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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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you. suspect in the case of the killing a finer point because the case has been arrested in case you know more details coming out in just a few seconds. the top european court rejects claims by russian tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky that his prosecution was politically motivated this is the should come sunday for hours after a cut of calls these latest bid for freedom all the details coming up in a few moments. europe's most wanted war criminal rugg love a jew finding extradition to the hague his supporters in serbia say the full mommy chief won't get a fair hearing and then the berlin. germany will phase out eleven of its nuclear
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reactors so within the next eleven years the public concern about the safety and that means for russia were investigating business about ten minutes. of very a warm welcome gee this is our see a live from moscow the top story now russia could be a significant step closer to solving the murder of journalist on up on it called skier within the last hour the country's security forces say they've arrested the main suspect in her killing let's cross live ballots you all it is a valid point for more on this examiner amazing breakthrough in the case that. as of now the details are still very scarce and a very fluid the only thing we are really. i know is that the suspect is
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a thirty eight year old male who was arrested at his parents' house in cheshire now he's one of the brothers to a few brothers that were actually tried for acting as accomplices to the killer on a place called scale and there were those charges back in two thousand and nine by the jury trial but soon afterwards the prosecution appeal the verdict a few months later he's older brother how much was actually on russia's most one of the police and according to the investigators they believe that he actually acted as a killer of a journalist and put it just to remind you she was gunned down in an elevator on her apartment block of two thousand and six that it was a very high profile case there was a lot of pressure on the russian authorities on the investigators to actually
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flying the killers and as i mentioned that one of the trials has already resulted in acquittal but ever since the prosecutors promised them the investigators promised that they will continue. working on the case and we are seeing major development nowadays now below year for this aspect actually denies any of his involvement besides that it was actually good news because for a number of years. he was just back to. being involved in that murder even though we haven't heard before that he was the actual killer that investigated investigators suspected that he was a natural killer and that was the last the front side maintains his innocence and they hope that the investigation and his arrest will finally clear up the matters meanwhile the call the family have on their political pressure is survived by. two children. a son and
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a daughter how been very hopeful for justice to be served and they haven't lost. any hope and they haven't. let out any pressure on the authorities to finally find the killers of their mother. many dated all of us i have just been informed as far as we're aware the suspects will now be sent to moscow exam a boy who was just saying there details on this developing breaking news story all still hazy at the moment to to stay with r.t. as we continue to update you on this the latest developments in the on the pole is called sky cakes. now the european court of human rights has a rule but the case against russians jailed. of course he was not politically motivated however it has found his rights were violated during his
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arrest in two thousand and three cause he is currently serving a jail sentence stealing billions of dollars for what was russia's largest oil company has also the latest. in this latest twist in this story involving god with her kind of post speak the court of european court of human rights has rejected the claims by the russian tycoon that his trial his prosecution has been politically motivated right from the onset but of course he has been making these claims that one of the reasons aside from having headed one of the of biggest companies oil companies then is the fact that this has been captivating because he has been claiming that the russian political elite were involved in maneuvering this case well as of today the european court has rejected these claims and have put that matter to settle now another point though that they did agree with carter called ski's that's a violation of human rights and if you save his rights with regard to his arrest
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his trial and the conditions of his detention will they did order the russian ports of p thirty five thousand dollars in compensation or cause he however be a moscow court said that they will appeal this decision if they find any grounds to do so this isn't the first time they've had a post he tried to bid for a role that in two thousand and eight his bid was rejected however this time the court has acknowledged that they have received this request if they're if they're processing it they're looking at it out of n.b.c. the v.a. will come up with it with a decision in about two weeks and just to give you back out how to cough he was convicted in two thousand and four for fraud and he was sentenced to eight years which he is currently serving and then in two thousand and ten he was convicted to another fourteen years which was reduced to thirteen years in the court of his lawyers he has every right to. be for parole at this point because he has served half of his sentence on the lawyers who want to speculate what the results will be according to the course they will try to come up with a decision as swiftly as possible and it shouldn't take more than two weeks if you so. coming up on the lives.
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difficult to look at we still look at that because you happen to you know put them in their respective body bags and send them to their like the family but now soldiers do return home alive asking why they had to witness the horrors of the so-called glorious wars which the public isn't even being told about. now in serbia a former army chief charged with altering the massacre of eight thousand muslims in one hundred ninety five awaits a decision on his extradition appeal. expected in the hague any day now but his supporters believe just as won't be on his side in the netherlands all that he knows of he's been in belgrade since the former generals arrest. bringing justice to thousands of victims that's one self-proclaimed success of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia and it's ready to deliver some more
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serbia prepares to extradite former bosnian serb army chief about a ninety. he's accused of crimes against humanity and already in the one nine hundred ninety five massacre in the village of sleeping. despite living on the run for sixteen years and having suffered two strokes the sixty nine year old general has been deemed fit enough to stand trial by the end of the week that the lodge will most likely leave the special court house in belgrade and be transported to the hague war crimes tribunal but not one person we have spoken to police he will get a fair trial there surely a lot of evidence to back up the serbs distrust of the i.c.c. why so what do the people here based their judgment on a lot of people here in serbia are skeptical about the some of the practices of the high hague tribunal and some of its record for instance because slobodan milosevic died in prison without the conviction then for us war criminals are generally
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knowledged as a war criminals here in serbia like around with out of the night from call so warlike some muslim commanders have actually been acquitted after. bethought witnesses or after the tribunal simply concluded that there was not enough evidence karajan the isn't by only means the only example taker and kosovo prime minister. has been accused by the council of europe of being in charge of an organ trafficking group and still remains in his post mosque in general nasser or h. was known among serb residents of the district of slippery needs after the vampire for allegedly kindness throats of thousands of civilians he was. very cleared of all charges and from a military leader separate live each accused of mass murders during the balkan war
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of the one nine hundred ninety s. enter politics i think also justice. this many suggest is a very clear indicator that the hague tribunal is being used as a political tool not a legal one. was of course the truth is it justice or something else events that happened in the balkans with a question of law geopolitics or someone else's interests i believe that's all the problems of our former yugoslavia of victims and going to be if we let ourselves be involved in israel and the twentieth century can you apply our time for the sake of foreign interests and no one emerged as a winner you this crisis was created much earlier proof has long been unfolding before our eyes and it has nothing to do with law or justice for the law. is going to provide a cover for those. that doesn't believe his father will get a fair trial but at the very least the hague will offer him better treatment.
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you don't need to be an expert who understand talk of my father is in a very poor condition he can't even read so he has to go through thousands of pages to be able to testify in court but he simply unable to do that he has difficulties with speech to recognize how well he consulted with his lawyers it's impossible with barneys got problems with his memory or he may remember things that happened long ago rappers are the same time he can't remember what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday how can a person with these health problems of hearing calls are probably best for you as. i say to you why is meant to offer more than just good medical care and the york state justice is accused of turning a blind eye just read these opinions and has been for some time i'm not at all surprised because when the law of conflict was at its height. the western media including the british media was far from object to. well understand why the serbian
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people demonstrated against the rest of them alone. because they're accustomed to the the western media always gave name during the conflict and i've seen for myself a war crime involves a place called blog which was completely ignored by the media. photographic evidence of the massacre of. civilians in the. service ministry of justice is called the ministry of truth if it reached the ship for much of the trial that's likely to confirm what a lot of serious believe it stands for any. cashiers r r t l great serbia. is pushing hard for a joint european missile defense system with nato which is spearheaded by the us ploughs all day moscow has been complaining about lukewarm cooperation from its
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resting partners russian and international experts have just wrapped up a meeting on missile defense here in moscow well for more about this i'm now joined live by called the deal that shot the head of the state duma foreign affairs committee mr calls the charge many have being with us here on ars you know what's go initially proposed the creation of a joint european missile defense system with nato what's the status of that project at the moment. initially of these storage that emerged from the literal agreements between russia and the space is mr obama. is the president of the united states and counsel of the former president. previous. in the current. self-defense. later on these literally started to one develop multilateral project
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encounters between the united states and its nato allies. and in conflicts between russia and nato in none of these cases they have sufficient progress because nato countries in europe are not really due to take on their expenditures for this very expensive system they want to. see the united states spend their money on the european security and in the dialogue between nato and russia we discuss possible options but nobody knows nato will behave in this area we do not get any progress there either why do you think that is why do you think that may so washington therefore is reluctant it would seem to me russia's request improvise a legally binding guarantees that its missile defense system is not the same to
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against russia. well the answer is quite simple if we do not have cooperation if we do not have confidence in our relations in the security area. inevitably starts to combat each other directly or even very clear we will not have efficient enough code to combat think joint threats joint changes which we definitely have. if we will start spending more money on compensating potential threat potentially military coming from the other straight towards russia from need to polish nato from russia will all lose in combating the common threats and challenges. those their fears were actually our supplier president himself last weekend it yes i myself ran for he said the usa could spark
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a new arms race if it keeps building its missile defense system in europe one of the best ways in your opinion see our boy. from happening. number one is a freeze of the current deployment of. systems american anti-missile systems in certain european countries these systems do not threaten russia because of the. specific armaments short and medium range missiles which russia does not have but these actions undermine the grossest or strengthening. between russia and the states between russia and nato so number one is not to take any practical steps immediately in order to create a future global and to missile system number two is. make legally binding agreements on purposes of the future system and to be sure
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that the american or of the nato system will not be a russia and to create these legally binding document is not a difficult task in case we really do not intend to threaten each other in number three of course is to start brickell corporation on exchange of information on launchers on other potential threats and to introduce certain to certain. elements of joint command on the future integrated system nobody believes that we will ever have a joint bottom to be pushed. by the two. supposed to have certain elements how we could coordinate actions in an emergency situation and this is what we can start practicing immediately from know what let's talk about the
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start treaty now which is of course specifically designed to stop any persons being on either side russia or in the us signed the new start treaty didn't need to cop a nuclear arsenals by a third but russia did reserve the right then to pull out of the deal if the us keeps building its missile defense system how close are we to seeing that happen. while the provision called is drawn from the treaty you use in this article for it is mutual each country can use this option in case he feels threatened it feels the conditions when the treaty was signed and ready for it have changed dramatically they are definitely not there yet and they. saluted confident that we will not come into that situation until the year of two thousand and eighty into cells and twenty when the united states will hopefully will not but
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when and if they will start developing this so-called force face. drug room which will be related to the intercontinental ballistic strategic armaments and mr ellsworth of the are you. sure that we will be able to use the rest of these times accounting for over six years in order to reach better understanding and hopefully a better calculation if the u.s. does actually decide to keep building up its missile defense system and military perceptional within europe how is russia prepared to respond. well this is the member for future negotiations and nobody knows where. for the. tactical nuclear weapons. situation right
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now russia does not have technical nuclear weapons. the united states has deployed certain amounts of these. armaments. five or six european countries so the first step to be taken here is to get the technical nuclear weapons inside of the national territory so each country which possesses this concern later on start. negotiations we're not there yet but it's still if it happens russia will be reduced to two to enter into these procedures i just lastly just because the child has of course been surrounded by u.s. military bases decades but how is the situation that we see today different from the times of the cold war. absolutely different because we do not threaten each other any more we do not consider each other as enemies. this is russia cannot understand the united states and certain european countries move
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towards the russian territory not the industrial or argue cultural enterprises but military systems this is what we cannot understand it does not correspond with the illogical for a relationship for an hour so it is not a bold military threats we do not feel threatened by american bases by american and through missile systems deployed in anywhere in the europe we just do not understand the logic of why we have to do to be in this situation instead of. having called the region against common threats and challenges which is not the case now ok live from moscow that was constantine as the chair of the head of the state duma foreign affairs committee many thanks thank you. now while the u.s. has been honoring its dead soldiers the government is being accused of failing to
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help keep c make it from war alive experience left to adjust to life after service all by themselves in a struggling to make sense and justify the deaths caused by the war in iraq has been a poor night i met one former soldier whose account of how grueling endure and shed light on the harsh life of her turning soldier. yes the thing here they very much into the infinite world of literature enters this twenty eight year old ex marine an american who abandoned her weapon four written words to tell a story she says is kept censored from u.s. citizens even though people may know that it affects us i don't think that they understand the way. in the hole that it takes us and seeing the effects of war. the literal facts and the dead bodies that were made i couldn't figure out why why are we ordinary doing again why are we why are we doing this you know and it
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was this person's life or things just goodell's memoir shade it black details a traumatic and human account of war in two thousand and four little spent eight months in iraq collecting cataloging bagging and boxing the bodies of dead marines at the mortuary affairs unit and experience no u.s. president who's declared war has ever endured if it was a result of or an explosion there could be several body cases so sometimes it would require us to you know. under a truck or crawl in a trucks or just as you mentioned. you know you want to. watch this if you can get it back to the families pieced fallen soldiers back together after receiving body bags filled with limbs on one occasion a bag she process was carrying only the heads of her comrades we didn't know what
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we were seeing when we had opened up the bag we didn't know what was in the bag. when we had gotten that particular body back so when we had others it did you know as soon as you call back the flap and you see that it's had to mediately you know look away i mean it's difficult to look at but you have to look at that because you have to you know put them in their respective body bags or send them to their. like that family nearly four thousand five hundred u.s. soldiers have returned from iraq in caskets more than fifteen hundred flown in from america's other war in afghanistan that was a marine and right there for the millions who do make it home alive many like adele or twelve men to my memories post traumatic stress disorder depression and substance abuse i couldn't leave my apartment you know i didn't have friends and talk to anybody. and a lot of it you can't deal with. you don't deal with it you know i suffer from flashbacks and nightmares and i i couldn't process that i had
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a really hard to make sense of it more than six years later the d.l. says she's still searching for reasons to justify the damage and death caused by the u.s. war in iraq as a marine she did what she was told as a civilian she questions why u.s. leaders glorifies soldiers as heroes but neglect to speak about the consequences of their service i don't know that the government respects the trends because if there is like that i don't think that they would send us to these places. to carry out what they're asking of us so i don't think that their respect is there if you like. declaring war is the prerogative of politicians over the decades us wars have resulted in a reported twenty three million american veterans many left struggling to adjust to
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life following the battle a shift from fighting enemies to fighting demons in a fortnight or r.t. new york. with a recap of our top stories for a show me the first but this is these if you are. that's right time for your business update a very warm welcome is described in the german press as the energy equivalent of the fall of the brain wall well the next decade germany plans to phase out all of its nuclear power of public concern about safety but as archie's daniel bush on explains the move is as much symbolic as its economic. even before the fukushima accident germans were among the most resistant to nuclear power in the european union people chaining themselves to railway tracks to stop nuclear fuel getting through in the country which means that only four of seventy nuclear facilities are actually working at the moment these remaining ones planned to be shut down in
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a decade one analyst told me they could actually shut down theoretically nuclear facilities tomorrow the trouble is there's nothing to replace it germany has one of the biggest renewable power facilities in the in the european union in fact in the world with the government offering financial incentives for people to go green but even green experts will admit that they don't have the capacity to fuel germany's needs which means that many people are saying really the only realistic alternative is to turn to russia and russian gas. supplies a third of germany's needs ignored stream pipeline which is being built from russia germany will increase those supplies it should also give a boost to russia's south stream project last week business r.t. reported how the european union and its energy commission of course belts on the south stream project at the presentation by gas probably last week but with these
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new do more arising from germany as a result of this announcement we do expect more possibilities for the south stream project in the coming years. time to have a quick check on the markets european stocks are rising on of course germany could make concessions on the new eight package for greece easing concerns over eurozone that the dax is rallying two percent this hour is also on the rise after the long already we can't slipping below six thousand points. and here in moscow there are just my six up posting significant gains this hour let's have a look at some of the individual share moves on them. isaacs well mages are among the maintainers of meat i've heard voices their bank shares are also up supported by strong fast which results profits at russia's biggest lender duffels to three point one billion dollars and this estimates. the finest
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