak out against the government say they're being violently harassed right special forces opposition leader you know but it's a nazi spoke about what she sees as the state of democracy and today's georgia whose yes. georgia has become very similar to north korea where people have been
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taken to hospital brought back to jail beaten again and taken to emergency rooms where people often didn't from visiting their loved ones where people are terrorized and where georgian security forces silence criticism of the government under the threat of more violence this is the democracy we live in i can honestly say that i will have strong doubts whether democratic values even exist in this world if the international community doesn't acknowledge what is going on today in georgia. but georgia posing voice and say they are under some of the most intense pressure they've faced in years believing their governments intent on wiping them out so forth was in the square in tbilisi which was the flashpoint for this week's violence she says still hanging over the city but what we're hearing is in the aftermath of the dispersal of that protest wednesday night is that the crackdown on if opposition is continuing so what we're hearing he says they said it was
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a day of independence military parade and certainly the atmosphere was very said there was a heavy military and police presence remaining on the streets many of the streets were close we saw a lot of the people that prayed itself were military personnel they were civilians turning out to watch that this is certainly very simply than what we've been hearing since and is that this crackdown has continued now artie's create have actually received a text from someone who says he's not in a pigeon sun the leader opposition he let the rally and what he's takes three t r t is that it's really very serious situation according to him he's there's a number of people including opposition leaders who are missing and he's talking about people who are still being arrested century saying that the opposition are still being silenced by seconds fairly and his government. people have been beaten to death some of my friends have been arrested dozens of opposition supporters can't reach each of my friends have simply disappeared. with
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reporters. just. a few supporters have been arrested one of the opposition leaders . everybody who did. so because really this is basically dictatorship and the days leading up to wednesday what we saw the numbers turning out the demonstrations were markedly less now they're actually divisions among the opposition themselves. quietly against come together some of the other opposition parties they call a day of rage that was at the last minute called earth a lot of them in space we're talking to you they were very confused they didn't quite was happening. it was quite clear that something was going to happen the police turned out and we knew that the intervention the dispersal was going to go ahead but once they meet in the crowd at the very very quickly it was extremely violent. people here with the amount of police it turns out a lot of people saying off was was that sort of just justifiable
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a lot of people thought not excessive force one of our own correspondents he works the spanish channel with hit by one of the rather bullets and if you're outside that main area of parliament then you're fair game to then and that's the force that they were using as we said a lot of questions being asked about whether that was excessive force and whether it's justified. to surface right there well you can get the latest updates on what's happening in georgia directly from our correspondents following our twitter stream and also video reports and opinion on the bloody crackdown against protesters which you can look through your own leisure on our facebook page facebook dot com slash artsy.
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now a quarter past the hour here in moscow after four years under total lockdown garza's one and a half million residents of finally have a gateway to the outside world egypt has dropped the stringent security that israel insisted on for its border crossing with a blockaded region of israel's long struggle to keep gaza's borders or water tight depriving people of the hope of forcing hamas out of power human rights groups cite the massive humanitarian cost from food shortages to being unable to leave for simple treatment i was asking is paula records or not one of the palestinians is a real headache for television. this is egypt's border with gaza a place where for years the gates was shut off and then opened only the most extreme humanitarian cases were lit through which meant no more than three hundred
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people a day a vulgar her mother was not one of them last year she died from cancer of the stomach she had trying desperately for months to leave scars of a chemotherapy treatment abroad but was never able to get the permission she needed to leave. and i went to the hospital here and they gave me some women but the pain there and the borders are poor this is the reason why as for. the new egyptian foreign minister says the decision to close the border was shameful on saturday his promise to open rough or permanently without the israelis is coming true no more willing agreements going up six years ago between the not opposed to gyptian president hosni mubarak the united states the israelis and the europeans be in place that agreement monitors access to the crossing and allowed to live it to supervise and monitor security cameras from afar. was watching. egypt. coins and checkpoints so for the same interest of what's going to. the permanent
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opening of rougher terrifies israeli citizens especially those who live on she puts no home i was just eight hundred metres from the israeli gaza border ever since the kibbutz was established nearly sixty years ago it's been on the receiving end of endless what cats and snipers from gaza city was killed and i mean when we hear the first receive. we have to run and take their place somewhere i said there. were border all over the keyboard. everyone in his home. there are just last month a sixteen year old boy was killed when a can some rocket hit the school bus he was traveling home in people who live here are afraid that what will happen next is that move with friends will find their way into the hands of palestinian militants and ultimately be used against the jewish state sure. if the board there will be open for really a lot of. the hamas is
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already you know busy munition. where we have much more people occasions of which are becoming clearer by the day and sun some eighty five kilometers away from gaza but already a grad missiles fired from there has hit the outskirts of the city the israeli army is warning that in the next major conflict tens of thousands of records were put to television weapons means is that davey life was raided living not far from gaza is fast becoming part of his radio life across the country to see our team tell everyone well opening the rafah crossing between egypt and gaza are seen as a major step in deflating a humanitarian crisis on the strip. from the united nations relief and works agency and says that improving palestinian living standards will lead to a drop among those who want to join militant groups. what is going on and off border today is a very good the egyptians right now they are easing you know. thousands of palestinians into egypt there are more than one and
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a half million people here they are completely you know destroyed they have no hole no political horizon no clinical eyes in israel should end this seize on the gaza strip one hundred percent if people have a good life here they have something to lose bill it will be you know great pressure on our daughters you know not to get into conflict and we are sure that you're not creating a new atmosphere in your life or to gaza a new hope for the people here in the gaza strip it will affect the whole the atmosphere away from military conflict or you're using rockets always pins or another round of conflict. now at twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital you without so you can in just a few minutes here the arteries in trouble shorn of thomas puts the heat of global warming on ice. scientists all over the world are debating the warming is it happening or is it not i'm john thomas in antarctica and coming up on our t.v.
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we explore what people down here are saying about the subject. you stay with us for that here on r.t. let's check out some other world news in brief for you and greece's senior politicians have failed to agree on a second of the reforms which are necessary to stop it from sliding into fault for the party leaders say that the measures will ruin the country's economy and destroy greek society these conditions with a massive bailout from the e.u. and i.m.f. and with other eurozone countries meantime eager to make greece take more of the strain. in the in pakistan a bomb blast at a marketplace has killed at least eight people and injured twelve others apparently explosion was reportedly caused by a remote control device officials say terrorists were targeting the elders of a local clan who support the government and it's a struggle with taliban militants. and the number killed by a tornado that swept through the u.s.
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midwest town of joplin has now reached one hundred thirty two friday saw the first funeral after the country's deadliest twister in six decades hit authorities say nineteen people on a long list of the missing have been found alive online a talk show host laurie hofner says been asking people whether we need to reassess how we tackle survival during a nature's little onslaughts. tornadoes ripping down buildings nuclear power plants melting down are we building our society responsibly our with any forethought at all oh this week let's talk about that do you think society thinks the long term or are they just always doom to think of the short term i think it depends which country you're in. i think americans are very short term. i think europe is. why aren't planes made of the material the black box me out of. this like you know way that those are just not
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enough for thought put into it i just maybe dad or maybe there's other things that we're not really seeing maybe it's you know i mean i'm sure a lot of i'm sure yeah some people are going to say it's some big government conspiracy or i think and friends the company is public so. there is no private interests in the well i hope that it's sure though maybe if their people weren't worried about making money so much they'd make. i think this is it i phones i pads there's no thinking past next five minutes you'd children i do doesn't make concern even if those i think were ok the world in and last week and they were four billion years of the sun burns out so they will be ok back in the thirty's we used to build projects that lasted for for one hundred years well the both of us the hoover dam is going to last a long time. just like that. they should last
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a thousand years because hopefully will be around in a thousand years right you put my body out of work or using construction so there's a lot of that to it is a fight against the corporation mainly. because you know i mean it's from a purely economic or bunch of you taking. cost a lot so it was going away and the planet or the corporation. who knows whether or not you think we're building society responsibly the bottom line is with lives and our planet on the line it can always strive to do better. now to work get a proper grip on global warming you have to spend some time in the planet's coldest climates i think john thomas reports from truly down under where scientists i think he has to give us clues as to which way our world is heading. each week pull up
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with lou dobbs hikes to the billings house and don't glitter on king's george island to measure twenty nine different markers. by doing so he can record exactly how the glacier changes each year and it seems that glaciers in antarctica are getting smaller. factors are glaziers are changing in size points to change in climates right now we know that since the middle or the end of the nineteenth century the majority of the last years are receding and means there is a general warming over climate antarctica provides a unique opportunity where scientists can get a firsthand look at how this warming trend affects the local ecosystem some greater amount of fresh water is coming from the sea which forms of fresh water where. surface of the sea water fresh water is right through so there is some problems with me playing on the water coral which could possibly influence as a structural. zooplankton and creel are the main source of food for the majority of
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life in antarctica clearly over the last thirty years in this region the amount of ice which is critical for. survival in the wintertime has declined. that means that the area may not support the amount of cruel in the future that it has supported in the past penguin species i believe penguins and chinstrap penguins are declining in this region principally due to that because in an cruel even though the overall global trend is pointing to what is in fact global warning some scientists are saying that we're living between ice ages and this is all part of a natural cycle in fact there is some evidence to suggest that we're at the beginning of the next cooling trend. because i mean indicator on the glass here is an equilibrium laying out situated it's the outside shoes where the accumulates the minds of snow equals the male so the mind if they sow to choose gets higher it
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means that the climate is getting warmer and if the altitude gets lower and means that the climate is getting colder since two thousand and six this outer tooth keeps getting lower. and while scientists have been keeping track of how the glaciers have been reacting to changes in the environment they say it is just one part of a much larger system but most of what we have to keep in mind we don't have a situation where climate change is in the same way all over the planet it's somewhere it's getting warmer summer is getting colder and somewhere there are new changes of told the same time which tendency occurs in which an area is also changing so is the climate here and right now is constants in the future events can also change much though not all scientists agree on the levels of climate change most believe that it is becoming increasingly more important to monitor what is happening on our southernmost continent antarctica is a truly spectacular place it is changing rapidly and more
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knowledge about what is changing and why can only help all of us understand all the areas of the planet that are going to change in the future so we might have a chance of being prepared for whatever comes down the line in antarctica sean thomas martini. all right up just a few minutes from now here on r.t. a former leader of belarus shines a light on how the country's a plummeting economy could steer its political future that's a after the headlines in just a few moments. from
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. twenty years ago the largest country in the book to search for traces of. if. it had been determined to teach began a journey. for where did it take.
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if. russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about song from feinstein christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. wealthy british style the sun rose is not on. top of the. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the khans report on r.t. in moscow ots available interests marius cranford channel which goes to the royal marriage renaissance cooked up on marriage profiles a holiday in circle.


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