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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is for you know with the palm of your. cone. for the. we've gotten it from. the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the news makers. day's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on our t.v. easier headlines right wing protesters anger at the arrest of a ride home for war crimes clashed with riot police in the serbian capital our correspondent robert brown reports police used rubber baton to disperse the crowd of the rock throwing demonstrators those critical of the move to detain former prosecutor surgeon general say the government is using wattage as a pardoning chip to join the e.u. and. dancing with the stars and stripes washington d.c. police arrested
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a group of activists getting down at the memorial one of the founders of american democracy demonstrators sought to draw attention to legislation that seemingly contradicts the u.s. constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and speech. peacemakers russia agrees to mediate a libyan ceasefire as the g eight leaders jointly call for gadhafi to step down to hold bloodshed moscow's dispatcher going to od boycott the country to broker an end to the ongoing civil war. and protesters attacked dissidents missing georgian independence day rallies demanding the resignation of president saakashvili and in violent clashes in the u.k. russia and us have called on tbilisi to investigate the violent repression of the anti-government protests by world leaders attempt to map out the settlement in the libyan conflict r.t. asks the rebels what they want to see happen the chairman of the national transitional council talks to r.t. about what he believes is the formula for peace and prosperity in libya.
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i say that mr bozo we'll thank you so much for your time then. i have the pleasure i welcome your questions and there's been significant changes in the international atmosphere at the beginning of the g eight in france russia agreed to demands from the libyan people congress for qaddafi resignation and abolition of his regime russia's new position was outlined by president did of the khadafi should step down immediately what's your opinion on the recent changes in the world and of russia's position in particular. first of all i am not surprised by russia's position we've always valued russia's point of view for example during the vote in the security council russia abstained and did not use its veto which was indicative of it's not a true to the issue that if russia had used its because of cities in the east of the country could well have been destroyed it was of great help to take on the
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civilian population. along with the leaders of the other countries russia's president participated in the work of the g. eight and suggest that corporation between the international community and the khadafi regime i just hope that this dialogue would sketch out a roadmap proposed could i feel libya what's your view on that and what are the practical steps to be taking after could doctors resignation. and. the steps to be made will comply with the revolutionaries interests i mean requirement is that moammar gadhafi and his son should leave libya we are not against a dialogue with those who love their country of good intentions and transparency in order to secure a promising future for libya among those who served in the previous government that are many of the cuticle people with whom we are ready to have a dialogue so that they can become members of the executive bodies of the future libya and. a certain your opinion if things go the way libyans and the international community one is there a mechanism to provide
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a cease fire and i want all of troops from this thread and securing a few minutes here in corridors. it's colonel gadhafi who is no obstacle to. all of this on the first place he impedes the ceasefire and military withdrawal it prevents us from creating secure corridors for medicine and food supplies to those need it's him who is a threat to the civilian population and humanitarian organizations once he starts playing this role the prospect of a dialogue will open up through an intimate. mr chairman of the national transitional council a few words about the situation in the conflict region at the moment was the humanitarian situation there. thank god we've managed to provide subsistence in the liberated regions and do our utmost to assist our brothers living in the eastern regions who are exposed to the environment and who are now under siege we try to avoid it violent humanitarian organizations and the
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international community transferring provisions to the foundation organization by the contact group we are making desperate attempts but we are not sure we will succeed because they do not make promises regarding the frozen assets which could have been used for the benefit of the libyan people whoever we are managing to provide if not the minimum then at least some of the necessary things i must say of the situation there is unstable the militants do not have enough weapons to stand against gadhafi as troops who are equipped with modern arms and their well trained terrorists alters only have rights and limited possibilities we have not received anything that can provide for a minimum of three balance that's what i can say about the military aspect as for the humanitarian aspect we are to provide for a passage to the regions of the different. and. which have been deceased for ten days already women and children there need help up to twenty five thousand refugees have gone to the border with cheaters and residents of the three mentioned regions
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cannot leave because they are blocked or get off the streets the humanitarian situation there is very tough. as for the weapons we know that the international community are barred. gold weapons supplied them to libya considering the increasing military pressure from the western coalition on could not just for which is this issue still relevant. first of all we rely on god's help and on the willpower patience and determination of the militants apart from that we can from the political pressure of the international community which is constantly demanding gadhafi is resignation the coalition air strikes are of great help to us too with their help we protect civilians and to extend the militants control to the regions which have risen to fight for their liberation. we talked about the position of world powers let's discuss the arab conscious decision what do you expect from the arab countries have not only announced their
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official recognition of the national transitional council as the legitimate representative of the libyan people. first of all speaking about the world powers position it's worth noting the positive role of china which although it had the right to veto it did not use it during the both not u.n. security council on the adoption of the resolutions regarding the protection of libya's someone who. we very much appreciate china's position on other issues for the out of countries their positions were expressed in the decisions of the cooperation council got of states of the gulf and the league of out of states according to the decision of the league a lot of states to get off the regime ceased to be the judgment on the national transitional council was recognized as the judgment representative of the living people as you know as for the positions of the individual countries we highly appreciate the efforts of action is yes. we are grateful to the chinese in the new gyptian people and he specially the tribes of the western regions of egypt for
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their support of the libyan revolution in this regard we expressed our regrets to that unity and egypt from governments some of their citizens currently in tripoli they may be in danger we also very much appreciate lebanon's efforts to see. for the resolutions on libya and the un security council moreover we speak highly of guitars and the united arab emirates positions they were joined by jordan sudan kuwait which provided both political support and economic assistance that's all of those countries have supported our revolution we understand the peculiarities of every out of countries position but the most important is the rule the league of arab states is undertaking to play express sunday unanimity of out of states for the first time in itself isn't on or to our revolution. and my last question were you and i are the representatives of the national transitional council stayed many times but the council will comply with previous treaties and agreements after the current conflict and the revolutionaries come to power the
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same will go for projects on the contracts which started to be implemented before the current events we would like to hear fresh confirmation of the statement. first of all i should say that libya once it becomes a democratic state will from full its obligations its a requirement of international law the work of the incumbent national transitional council to continue for not more than a year after the country is liberated we have a road map through which we will form the national congress which will be elected by citizens of all the libyan cities and villages based on the principle of proportion in other words depending on the number of people living there the national congress will form an interim government to be in charge of executive power in the country and will also form the constitutional commission which will work a the constitution to be adopted joining a referendum we expect the procedure to take less than a year. and. we thank you mr abdul-jalil wheel chair and i'm going after the
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transitional council for dinner. sure i also think you and the rest of the day channel as well as all the russian people and the russian government for russia's position we very much appreciate your position and we are hopeful that we will be able to have a constructive dialogue with the gadhafi regime to stop the bloodshed and implement the revolutions aspirations but it off you in a sense will leave the political arena in libya thank you.
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from around. the future. for the. human voice ceased to face with. right wing protesters angered by the arrest of radko melodic for war crimes clashed with riot police in the serbian capital our correspondent on the ground reports police used rubber baton to disperse crowds of rock throwing protesters those critical of the group to detain the former bosnian serb generals say it's the government that's using water as a bargaining chip to join the e.u. . and. dancing with the stars and stripes washington police arrested a group of activists for getting down at the memorial of one of the founders of american democracy demonstrators sought to draw attention to legislation that seemingly contradicts the u.s. contribution constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and speech. peacemakers
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rusher agrees to mediate a libyan ceasefire as g eight leaders jointly call for gadhafi to step down to hold the bloodshed is this about to going on for the country to broker an end to the ongoing civil war. and protesters attacked dissidents missing georgian independence day rallies demanding the resignation of president saakashvili and invited the profits of the u.k. russia and u.s. have all called on the police and to investigate the violent repression of the anti-government protests sports up next with kate stay with us here on our team. thank you for joining me for the sports series and here's what's coming up. another one bites the dust the fear is one are over it's not it's out by teenage i discuss it probably trying to about the russian battle at the french open. a lot you want
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to scout held in one lot of times you could but leapfrogs interest to go top of the russian premier league. club undergone a feat for suspense mohamed bin hammam and jack who want to apply to the allegations president sepp blatter is cleared of any wrongdoing. flying sebastian vettel wins his first monaco grand prix after the incident the race ahead in the f one track a trip. to tennis and it's not looking good for the pre-tournament favorites at the french open as. i was going to ask you follow russian. in the fourth round so i thought it was the highest ranked player left in the women's draw after kim clijsters and powerlines mansell have crashed as the major finest did come from behind to force a deciding set and it broke to take it to one lead but nineteen year old have a change of a real tough five straight games to put made an appearance in the grand slam
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quarterfinals however after. russia dissatisfied with the whole tournament i wasn't playing my best and internet i wasn't. great i still made it to the fourth round and of course when you're. fifty percent of your potential it's very tough to win the fourth round of growth. i believe so then i just try to play my best every point so. it's a virgin i never really wants to win so so badly. being everything to the. next step for power a change that is whole that francesca schiavone will be to your lady jankovic of serbia in three sets of the men's world hundred three roger federer was a straight against his off court friend stanislaus jeffrey now heads into his record breaking twenty eight straight ransome quarter final. i thought ok well
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today i think the first two sets were great and in the third set it was unfortunate i couldn't get a break point in the first game. because chance in the one series games we would implement very best and from then on it was a tough match mommy will know that djokovic has a yes to me to snatch this season local favorite ryszard s.k. was not good enough to stop the serbian in his tracks it was a long rally indeed in the end but stray and open champion kept his nerve to win it six four six four six two it was victory number forty one of the season for djokovic and his forty third in a row overall the world number two aims to unseat rafael nadal at the top of the world rankings and needs to reach the final chorused this the top spot and standing in the way next is italy's fabio fognini who outlasted spaniard albert montana's in a battle of nonsense along the final rally crowned an epic match that lasted for four hours and twenty minutes as next to nothing could separate the two players in
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the deciding set the italian finally came live in mind to produce his best ever result as a major tournament. i was a football now and this guy has returned to the top of the russian premier league despite being held to a late one one draw at home to go to scotland close in the first half right across the first half and the goal is to mush and that's it finally i can see the home side after sixty seven minutes with a pace to finish but with ten minutes to go by revels it's ok to have it offside sitting home because it is a point of dying seconds cabal who missed the chance to take all three points. it's warm enough and sits beside me to the summit us well earlier champions in each once temporarily sought after winning three minutes and just must go and so i opened after thirty six minutes confidently destructionist pocket. and then twenty minutes after the interval a searching cross found on russian tanks on the garage was enough times in its
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second hundred go and just five minutes from time the russians strike a fight in the author a fine run and this explicit trip by the keeper which you get a cake if there's a robust playboy and for shouting trying to splash aside a second spot sack right. now meanwhile clears about our state spot goes down triple city last off the business opened off the half an hour that's fine it's way past the keeper and seven minutes later they doubled their lead around at the last fine header. clearly out managed to pull one back before half time. on target with his head. and shrank. after the break is on target again another matter is a sweet touch and find the best strike to. the spirit finished.
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while in the late game deny moscow one one at present outfield a small loss a.t.'s minute goal this year did i grew up to fourth place. and another for the new season has provisionally suspended executive committee members mohammed bin hammam and jack warner however no action will be taken against president sepp blatter then how and vice president warner appeared before the ethics committee allegations they tried to bribe some power be innovators ahead of wednesday's presidential elections in how man was plotters only challenger and said this waste was aware of some wrongdoing but the guitar a falls out of the race just as people. clearing the thought when i launch a full investigation into the matter last or especially. if it is. that in the spirit of mr. bloodgood. particularly one truth. which i just as the up the. information and. therefore new
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investigation is what i get. for a while now and read all sebastian vettel has won an incident. and on the lawns and well that all along has been covered by the second chasing each other hard but it's seven laps to go red as the calico trot is caught in a pileup which was unfortunate for the russian went to hospital for checks the reappearance of the safety car house of vettel and. the rent on time travellers to claim victory. dr mark webber. however the first monte carlo is now fifty eight points to france and started. screaming happy obviously at some stage i was in p. to the nineteen or fifteen seconds behind jenson and victories in far away but you know how sad it is a crazy place and i figure let's plan a lot last night and you know kept on spinning during this race so crazy and i'm
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really happy a fantastic result in an extreme honor to put my name down the list of previously mishears will be a perfect. now and cycling embattled alberto contador has changed his second year of his higher title as the spanish ride awaits his doping taste heard by the court of arbitration for sport cars are always third fastest in the time travel around the streets of milan and david miller try have to match final stage however can't that all was out of reach as he repeated his overall success from two thousand and eight which was also the last time he rode the tourists away three times. france champion of the shared jewel to appear in court next month the date was then pushed back from later in the summer of contador having tested positive for a banned substance. now a change is immense at the top of the world gold franklins with englishman luke donald running countryman lee westwood after winning the p.g.a. championship it was a dramatic finish to the tournament at wentworth be thirty three year old donald
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claiming the tried to play off for a second right donald needs to do better the rest gets to go talk for the first time while going to see martin climate had also been in contention for top spot but struggles on the field. and i saw before wreck a h.l. finest look at what if you all have appointed for the n.h.l. player bradman conan as the new coach but thirty two year old canadian takes up the reins just ten days after stepping down as an assistant trainer to the detroit red wings job will be his first managerial position at the top tier club however mccrimmon has plenty of playing experience he starred as an n.h.l. defenseman for anything in years and was a one time stanley cup champion carvery flames back in one thousand nine hundred ninety. now has been a silver lining for russia at their home judo tournament after dmitri started off took silver in the final of the prestigious grand slam event there in moscow
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wrestles in the plus one hundred kilogram category for second best only to former asian champion one of south korea this completes russia's haul of seven medals overall dongles and in moscow the russian capital is an important stop of the calendar just for the world championships in paris in late august also trying to accumulate five points to qualify for next summer's olympics. and finally to extreme sports where american defending champion nathan adams has pulled off some jaw dropping tricks to win the second round as this year's red bull x. fighters world tour in brazil round one. dimitar is hot so we thought you to approach injury leaving the position at the top of the need a ball why don't you put in and adams proved to be the star of the stage his technical tricks extraordinary use of the false and energy helping to take his first ranbir job to just the first place in the overall standings on one hundred sixty five points thank you for the twenty points back and let me not ascend on
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a hundred and a serious man who used to roam until the twenty fourth to study olympic i. and that's all the sports news.
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