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for many life in antarctica is the basis. for the. expedition to the bottom of the earth on our t.v. . this is the top stories for. europe's most wanted war crimes suspect is appealing against his extradition to the hague for adage the former colony of money is accused of ordering the massacre of up to eight thousand muslims with thousands of serbs in belgrade marched to call for his release. america is getting a new law this morning system the government is planning for terror threats and
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disaster takes to directly to people cell phones there's growing concern it's the media that's fear mongering. and banking on a fair fight to take over international monetary fund emerging economies say it's time europe without some fresh blood at the top. job on that no one european who's catching russia's is the head of kazakhstan's national bank agree about train car has been talking to our team to share his ideas on how the i could get some much needed. then outmanned of his candidacy for the on a math topic dog team just as big of a surprise to him as to the rest of financial community other big morning washington quickly garnered support of a number of its european countries including russia and is now ready to take on the role of not only a surprise candidate but also a surprise when are we going to argue could the current chief of kazakstan central
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bank joins us now on our team thank you very much for your time sir you told reporters previously that. you learned about these announcements through the s.m.s. message how did it come about. was a must. do for the financial sector of president for several messages from our prime minister and from what i understand there was a decision taken after consultations during the meeting more for. prime ministers of serious companies in the us and i wasn't part of the discussion after the session i was immediately attacked by very porter's. differently it came as a surprise for the basically it's not about me if there is a better candidate i presented all of the emerging companies so that it would be discussed this is now my thought of high politics which i am different and part of
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but i definitely appreciate support. for russia ukraine is comforters you definitely seem very modest still speaking about your own candidate see what do you think you can bring to the table personally and as representative of all. countries first of all i have my practical. three week training program the department of monetary exchange offers a manger named for. this is very different from a lot of european politicians who do not really know i mean. i get ization functions and also another big difference is that kazakhstan was on the receiving end. program with only from one thousand nine hundred and actually when i received i would i became the government for the first time in one thousand mentioned i. thought them eleven years ago we were the first sort of serious country to fully
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prepared a month and to exit the program but that's a lot of difference from developed countries who are always more on the giving hand and the situation changes only recently and as you know all countries are core to grow greece and ireland will work very substantially like it is. now one of your strongest rivals is the french on and so minister who is neither a banker and nor an economist she is actually a war trained in the united states what sort of masses do you think her cabinet this sounds. the rest of the financial community especially to the bric countries i think she's a very good candidate so i do not know her personally but everybody speaks very highly of her and definitely she's a very impressive for the first sort of business lazio minister and she was voted by several newspapers and magazines as the best sort of finance minister in europe and she deserves a lot of credit for becoming the first female finance minister. in europe
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at the same time you have for instance former finance minister often when you. get over i think and becoming the first frame ounce female finance minister in that very big muslim company this is i would say even a bigger achievement because i mean if you're. a female finance minister and a leader of fronts at this stage your candidacy is very nice a message that the developed countries and the european come. i would like to maintain the status quo which is not necessarily fair and i think the changes. have already started but probably they do not go far enough now elaborating on just point here. some political analysts describe it as bizarre that european union of would feel they're now that candidate given the current state of
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your economists and again the sixty five year grape on i am math by western european countries but my question to you is do you think that's a really matter which country the next i.m.f. chief comes from or it should be entirely down to you know he's or her professional experience and he's or her views in knowledge of the global economy and financial assistance what people. many people do not realize it's not the companies which will be voting you know it would be executive directors presenting different groups and there's a large company like united states or japan or russia who have that all groups. where members of the group. along with five other central he's in place so basically it would be executive director who would be forward you know because and if he i know him very well. if he votes for for this is like
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the instructions of this was government all of the old snottily won't be counted in my favor he would become to interfere in the ukraine meaning georgia members over the edge group and belarus is a member of belgium group so we respect them for the serious countries voting for might come to the same we could have a situation where belgium. netherlands and switzerland old forward for the european candidates none of our fault. and only russia said it's going to. vote today and that won't be enough so that's why differently. needs a broad agreement between the major developing countries on a candidate and there should be at least some support from some of the developed countries do you think the emerging economy is not a very countries in particular should rally around on single candidate does it make sense. yes but not necessarily i mean. i don't put
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my candidacy if there is someone again it's not a beautiful interest in the world someone being put forward or more diplomatic or having a better program it's more adult who is electable and if somebody else is electable or more electable than myself that's fine it's not about me it's about so we're developing countries throwing our search themselves and trying to change the sound for your system maybe it was for in one thousand fifty's and sixty's but different from here anymore the i.m.f. has a reputation of timing countries into debt repayments that that people cannot afford and they're in multiple examples like argentina ukraine are and greece etc. do you think the current management or the premise of management of the i.m.f. nice sort of disconnected from the realities of the global economy in two thousand
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and eleven is a fair assessment and you know i think. i mean whatever they say. not what he was trying. to become more connected and he was sort of trying to reform it for the most part of all this political conspiracy theory is a lot of people are saying that maybe because of that. he became a moralist a victim. i don't know. but i am that's also has been changing so again we were very close who were. in with them in one thousand nine hundred am now it's a somewhat different organization not as ideological. as in one thousand nine hundred not as come through all the world by the american as in one thousand nine hundred but. you could argue about the rate or size or three strangers within their mouth but they have been changing so. portray very
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disconnected from going to the substance of their programs. substantially from the programs that we had with the police socialist countries in the early one nine hundred ninety s. with the program with east asian countries in the late one nine hundred ninety s. so i my friends been changing but some people rate of this change was not going far enough but when i am radcliff some of the news stories about. many journalists and many economists point out that you are essentially a dark horse not many people know that much about your views on the economy on the financial system how do you describe it in terms of economic theory. oh i would say that this old chinese expression doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black the important thing is that i can't use the mice so and that's i was all these descriptions i was called to monitor of a major part of my life in the central bank but i think that's not the appropriate
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description and. i think that. as you call in or use any of the terms then you are limiting yourself i think that we are and also i mean i am i am for be the sum total by people. they do not that much attention to individuals in the sort of play into all these pictures of type but look. managing very. my theory is so actually seal chief executive rights organization is run by a board of executive directors same it is an example of right now there is a board of the central bank and that our collective decision is taken and my responsibility as the governor is not being always right myself and my responsibility is to. pull my employees extracts.
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i would give. or versions of maybe better decisions from them so why should organize the called process in order to get the better i'll go through my subordinates i don't always trying to order all by myself so i think that the collective mind is always stronger than an individual and i think it was proven in many manus that is so my point is that if someone. is appointed by the international community as a new managing director. of y. in my if he or she would have. carte blanche to change whatever they want in that i think there would be very strict limits to work this person could do if you are elected. what sort of policies would be on top of your agenda previously vision of what this process has already started and european there are crisis because this is
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a very big issue. or the situation in the us economy and also i would very much like to be from rich. compartment and i might because they've been producing some excellent papers in the last fifteen years but unfortunately they're not getting as much of a plug into as much credit as they deserve i think that i am ethanol this sixty five years here for. this amount of knowledge and how this knowledge is not always properly distribute troops or idolized by police or makers in different countries and i think that would be a. very important subject if with cleverness the mind is in a better program a thank you very much for a time certain there kind of my pleasure. more
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than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes our charter so special and attractive for many life in antarctica is the bows and floods of. expedition to the bottom of the earth are to. be lived not only next to the border of the gaza strip and egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they are responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones. they are ready to take any risk.
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to. the streets on r.g.p. . europe's most wanted war crimes suspect is appealing against his extradition to the hague come that it's the former commander of the bosnian serb army was accused of ordering the massacre of up to eight thousand muslims but thousands of serbs and belgrade marched to call for his release. america is getting a new worry system the government is planning for terror threats and disaster and text directly to people sometimes there's growing concern it's needless. and banking on a fair fight to take over international monetary fund emerging economies say it's time in europe without some fresh blood at the top. stories ahead but
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first it's the tasha with a small schools. thank you very hello and thank you for joining me all the sports update and here is what's coming up in the program the highest seed remaining barrels of. the french open book will mature invincible that has been sort of makes it easier to deal with bottles with the russians in action later today a. joint thought was a neat and novel on top of the current standings in the russian built premier league. you don the blog new donald becomes the third englishman to solve the gold frankincense following his win at the b.m.w. p.g.a. championship. and also to boston with. monaco grand prix after an incident back brace to pull out or have in the old girl drivers championship. the
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russian premier league first was a need. to talk in german style and one of sunday's highlights the champions scoring three without reply their first screening after thirty six minutes. call for them play dispatched a spot kick. around twenty minutes after the break a searching crawls found and only rushing alexander the kids are all full blast gnomes an eight second bill and his own top flight go finally five minutes from time to say man five homes in which he did it catered to thirty two year old birthday boy and three are shot in the channels bullets inside the second day of the table with sparta in eighth place. meanwhile says they'll have returned to the top of the premier league standings despite they want to enjoy home to one so much not so the open for the head sixty seven minutes with a well placed finish but with ten minutes to go one levels have you dealt with
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offside putting home to give the visitors a point and in the dying seconds to blind missed the chance to. all three points however the job was enough will say is to rise to the summits. elsewheres now moved into full place following a win over across the bar must always take me by the narrowest margin for the small of financing the still goal of the match ten minutes from time. and also clearly a segment of stay on despite coming back from two goals down and drawing the game against mid table or stalled visitors opened up the hole for now one example of guts fully finding its way past the keeper seven minutes later they doubled their lead through him on a dime of spine header but really managed to pull one that befalls off time again he's been on so i get reviews have been that close range bullets and finally ten minutes after the break seven was unplug it again to level matters with a sweet and finally placed strike. so to all
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was finished. over in italy in some long have won the cup of the time beating by let alone three won in rome some well it's all with the brace for the win a scoring in the twenty six and then in the seventy six minutes with two minutes to go by their hope old one bad but there was a mere consolation as into added the injury time so three want to make seeing this cup trophy. in the meantime champions league winners barcelona received a hero's welcome at the camp no with the council on and capital thousands of fans gathered at the stadium to thank the team for winning the most prestigious club trophy for the fourth time deal as man claimed the title with a three one victory over manchester united at wembley on saturday but sloane are also this year's line league of winners for the third consecutive time. and another
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for going use free fall has provisionally suspended executive committee members mohamed bin hammam. warner with no action to be taken against president sepp blatter been home and vice president want to appear before the ethics committee following allegations they tried to bribe some caribbean boaters ahead of once this presidential election mean harm almost blows only challenger big current president was aware of some wrongdoing but he pulled out of the race just hours before the hearing people will now launch a full of best occasion but lotsa world grace and the scrutiny. for media service first but in the script. for the article one thousand and three which i just. could be. in there for me investigation is what i don't get. instant.
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longer all sternness now where savannah isn't solvers into the last state of the french open following a comprehensive. talk about the two thousand and nine champion progressing despite losing for a start on a tie breaker elsewhere defending champion contests dearborn is also through following a very sad victory over you know a young girl which presents overplays marion bartoli nightstands as she needs to improve i gave slightly. wrong. i think. myself through things. i have to. early on the day third seed better than let it all bounce out to belorussian on the over chunk about the meadow was the highest ranked player left in the women's draw after kim clijsters i'm counting was crashed out the due time major finalist to come from behind to also deciding sat and even broke to take
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a two one lead but nineteen year old coverage and a real goal five three to make a made on the ground slam quarter final appearance i should be satisfied you know the whole tournament i wasn't playing my best tennis and i wasn't. there i could have played much better but i still made it to the fourth round and of course when you're less than fifty percent of your potential it's a very tough to win the fourth round progress. well i don't know i just you know i believe so then i just tried to play my best everyone so. what else could i do know is to try and surprised you know and i really wants to win so badly so i think everything to do. now the man's world number three roger federer was a straight south we're not against itself or for and fellows wisdom is a list of all the express now in his record breaking twenty straight grand slam quarter final i thought i played well today i think the first two sets were great
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and then in the third set it was unfortunate i couldn't get a break point in the first game. and took his chance and the one service games we would implement very best and from then on it was a call for much. in the meantime no a job provision has yet to meet his match this season local favorite trish august it was not good enough to stop the seven in his tracks it was a long really deep in the end of the australian open champion kept his nerve to win it six four six four six two posting victory number forty one in twenty eleven and he's fourteen in a row over all the world number two now needs to reach the finally paris to overtake prof over at the top of the world rankings. next up for joe carter easily is fabio for nini who out last one time isn't a barrel of nonsense a long final rally crowned an epic match that lasted for hours twenty two minutes the telephone finally gaining the upper hand in the decisive south winning it by
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eleven games to nine to produce his best ever result at a grand slam. formula one now and rebels have asked them to tell has won an incident back to monaco grand prix ahead of their nandrolone so and jenson button patel also. had in fact been covered by less than a second and were chasing each other hard with seven laps to go north of draw was caught in a pile up which was unfortunate for the russian went to hospital for checks but being a reappearance of the same safety car played into the hands of itself whether a series you carried on a challenge to claim victory would teammate mark webber coming forth this way it was a tells first of monte carlo and he's now fifty eight points clear of new is hamilton in the overall standings. extremely happy obviously at some stage i was in peter with nineteen or fifteen seconds behind jenson and victories in far away but you know i have said it is a crazy place and i think the roulettes found
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a lot last night and spinning during this race so crazy and i'm really happy you know a fantastic result and an extreme honor to put my name down the list of previous winners here so for three years. now a change is imminent at the top of the world golf rankings with luke donald the thrown in fellow englishman lee westwood after winning the b.m.w. p.g.a. championship in a dramatic finale because you can't count as going head to head in the playoffs at wentworth with donald eventually claiming the title as the first extra hole that's after westwood's third shot screwed into the water which proved the size of world number three martin kaymer had also been in contention for the top spot but struggled down the field so donald becomes only the third englishman after westwood and nick faldo to hold the top spot in their rankings since it was introduced back in one thousand six. to it was looking very good but has
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a lot of fairways off the bat and just gave myself some chances and to make birdie and sixteen it was it was huge obviously made a bogey that i was a big turning point it means a lot it just you know means working and doing the right things. and a good strong belief that i could get there and it's happened so. homewards and outputs and in cycling finally i'll bet the corner dog has won his second year of the taliban as the spanish rider where he's won his doping case to be heard by the court of arbitration for sport quarter that was the fastest thing in the time trial around the streets of new long break ins david miller a trial things that final stage but going to dog was out of reach overall adding to his success from two thousand and eight which was also the last time he rode at the tour of italy the three time to france champion was scheduled to appear in court next month but the date was then pushed back to later in the summer with contador
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having taste tested positive for a banned substance. that's latest in sport for the moment coming up shortly is that while the statement. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. .
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