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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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seven thirty am in moscow these are your r.t. have dry hero or villain a day after supporters of rob cold water massed on his behalf in belgrade his lawyers file an appeal against his extradition to the hague claiming he's likely to die before the trial gets started a former bosnian serb general is accused of ordering the deaths of around eight thousand bosnian muslim men and boys at srebrenica in ninety ninety five. the u.k. rushing it ratcheting up military pressure on
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a khadafi regime deploying apache helicopters amid concerns the move could lead to nato casualties the international community is where you have escalating the conflict with calls from g eight nations target off e to stand down and diplomatic efforts from russia and south africa on the way. panic button the washington wants to send text messages warning people of possible extreme weather and terror attacks a move some analysts say will make the population more fearful not more for a chip to be placed in every us cell phone means users will get the alerts whether they want them or not. maxence niecy warned us of a new way bankers to generate cash and bankrupt consumers in the process designed to dollars find out what's what that's all about coming up on the report next.
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max kaiser this is a kaiser report you know every time you spend your money you increase the debt in the globe which decreases your purchasing power that's why you're going broke that's the word there but there's a new dimension now a new way for you to go broke it's all doing good dollars we're going to find out all about it but first let's bring in the lovely the talented things here max all my headlines today have to do with this sort of neo feudal gulag casino state the first headline reads the european gold confiscation scheme unfolds european parliament approved the use of gold as collateral according to their press release yesterday's unanimous agreement by the european parliament's committing on economic and monetary affairs. they go by to allow central counter parties to accept some gold as collateral under the european market infrastructure
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regulation and here another word for king is through the recognition of gold growing relevance as a high quality liquid asset of course you know the history of this is they outlawed gold for a while they try to bring in money which was as good as gold and now that they've discovered that the money is bogus there's got to passive diverging number one they are reminded thais ingall they're trying to bring it back into the system but they're using all the money that they created willy nilly to use that to acquire the goal of various states like greece for example which has one hundred eleven tons of gold they've been told now that. there's gold can be used to settle the debts that they themselves without incurring these are debts that were forced upon them from outsiders and now that they can't pay the debts but they have nothing to
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do in creating the outsiders are saying well we'll take the gold so that's a really great deal. exactly i mean even in their quote max from their press release it's a recognition of gold's growing relevance as a high quality liquid asset this is this isn't a currency that has been around for five thousand years it has been accepted for five thousand years or so you know suddenly it's growing irrelevance but it looks like we've been playing basically farmville for the last thirty forty years since the beginning of a total global free out currency world and we've all been incurring this debt like thinking we're getting away something for nothing we're getting free lunches and now they're like actually we're going to take this gold well another thing that's growing aside from the relevance is the price and as the prize goes higher it's becoming more relevant i wonder how that happened and so just to know that this is of course to get the gold of greece spain and italy in portugal greece has one
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hundred eleven tons portugal has three hundred eighty two tons spain has two interest in eighty one tons and italy has two thousand four hundred fifty one tons so speaking of gold that's my next headline gold farming in a chinese forced labor camp it's not the physical gold you might think gold farming is actually they force these chinese prisoners to play multiplayer games amass and credits and virtual objects then the prison guards are forcing the chinese slave labor to hand them the virtual credits that they've gained in various games around the world whether it's war world of warcraft reform bill and hand them to prison guards who then sell them for real cash right this is the beautiful thing about these. dollars farm bill dollars as i explained at the top of the show when you spend your free out money the a levels of debt in the world grow which has the
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effect of reducing your purchasing power it's called inflation you're getting poorer every day because you keep spending this money that's backed by ninety nine percent debt now as then the dollar or a formula dollar is backed by one hundred percent of nothing and the more that you use time you spend on farmville or is it the more of the overall money that's in circulation is the base by a quantum leap more in terms of the basement and you end up in prison so these counties prisoners who are forced to play single form go games to amass credits that are being passed to their prison masters people in the us at home they've effectively cut themselves in to their own home prison where they're playing on designing of dollars and farmville creating massive amounts of this of this new fee virtual currency which is the basing their purchasing power and it's the same thing as checking into prison they're taking their hard earned money that they earn doing
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menial jobs is ninety nine percent and they're exchanging it for a virtual money that's one hundred presumed dead well to go along with this headline max about the gold farming headline reads farm ville heard lined up for market is the plans some are floatation so it's millions of users stump up real money i.e. one point eight billion dollars worth last year to pay for a virtual cow as they play online phenomenon for the plows on the cows and the artifacts of farmville are virtual representations tied to the cost of electrons of which there is no cost it and it's infinitely reproduceable so you're taking again your labor. you're getting ninety nine percent debt back to the out money for in your swapping it for a virtual currency that's deep based on the currency again driving all of your net worth down into the prison level where you are to live thanks to saying good
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dollars and farmville the new prison motif taking the walt disney dream of a perpetual amusement prison to its terminations point of ultimate imprisonment well so we're on the glue. while the glue factory a lot of the horses in these virtual farms are made into virtual glue and they stick them together and they create virtual glue sniffers and they get high on virtual glue sniffing men from virtual horses talk about a virtual nightmare that's one of the worst i've heard in the last fifty seconds well we're on the global scene no gulag model and this takes me to the next have you actually wrote it but you have such a good picture here on this headline i had to use that global flash crash equals splash crash thirty member of the flash crash of may sixth two thousand and ten first a massive terrorist attack finance terrorism yes when that was stopped the stock
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markets collapse. sharply a thousand points down and then back up well they're now warning about a catastrophic splash crash dislocation by high speed trading computers that could simultaneously splash across many more asset classes and markets so wouldn't just be the dow it would be the footsie and the gold market the oil market all splashing at the same time you have all these markets around the world big markets oil gold currency markets all going through enormous volatility computer driven as a way to again keep the population completely outside of having any chance of amassing any sizable net worth that would give them any political power to stop the transformation of their economy and their political systems into the casino model that we now seizing and these other i.p.o. floated companies thanks to goldman sachs the ultimate arbiter and prevent
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a or currency virtual currency nonsensical non non the gold. nonsense and all not economical nonsense well the machines these high frequency trading machines typically hold the stocks for two to seven seconds realize a portion of a penny profit and repeat the process over and over the pennies accumulate into astronomically large heat estimates of the unregulated secretive industries profits for two thousand and nine ranged from two billion to five point six billion in profits. seven seconds are almost longer than thanks much to ask around and read some may there that's obvious joke there conquer max kaiser but we're talking about high frequency trading i want to say that these are as the article points out you know these are not something that a mere mortal can scoop those millisecond fractional arbitrage is so what sort of market is this where it's it's just machines trading against each other the
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machines are in charge as we've been warning about for quite some time and the people at these banks they don't actually work for a living they just come into the office in the morning they see how much money the machines of raked out of the global economy remember goldman sachs the high frequency trading scandal last year it was estimated that they steal one hundred million dollars every single day through high frequency trading it's an old scam on wall street you put on a thousand trades at the end of the day the ones that are winners you take the ones that are losers you give to the pension accounts out there that are now suffering and people end up with nothing and they all end of course face down in the mud playing casino games for example so part of the splash they envision is that they all they all have their own unique algorithm and some of them are tied into things like twitter so they'll be looking at like any breaking news in a fraction of a second they try to get in front of it so you also know that twitter is totally manipulated as well the trending topic some
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a lot of people put out fake celebrity death notices so the same thing a splash crash could be caused technically by somebody putting out a fake tweet oh not only do the machines read the news and then react to the news but the machines can also write that it in a way that they believe will affect prices to create arbitrage opportunities and manipulated profits on any given moment well as the machines are trading against each other one of the machines could technically write a tweet a hoax tweet and were it to manipulate one of the other machines and we see that similar in the next headline. so you have to see charges oil traders for puking on market so james dyer and nicholas wild goose forward b.p. traders who were working for oil trading house arcadia upon were charged for a scheme to hoard oil make a quote load of money and then dump it in in an inevitable puking according to e-mails acquired by the c f t c more than the inevitable puking is
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known before and because the system is so highly leveraged we're talking a leveraged ten thousand to one twenty thousand to one and they know that at certain great points that the system will automatically puke out positions because to allow it to continue would mean instant insolvency for half the global economy it's kind of like watching those japanese sex robots have an orgy and then all the sudden they run out of electricity i've never seen that but this scheme happened between january and april two thousand and eight to see f.t.c. complaint alleges that by mid january two thousand and eight the traders had accumulated four point six million barrels of physical oil or two thirds of oil available for delivery against the february w t i future of contract and by march they had eighty four percent of all while available for delivery and then they dumped it on the market and then they left the market but the profits they made were fifty million dollars so this just shows you this is another thing you we've we've pointed out is that these guys take down
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a fifteen trillion dollar economy for fifty billion in christmas bonuses so it's a it's it's the opposite of how we have to encourage more and more debt in order to have one dollar g.d.p. growth the same for the way down for these guys to take profit from destroying the economy they need to make the collapse bigger and bigger and bigger most of the internet in the financial cuisinart and they take fifteen trillion dollar economy and they dump it in the quezon are and then they chop right. and then what's left. there they solve for you know what their christmas bombs scavengers in other countries say sarah thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max that's going to do it but don't go away because it's much more coming your way so stay right there with. the world. view the latest in the science. from the realm.
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of the future or covered. twenty years ago largest country in. the. challenger. where did it take to. i welcome back to the kaiser report found out of turn to economist john mcdonogh see the former c.e.o. of hushmail he's a former chief for x. trainer at visa he's also a blogger and monetary future he's been writing about bit coin lately so we're going to talk to him about bitcoin john but tell us about the other guys report thank you max good to be here all right so what is it calling well to start off on initially how i got interested in this i like to just take
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a step back and say that as a society i think that i believe that we can do better then centralize monetary planning and be basing the currency as the central banks are as have been doing ok that's a recurring theme on the shout exactly this is why we really want to dig into this big coinstar is getting a lot of press lately so take us through what's going on here ok the beard at the very basic level bitcoin is a peer to peer distributed electronic currency when you say p.d.p. or peer to peer i think music file swapping and there's computers and they have new . like on the computers and the computers are able to swap files of music p.d.p. in this way and they made famous from napster you know napster was very few became very famous and victorians and bit torrent it torrents for movies again so you're now this is being applied to currencies right now it's being applied to currency so you can think of it as bit torrents for movies applied to currencies you can also think of it as p.g.p. encrypted email p.g.p.
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for money there's another way to think of it people know about pretty good privacy for email p.g.p. is an encryption technology that that's readily available readily available now it wasn't at first but now you can have and to and secure email rights to take us a text or a transaction so normal transaction using bitcoin on the web so how would i as a consumer how do i do i interact with it well as a consumer you would initially download the bitcoin client and you would do that from bitcoin dot org it's open source software and the currency is not centrally managed it's not the it's not centrally issued and the transactions aren't centrally verified all those tasks are performed by the collective nudes of the network so it's almost like a headless mob where there is no central direction and that's beneficial that's what you want the main thing ok so i download the client other bit
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a bit calling dot org which which now i am part of the network so now you've downloaded the client you have the option either to generate coins or to perform transaction ok been sent so i can either generate coins or i can be involved in a transaction using these coins correct correct ok so let's let's put aside generating the coin for a second because there is some guard in there we're going to revisit but let's just talk about transaction of the transaction side how does that work the way the transaction works is you either have to receive or send coin. so let's assume that you already have some coins ok and that you either purchased them or were they were sent to you what you've done when you've downloaded the client is you've generated your own public private key pair so you're able to sign your coins and then you have a public key like you would for p.g.p. that you put out for receiving your coins ok so i purchased these because i can purchase them with my dollars by u.s. dollars so there i presumably there's some kind of exchange rate the exchange rate
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currently is around six or seven u.s. dollars for one big coin and that's floating i would imagine it's twenty four hours a day and it's floating rate right so it's a floating rate depending on various online demand just like any four x. just like any currency there it's it's floating on the exchange based on supply and demand exactly exactly i mean overall though i do think the exchangers are one of the weakest links in the chain just because that's where the rubber meets the road in terms of converting the so-called math puzzles ok into actual national political currencies ok so that the exchange mechanism is not not as robust as it could be because because of the puzzles that go into creating the exchange rate mechanism well i mean the math puzzle is just. it's just a slang term that i use for the digital token you have to remember it's a digital bearer token that i'm sending you so it's like if i were to scrunch up a casino chip or one hundred dollar bill and shoot it through the broadband connection it would shoot out your internet here and you would have represented you
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would have the value when you lose bitcoins they're destroyed you can't get them back. just like when you burn a dollar bill that hundred dollar bill is gone from the system so that's what makes these so unique and different is that it's not just a counterparty trade like with pay pal it's a digital bearer token that you can actually send to someone over the internet and we haven't had that before on the internet which is a lot of what a lot of people miss them this right digital bearer coupon or digital birth certificate rights like a bear or certificate like a bear. for blind we most frequently see that term it's it's not made out to anyone specifically its own like a dollar is not does not my name on it correct it exists because of the generation that you went through on the cryptographic side but pay pal is has more it is better in the sense that i'm using to name the email the disappearance and they're making across not only is it rare but it is subject to reversibility and people has
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up to sixty days when they can reverse transactions with with bitcoin you have took one hundred percent transaction irreversibility so it really is like cash on the internet ok so it's anonymous in the way that dollars should be however says the the non digital economy is becoming more dominated by electronic payment systems that are tied to databases and being identified constantly in fact those transactions are not really as anonymous as people think or would hope that they would be whereas a bit coin electronic transaction peer to peer peer or note the central essential eyes is in fact anonymous absolutely it has the potential to be anonymous it's all how you structure it it's not one hundred percent anonymous for the people who don't know how to use it and structure right because you can always look at the block in the transactions that happened you might not be able to associate those to people but if you're careful in how you use between you can't you can make it in
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moments for yourself ok so. it's the centralized and what you describing this p.d.p. network is a community that is almost self regulating and it's in their interests to make sure that every piece of the transaction is running smoothly similar i guess you could say what we see in the open source movement with software projects like linux where the community is contributing code to the linux operating system in their own self-interest and there's no reason not to contribute the best you could to that system because you you so you you yourself used that system precisely here's what they're coming out with with new releases so it's updated the code is updated and you can download the newest version if you'd like to i think with everything that you're mentioning though max it has so many so many things that are revolutionary when it let's look at the economic side of how this will affect things i mean if it's possible to have tax free exchanges you could potentially get this would assist in almost a parallel economy that would exist one side of
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a regular economy that wouldn't be counted in g.d.p. people people. people would be doing tax free transactions and and as long as they were able to spend a bit coin within the bitcoin ecosystem they would be living in a sovereign individuals now on the government level i think what this is going to actually lead to is a move and a shift away from the model of taxing income and i think you're going to start to see governments move toward some time type of consumption based tax or headcount type tax and the reason is because the income levels of individuals are going to be more and more difficult to ascertain right so it's similar in a way to barter and that you barter your bartering out there and you borrow your guard or a goat for five chickens let's say and you're not creating a revenue stream taxable revenue correct so you're recreated the digital environment you've created
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a digital bartering system if you well. barter is still taxable though i mean even with barter you don't really get out of taxation what i'm stating is that even with bitcoin you would still be liable for the taxes but i think that what what will happen at the government level is that it will be difficult to ascertain true income and and governments won't be able to use money to track identity it wasn't really until the income tax in one nine hundred sixteen that government started using money to track identity ok now clearly this is a challenge to the status quo clearly the as you mention the one nine hundred sixty income tax which came on the heels of the one nine hundred thirteen creation of the federal reserve which created interest bearing money and when they needed the income tax to pay for the interest and you ended up a lot of people would argue with close to one hundred years of a system that gotten completely away from having what the founding fathers in the us anyway had intended so but you're taking on the establishment in this way so
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clearly they're going to feel threatened at some point or do they feel threatened or is there going to be a confrontation of some sort or how do you approach that i don't think that bitcoin is large enough right now to be on the radar of many governments the entire economy is approximately fifty million dollars if you take the total number of bitcoins outstanding multiplied by the exchange rate it's fifty million dollars and it used to just be five million a small time ago i can see it growing exponentially and it definitely challenges the status quo but i also think that they're in a quandary because if they were to prosecute it or if they were to prohibit it they would actually be lending legitimacy to it because it's an intangible math puzzle so i brought a little prop ok we're going back to the puzzles and well i just really really talked about it and what we've got then two things we have yet to fully explain the puzzles and the point creation i don't even think we're going to have time to get into the coin creation bit we've got to look at that yourself and put coin dot org
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to fill. and on that bit but the puzzles we're going to conquer the puzzles here tell me what you got for the puzzles well the actually the problem is not for the puzzles i use the term puzzle because i'm so i'm trying to get away from the cryptography discussion that's involved in creating the coins the prop that i brought though i get is a normal us to be thumb drive yet you can put things on now i can have one hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin on here and i'm talking about challenging when you mention about how bitcoin can challenge the status quo i can cross the border with this right into france or going into switzerland or going into any country and have it in my pocket and without having to declare anything and there's currently nothing illegal about that because you have one hundred thousand dollars worth a bit coin but no no governments recognize the value of coin it's still just math is what i'm saying ok so let me ask you this. is there a single point of failure. but other words can knock us out with somehow if i were
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a government somewhere because if it's on the internet and it's part of the network and the network as we know is there is no single point of failure then is it indestructible i believe that it is and there are certain weaknesses but i will say i will tell you this if it torrents were destructible wouldn't the copyright regimes already have shut those down i believe digital cash will due to legal tender would bit torrent stude to copyright it's all right we're going to leave it there. that is fascinating and we will follow up on this you have dedicated your blogging monetary future pretty much to the exploration of this correct and the implications that's gotten more and more in the in the good point direction as this is starting to pick up i want to focus on the exchangers there's about two thousand exchangers a global event i want to start to focus on more with a blog ok now it's monetary future dot com as if it's the monetary future dot blogspot dot com the monetary future blogspot dot com yes all right john matel nice
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thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser authority max kaiser and stacy herbert i don't thank my guests tommy thomas from the monetary future dot blogspot dot com if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot ru until next time this is nice guys are saying. home.
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